Android :: Timed Notification

Sep 9, 2010

I'm writing an app, that lets users subscribe to notification for TV transmissions. Currently the user can choose email, sms or push, but it all feels a bit overkill for a simple timed notification. I wonder if I can tell Android to simply "show this Notification at 11:30"?

Android :: Timed Notification

Motorola Droid 2 :: Can Get Notification On Timed Out Screen When Get New Text Message?

Nov 30, 2010

Is it possible to get a notification on a timed out screen when I get a new text message? When I used to get texts on my old phone (LG Dare), the screen would light up for a couple of seconds everytime I received a new text message. With the Droid 2, it seems like I can only make the phone vibrate or make a notification sound. However, when I'm at work, I keep my phone on silent and can't have my phone constantly vibrating on my desk. Is there a way to set the notifications up so that my screen can alert me of a new message? I don't have the time to constantly check my phone for text messages during the day and I think I'm wearing out my battery quicker with the constant turning on and off of my screen to check for new texts.

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Android :: Key Dispatching Timed Out

Aug 12, 2010

In my Android application I am getting a very strange crash, when I press a button (Image) on my UI the entire application freezes and after a couple of seconds I getthe dreaded force close dialog appearing.

Here is what gets printed in the log:


This is the code for the Button (Image):


If I comment the following out the pressing of the button (image) doesn't cause the crash:


The above code calls down through several levels of the app and into the native layer (NDK), could the call passing through several objects be leading to the force close? It seems unlikely as several other buttons do the same without issue.

How about the native layer? Could some code I've built with the NDK be causing the issue?

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Android :: Looking For Best 1/4 Mile Timed Application

Sep 25, 2010

Looking for an app that will give me 0-60, 1/4 mike times, etc. what is a good one?

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Android :: Lock_layer Timed Out (is CPU Pegged)?

Nov 18, 2009

I have a situation occurring intermittently with an application where I receive the following message. It's probably something to do with a Thread. The application seems to stop, but I get the following message and I'm not sure what it means: WARN/SurfaceComposerClient(2106): lock_layer timed out (is the CPU pegged?) layer=1, lcblk=0x424800a0, state=00000043 (was 00000043). I see others have had this issue, but I don't see a solution or explanation (that I can understand :-) ).

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Android :: Timed Trial Expiry?

Feb 20, 2009

Does anyone have a somewhat secure method of expiring a trial version of an app a certain amount of time after an install? I do not want to use a server, because I am making a game that shouldn't need permissions. I would like the expiration data to survive an uninstall, but I am ok if it doesn't survive a manual edit of the database. Do an application's database entries get deleted when an app is uninstalled? How about preferences? Local files? Other methods?

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Android :: Timed Modeless Dialog

Nov 9, 2010

Is there any way to show a modeless dialog--a dialog that allows the user to interact with whatever was on the screen before the dialog but also allows the user to interact with the dialog if pressed?

I know of Toasts, but they don't allow interaction with the popup.

I know of Dialogs, but they're modal and don't allow interaction with the background.

I know of Notifications, but I want something that is visibile on screen.

I basically want to be able to be playing a game or something and a popup appears that I have a new email or something. I can click it to view my email, but I can wait for it to go away if I just want to continue playing my game. Is this possible in Android?

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Android :: Launched Application - The Operation Timed Out

Nov 2, 2010

I am reading one simple web page, but when I launched my application after 2-3 min it show me output as: The operation timed out. Here ia my code...........

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Android :: ObtainBuffer Timed Out In AudioTrack.write

Sep 1, 2010

After stopping and restarting playback of an audiotrack stream, on some devices I consistently get;

W/AudioTrack( 2453): obtainBuffer timed out (is the CPU pegged?) 0x64acc0 user=00010000, server=00000000

after freezing for a couple of seconds. This happens whether I just pause() and flush() my audiotrack or release() and recreate it.

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Android :: AudioTrack - 51 - WARNING - ObtainBuffer() Timed Out

Nov 4, 2009

I am using MediaPlayer to play background music and SoundPool to play sound effects. All Audio data is stored in .ogg file format. Sometimes it happens that the MediaPlayer playback is interrupted for a fraction of a second if is called. Whenever this happens, the following two warnings are printed to logcat:

11-04 01:49:05.113: WARN/AudioTrack(51): obtainBuffer timed out (is the CPU pegged?) 0x2b6e8 user=000cc520, server=000cb710 11-04 01:49:05.113: WARN/AudioTrack(51): *** SERIOUS WARNING *** obtainBuffer() timed out but didn't need to be locked. We recovered, but this shouldn't happen (user=000cc520, server=000cb710)

Do you have any ideas what could cause the warning messages and/or how to avoid them? I.e. how to prevent from interrupting MediaPlayer playback?

