Android :: Huge Benefits When Combining Quickdesk And Bar Control

Jul 30, 2010

The quick desk and bar control apps are so far my favourite. Previously I had my switches/toggles of WiFi/3g/gps/silent/bluetooth on the desktop. Now I have these switches in quickdesk. Thats not all - using the bar control app I can have any shortcuts in my slide down bar. So I just added the quickdesk app in my bar. The benefit is that I can now access my switches/toggles from anywhere.

For example if I am using my browser and forgot to switch on WiFi, while browser is open I just slide down the bar and through quick desk switch on WiFi. This means that I do not need to navigate away from the current app that is open. Normally you would have to minimize the current app open and navigate to desktop to toggle switches, then go back to the app you were using.

Android :: Huge benefits when Combining Quickdesk and Bar Control

Android :: LauncherPro / QuickDesk / Home Button

Jul 2, 2010

I know there are several threads already about each of these apps but I'm not sure which (or if either) of them is the main culprit here (although I suspect its my failure to set them up properly that's to blame rather than either of the apps themselves).I have LP and QD installed (and love both of them btw). I have QD set as the default home app and in QD have set LauncherPro as the default app to launch when pressing the home button. I've also set QD to launch on long-press of the search button. By default, QD is set to open on double-tap of the home button but I've set the home key timing in QD configuration to 1ms so that is effectively disabled.The issue I have is that if I exit an app using the back button, I have to press the home button twice to go to the desktop overview (or get back to the main home screen if I'm not currently on it). However, if I exit an app using the home button then I only need to press the home button once to get to the overview. I'm sure that before I installed QD I didn't have this issue.Anyone else noticed this or know why it's happening / how to resolve it?

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Android :: Combining Two PNG Into One Image File

Apr 29, 2010

I have two png image files that I would like my android app to combine programmatically into one png image file and am wondering if it is possible to do so? If so, what I would like to do is just overlay them on each other to create one file. The idea behind this is that I have a handful of png files, some with a portion of the image on the left with the rest transparent and the others with an image on the right and the rest transparent. And based on user input it will combine the two to make one file to display. (And I cant just display the two images side by side, they need to be one file). Is this possible to do programmatically in android and how so?

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Android :: Combining 1.5 And 1.6 - Application Code

Apr 9, 2010

I'm wondering if it's possible to have an app that has a portion of its code implemented using Android 1.5 (API Level 3) and part using 1.6. (For example maybe implementing one of the app's activities in 1.6 while the overall app is in 1.5)?

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Android :: Combining Subclasses Which Have Different Fields For Efficiency?

Feb 7, 2010

I'm working on a Java Android game. Games here generally need to use memory pools to avoid garbage collection.Making use of subclasses is a pain when using memory pools as you need to e.g. say how many Roamer and Chaser objects you want upfront and not just how many Enemy objects you might need.I would then have an update function that checked the "type" variable and updated accordingly. This is obviously a more C-like approach. It feels hacky though because e.g. a roamer enemy will have a "target" variable it never uses. I'm unlikely to have more than a 100 enemies in memory at a time though so it really isn't a big deal memory wise. I just want some compromise between nice code and speed.Does anyone have any comments on how best to structure this? Is merging classes like this going too far? Is this ever a good idea? Should I just use a regular class tree?

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Android :: Combining Text And Image On Button

Oct 7, 2009

I'm trying to have an image (as the background) on a button and add dynamically, depending on what's happening during run-time, some text above/over the image. If I use ImageButton I don't even have the possibility to add text. If I use Button I can add text but only define an image with android: drawableBottom and similar XML attributes as defined here.

However these attributes only combine text & image in x- and y-dimensions, meaning I can draw an image around my text, but not below/under my text (with the z-axis defined as coming out of the display). One idea would be to either extend Button or ImageButton and override the draw()-method. But with my current level of knowledge I don't really know how to do this (2D rendering). Maybe someone with more experience knows a solution or at least some pointers to start?

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Android :: Combining Two Images Overlaid With Same Dimension?

Sep 9, 2010

I've got a things to do with android, so, I have 2 images,
1. image from camera
2. another image from somewhere

So what I want to achieve is how to combine those image into 1 image, but it's overlapping (just like watermarking the image). The 2nd image should be scaled first into the size of the 1st image(camera) - so they have same dimension, then if the 2nd image pixel is black, don't combine it (so the black means transparent color - on 2nd image). Do you know what is the best way achieve this, can I do this with xor or bitwise?

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Android :: Combining Intents In Create Chooser

Nov 24, 2009

I would like to know how I can create a chooser for the user to select from either a video or a photo. I want them to be able to capture a new video/photo or select from existing videos/photos. With the following code, I get a chooser that allows for that, but also allows audio creation/selection.

