Android :: High End Showdown

Oct 3, 2010

It's remarkable how well the Vibrant/SGS stacks up against the other phones in the showdown. It's only going to get better from here with Froyo.

Android :: High End Showdown

HTC EVO 4G :: Earpiece Speaker Buzz On High/1 Down From High

Jun 12, 2010

My speaker buzzes all the time on my phone (not the speaker phone - it works fine). It's not a network buzz, it's a vibration buzz of the metal or speaker. The center camera is also off-center a little bit, which makes me think something up there is off-center, misglued or loose.

We have two other evos and neither of them buzz on the same call. I called the Sprint Nav Voice Address thing from all 3 phones since that would be the exact same voice and words every time. Only mine buzzes. The other two don't have the camera problem either.

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Android :: High-quality MMS-SMS App

Oct 17, 2010

I'm wondering if theres a descent app which serves primarily as a text messenger but with an easy interface to insert a video or image. Guess I got spoiled from this feature on the iphone...

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Android :: High Data Usage?

Sep 26, 2010

So we have 2 Incredibles on a family plan and with this chatter of eventual data caps, I just was curious and took a look at our recent data usage on myverizon to see where we stand.I average about 5gb a month while my significant other is around 20gb! I am a moderately heavy web user (although I don't really have anyone to compare to, but I check the internet a lot during the day out of sheer boredom at work) and he by all means is not.Can somebody explain what exactly eats data and how it works? We are mostly just curious and are guessing it's an app. But *what* is doing it? Like does it draw data from the internet or something? Is that app updating or refreshing? The only thing I know about data is like if you refresh a page on the internet, then data is used. I refreshed a website twice and my usage according to 3d watchdog jumped about 1mb. Is that normal? Is it also normal for there to be data usage while your phone is asleep?

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Android :: Application For High Volume?

Apr 10, 2010

The app that turns up your ring tone volume very high. what it it called and its only one app.

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Android :: How To High Low Network Over Cell?

Apr 16, 2009

So my app works well in the emulator in various run configurations and on the device when the device is connected to WiFi. But when I switch off the WiFi on the device, the code that goes out to the network takes forever and then times out (i.e. doesn't return any data). Other people have reported this as well. I also notice that no data is going out or coming in when I look at the little up and down arrows on the 3G icon in the status bar on the G1. I am assuming that the Java code I am using should work for both types of connections, right? I mean, do I need to account for the fact that cell data network is very slow with high latencies i.e. pre-cache my data etc?

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Android :: High Score Table

Jul 22, 2009

I am trying to make a high score table that shows the highest 10 scores in a game? so i was thinking of adding an activity (for that) in my game. once the player loses, the activity is called and it asks for his name after showing his score. after that a high score table pops up showing the highest 10 scores.

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Android :: Dynamic View High

Oct 27, 2010

I'm trying make a View that divide the screen in three sections. The first section should be 200dip high, the third section should be 50 dip high and the middle section should take the remaining place in the middle. Is there any way to implement it? I tried some ways but either it doesn't work or the app crashed.

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Android :: How To Set Youtube High Quality)?

Dec 1, 2009

Does anyone know how to set youtube to always run in "high-quality mode"? It will be more confortable to set it once and forget it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Android System Running High

Jun 27, 2010

I was getting sick of the horrible battery life I was getting on my EVO and was seriously about to go to sprint and turn it in for a Blackberry which I never had problems with. I decided to research the phone today and stuff to help battery life and I found this website which has shown me a lot of things that I can do to help my battery life.

I noticed on most other peoples phones when they have a screenshot of their phones "usage" my Android System is 96%, cell standby 2% and Idle 2%. My phone also seems to be very warm at most times even when sitting on my counter in my Air Conditioned Condo. Is this something that's normal or am I losing it.

Also I have read that "rooting" my phone seems to be a common thing. From what I understand rooting allows me to access the "guts" of my phone but how will this help my battery life?

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Android :: High End Device For T-Mobile

Jul 12, 2010

As most of you guys know, T-Mobile USA uses AWS 3g and that makes most GSM androids useless on the tmo network.

Im currently using a mytouch 3g slide, and although its nice, i feel like im missing out on the higher end devices on other networks, such as the DROID on Vz.

Im new to this android game, and comming from a blackberry, i absolutely need a hardware keyboard.

Im wondering if you guys know of any other devices with a hardware keyboard that will work on Tmobile?

