Android : Get Localized Label Of Phone Types?

Aug 24, 2010

When changing the custom locale the label of the phone types change to the appropriate language. Does anybody know how to get the localized label of the phone types?

I pick a contact in my app to get its phone number and if there is more then one number I use an AlertDialog to let the user select the currect one. In this pick list, I want to show the label of the type, so it's easier for the user to select. Since they labels are somewhere in the Android system, it must be possible to get the localized label. Unfortunately, the Phone.LABEL is null when reading the phone number.

Android : Get localized label of phone types?

Android :: Add Margin Between A Radiobutton Its Label In Phone?

Jan 25, 2010

Is it possible to add a little bit of space between a RadioButton and the label while still using Android's built-in components? By default the text looks a little scrunched.

<RadioButton android:id="@+id/rb1"
android:text="My Text"/>

I've tried a couple of things:

Specifying margin and padding seem to add space around the entire element (button and text, together). That makes sense, but doesn't do what I need.
Creating a custom drawable via XML specifying images for the checked and unchecked states, then adding a few extra pixels to the right side of each image. This should work, but now you are stepping outside the default UI. (Not the end of the world, but not ideal)
Add extra whitespace to the beginning of each label. Android seems to trim a leading space character, as in " My String", but specifying unicode U+00A0, as in "u00A0My String" does the trick. This works, but it seems kinda dirty.

Any better solutions?

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Android :: Attribute Must Be Localized

Sep 30, 2009

I'm trying to compile an app via Android 1.6, and got errors shown below. It said some strings in TextView and Button are not localized. I know how to fix them. It's easy to add them to strings.xml. But I still doubt why I need to localize every string. I don't think the strings like '1024' (pure number) or '80 x 25' need to be localized. Can't I set some strings to be non-localized? I searched SDK 1.6 documents, but can't find any help.

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Android :: How To List Data Types Phone App Operates With?

Nov 18, 2010

In the scenario that I made up a user chooses an application and and I offer him/her the available pieces of data to operate on. I know that the possible data type for an application is specified in its manifest file and I suppose that this information is available, but I have some difficulty finding out what the data content type for application is?

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Android :: Format For An EBook Like Text To Share With Most Of Mobile Phone Types?

Aug 5, 2010

There is a description about a product or event that people would like to share among them. This can be a simple text or rich text too.

They are looking into which format is the best for this purpose. They would like to see compatible with as many phones as possible. We are talking about phones that have Bluetooth.

Also the text is longer than the length of an SMS, so the SMS format is not suitable

What would you recommend?
And what do you think what would be the best way to share that between phones?

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Android : Mobile Network Types Allow Http Traffic During Phone Calls

Oct 28, 2010

Would this Android code be a correct way to test for http network availability during a phone call, or does it exclude networks that should be included or vice versa:


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Android :: Application Uploaded - Market Shows Localized To Unknown

Apr 24, 2010

I've just uploaded my application supports many languages. Android Market shows "Localized to: unknown". I have resvalues-fr-rFR, resvalues-es-rES, resvalues-ru-rRU etc. localized folders. Found that same issue has reported as issue 5930 but didn't find any responses.

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Motorola Droid :: Types Of Phone Accessories?

Dec 21, 2009

I'm just wondering what types of accessories Droid users have bought. I have the Multimedia docking and the car dock both from Motorola. I bought them on the VZW website and got both for around $22 bucks each. I've been happy with both even though I haven't been driving much. Has anyone seen a car dock that doesn't block the camera? Mine does. I wanted to launch Qik or Ustream Broadcaster while I drive around. Just thought it would make for some cool video.

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Samsung Galaxy S : Memory Types In Phone?

Jul 28, 2010

I install blink on my galaxy S and now they show me a message saying that I only have 14% of memory free..

It's possible install app in SD Card? If not, what we can use on SD ?

I don't understand the 3 types of memory that appears me..

Internal SD card show me 5.76 free
sd card 1.83 free
and internal phone storage 1.68free

Can anybody explain me this please?

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Motorola Droid :: Gmail Label Options - Skip Inbox Still Alert On Phone

Nov 28, 2009

What exactly does the gmail option "Labels: select wich labels are snycronised" do? Does it mean if I had a label set up and told it to go directly to that label and skip the inbox that i would still get an alert on my phone? The reason i am asking is because before i got this phone, i had a label in my gmail called "craigslist". Everything dealing with craigslist went into this and skipped the inbox. Thats worked well but i still need to be alerted when i get a new offer from craigslist. Will that snyc label option do what i want it to do?

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HTC Incredible :: Need Setting To Allow Phone To Download All Types Of Files?

May 28, 2010

i'm trying to download a torrent file i was able to do this with my droid but am unable to with the incredible is there some type of setting to allow the phone to download all types of files?

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Media : Different Types Of Notification Alerts / App To Setup On Phone?

Jan 4, 2010

I want to have a different alert tone or ringtone for different types of notifications: a different one for texts, for emails, and for voicemails. I have been able to do this with just about every other type of phone I've had in the past; I can't understand why these more expensive, more technologically advanced phones dump them all into one category ("Set as notification tone"). Am I missing something here? Is there an app I need or a setting on the phone I'm not seeing?

Just to be clear, I care less about whether I can use customized ringtones for these alerts than just being able to distinguish between when I'm getting a text or an email. And if it helps to know, I have a Samsung Moment and my husband has a HTC Hero, and we are both having this problem.

