Android : How To Support Devices With Normal Screen - High Density Or Low Density?

Nov 15, 2010

I read the official document about supporting multiple screens

According to that document, I should just create different directories for different resolultion.

Now the question. How to support devices with normal screen and high density or low density?

I ask it because, there are two posibilities (WVGA800 (480x800) and WVGA854 (480x854)) and (WQVGA400 (240x400) and WQVGA432 (240x432)) and I don't know where to store some background images for them.

I would take drawable-normal-hdpi or drawable-normal-ldpi, but how to make difference between 480x800 and 480x854 or between 240x400 and 240x432?!

Android : How to support devices with normal screen - high density or low density?

Android :: Application Doesn't See High Density's Images / Fix This?

Sep 3, 2010

My project contains three drawable's folders: drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi and drawable. I build it with android:minSdkVersion="3". When it runs on Andriod 1.6 or higher it always uses images from drawable-mdpi on high density screens.

How to fix this?

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Android :: What Is Size Of High Density WVGA854 Launcher Icon?

Feb 15, 2010

I have created the launcher icon(48x48 px) for 320x480 screen resolution and it's working fine. but while using same icon in WVGA854(480x854 px) it's displaying small compare to other default launcher icon. i want to know, what is the size of High Density WVGA854 launcher icon?

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Android :: Bitmap Image From File Does Not Scale On High Density Device / Display It?

Sep 24, 2010

I have problem with displaying bitmap image on imageview on high density screen (480x800). When the bitmap image loaded from file on sdcard, the image does not scale to fit hdpi screen. On medium density screen it works normal (320x480).code...

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Android :: High Density Emulator Use Drawable Mdpi Folder Instead Of Drawable Hdpi

Oct 19, 2010

I am running my application in the emulator using a high density skin (like WVGA800). However the ressources in my application are loaded from the drawable- mdpi folder instead of drawable-hdpi ... what else should I do so that android use the correct folder ?

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Android :: Get Screen Density Programmatically In Droid?

Jul 2, 2010

How to get the screen density programmatically in android?

I mean How to find the screen dpi of the current device?

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Android :: Specify Different Dimension Of Layout For Different Density Of Screen?

May 14, 2010

Can you please tell me how can I specify dimension of layout for different density of screen?
i.e. the layout are the same across different densities, but some dimension are different.
how can I do that?

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Samsung : Android Screen Density Compatibility On 1.5

Jun 17, 2010

I'm getting ready to release my first application the marketplace. It's being written for devices running Android 1.5 and above, however there aren't any specific folders for the three different screen densities (I think those came around in 1.6). Should I make these folders myself? Where should I put image resources for the different densities and what should I put in my Manifest?

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Android :: What Ratio Of Dp-to-pixel Change With Screen Density?

Feb 28, 2009

I'm being confused by the 'screen density' concept in Android. I knwe that dpi (dot per inch) came from the printing device. 160 dpi means 160 dots in every inch on the paper. However, when dpi is used for the screen density, for example, what's mentioned '160 dpi screen' in Android document, what's the meaning? 160 pixels on every inch of the display?

As described in, 1 dip (density-independent pixel) means 1 pixel on a 160 dpi screen. Why does the ratio of dp-to-pixel not necessarily change with the screen density in direct proportion?

When the dpi is changed from 160 to 80, how many pixels will 1dp will take? 0.5?

I can hardly understand why dip/dp is introduced into Android.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Screen Pixel Density?

Jun 9, 2010

A lot of hay is being made over the iPhone4's 326 ppi screen density. I was just curious, for comparison purposes, what's the pixel density of the Evo screen? This would be an easy calculation to do if I knew what the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the screen were, but I can't seem to find that information anywhere.

If anyone knows the pixel density or even just the exact X and Y dimensions of the screen..

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General :: Changing Screen Density?

Nov 16, 2012

Due to my changing of the screen density i can't get it via play store. can't see a working link on google either.

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Android :: Make ImageButton Automatically Scale Based On Screen Density?

Jan 12, 2010

I have an image put on an ImageButton, which looks good on a mdpi (medium-dpi) screen. However, when the device has a hdpi (high-dpi) screen, the image is still pixel-by-pixel accurate, which look small on the device screen.How do I make such that the image (and therefore the ImageButton) scaled based on the density-independent pixels (dp or dip) instead of pixels?