My req are
1) qwerty
2) tmo 3g
3) higher res screen
4) faster processor

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Android :: High Scores Table To App?

Jul 14, 2010

I am looking to add a (local, not online) high scores table to my Android app and I wanted to get some insight on the best way to approach the problem.

I have a list of users (right now being saved out to a file and read back in as an array of User objects), and the high scores need to reference this data to populate the table with the user's name and photo, etc.

For the display, I think a TableLayout would probably be my best option. I can make columns for picture, name, score, etc.

For the information itself, I'm thinking maybe a SQLite table would be the best way to organize my data? If so, then it may be worthwhile to move my user data to a SQLite table as well so I can ensure the data is cross-referenced properly.

I went with the SQLite database (using two tables) and it works great! Wasn't too hard to learn and get working either. For the layout, it turns out a ListView with a custom adapter was the best way to accomplish what I wanted (more flexible than a TableLayout).

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Android :: Youtube High Quality Default

May 2, 2010

Is there anyway to set the high quality setting to default so you dont have to change it everytime?

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Android :: High Resolution (pixels) Devices

Sep 7, 2010

I want to publish an application that specifically runs only on 800x480 or higher screens. I don't want users with 480x320, 320x240 etc devices to get it from Android Market. How do I configure it? Market Filters seems to have the answer but I still don't get it.

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Android :: Decoding High Resolution Pics

May 5, 2009

I want to decode high resolution pics something like 8 mega pixel images and view it. when I try to decode them I get out of memory exception. Decoding of single 8 mega pixel also fails . From the Imagamanager code and other post I could use BitmapFactory.Options inJustDecodeBounds I could get a scaled down version of the Image......................

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Android :: Gradient Banding On High DPI Devices

Nov 2, 2009

I've been looking at some issues with the background of our application, particularly on high-density devices (240 dpi, 480x854). I managed to eliminate banding on existing devices (i.e. G1/G2, 160 dpi) by applying the android:dither="true" attribute to our nine-patch image, which is a 1x480px PNG with no noise added. Looks great. However, if I use the same image on a higher resolution device, the banding is pretty nasty looking. Same happens regardless of whether I use a shape+gradient, a noisy nine-patch PNG, or an android:dithered nine-patch PNG -- even if I create an 854px-tall image. Is the use of gradients going to become a problem on high screen density devices, purely because of the display colour depth, or is there any way to solve this?

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Android :: Audio Recording With High Volume

Sep 7, 2009

I will describe briefly my trouble with audio recording.

So, I am doing audio recording using MediaRecorder, but unfortunately when I playback the recorded audio, I have media with a very low volume. I don't here anything (almost anything).

Is there any possibility to setup recording volume?

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Android :: High Quality Youtube Playback

Mar 3, 2010

I moved from the iphone to the hero and so far things have been great. Now to my question. On my iphone I had jailbroke it and was able to get an app to fool the phone into thinking it was on wifi when using the network data. This resulted in high quality youtube playback like when in wifi at home. Is there an app or a way to get the same thing on the android OS? Been looking around and have yet to find something. On another note. I have two gmail accounts set up on my hero and only get the proper push with one of them. Is this common?

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HTC Desire :: High - Android System - Battery Use

Apr 14, 2010

Does anyone notice that 'Android System' battery usage is very high?

I ran a test where i displayed just a photo

Battery Indicator
3G Watchdog
Advanced Task Killer Free

within 20 minutes the results on the battery are the following:

Android System: 63%
Display: 24%
Cell standby 13%

Any thoughts on to what might be causing Android System to be so high, only them programs are running. Does this happen to your system? I notice with web browsing its about the same usage as well, with wifi and internet taking up small amounts.

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Android :: How To Detect Whether GPS Signal Is Weak Or High?

Jan 25, 2010

How to detect GPS signal strength such as low (weak) or high ?is there an API class ?

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Android :: 512x512 High Res Icon Required?

Nov 17, 2010

I've noticed that app's update/publish screen on Developer Console suddenly requires "High Resolution Application Icon" which is 512x512 24bpp jpeg/png. are there any official info about this?

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Android :: Rendering Scaled Bitmap With High Fps

Apr 15, 2010

I'm in the following situation: I have a large bitmap (~1280x1024) that I'd like to display on screen, scaled down in a view that fits the phone's screen (~480x320). This bitmap is frequently updated (couple of tiles per frame at 15 FPS). I first wanted to implement the rendering with a SurfaceView but figured out that all the scaling would be done in software due to limitations in the Android SDK. The second solution would be to load and render textures in an OpenGL context. Would that accelerate the resizing? If yes, isn't the cost of loading textures going to offset what I'll win on the scaling side?

