Android :: Produce Clean Listing Of APIs For SDK?

May 25, 2010

Kinda like in the format of a class-dump result but in Java, I already have the Android.jar file and I would like to dump a clean listing of classes and methods for each .class file. How do I do this?

Android :: produce clean listing of APIs for SDK?

Android :: Produce Thumbnail From Pdf

Oct 19, 2010

I am managing a bunch of PDF files in an android application maintaining a list of records in a SQLite database as well as storing the pdf files on the external storage. Now I would like to present a thumbnail of the first page of the pdf in my list view as part of each cell representing a pdf. I am aware of libraries like iText, fop.. on the JavaSE side that can render a PDF but I would rather not delve into embedding a large library like that. On a similar approach I would also rather not embed a native PDF viewer like droidreader, apv or vudroid.

Otherwise I could of course also get it rendered on a server via some webservice but that is a lot of headache as well. I am already using intents to get the pdf's displayed for the user so I was thinking it would be great if I could get a thumbnail via a intent call as a result somehow. However I found nothing on the web (e.g. on openintents) that indicates something like that exists. So I am a bit at a loss on what to do? What do you think is the best approach to get these thumbnails into my app? Are there any public intents available? Or did I just totally miss something and the SDK provides features for that already (it should imho but currently does not)?

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Android :: Sax Parser Produce No Results After Using InputStream Read / Why Is So?

Mar 26, 2010

I have this piece of code which I'm hoping will be able to tell me how much data I have downloaded (and soon put it in a progress bar), and then parse the results through my Sax Parser. If I comment out basically everything above the //xr.parse(new InputSource(request.getInputStream())); line and swap the xr.parse's over, it works fine. But at the moment, my Sax parser tells me I have nothing. Is it something to do with (buffer) section? code...

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Android :: SQLite Statement Produce Result To Indicate Duplicate Entries?

Oct 28, 2009

For my application, I am trying to add entries without having a duplicate entry, and if there are a duplicate notify the user and have him try again. Using SQLite, which I know very very little about, I have tried these two ways and want to know which one is better, more efficient or a better way to develop it? First way:

db.execSQL("INSERT INTO " + DatabaseHelper.DATABASE_TABLE +
"(LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, RATING) SELECT " + latitude + ", " + longitude + ", " + rating +
" WHERE LATITUDE = " + latitude + " AND LONGITUDE = " + longitude + ")");

Second way:

long id = -1;
try { id = db.compileStatement(
+ " WHERE LATITUDE = " + latitude
+ " AND LONGITUDE = " + longitude)
} catch (NullPointerException e) { return -1;
} return id;

The first way, either inserts or ignores the values, I check by doing so, storing the row-count of the rows into a variable before the call, call that function, and then check its results. If the results is not higher than it was before the call, the insert was made ignored, prompt the user with the 'values exist' message. (Very sloppy, I know but desperate times calls for desperate measures). The second way, returns the actual count of rows that match the numbers I want to store, if the number returned greater than 1, prompt the user with the 'values exist' message. I have been going back and forth, trying different ways but I do not know how to set up SQLite to have UNIQUE pairs, which I was told would be the easiest.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Why Don't Incoming Gmails Produce An Alert

Nov 15, 2010

Something's missing. I've failed the setup. Incoming gmail should produce an alert of some sort, and it's not happening. I haven't found the button, switch, trigger, or ?? to do it.

The mail is on the phone, but new mail should alert me. It doesn't.

Obviously, it's part of google's IQ test - and I didn't pass.

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Android :: Directory - Listing - Evaluating?

Nov 8, 2009

Is there an Android App directory that's commonly used when discussing, talking about, listing, evaluating Apps in this thread? Or, is there an official Android Market listing of Apps? Or another question, is the "Android Market" available the web? I've been to Android Market, but it doesn't seem to list all apps or have a search at this time; only the top paid and top free. When mentioning an App on this forum, it's be nice to hyperlink the standard market listing if there is such a standard or recommended site from this forum for consistency. For now, I'm just mentioning the name of the App - in bold font - as spelled so others can search it in the Android Market.

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Android :: Which Icon Is Used In Marketplace Listing?

Jun 28, 2010

This is probably a dumb question but I can't find it anywhere Which icon is used in your marketplace listing? Is it always the application android:icon="@drawable/icon" setting from your manifest file or can you have a launch icon different from your marketplace listing?