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Android :: Android Multiple Screen Sizes With Same Density

Apr 14, 2010

I'm confused regarding the densities. I see that with medium density, the screen resolution could be either 320x480, 480x800, or 480x854. So if I have an image thats 300px wide in the mdpi folder, how is it going to look the same size on all 3 different screen sizes (mainly 320x480 vs the other 2)? And by look the same size, I mean scale to be bigger or smaller depending upon the screen size.

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Android :: Way To Inflate Layouts With Different Density?

Oct 21, 2010

I'm wondering if it is possible to inflate a layout using a different density value than the default system density. I have a high density layout, which looks good on the Galaxy Tab (1024x600px, hdpi) and I like to use the same layout on another tablet with the same pixel resolution but medium density. The mdpi layout which is used works on the device but the screen just looks really empty and I would prefer to scale things up. So is there a xml argument for scaling the layout, maybe something similar to Bitmap.Options.targetDensity. Or could this be done with a new LayoutInflater class?

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Android : How To Force Hw.lcd.density For Specific App?

Nov 16, 2009

Is it possible to force Android to use a given LCD density value? For example, if the app is running on a WVGA phone that reports LCD density of 160DPI *and* screen size of 3.7inch, one of those two values must be wrong. Is it possible to tell Android to ignore the 160DPI value and use 240DPI instead (for my Activity only)?

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Android : Affects To Use App On Different Density Screens?

Nov 24, 2010

I have used absolute layout in order to display image buttons in my application's main.xml.
how exactly it affects to using my app on different density screens..

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Android :: Android - Screen Resolution And Screen Density

Sep 27, 2010

As per managing resources(images) in > Android 1.6 version, we need to keep different-resolutions image in Drawable-Hdpi, Drawable-Mdpi, Drawable-Lpi folder particularly.

And as per this page: ,

In Low density section - there are three resolutions used: 240*320 , 240x400 , 240x432 for the Small screen, Normal Screen, Large Screen particularly.

same way for Medium density section - there are three resolutions used: 320x480 , 480x800 , 480x854 for the Small screen, Normal Screen, Large Screen particularly. and same way for High density ........

But i am confused here:

(1) How do i come to know that whether small, Normal or Large screen is used, i mean is there any way to know ?

(2) How do i come to know which type of density i am using ?

(3) And in Drawable-Hdpi, Drawable-Mdpi, Drawable-ldpi folder, which resolution's image we should keep particularly?

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HTC EVO 4G :: LCD Density Changer

Aug 29, 2010

LCD Density Changer for Android, LCD Density Changer Application v3.0 Released | xda-developers Dev Thread [APP] LCD Density Changer 3.0 - create HighRes screen effect - xda-developers I set my EVO to 200. made things way way better! Some text on the MENU in LauncherPro are cut off, but nothing i cant deal with.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Want To Run LCD Density Changer

Oct 2, 2010

I'm running cm6 and the Galaxy S Theme. I would like to run my density at 160 because I really love how tiny the icons look on my screen. However, when I run the density to that setting my notification menu bar no longer stretches across the top of the screen, it appears as a small square in the left hand corner. I also have the same problem in the market place, where the grey background should stretch across behind where it says "market". My friend runs his at 160 and has no problems like this, however he is not running cm6 or the theme I am. So, while it doesn't really narrow it down any, I'm sure the problem is in one of the two, more likely the theme in my mind. Any idea's how I can fix or repair this problem?

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HTC Desire :: Change LCD Density

Oct 4, 2010

Has everyone seen that you can change the LCD density on the Desire? (Well, on all Android handsets really). It simulates a higher resolution, fits more text on screen etc. There's an app on the market which does it, although it won't work on the Desire unless you're S-OFF. All you need to do is extract the build.prop file from /system to your PC (in recovery, use ADB PULL), and using a text editor change the value of LCD Density from original 240 to 200, then ADB push it back and reboot. I'm *really* pleased with the result. Combined with Launcher Pro I've a whole new feel to my phone...

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General :: LCD Density On SGY GT-S5360

Feb 14, 2014

I have a problem with my sgy s5360 (rooted). i recently changed my lcd density in error and instead of the 120 default setting, I changed it to 288. that was really frustrating. I haven't been able to fix it myself. I have already done the factory reset but that didn't work. I used the ROM toolbox. Now my sgy is like in a zoomed state. Large fonts, cannot unlock and change to default setting. I cannot click the android icon that can be seen when you reboot your phone and did the factory reset. assistance is badly needed. i have browsed through the theads, but this issue has not been addressed.