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT);
startActivityForResult(Intent.createChooser(intent, getString (R.string.mediaChooserTitle)), REQUEST_MEDIA);

If I set the type to "image/*" I can create/get a photo, and "video/* I can get/create a video. How can I combine these types?

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Android :: Combining Different Packages Into Single Project In Eclipse

May 20, 2010

As part of the Android application I am developing in eclipse, I need to combine two packages from different projects into a single project. I tried copying the files in the package of the second project under the src folder of the first folder and copied other files required for second package into the res folder of the first project. But the auto-generated Java files i.e doesn't get updated on copying. I tried right clicking on the project and clicking on Android Tools -> Fix Project Properties. But nothing changed.

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Android :: K9 Mail - Combining Emails To Global Inbox?

Nov 23, 2009

Anyone who uses k9 Mail or have knowledge, I have a question. Is there a way to combine your email boxes to a global type inbox? Coming from a BB it was cool to be able to check 1 box to read all my 4 email account emails. Is this a feature available and I am missing it or is there an app for this?

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Android :: Manage Audio Level Through Application - Combining Two Sources

Sep 23, 2009

Is there a way to manage the audio levels through an app? Or is it more dependent on the phone's built in capabilities? Right now at work I listen to a skype audio call from my house (for security) at a very low volume and then at a higher level I listen to music or podcasts, both sources going at the same time. When my dog goes nuts, the door is knocked on, or (in theory) if someone busted down my door, I notice the change in volume and sound, turn off my local media, and focus on what I'm hearing until the drama passes.

I ask because I would like to continue this setup when not at work, like say while running, where I again have earphones in and am normally listening to audio content. I would like to be able to have two pieces of audio: music combined with a skype stream or normal phone call, going at the same time like at work. So is there a way to have two sources going at the same time, with the volume of each independently adjustable? Is this an app thing or a phone thing? Phone will be Sprint Hero.

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General :: Combining Two APKs

Jun 16, 2011

i am trying to combine two apk's in one..i write scripts using python for android.i can package those scripts in apk. however apk if installed on a phone which doesn't have python interpreter ask's user's to download interpretor.

what i want is one monolithic apk which contains python interpretor plus my script.

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Android :: Benefits For Using WiFi?

Mar 27, 2010

If I am at home for hours at a time, what benefits come with using WiFi on my Droid Eris instead of the mobile network? When home, I have computer access so speed is of no concern. I'm just wondering what the battery life difference is, if any. And now that I think about it, if I'm home I could just be charging my phone so even if WiFi saved battery life it wouldn't be any gain. WiFi seems to be such a desirable feature, but I have no idea how it benefits me.

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Android :: Need To Have Benefits Of Cloud?

Nov 15, 2009

i dont understand what cloud is or what the benefits of this cloud is? Can someone break it down in simple terms what this all about

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Android :: What Are Benefits Of LauncherPro Over Any Other UI?

Sep 1, 2010

What are the benefits of LauncherPro over any other UI?

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General :: Combining Duplicate Contacts

Jul 4, 2012

How to combine these multiple contacts into one? Galaxy Nexus

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Android :: Notifications Of Huge Memory Usage

Aug 31, 2010

I am developing an application with a service which show the progress of a timer in the notification area (with a progress bar and a text). I have extracted below a simpler example with the same problem.

The code of the Service:

public class TNService extends Service {
private NotificationManager nm;
private Notification notification;
private RemoteViews remoteView;

public void onCreate () {................

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Android :: OpenGL ES - Best Practice For Huge Maps?

Jan 13, 2010

If I want to render just a huge map, what is the best practice when using OpenGL ES with a mobile device (Android or iPhone based)? What is the best structure to contain all the vertices, normales and texture coordinates? I guess using a interleaved structure may give you some performance benefits caused by memory caching. Ok? Should I use drawArrays or drawElements to push my data to OpenGL ES? Well, I did no testing at all but I might think, that drawElements might be faster if the GFX does not use shared memory since you do not have to push that much data. Since this is really close to metall, what do you think? (the iPhone is ARM based while the Android platform is Qualcomm based (also an ARM?)

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Android :: Sending Huge Files With HttpsUrlConnection

Mar 12, 2010

I have some Android code that can send files to my webserver using an HttpsUrlConnection, but when it tries to send larger files I get an OutOfMemory exception when opening the OutputStream. Can anyone offer some assistance?

It looks something like this:


This is where I try different things. The closes solution has been: httpConn.setChunkedStreamingMode(1024); In this case, I don't get the OutOfMemory immediately when opening the OutputStream, but I see the heap growing as I os.write() and it eventually runs out.