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Android :: UK Developers Listing Currency

Feb 20, 2009

Can anyone tell me if UK developers are still being forced to list in a currency that the only paying customers of Market aren't used to dealing with (i.e. British pounds), or can we list in the currency our potential customers use?

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Android :: Developer Phone Number Listing

Feb 26, 2010

When I first started publishing Android apps as an indie developer, I posted my phone number on the app's submission page, thinking it would not be listed publicly. When I found out that it was, I removed the number from the app listing. I don't have the resources to handle phone support, and much prefer to handle support via email. Besides, there is no requirement that we provide phone support, as long as we provide support in some way, correct? Anyway, these days I'm getting fewer phone calls, but I'm still getting calls. We are required to list a phone number in our developer profile, but it is stated that this is used for Google to contact us directly in case there are issues. So where are users still getting my phone number, and how can I make sure it's not listed?

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Android :: Market Listing My App As Exactly Twice Size Of APK I Uploaded / Why Is So?

Feb 26, 2009

For Wuzzle, the signed trial APK is 878KB and the signed full game APK is 934KB. I do have copy protection turned on for both and it did say it would increase the space needed. I figured that meant it would add an extra 10KB or something reasonable. They are listed on the market as being 1.71MB and 1.82MB respectively. I didn't think it would literally double the app size!

My other game, Light Racer has a signed APK of 288KB and is posted with no copy protection. It is listed on the market as 289KB, which is correct.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Android :: App Using 2.x APIs That Will Also Run On 1.x

Apr 12, 2010

I'm working on an Android app in which I would like to use multi-touch. However, I do not want to completely leave out those still running a 1.x OS phone. How do you program the app so that you can use the 2.x multi-touch APIs (or any other higher level API for that matter) and still allow it to gracefully degrade on 1.x systems. If you create a project in Eclipse for 1.x can you even still access the 2.x APIs?
Basically I want it to show up in the marketplace and work on all 1.6 and higher phones and just allow access to the higher level functionality if available.

Also, if anyone can point me to any data on the number of 1.x devices vs. 2.x devices in use.

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Android :: Listing Console Does Not Update Applicaitons Statistics

Aug 4, 2009

My Android Market listing console (developer console) has not updatet applicaiton statistics for several days. Does it hurt my popularity ratings that my statistics are not updated? When will this be fixed?

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Android :: Listing An Application's Activity And Intent-filters

Jun 10, 2010

I am interested in activating another application's activity. I know from reading the Android SDK that it's probably better to do this with an implicit intent. However, this activity doesn't reside in an application I own, so I don't know the action and category and data flags on the intent-filter.

How can I examine an Android applications metadata like the activity classes and the intent-filters for those activities (if declared in the manifest)?

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Android :: New Application Listing Order In Market Search

Sep 24, 2010

Before today, when entering a search term into the Market app, the results at the top of the search would all be exact matches of that search term against the app name. For example, type "translate" and the user will see all the apps called "translate" before the "Google Translate" result (which is by far the most downloaded translate app). Now, this no longer happens. If you type "translate" the first result is "Google Translate" (and no preference is given to exact matches).

Note: posted on this forum partly because hardly anyone reads Android Discuss, and partly because developers need to know how their apps are being prioritized in app search results).

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Android : Change One's App Listing On Http://

Nov 20, 2009

Does anyone know how to change one's app listing on

We've updated our Android Market listing via several times over the last 13 months, putting new screenshots up on multiple occasions and switching categories a long time ago.

Yet the listing at[AppName] is still the same as it was over a year ago when it launched; very old screenshots and the outdated category...

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Android :: How To Use StartMethodTracing APIs?

May 20, 2010

I have recently started working on an app which has both Java and native components. I am trying to generate trace information for both components using Debug.startMethodTracing("myapp") and Debug.startNativeTracing() alternately.

However, both are behaving unexpectedly.

When I use Debug.startMethodTracing("myapp"), I can see a file /sdcard/myapp.trace being created but it is always empty no matter how long I run my app. When I use Debug.startNativeTracing() and start the emulator with the -trace <tracename> switch, I see a message saying "Trace started", but when I try to run my app, the
emulator crashes.

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Android :: Crashing Under 2.2 APIs

May 18, 2010

It seems a little ahead of tomorrows Google event.But I'm already getting many complaints that my app fails completely under Android 2.2.So that scares me a lot!Anyone know when the API might be released? Tomorrow perhaps?