An other warning that's sometimes appearing is: 11-04 01:55:49.793: WARN/AudioFlinger(51): write blocked for 89 msecs There seems to be no connection to the above messages, but do you have any ideas what causes this message and/or how to avoid it?

Here's some more detailed background information, maybe they are useful: My OpenGL powered game is split into three threads: One for rendering, one to take care about the game logic and the main thread to process user input. All Audio data is accessed through a central AudioManager class, which is only used in the game logic thread. (So this does not seem like a threading issue. Needless to say that synchronizing all methods has not solved the problem). The game runs smoothly at ~60 frames per second. According to DDMS the game causes ~33% system load (~10% in kernel space and ~23% in user space) on a G1. Even the idle task gets ~24% CPU time assigned while the game is running and input happens through the touch screen! (So it does not look like a performance problem) The MediaPlayer playback interruption always happens if () is called in response of a touch screen input. Although touch screen input and happen in different threads. I've tried suspending the UI thread for various different delays between 8 and 32 msec after a MotionEvent has been processed, but again, without success...

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Android :: Play Sound On A Timed Interval

Aug 27, 2010

I have an Android app which needs to play a sound resource on a timed interval, say every 120 seconds. I know how to access the sound resources and play them, however it's time timer part I'm not sure of. What's the best approach?

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Android :: Call To .NET Web Service Timed Out - Dev Using KSOAP2

Sep 4, 2010

I'm getting a Java Socket Exception "Operation timed out" when trying to call a .NET web service method. I've followed the many examples out there on the web to get my android to call a .net web service.

I'm running the web service using VS2010 in debug mode. The web method I'm calling is very simple -> "string GetVersion()"

I've read some posts that eclipse needs to be configured to access the internet by modifying the Proxy preferences "Preferences -> General -> Network Connections" from the Window menu item. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what I need to configure in the Proxy to get things to work if that is the problem.

I've also tried to access the .net web service root page (service.asmx) from my android with no success. I can access the asmx page with no problems using IE on the local machine. I've turned off the firewall and that didn't solve anything either. This is the first time I've tried to access a web service from a remote computer when it was running using VS2010 in debug mode.

I don't know if I have a configuration issue on the eclipse side or on the VS2010 side.

I'm also running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Below is a code snippet...


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Android :: - Operation Timed Out - Not Behind Proxy

Feb 25, 2009

I'm developing an app which needs to connect to the internet, but when i send a request using DefaultHtpClient.execute() method it takes 2-3 minutes and then the stacktrace says timed out............

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Android :: Key Dispatching Timed Out - Displaying Remote Images

Apr 9, 2009

I am working on an android project where the local and remote image files and their thumbnails are to be displayed. Now i have a problem with displaying the remote images. If i click the back button when the application is connected with the server, It waits for few seconds and forces my application to close. Log has a message "Key dispatching timed out". Once the image has downloaded completely back button is working, Here is my log...............

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Android :: SocketTimeoutException - Read Timed Out Occurs Only Via Mobile

May 4, 2010

I'm receiving "SocketTimeoutException: Read Timed Out" errors in my client app when attempting to post image data to a central server over HTTPS. What's odd is that I cannot reproduce the error when posting data from my local machine (via the emulator) to the same server. Increasing the SO_TIMEOUT value seems to only prolong the amount of time it takes for the timeout exception to occur. I am very new to using the Apache HTTP API - what am I missing?


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Android :: Setting Timed Expiry For Application To Be Submitted To Adc2

Aug 30, 2009

I am submitting an application to the android developer challenge 2, but i would like to sell my application after the competition is over. In the terms and conditions google has mentioned that in case if i have to sell the application after the contest is over I have to set a timed expiry date.But while going through the steps for publishing the applications it is mentioned that the certificate validity limit should be a minimum of 22 October 2003."1.Your application must be signed with a cryptographic private key whose validity period ends after 22 October 2033. " Is it possible for me to set the expiration date as 120 days in the certificate? If not what is the best proccess that i should be following to set a timed expiry period?

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Android :: Key Dispatching Timed Out - Press Button (Image) On UI Application Freezes

Aug 12, 2010

In my Android application I am getting a very strange crash, when I press a button (Image) on my UI the entire application freezes and after a couple of seconds I getthe dreaded force close dialog appearing.

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General :: LVL Check Timed Out?

Mar 27, 2012

I'm using Google's LVL mechanism for licensing in my application and in the last few days I've started getting reports from users that the licensing mechanism fails. I get the following lines in the log from those users:

Line 925: 03-26 23:04:41.463 I/LicenseChecker(31875): Binding to licensing service.
Line 926: 03-26 23:04:41.473 I/LicenseChecker(31875): Calling checkLicense on service for com.blabla.myApp
Line 927: 03-26 23:04:41.473 I/LicenseChecker(31875): Start monitoring timeout.
Line 930: 03-26 23:04:51.472 I/LicenseChecker(31875): Check timed out.

