Android :: Workaround For Mapview Overlays Not Pinch-zooming Correctly

Oct 26, 2010

If a user does a "pinch zoom" on the map, my overlays don't properly size until the end. This has been noted in other posts, so i assume it is a known issue.

Problem is, my client finds it totally unacceptable, as I am tasked with making the android app look as good as the iphone version.

Is there any way to correct this, even if it is a horrible hack? For instance, can I subclass the mapview and handle drawing or override some other method?

Android :: workaround for mapview overlays not pinch-zooming correctly

Android :: MapView Overlays

Sep 28, 2009

My problem is my MapView becoming very laggy and so non-responsive at times, that Android thinks its hit deadlock and tries to close it.

I am adding 60 overlays to the map view and i originally thought that the icon size may be causing the problem by using up all the memory. When i decreased the overlay icon size, it did improve things, though it is still to slow to be usable. Has anyone experienced anything similar and have a workaround? There may be a better way of doing it other then extending the Hello MapView example.

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Android :: MapView Draw Overlays

Feb 14, 2010

i have a problem with my mapView. my app reads "some" gps points out of a file and i want to draw a route (drawing lines between the gps point). If my file contains many gps points, my app works really slow. i think its working slow, because i draw all overlays. now i want to check, whether a point is visible in my mapView or not. so i have to get the mapCenter and Lat/lon span (getLatitudeSpan,..) !? how and where must i save my points and how can i check all my points (after my mapCenter has changed for example). Shall I save my points in a list (in my Overlay class??) and iterate through every list item and check, wheter its visible or not?

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Android :: Dynamic Pin Overlays In MapView

Oct 29, 2009

I've been reading the (shoddy) documentation for the Google Maps API (MapActivity et al), and I think I have roughly worked out how it works. It seems that if you want to add a marker overlay you can use ItemizedOverlay easily, but you have to add all your markers at once. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove them.

What I want to do is query markers from an online database as the user pans around (in the same way the actual map tiles are fetched). Is there a simple way to do this?

As far as I can tell I need to subclass Overlay and implement the draw method, but where is the best place to put the code that fetches new markers when the map is panned? There doesn't seem to be an onMapChanged() method anywhere. My best guess is MapController.onKey() but that seems wrong.

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Android :: MapView Overlays With Multitouch

Feb 17, 2010

I'm seeing a bug with overlays on MapView with the Nexus One. Pinch and zoom multitouch gestures don't scale my overlays until the user releases the gesture, at which point the overlay redraws itself. In contrast, the My Location overlay in Google Maps WILL scale during the gesture. Is there a way to fix this in my app, or is this a MapView bug?

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Android :: Overlays On A Mapview Not Shown

Mar 1, 2010

I followed the instructions from the google hellomapview tutorial. I get a working mapview etc. But the two items that are added to the map are not shown. It seems they are there somewhere because tapping at the specified location shows the message that was added to the items.

Here is my source code. It should be very close to the google tutorial source code.


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Android :: MapView Animated Overlays?

Oct 1, 2010

The Android the MapView Overlay class mentions two draw methods. One regular, and one for animated overlays.

I have tried to find more information on how to animate overlays and use this second method, but it all keeps coming back to the same forum postings. Can anyone explain how you specify to the MapView that a certain Overlay should be animated? How do you specify the manner in which it animates?

If it's relevant, I'm currently trying to draw pins in the map that update in realtime with streaming GPS locations for objects. I get new data every two seconds and need to tween the locations by having the pins move in a simple straight line between coordinates.

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Android :: Do MapView Overlays Get Painted At Angle

Oct 9, 2009

When an overlay is put on a MapView, the shadow suggest that its at an angle and not flat on the map.

I have been creating scaled bitmaps to overlay on a mapview, but i am either geting the scale wrong or the overlay is being painted at a slight angle, sitting up a bit, rather then being flat to the map.

Does anyone know if this is true? and if so, is there a way to stop it painting at an angle or do you know the angle so i can compensate for it when creating the bitmapped overlay?

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Android :: MapView Overlays Containing Widgets/View

Dec 30, 2009

I've been searching for this for quite a while and never come across a way to do it. In the Google Maps App, when you search for directions, there are overlays with buttons in them, and I want a similar thing, a marker with an image, text and button inside.

I've implement ItemizedOverlays before and made the marker clickable which I would event be happy with if I could put a linear layout inside the marker to organise the image and text since they are different for each marker.