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Android :: Create A Listing Of Changed Files/directories/etc - Using Git Between Two Tags

Mar 30, 2010

I need to generate a changelog of sorts between two Tags within a project controlled using git. Specifically the android source code. This list should include any files/directories/etc which have been edited, moved, renamed, deleted, created. and if you have a way to do this over the entire android source at once... even better.

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Android :: App To Backup A Listing Of All Apps , Bookmarks And Widgets On Phone?

Dec 22, 2009

Is there an app to backup and export a listing of all the apps, bookmarks, and widgets currently on your phone? I see many apps that will search though all the current installed apps, for sorting, or organizing, but then it would be good to export this list to e-mail or Google Docs, etc.

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Android :: Using Google Docs APIS?

Jun 15, 2009

I want to upload my documents(in the mobile) to google docs, Can Google data APIS work in Android?

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Android :: Map Keys Of Google APIs Add-on

Aug 10, 2009

In the Web When we apply the Map Keys, we need sumbit the URL of our sites. In the Google APIs Add-on , we need the MD5 of our soft to get the Map keys. but here is a big question.

1. MD5 is easy to be changed.

2. First I got the MD5 of my app ,and then submit, but when I add the new keys, if the MD5 is changed, there will have the problems of the martch.

3. what should I do?

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Android :: Working With Apis/Libraries

Oct 2, 2009

I'm building an app where I want to architect the app layer separately from the service layer (not android services). So I'll create a service interface(the apis) and then create a class(es) that implement that service interface. Inside the android application layer, I want to code to just that service interface. I think this is similar to how the google maps apis works. the api interface and stubs are in the framework, then each device actually provides the implementation. I don't need to go that far, but I am wondering how I package this up. One, where would I put these interfaces, so I can code to them in the app layer (like Activities). Second, how do I tell Android where the implementing classes are? I'm guessing this is somewhere in the manifest? For now I think I would probably just build the service implementation with the application source code, if that's easier. Eventually I'd like to break that out and drop it in as a 3rd-party jar.

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Android :: Regarding Device Level APIs

Apr 25, 2009

I could see there are many APIs available in Android. If I have to create some device driver do I need to use Java(Android) for that also. Or that will be in C?

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Android :: Extends APIs With Other .jar File?

Jul 8, 2010

I work with Eclipse and implement some applications using the Android Emulator.

I'd like to know: Is it possible to extend Android APIs with other .jar file?

If it's possible, how can I extend the APIs?

I just have to add libraries to the project or do I copy it to the $ANDROID_HOME/platforms/android-8/tools/lib

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Android :: Trying To Parse Links In An HTML Directory Listing Using Java Regex

Mar 30, 2010

Ok I know everyone is going to tell me not to use RegEx for parsing HTML, but I'm programming on Android and don't have ready access to an HTML parser (that I'm aware of). Besides, this is server generated HTML which should be more consistent than user-generated HTML. The regex looks like this: Pattern patternMP3 = Pattern.compile. Code...

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Android :: Content Provider That Return Data Listing Installed Applications

Jul 19, 2010

Is there a standard native Android content provider that will return data listing all of the apps currently installed on the cellphone. Something like open()/readdir() on a Linux bin directory.

Given that you know an app is installed on an Android cellphone, and you know that apps name, how do you launch that app from a completely different and unrelated app. You might not know which Intents/Broadcasts/URIs the app you want to launch is listening for. And not all Android apps are written to respond to Intent/URI broadcasts or requests.

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Android :: Which Droid APIs Supported In Flex Air?

Nov 24, 2010

Anyone know where I can find what Android APIs are supported in the latest Flex AIR SDK (Hero). In particular is the speech to Text API supported?

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Android :: Display APIs - Buffer On Screen?

Nov 3, 2009

How can we display a buffer on screen?

Currently I create a bitmap using Bitmap's CreateBitmap() and render it on screen using canvas' drawBitmap().

Is there any other way of doing this in Java layer?

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Android :: Driving Directions Using Google Map APIs

Feb 19, 2009

I am developing maps application which has to support driving directions and route search and creation. But there is no API support in Android for this.

So i want to use google map APIs instead of Android APIs, Are there any APIs available for driving directions in google. If yes, What are those APIs, How can i use those APIs with Http request/response.

I read some where that earlier googlenav package was there in Android SDK, but it is now removed. May I know the reason for removal of this package, or When can i expect it to come back with fixed version of googlenav in Android? Looking forward to your reply.

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Android :: Extra APIs For Google TV Development?

Oct 26, 2010

Or is it essentially the same SDK/APIs as standard Android development?

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