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Android : Rooting N Paid Apps - Benefits

Jun 21, 2010

Can someone tell me about the benefits of rooting? Also after rooting, can I see paid apps? I live in a country that doesnt show paid apps. Its like the only reason I would want to root my phone.

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Android :: Huge Drop In Sessions For All Of Apps (using Flurry)

Dec 2, 2009

I noticed a huge drop in sessions for all of my apps (using Flurry). I don't think the problem is reporting, since ad revenue and sales were also affected. Sessions for my most popular game plunged yesterday to a level of a month ago, and all my apps saw a similar drop (about 25-30%). I didn't see anything about outages or issues on any of the blogs I follow...anyone here know anything?

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General :: Any Apps For Android To Join Huge Files?

Jul 18, 2012

Is there any apps for android to join huge files? It's more than 300mb

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Android :: Benefits Of Rooting Without Installing Custom Roms

Mar 20, 2010

I just wanted to know if there are any benefits of rooting without installing custom roms? Now i've seen many threads here listing many benefits but its not clear whether u get those extra features from the custom roms or just from being rooted. So i was to root my phone and then leave the stock rom on, what extra would i be able to do?

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General :: Scrollable Widget Combining Facebook / Twitter / G+ And RSS Feeds?

Dec 17, 2011

A widget which puts all the posts from the "big ones" in one, scrollable feed? I want Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various RSS feeds in one big feed on one of my home screens, preferably with customizable colours.

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Android :: Emulator - Huge Icons On Desktop And Wrong Density

Apr 22, 2010

I was working with Eclipse some minutes ago and I simply launched the emulator with a couple of AVDs that I created (QVGA, HVGA and WVGA screens). I've been doing thta for months, in order to check that every time I change something, the app looks fine for each type of phone.

The problem is that suddenly, the emulator in QVGA and WVGA start with huge icons on the desktop. They even overlap and the home of Android is corrupted. And when I run any application to test the emulator, the screen only shows a portion of the main View. It's like everything was zoomed in. I'm blocked because I can't use anymore the emulator. I'm going to remove completely Eclipse and re-install it, but I don't know if it will be enough.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Benefits Of Cyanogen Mod 6?

Sep 11, 2010

I have a rooted HTC Evo with the stock 2.2 system, and I am considering installing Cyanogen Mod 6, but I'm not sure if it is worth the hassle. What benefits does CM6 have over the rooted version of Froyo on the Evo. I kind of like the Sense UI, so that keeps me from going ahead and installing it. I know that Bluetooth controllers actually work in emulators if you use CM6, so that is a major selling point for me. Is there anything else I should know?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Get Rid Of Huge Clock On Homescreen?

Jun 4, 2010

I swap the giant clock on homescreen for something much smaller? I need more real estate and cant figure out how to disable it for the life of me. I also like weather but it, too, should be much smaller if there is different weather application.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Why Are Clockwork Recoveries So Huge?

Sep 11, 2010

Amon backups are around 180 megs. I was wondering why the hell it was taking so long to transfer the clockwork recovery to my computer. its 750 megs! For the backup of the same phone state as the 180 meg one!

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Motorola Droid :: Benefits Of 2.1?

Feb 21, 2010

Since many of us have rooted, installed Roms and have just about every app/aspect of the new 2.1 OS, what will actually be better or even is better by running 2.1? I know flash support will be 2.1-based, but haven't really heard of anything else that many of us do not already have, save maybe a truly functional 2.1 launcher. I do know it's not worth losing root over to even try(to me anyway), so I will most likely wait for a cooked 2.1 ROM after the official release. I'm a little leery of running a "leaked" OS.

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HTC EVO 4G :: What Benefits Come From The 480x800 Resolution?

Apr 14, 2010

If you compare a Tattoo (2.8" 240x320) with a Hero (3.2" 320x480) and a Desire/Evo 4G (3.7"/4.3" 480x800), on all of these Sense UI devies you will see a 4x4 icon grid. Looking at screenshots I can see they could definitely fit 6x4 (6 being vertically) in, if not, at least a 5x4 icon grid. 4x4 on a 4.3" screen makes the icons too spread apart! Why haven't HTC made their home screens with 6x4 icon grids? Also, a 320x480 can fit nicely on a 3.2" screen, and if you multiply 320 by 1.5 and 480 by 1.5 you get the 480x800 resolution that is on the Desire on a screen 0.5" larger. So if you go 0.5" larger than that (or 0.6" larger tbe) and multiply 480 by 1.5 and 800 by 1.5, you could easily get a 4.3" screen that nicely produces 720x1200. Why haven't they used this resolution?

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