Android : How To Create A Widget Under Droid?

Jul 24, 2010

I am looking to create an android widget for my application. It is a static widget, meaning it does not periodically update itself with new data (like google search widget)? If that is the case, do I still need to create a service like the Word Widget sample in the android sdk?

Android : How to create a widget under droid?

Android : Way To Create A JTree-like Widget For Droid?

Aug 26, 2010

I need to create something like a JTree for my app and have been looking at ExpandableListView, but it only allows two levels. Does anyone know if it's possible to extend this to an arbitrary number of levels? I need a single top level and, below that, several second levels, each of which may contain their own levels. I would expect that one could set a second-level (child) item to be an ExpandableListView of it's own, but it doesn't seem possible. Thanks for any help on this, as it's holding up my entire project.

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Android :: Create Widget Like Analogue Clock Widget That Update Itself?

May 1, 2010

I can create a static widget without thinking, I can even create a widget like the analogue clock widget that will update itself, however, I can not for the life of me figure out how to create a widget that reacts to when a user clicks on it. Here is the best code sample that the developer documentation gives to what a widget activity should contain (the only other hint being the API demos, which only creates a static widget):

public class ExampleAppWidgetProvider extends AppWidgetProvider {
public void onUpdate(Context context, AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager, int[] appWidgetIds) {
final int N = appWidgetIds.length;

// Perform this loop procedure for each App Widget that belongs to this provider
for (int i=0; i<N; i++) {
int appWidgetId = appWidgetIds[i];

// Create an Intent to launch ExampleActivity
Intent intent = new Intent(context, ExampleActivity.class);
PendingIntent pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(context, 0, intent, 0);

// Get the layout for the App Widget and attach an on-click listener to the button
RemoteViews views = new RemoteViews(context.getPackageName(), R.layout.appwidget_provider_layout);
views.setOnClickPendingIntent(, pendingIntent);................

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Android :: Create Accordion-style Widget - Same Effect Using Standard Droid Toolkit

Jul 21, 2009

I'm looking at best way of creating Accordion-style widget such as on this page What would be the best way of achieving same effect using standard Android toolkit or do I need to build custom widget? If so - which one would you recommend extending if any?

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Android :: How To Create A Widget?

Apr 27, 2009

Somebody knows a tutorial that shows how to create a widget?

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Android :: Create App That Comes With A Widget / Program?

Jan 4, 2010

I am trying to find a way to create a widget and the program on the same app so that i can give the user the choice to add to the home screen either the dynamic widget or the normal program, same functionality for both except that the widget would run a service to update every x hours and the program won't. Similar to what "bbc news" and "weather bug" have done. I am guessing that something needs to be added to the manifest but i have not found any documentation for it. Can anyone help on this?

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Android :: How Can I Create Widget Dynamically?

Nov 8, 2010

I am a new developer in android, and I see some examples about activity, but I don't know How can I create the widget dynamically?

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Android :: How Can I Create Custom Composite Widget?

Feb 25, 2009

I have read the LabelView example in APIDemo which show how to create a custom widget.However, what if I want to create a custom widget which is a composite of existing android widget?I know my custom widget need to be inherited from view, but if i do that, I can't do 'setContentView()' in my custom widget class (since that is an Activity method).so how can I apply the above xml to my custom widget class?

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Android :: How To Create Custom Button Widget

Jun 17, 2009

I would like to create a button with circular or rectangular background, text and an image below or above the text.I would like to create a CustomButton object with methods setText() and setImage() which would change the button text and image and place multiple CustomButtons into main layout.Does anyone know how to create a custom layout, place it into another layout(main) and modify its elements from the activity which is bound to main layout?

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Android :: Create Non-default Style Widget Programmatically

Jul 21, 2009

In ApiDemo, there is a progressBar demo. It creates a horizontal progress bar with a xml.

<ProgressBar android:id="@+id/progress_horizontal" style="?android:attr/progressBarStyleHorizontal" android:layout_width="200dip" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:max="100" android:progress="50" android:secondaryProgress="75" />

But how to create one programmatically? If just new ProgressBar(fContext), it is Default ProgressBar style.

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Android :: Flyscreen Alternative To Create Widget Flip Through In Similar Way On Homescreen?

Jan 29, 2010

I tried out Flyscreen the other day and found its card-based flipping through rss/facebook/twitter/weather to be very fluid and pretty. The trouble is, I don't really want that as my lockscreen (besides which, it doesn't seem to truly lock the screen). Does anyone know of a similar app that creates a widget I can flip through in a similar way on a homescreen?

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Android :: TabActivity Crash When Create Tabbed View In Widget Configure Activity

Dec 4, 2009

I'm trying to create a tabbed view in my widget configure activity. I'm using a tab activity as my activity type and I have the following code..................