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Android :: Process.setThreadPriority() & High Priorities

Aug 12, 2009

What does remark "Applications can not normally change to this priority" for some priorities in android.os.Process mean? I can successfully change thread priority to THREAD_PRIORITY_URGENT_DISPLAY or THREAD_PRIORITY_AUDIO (and I can confirm the effect). But I use ADP firmware, maybe on 'normal' G1 this method will throw? Or is it just an documentation glitch? If not, should we absolutely not use these priorities, or we can try, but be prepared for an exception?

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Android :: High Level Wrapper For SQL-Lite

Mar 9, 2010

I am developing an Android Application for which i would be using a high level SQL-Lite Wrapper. Can anyone suggest me a high level wrapper for SQL Lite.

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Android :: High Performance Access On Static Data

Nov 24, 2009

I am writing a program where I have to access some static data, and now I am looking for the best method of how to include them into the project.Reading in the data by parsing an XML is *slow* (even using the SAX parser). 2. Reading the data by parsing a CSV file is faster than loading an XML, but again is too slow. 3. Putting the data into a Java file directly (e.g. by defining an array) fails because Dalvik says it is too large. 4. Reading in the data using serialization is slow. The funny thing here is: It takes a bit longer than loading the XML file. 5. Reading in the data from a SQLite database is the fastest method until now. But a bad workaround is needed: A SQLite DB can not yet be read directly from the resources, but instead has to be copied to the cache or to the SD card - even for read-only access. Right now I am using method 5, but I would really like to use a more simplified and faster solution.

What I found out: Unserialization in Java is *fast* (reading a HashMap with 5000 integers and strings in 79ms on my PC), while the same action on my G1 takes over 13500ms. I know that I can not compare a PC to a mobile device. But still, there seems to be a big difference here. I think that the JRE directly copies the serialized data to RAM, while Dalvik seems to read every object step by step. Is this going to change in the future? And, most interestingly: what do you do to access lots of static information?

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Android :: High Battery Usage - But No Use Details Listed

Oct 23, 2009

An hour after my G1 phone was fully charged, the "Battery Usage" showed me that my game had used 20% of the battery usage. Except, I never ran my game (I had run the game before starting the charge). I checked TasKiller, and it didn't list my game as running (my game also doesn't run any services). When I clicked on the details of the battery usage for my game, it didn't list anything under the "Use details" section. Is it possible to use battery, but not have anything listed under the "Use details" section?

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Android :: Audio Player Not Working On High Resolution

Nov 1, 2010

this is my layout for audio player the problem is when resolution is high there is balck space vacant under the play and delete button which located at the bottom of the ui. what i do?


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Android :: Nexus One And High Quality Youtube Video

Mar 8, 2010

From our android app I launch Youtube app with the proper video id. This works well across all devices. On Nexus One the youtube app defaults to using low quality video. I have added &fmt=18 in the url (for eg: , see this blog for details which should have forced a high quality video but doesn't.Anyone know a work around for this ? The screen resolution on nexus is really beautiful it saddens me that I can't make use of this to play hq videos.

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Android :: High Quality Image Resizing / Scaling

Nov 17, 2010

I need to scale down images coming from a Network stream without losing quality. I am aware of this solution Android: Strange out of memory issue but it is too coarse - inSampleSize is an integer and does not allow finer control over the resulting dimensions. That is, I need to scale images to specific h/w dimensions (and keeping aspect ratio). I dont mind having a DIY bicubic/lancoz algorithm in my code but I cant find any examples that would work on Android as they all rely on Java2D (JavaSE). EDIT: Ive attached a quick source. The original is 720x402 HD screen capture. Please ignore the top 2 thumbnails. The top large image is resized automatically by android (as part of layout) to about 130x72. It is nice and crisp. The bottom image is resized with API and has severe artifacting. Code...

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Android :: High Precision Time Synchronization Between Handsets?

Apr 15, 2010

I am working on developing an application which requires high precision time synchronization between handsets. I'm looking for under 100 microseconds of skew between phones. I wondered if anyone had tried this before. In theory the GPS receivers could be used to pretty accurately synchronize timing, but I'm not sure if Android is setup to use them that way. My first cut plan is to port a PTP (precision time protocol aka IEEE-1588) client to Android.

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