Android :: Best Way Of Cleaning Any Marks Off Screen / Before Affixing Screen Protector?

Oct 28, 2010

I am expecting my ordered screen protector to arrive shortly.

1. What is the best way of cleaning any marks off the screen before affixing the screen protector?

2. What is recommended method of fixing the protector?

3. Does the use of this affect the ease of using the touch screen?

Android :: best way of cleaning any marks off screen / before affixing screen protector?

General :: Black Marks On HTC One X Plus Screen?

Aug 13, 2013

My HTC One X Plus fell down recently, and has got a ' triangle flag' like mark on the top left part of the screen. (But not on the Gorilla Screen). But each day, when I see it, the black mark getting disappeared , as forming lines in the triangle flag (the original screen getting viewed through the lines).

When I try the phone screenshot option, the complete screen is captured with no black mark on it.

When I contacted the service center, they asked me to replace the screen. That is very costly

Is it really needed to replace the screen or will it get disappeared eventually?

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Motorola Droid :: Best Case - Screen Protector - Screen Problems During Calls

Apr 12, 2010

I was thiking of buying either a screen protector from verizon or best buy. I was wondering which is the best to buy out of the two or if there is a better protector? Also what is the best case for the motorola droid? Lastly, when I make phone calls my screen goes black so it is hard for me to end calls. How can i fix this? I don't see any settings for this on the droid.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Screen Protector Already Installed On Glass Screen

Aug 28, 2010

Well having just got a X10. It has a pre-installed screen protector. Somehow I managed to scratch the screen protector and now I want to remove it however I'm having much difficulty removing it. Now I'm thinking if I should get a replacement screen protector as the Rogers version doesn't come with a spare one or just go without it. Anyone without the screen protector wanna add input about the durability of the mineral glass screen? I know that the screen on the iPod Touch 2G is very durable since I own one without having a protector on but I want to know if the X10s screen is just as durable.

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Motorola Droid X :: Bubbles On Screen / Even When Screen Protector Removed

Oct 21, 2010

So I recently got a set of screen protectors and put one on.All was well just noticed a few bubbles and so I tried to work them out.They weren't going away, so I figured I would try again so I removed it and to my astonishment the bubbles were still there. It's like they formed under the screen somehow when I put the protector on, they were absolutely not there before.There are 2 in the center of the screen and a few along the edges. At first I just thought it was a water spot but I cannot wipe them off.The ones on the edge of the screen I can"push out" to the edge to almost make them disappear.When you touch them with the pads of your fingers you can feel a slight "bump" in the screen (very minute but still there).They bubbles are easily visible when the screen is off and almost go away when the screen is on but you can still tell they are there.Is this a defect in the phone or did I cause this trying to install the protector? I didn't push down hard on the screen, just applied the protector and they appeared.

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Motorola Droid : Static Screen Protector Like That Covers Whole Screen?

Nov 24, 2009

I'm currently using the phantom skinz line and although I like the body protectors I think the screen protector has reduced some of the screen's clarity/sharpness. This wasn't an issue with the static protectors I got from verizon. The only reason I replaced the verizon ones is because they didn't cover the buttons along the bottom of the screen. Anyone find a static protector they like that covers the whole screen?

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HTC Incredible :: Cleaning Screen With Windex?

May 5, 2010

The manual doesnt give any guidance on what can/cannot be used to clean fingerprints etc off of the screen.
Since is is glass, could I spray a bit of windex on a paper towel and clean the screen with it?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Best Way To Do Good Deep Cleaning Of Screen?

Oct 28, 2009

So I expected this as I have friends with iPhones and I see it on their phones. Smudges! I hate smudges! So normally I just wipe it clean with a microfiber and it looks pretty good, however that does not always remove all the oils caught on the screen. I would think that over time, the oils sitting on the screen will end up degrading the screen or make it look nasty later on. I am wanting to clean it and not sure what to use. I have a cleaning kit we use on the document scanners at work. It has microfiber pads and a cleaning chemical which after reading the ingredients is just isopropyl rubbing alcohol.I heard the HTC Hero has a special coating on it that keeps it resistant to scratches and makes smudges easier to clean. My concern is that the isopropyl alcohol will beat up that coating.So after beating around the bush...the question is, what is the best way to do a good deep cleaning of the screen?

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HTC Incredible :: Good Method For Cleaning Little Gap / Crack Between Screen And Bezel Of Lint

May 26, 2010

Does anyone have a good method for cleaning the little gap/crack between the screen and the bezel of lint, dust, cheetos, etc.?

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Android :: Unable To Buy Screen Protector Online

Jul 2, 2010

i just bought a motarola milestone but i cant find any screen protectors anywhere and im unable to buy them online one of the stores told me that i didnt need one cuz milestones ues "gorilla glass" and my screen wont get trashed over every day this true any milestone/droid users out there keep there phone naked?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Which Screen Protector Is Best?

May 9, 2010

hey guys! I'm a pre owner soon to be EVO owner! I don't think I will be getting a case in the beginning as I want all of it's sexiness to be seen by the world. So I wanna get a really good screen protector. Reading the accessories must have thread people named many different ones like ghost armor and other name brands I can't think off the top of my head. Which would you prefer or not recommend?

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Android :: Quickie Review Of Steinheil Screen Protector

May 26, 2010

A few small bubbles, 'prolly my fault. No biggie, can't really see them when the screen is on.

Although the standard Verizon screen protectors don't cover the whole face,I seemed to be able able to squeegee them all out. Also, the feel of the screen wasn't as slick as with the VZ protectors, it was more sticky/resistant when sliding.