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Motorola Droid :: Problem Free GPS Widget / Besides Power Widget

Nov 17, 2009

besides the power widget is there one you can download that just for gps that actually works and is problem free on the droid?.

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Android :: How To Create HTTP Request / How To Create Connection Object?

Jul 17, 2009

How to create an HTTP request object of POST type in android? Which class need to be extend or what method need to implement? How to establish connection to a server? Actually i want to connect to a microsoft exchange server, and then i have to send a request to it using HTTP.

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Android :: Specify I.D In Droid To Create List?

Aug 10, 2009

Can some one tell me how can i specify I.D in android ? actually i want to create List . I add the following code in main.xml file. But i do not know where i should specify @android:id /list. Can some one tell me where i should specify it? code...

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Android :: Create A Tiny URL In Droid?

Mar 1, 2010

How to create a Tiny URL in android?

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Android :: Want To Create A Search Bar In Droid / How Its Possible

Jun 20, 2010

I interested in creating a searchbar just like the one in twitter app.

I wounder how it is possible?

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Android :: Software Do I Need To Create Droid App?

Nov 25, 2009

What software do I need to create an android app?

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Android : How To Create A Project In Droid?

Nov 13, 2009

Actually I'm using eclipse and creating an android project properly. but in package explorer the folder is showing a red symbol. that means error is there,but as i haven't change anything. so as i feel it should not give any error. actually I'm a beginner.

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Android : How Can Create A Popup In Droid?

Sep 27, 2010

I have a list.When i click on any item in the list a popup should appear where i can send messages(something like what happens when we click a user in gmail.A popup window comes up in the bottom and we can chat with that user).

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Android : How Can I Create Database In Droid?

Jan 29, 2010

I was creating a database and deleting it, adding registries on my android htc mobile sqlite database without any problem. But now, after last deleting of the database everytime i want to create a new one i get a sqlite exception that says me "unable to open database file" with the following data...

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Android : Way To Create Droid Map In Intellij?

Feb 5, 2010

I'm trying to create a simple map in androi (I want to add GPS coordinates later) in intellij 9.0.1 and I installed the sdk (and android 1.1 - 2.1 sdk platform support and google api 3-7). I created a new android project and I selected android 2.0.

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Android : How To Create Folders Using Droid SDK?

Apr 10, 2010

Is it possible to be able to create a folder on the sd card of the phone via using Android SDK or the Shell?

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Android : Way To Create Droid UI Like HTC Sense?

Jul 2, 2010

Do you have any idea what's the starting point to develop an UI for Android OS, similar with HTC SenseUI ? Can I create that on top of Android or I need to get the Android source code?

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Android : Way To Create Shortcut On Droid?

Jul 5, 2010

I need to create desktop shortcut for content managed by my app. I've found the way to do it using ACTION_CREATE_SHORTCUT But I need the way to implement it without using "Create shortcut" menu. It would be great if user could select "create shourtcut" from item's context menu inside my activity and it will be automatically placed on desktop.

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Android : How Can I Create SMS Application In Droid?

Sep 1, 2010

I'm creating a SMS Application to send and receive sms.I can send SMS using. I want to receive SMS and put in my own inbox(how to create this inbox?) and it has to work same like the normal inbox.

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Android : Way To Create A ProgressDialog In Droid?

Sep 14, 2010

Can anyone tell me how to Create a ProgressDialog in Android?

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Android : Way To Create Widgets On Droid?

May 7, 2010

Is it possible to create multiple widgets in runtime? Application (Activity) should generate in some cases new widget(or edit exist) with new name and label and do some primitive action on click, which should be available in desktop widgets menu.

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Motorola Droid X :: Picture Widget And Picture Slideshow Widget

Jul 25, 2010

I posted this question sort of embedded in the "show us your Droid X screen" but I think it got buried with all the "what is that widget?" questions.I see on some screens the picture widget picture is big. Mine is only about 1 inch by 1/2 inch.I can barely even get 1/2 a face in the picture.How do you get a bigger picture?I'm running LauncherPro, is that effecting it?Since I couldn't get a bigger picture, I decided to try and add the slide show widget. But when I try, it says Widget Conflict only one photo slideshow per home screen. I don't have any other slideshow widgets on my screen. Any ideas?

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Android :: Way To Create A Photo Gallery On Droid?

Nov 16, 2010

I want to create a photo gallery on Android. I'm using Gallery and BaseAdapter to create a scrollable gallery. Now I want to add action when an image of the gallery is shown(each image's width is the same as screen width), so I need to get its index in the image array. My question is how to get the index of the image which shows on the screen?

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