I've made sure with the users that they have Internet connection, you can see that it takes ~10 minutes before I get a timeout so this isn't just a momentary thing, and on top of this, I check for license several times before deciding that this is invalid.

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HTC Desire :: Syncing Calendar - Timed Out

May 9, 2010

just got the Desire and I am having problems syncing my calendar entries to the phone. I have got my windows contacts in no problem. But when I try to put the windows calendar entries in I get an error/fail message telling me the phone has timed out.

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HTC Incredible :: Best Timed Profile Settings App

Jun 30, 2010

Need an app for my D Inc that will go into a quite profile with no ringer, vibrate only, etc, then come out of it by time. So example when at work its quit, but when its time to leave work it comes back to normal by itself without me having to remember to put it into quite.Thanks guys, been looking, but can't seem to find what I had. I came from Nokia S60. They had this nailed.

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Nexus :: Timed Intervals For Checking GMAIL

May 29, 2010

Is there a way to set gmail app to check for emails every say 15 minutes instead of push?

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Voice Dial From Bluetooth When Screen Timed Out?

Nov 19, 2010

How can I voice dial from my bluetooth when the screen's timed out? Phone's in holster, screen's timed out, press & hold bluetooth headset, get double tone indicating screen timed out. Must remove phone from holster, unlock, then manually press Voice Command shortcut to activate. A real PITA, especially when driving. Have car doc, Voice Command works from bluetooth, but need to activate when phone is in holster.
Motorolla Droid X on VZW
Android version 2.2

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General :: Mobile Data Timed Widget Using Widgetsoid - Galaxy S3 On AT&T

Feb 4, 2013

A friend has a Galaxy S3 on AT&T. He doesn't have unlimited data so he usually keeps mobile data off. Whenever he receives a picture message he has to toggle the data switch on and off. Sometimes he forgets to switch it off and his battery drains and his data usage goes up.

My workaround includes using the app Widgetsoid to create a toggle for mobile data but I would like to incorporate a timer in the command prompt option.

I noticed that it has an option for a custom command prompt to be executed when the widget is toggled. Could create a line of code which I can use to turn mobile data on and then off in a specified amount of time?

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HTC Incredible :: When Say Update / Phone "timed Out"

Aug 18, 2010

Did anyone else get the notification that there is an update for the phone but when you say updated it times out? its been doing this all morning.... and its now interrupting my music player.

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HTC Desire :: Desire Screen Timed Out

Aug 30, 2010

Is there any way to prevent the screen from sleeping while downloading stuff or playing games?

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Android :: Update Ongoing Notification Only When Notification Window Shown?

Jun 4, 2010

Is there any way to detect whether the Notification Windows is being shown? I have a service that updates an ongoing notification, complete with a progress bar and text? Is there a way to know if the notifiication screen is actually being shown, so I can adjust how often I wouldn't be so concerned if not for the fact that the HTC Incredible will reboot after it receives several hundred or so updates. Based on a controlled experiment with a beta tester, the service could continue for 24 hours if it did not update progress, but dies after several hundred updates. So I am desperate to reduce the notifications, if that's what works, and one of the ways I could do that is by not updating as much or at all if that screen isn't being shown.

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Android :: Sets Of Notification Icons Based On Notification Bar Color

Sep 27, 2010

I am displaying a notification icon which is dark gray. It looks fine on Nexus One, where the notification area is light gray and is almost invisible on HTC Desire (Sense UI - dark gray notification bar). Is there a way to overcome that? (The icon cannot be changed).The icon cannot be changed meaning" that I am using a custom set of icons which is a must for me.

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Android :: Way To Use Different Email Notification Icons In HTC Magic Notification Bar?

Nov 25, 2009

Is there a way to use different email notification icons in the HTC Magic notification bar?I am tired of the stupid "@" sign when I receive a new email in Gmail.

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Android :: How To Add Flags To A Notification Status Bar Notification?

Oct 19, 2010

im following the tutorial from developers guide but i have a problem tutorial says: "To clear the status bar notification when the user selects it from the Notifications window, add the "FLAG_AUTO_CANCEL" flag to your Notification object" buT how i can add the flag to my notification?notification doesn't have any kind of function to add flags then? how i can do it?

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HTC Incredible :: Notification Screen Doesn't Hide When Selecting A Notification Event

Sep 14, 2010

So when I get texts, gmail, completed app downloads, etc I get notification icons at the top as usual. When I slide the notification bar down to reveal the nofications and click on an item, the notification screen doesn't hide back to the top of my phone -- it just stays open. I either have to hide it manually or I have to hit the back button, which sometimes exits the app I was trying to open. 2.1 never did this for me, it always hid when choosing an item. Anyone have a solution to this? I've done a factory reset after 2.2 btw. I've also searched support to see if there was a similar problem, no similar threads.

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