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HTC Incredible :: LCD Density Changer Brick

Sep 20, 2010

Running Incredible with Froyo. I rooted using Unrevoked3, but I forgot to make the nandroid backup, I guess. the LCD Changer app has my reboot looping. After the very first HTC Incredible screen it goes totally white and I just hear the "Droid" voice(plays when the red droid eye comes up on screen normally" nothing but white and the voice just repeats after the screen flashes every minute or so. Tried applying the that was linked to on the developers blog, but no luck. Any ideas? I even tried resetting to factory defaults, formatted everything, basically. Lost a great of data, I'm afraid, but I just want my phone back.

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Motorola Droid X :: MOD Lcd Density Changer

Aug 31, 2010

People seem to be having problems using the LCD Density changer app, so I am making this write up to help you out If you would like to make your Droid X look like this.

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Motorola Droid :: MOD Change Your LCD Density

Nov 25, 2010

I don't know if anyone else is as addicted to a 200 LCD density as me but the LCD density changer app was causing FC like crazy. So I thought there had to be another way. It's real easy, and takes 5seconds to do...
1: open root explorer and go to /system
2: open the build prop and locate the line about half way down that says 'LCD density = 240.
3: change the value to 200 and save (it will automatically create a backup in case of a Rom issue)
4: reboot
I'm sure you can copy the build.prop file to your computer and edit and reinsert the file or use astro + god mode script on some Rom. Just be sure to make a backup as root explorer is the only one I know of that makes a backup automatically.You will notice the clock is smaller as well as a host of other great changes. I'm addicted to a smaller size but there are a few issues I've found.

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Density Resolution And Fill Parent

Nov 27, 2013

What is the resolution for different density? Does it really matter or always keep 72 as a resolution?

When placing multiple assets do i need to use fill parent always or i can manually make a measurements for different layout?

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General :: SGS3 - LCD Density Modder Pro?

Oct 20, 2012

I always used LCD Density Modder Pro for the Play Store Fix for my SGS3, but now i noticed, that it's a very outdated version of the Store and i even can't buy anything, because it always says: Packagefile is invalid.

Is there any alternative modded Playstore around for a Density of 320?

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General :: S3 Boot Loop After LCD Density

Feb 10, 2014

My galaxy s3 is rooted and cwm installed.I have changed a default dpi and rebooted to find my self in constant boot loop.I'm at the brink of flashing my rom to a custom one to see if it works but very scared to do so especially not knowing much about it.I have performed hard reset by going into recovery mode but it didn't work.

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Android :: Layout For Multiple Screens / Emulators With Same Resolution But Different Density

Nov 11, 2010

I am trying to develop an application for which I want multiple screen support. I have read the Android article on Best practices for Multiple Screen Support. As per the article we have to follow 3 important things

1. Mention support for different screen sizes(large, medium and small) and any density in AndroidManifest.xml.
2. Place images of 3 dpi's (120, 160, 240) in 3 folders res/ldpi, res/mdpi and res/hdpi.
3. In layout's the dimension should be mentioned in "dip" units. Then Android will take care of the scaling on its own.

I have implemented all these points in my project. The images are picked up correctly from the appropriate folders. But the arrangements of the controls in not same.
e.g. I ran the app on three emulators
1. Resolution 240*320 dpi 120.
2. Resolution 240*320 dpi 160.
3. Resolution 240*320 dpi 240.
(All the emulator have same resolution but different density.)

The problem is the position of the controls is not same on all the three emulator. As per my understanding if the android:layout_marginLeft and android:layout_marginTop are mentioned in "dip" then this problem should not occur. As the density of the emulator increases the controls get placed more towards the right. Is it absolutely necessary that I provide layouts for all combination's of screen dimension and density even if the layout is same for all the devices?


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Android :: Emulator - Huge Icons On Desktop And Wrong Density

Apr 22, 2010

I was working with Eclipse some minutes ago and I simply launched the emulator with a couple of AVDs that I created (QVGA, HVGA and WVGA screens). I've been doing thta for months, in order to check that every time I change something, the app looks fine for each type of phone.

The problem is that suddenly, the emulator in QVGA and WVGA start with huge icons on the desktop. They even overlap and the home of Android is corrupted. And when I run any application to test the emulator, the screen only shows a portion of the main View. It's like everything was zoomed in. I'm blocked because I can't use anymore the emulator. I'm going to remove completely Eclipse and re-install it, but I don't know if it will be enough.

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Android :: Default Measuring Units Pixels / Density Independent

Aug 13, 2009

in xml file we can define measuring units along with the values. If I want to set some property through code it only takes "int" value. What is the default unit for this int? px(pixels) or dp(density independent pixels) ?

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