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Android :: Creating MapView With ContextMenu Without Overlays

Oct 27, 2010

I have a mapview and i wish to display a ContextMenu when longclick but so far the closest solution i've found is here on anddev , the main reason i do not like that method is because any click activate the ContextMenu instead of a long click.

Question: Is there a way to display the ContextMenu of a Map without using Overlays? Why?

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Android :: Overlays Not Working In Google MapView Tutorial Android

Feb 16, 2010

Got some errors following the tutorial for MapView when i was going to integrate overlays.


I am trying to learn and i got an awesome app idea which needs mapview, webview, overlays and tabs.

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HTC Desire : Google Maps Earth Overlays - How To Add Overlays

Sep 23, 2010

I've searched here and on the interweb, but cannot find out how to add overlays (.kml files) into Maps or Earth. Can it even be done (shame if not) and if so, how do I do it.

EDIT: I've tried MyMapsEditor, but that doesn't run on Froyo.

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Android : Save / Activity With MapView And After Reload Same Mapview?

Jul 16, 2010

I had found a lot of stackoverflow post about save an Activity and the reload it.

My question: How can I have an Activity with an MapView and after reload the same mapview?

What is the best way to switch between activity and views?

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Android :: Fil-rate Workaround With FBOs?

Sep 12, 2010

create an FBO of resolution less than the full phone screen dimensions (user-selected quality vs speed option) do most of my scene rendering into that FBO * then the 'real' (full screen) render would either use the FBO as the starting background color buffer contents, or render it (probably orthographically) as a single quad. * then probably add UI/Text decoration on top of that, where the resolutions really benefits.And, is there some egl glue (I am a glSurfaceView kinda dood) that would automagically do something like this in the first place?Or am I being naive to think the GPU could do its work faster if it was rendering to a lower resolution target? And would the phone with the worst fill rate also be the phone that doesn't support FBOs in the first place?

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Android :: AudioHardware Pcm Playback Going To Standby / Possible Workaround?

Jun 15, 2010

Occasionally when I have a lot going on in my app, and I am playing a number of sounds using SoundPool, my app just completely freezes. Looking at the logs, I see this:

I/AudioHardwareMSM72XX( 56): AudioHardware pcm playback is going to standby.

My app must then be force closed and restarted. Does anyone know what may be causing this, or a possible workaround? I cannot reproduce this in the emulator - only on my HTC Hero, so I am wondering if this may be a device specific bug.

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Android :: ImageView Scale Type Not Working In List Activity / Workaround It?

Apr 18, 2010

I have used ImageView's before and understand the different scale types that can be set... However I am having an incredibly difficult time trying to get an ImageView to scale properly in the row of a ListActivity or an ExpandableListActivity.

I have tried setting the android:scaleType property to every single value but the image never scales down. I have set the min and max sizes as well and they don't seem to have any effect. I have done both of these things in both the XMl and in code to no avail...

Does anyone have any ideas or perhaps a workaround? code...

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Android : Layout Auto CompleteTextView Null Pointer Exception Workaround

Nov 8, 2009

I'm working in with the Android SDK 2.0 / Galileo / ADT 0.9.4 (latest to date). Against Android 1.5 API layer. If I go to the layout editor and add an AutoCompleteTextView the screen immediately gives me a NullPointerException. Does anyone have a documented workaround for this problem? I can't seem to find one. This is obviously a bug in the Android SDK. (It's been filed anyway.)

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Android :: Zooming An ImageView?

Sep 11, 2010

This should be easy, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to zoom an ImageView. I have an ImageView inside of a ScrollView and a HorizontalScrollView. I floated a ZoomControls over the ImageView and now I'm trying to figure out how to actually zoom the image.

I was thinking I would just scale the Drawable inside of the ImageView, but I can't figure out an easy way to do this.

How should I be going about displaying an image that I can both zoom and scroll?

And yes, I know about WebViews, but it seems wasteful to load an entire WebView just to display one image.)

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Sprint HTC Hero :: My SMS Workaround Keeps Unfixing Sleep

Oct 27, 2009

OK, I have hard reset and done the sms workaround twice.Both times it worked for about 2 days (I was averaging about 10% wake time) and then it just stopped working (the wake time percentage just started climbing and when I soft reset it was at 100% from then on).Anyone else have this problem with the workaround and does anyone have a "workaround" for the workaround,

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HTC Incredible :: Scheduled To Be Bluetooth Workaround - Fix In Froyo?

Aug 10, 2010

So I am having issues pairing my Inc with my Audi. Seems a common issue with several of the German cars and my research indicates it is because HTC loaded a crappy version of bluetooth with the phone, not the true 2.1 version that is in other phones. Has anyone found a workaround/fix for this? is it scheduled to be fixed in Froyo?