I'll hope protection will be what sells me on the Steinheil

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HTC EVO 4G :: Mirror Screen Protector On The Evo

Jul 13, 2010

Does it look good?

Here is the links to the bigger versions






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HTC Wildfire :: Is Screen Protector Already On?

Sep 9, 2010

Purchased phone a while back.I assumed a screen protector would already be on the screen but upon close inspection, i cant tell whether there is a protector on the screen or not.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Long Screen Protector Keeps On?

Jul 17, 2010

I have had a screen protector on my Evo since I got it from Sprint on June 5th. It is a Sprint brand and is the anti glare type. It still looks scratches, not falling apart etc. But I was wondering if it will damage the screen from being on so long and should I replace it with a new one. I never had occasion to use a protector before so forgive me if the question sounds like a stupid one.

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HTC Hero :: Screen Protector And Application

Mar 5, 2010

I recently bought the official screen protectors and after my second attempt i managed to get one on..only thing is theres a little what looks like a spec of dirt on the top right of the screen.. should i leave it there or should i buy some more screen protectors and try replying again? Also could someone recommend me a good app that allows me to transfer my contacts, apps to my new 16GB microSDHC card.. I tried the one listed here but all i get is no app found..cheers

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Motorola Droid X :: Best Screen Protector To Buy?

Aug 4, 2010

I know this has probably been answered a bunch of times. What is the best screen protector to buy? I've heard good things about Ghost Armor and Steinheil protectors. Out of those two, which is the better screen protector?

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Motorola Droid X :: Tip For Screen Protector

Aug 29, 2010

I don't know if this is a repost but i got dust under my SGP screen protector and it was really bugging me. I used blue painter's tape and it worked perfectly.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Best Screen Protector?

Jan 9, 2010

What brand of screen protectors do you all like? I've heard people talking about Zagg, Wrapsol, and Phanton Skinz, but which is the best? Preferrably would like one that is not very "grippy" and has as little orange peel effect as possible.

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HTC Magic :: Does Screen Protector Help With Fingerprints?

May 29, 2009

My HTC Magic appears to be a massive fingerprint magnet. On my iPod Touch I have a Zagg Invisible Shield which helps a lot at preventing fingerprints.I think there is an Invisible Sheild coming soon for the Magic, but I only really want to cover the screen.Is anyone using a screen protector at the moment and does it help with fingerprints?

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Motorola Droid :: Off With Screen Protector

Jun 28, 2010

I have had an Invisible Shield on my droid since I got it. There were a few pieces of dust under it that have been driving me crazy so I decided to take it off. What a difference! It looks better, feels more responsive to touch, and it is a lot smoother when I use pinch to zoom (no friction between my finger and the screen). I am paranoid that I'm going to scratch the screen but the trade off is worth it.

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Motorola Droid :: Who Is Using Screen Protector?

Nov 9, 2009

I bought the Droid Screen Protectors (came in a three pack) from Verizon, and I really don't like them. Every time I touch the phone, it leaves a finger print or a smear mark where I dragged my finger, and i don't really like the texture it adds to the screen. (Maybe I applied it wrong?)Just curious who is using a screen protector, and furthermore if you are, what screen protector are you using?

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Motorola Droid :: Best Screen Protector Still To Come

Nov 14, 2009

As a previous iPhone user I can attest to the quality of screen protectors from Power Support. The matte finish one I used on my iPhone (and the most popular for the iPhone) never detracted a bit from the display clarity and it actually made the display more slippery to the touch. These are the screen protectors they sell in all the Apple sotres. Power Support saidtThey say they're working on one for the Motorola Droid.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Matte Vs Clear Screen Protector?

Jul 3, 2010

Seen many threads out there reviewing many screen protectors. Seems like people swing both ways.So, post your 2 cents here. Let us know what you have, what you prefer, what you've tried, and post some pics if you have them!What are the ups and downs of the protectors and the companies who make them?I bought the Sprint Screen Protectors, I had the anti-glare on and liked how it swiped but I messed it up after swapping phones and now have the clear. It's very sticky but I love how my screen pops, as my old one made it look pixel-y. IMO a good clear that swipes well is the way to go.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Clarivue Privacy Screen Protector

Jun 12, 2010

who has the Clarivue Privacy Screen Protector tell me how it is. Does it affect the way you have to touch the screen at all? Does it effect the sensor when making calls at all?

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Ally :: LG Comes Preloaded With Screen Protector?

Nov 11, 2010

I just got this for my mom and there is definitely some sort of screen protector on it with a cut out for the proximity sensor. It is not the temp one either. It is perfectly installed like it was done by a machine. Does this make sense?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen Protector / Sensitivity Errors

Jul 8, 2010

Anyone else have problems with sensitivity after applying a screen protector?Which protector do you recommend?I was using some crap from TMobile for like $15. It streaks a ton, and seems to give me problems with sensitivity on the real screen.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Protector - Scratched?

May 15, 2010

I was planning on ordering a Steinheil before I got my phone so that I could put it on as soon as it came out of the box. However, because they have been out of stock forever I can't do that.

Has anyone that is not using a screen protector actually scratched their screen? I know that another reason is fingerprints but until I get my Steinheil will I need to worry about scratches, even small ones (like those from jean pockets).

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Samsung EPIC 4G : Use A Screen Protector / Not?

Aug 31, 2010

Even knowing our Epic 4G's have GORILLA GLASS, will you be using a screen protector? Personally, I'm leaning towards not...

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HTC Hero :: Need Screen Protector That Will Not Hurt When I Take It Off

Dec 22, 2009

Just got me a sprint hero today and I want to know which screen protector I should buy. Ebay has a lot of them but I want one that will not hurt the screen when i take it off.

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