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HTC Desire :: Volume On Speakers And Headhones Low / Workaround For This?

Apr 30, 2010

Just got my Desire and impressed thus far apart from the volume! the earbuds that come with and also a set of Sony speakers I have even at full volume are very quiet (much quieter than my Ipod Touch) is anyone having the same issue or is there a workaround for this?

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HTC Hero :: T Mobile (UK) Voicemail Charge Workaround?

Feb 4, 2010

Does anyone know of a workaround to avoid TMobile (UK) voicemail charges? Someone suggested I set my own number to dial and collect voicemail and it would be free....but it still charges me Just wondering if other Tmobile UK users had found a way to avoid the charges?

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Android :: Having Trouble With Zooming In Webview

May 27, 2010

I'm new to android. I'm using webview in scrollview to display my local html page (html has text only). I created two buttons for zoomin and zoomout using behind function zoomIn() & zoomOut() respectively. These functions work fine. The problenm is, when I zoom in, some of the text goes out from both top and bottom and it doesn't appear when I scroll.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Workaround For Syncing Facebook Photos Only

Apr 19, 2010

You'll have to manually connect some of your contacts if their names don't match. This syncs their photos, but NOT the rest of their info. It does NOT bring all of your Facebook contacts into your phone and SMS apps.

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Android :: Zooming - Google Maps Becomes Slower

Feb 15, 2010

We have developed a GPS based app in which it record the user routes and show it on the map.......but Panning around on the map when reviewing my route is painfully slow, it takes at least 4 or 5 seconds for the map to respond the finger swipes......

Overridden the onDraw() method and drawing the lines to show the routes whenever we zoom on the map, the lat-long is again drawn by calling onDraw()(Overridden) method , which has the geopoints with lat- lon values, and thus it becomes very slower process to display the map .. is there any better way to do this so that panning becomes faster as in "MyTracks"

Following is the code to draw the routes on map...........please look into it and guide me how can i make it more efficient so that the panning and zooming works well......


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Android :: Zooming On Dev - Google Maps Becomes Slower

Nov 24, 2010

I've developed a GPS app in which i record the user routes and show it on the map. But panning around on the map when reviewing my route is painfully slow, it takes at least 4 or 5 seconds for the map to respond the finger swipes.

I've overridden the onDraw() method and drawing the lines to show the routes whenever we zoom on the map, the lat-long is again drawn by calling onDraw()(Overridden) method, which has the geopoints with lat-lon values, and thus it becomes very slow to display the map. Is there any better way to do this so that panning becomes faster as in the application "MyTracks"?

Following is the code to draw the routes on map. Please look into it and show me how I can make it more efficient so that the panning and zooming works well.


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Android :: Implement Multitouch Image Zooming?

Jun 16, 2010

I'm displaying an image on full screen now i want to zoom it in or out.
Any one guide on how I can implement multitouch image zooming?

I am using the 2.1 sdk version.

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Android :: Overlays Drawn On The Map

Jul 17, 2010

What I am trying to do - I am continuously getting a stream of lat/lng positions, I want to move a overlay item dynamically on the map based on the lat/lng in the stream. I am displaying the location of moving object dynamically on the map

I am putting my whole code in a while(true) loop and trying to read the stream every 5 seconds and refresh the overlays on the map. But overlay items are not shown until the function (either oncreate, or any onclickeventhandler etc) is completed. For example, test code, I am adding a single test overlay item when ever the user clicks on a button. If I put a wait(2000000) "after" I add overlays and invalidate the map, the overlay is not displayed until the time has elapsed and the function is completed.

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Android :: More Efficient Map Overlays

Nov 2, 2009

In my app I am drawing bus routes on top of a MapView. The routes have anywhere between a dozen and a few hundred GPS coordinates that describe the route that the bus takes. The problem I'm having is that once I draw out all these lines panning/zooming the MapView is incredibly slow (even clicking the 'Back' button takes a minute to happen). I'm not sure how relevant it is, but I put in some debug code then checked the logcat output and the MapView is repeatedly calling the draw() method of the Overlay whether anything has changed or not. This is happening several times a second and is causing a massive amount of garbage collection to happen (2-3 MB every second).

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Android :: Possible To Remove All Overlays?

Sep 12, 2010

I have the following code to add an Overlay


I also have the following remove code where sites is a global variable.code...

Sometimes I am left with duplicates so would like a way to remove all overlays from a map, is this possible?

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