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Motorola Droid :: Adding Contact Types Or Groups On Phone

Jun 11, 2010

I have an issue with using contacts on my droid. From within 'contacts' i hit the 'display options' then selecting the email account I see the drop down for system contact groups-friends, family, coworkers. I am wondering if there is any way to create additional contact types or groups? As in I have a specific group of contacts from one website I want to add to a group--can you create a contact type or contact group?? I can't find the option when adding a new contact or when within the display options as mentioned before.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Open CSV File As Spreadsheet On Phone / Associate Particular Types With Specific Apps?

Jun 23, 2010

This may be a stupid question, but how do I open a CSV (comma-separated values) file as a spreadsheet on my Evo? Quick Office can open an Excel file (.xls) but not CSV. ES File Explorer can open the file as text but not a spreadsheet.

Also, is there a way to associate particular file types with specific applications?

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Motorola Droid :: Phone Switches To Silent Mode And Types Random Text?

Jun 6, 2010

I may have got it wet after getting caught in a rainstorm Friday night. It wasn't soaking wet and the device never shut off but the x is on the water marker.
Side notes: BB 1.1 and q1.0 kernel.

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Android :: Prevent Options Menu More Button From Getting Localized On Android?

Sep 9, 2010

The options menu's "More" button gets localized automatically, while the rest of the app isn't localized. The "More" button changes to "Mas" because the I picked "espanol" as my language. How do I prevent the "More" button from getting localized?

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Android :: Android Contacts - Incorrect Localized Collation / Sorting

Nov 22, 2010

this is my problem: I'm writing an alternative contacts app which is specified to work with A LOT of different languages and alphabets. When querying names in my own language, Swedish, the names using umlaut characters are sorted in an illogical manner to me, but logical to unicode i suppose:

Should be/Swedish style: A, B, C, ..., Z, Å, Ä, Ö.

Query result: A, Å, Ä, B, ..., N, O, Ö, P, ...

I assume this will be a problem in any language that deviates from the latin alphabet. All tests I've made are on the emulator. My dev group are making changes to the framework so low-level answers are welcome as well.....

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Android :: Any Tools To Convert Iphone Localized String File To String

Jun 29, 2010

I have the localized strings file that is used in the Iphone app that I work on to port to Android. Are there any tools that go through the file taken from the xcode project and build the xml needed to use the strings in android? This tool should be easy to build but I appreciate any pointers to already working tools.

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Android :: How To Get App Label In Different Languages?

Mar 6, 2010

Is there a way to get the application label in different languages according to locale? For example, I can get the application label "Settings" of package in English, "Ajustes" in Spanish.

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Android :: Way To Put Label On Left For RadioButton?

Aug 26, 2010

By default the label of a RadioButton in on the right of the checkMarck. Is there a way to put the text on the left?

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Android : How To Hide Label On Screen?

Mar 3, 2010

Suppose that you create a HelloWorld application under Eclipse. Then in res/values/strings.xml the following entry is created: <string name="app_name">Hello, Android</string> Now, when you launch the HelloWorld application you see the label "Hello, Android" on top of the screen. I want to hide this label. What is the way of doing this?

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Android : How To Add A Unique Label On OverlayItems?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a map with many overlayitems on it, they look all the same (simple bubble), When the user clicks on one overlayitem a detailpopup is shown. I would like to draw a numbering every overlayitem - but how could i accomplish this? I tried to extend overlayitem and overwrite the draw method (but now, everthing get a shadow also the number). What it is the best way to do this?

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Android : How To Remove Label From MapView?

Dec 29, 2009

I am trying to make only satellite view without label. How to do it.

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Motorola : How To Get Label Associated With An Android Account

Oct 27, 2010

I want to get the displayed name, id the label, that is associated with a android account. For instance, when you create a new contact, you have to precise the type of the account and to do so, you can pick up one of the account that enable contact synchronisation, or the 'telephone' type. I have search thru the AccountManager, ContactsContract.Settings and SyncAdapterType but cannot find this label.

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Android :: No Resource Found That Matches Given Name Label With Value

Nov 23, 2010

im using a tutorial from the book hello android and i have come across said error, any help would be great as its for a uni project, files are below...........

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Android :: How To Set The Mainfest.xml To Remove The Default Label

Mar 8, 2010

Any one can share the mainfest.xml. How to set it? then can remove the label..?

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Android :: Launcher Label Vs Activity Title

Aug 15, 2010

I want to give my application launcher icon (the one that is displayed on the startscreen!) a different, shorter caption. It seems the launcher takes its label from the mainfest section about the main activity's label, as here:

<activity android:name="MainActivity" android:label="@string/app_short_name">
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

I already changed the original reference to my app's name @string/app_name to a different, shorter string resource here. BUT - big BUT: this also of course changes this activity's default title! And I did not want that to happen, there's enough space for a long application name! Setting the long title again in onCreate using the setTitle(int) method does no good either, because the short name will be visible to the user for a short time, but long enough to notice!

And - please don't answer my question by refering to a custom titlebar... I do not want to go that long way, just because of a stupid string title! It's a pain to draw a custom title bar for so little effect! Is there no easy way to just give the launcher a different string to display?

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Android :: Change Label Of Activity At Run Time

Mar 17, 2010

how can i change value of a Activity label in AndroidManifest.xml file through the code in java. welcome your response.

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Android :: Ways To Show Vertical Label

Aug 11, 2009

I need 2 ways of showing vertical label in Android:

Horizontal label turned 90 degrees counterclockwise (letters on the side)
Horizontal label with letters one under the other (like a store sign)

Do I need to develop custom widgets for both cases (one case), can I make TextView to render that way, and what would be a good way to do something like that if I need to go completely custom?

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Android :: Gmail Label Names Get Truncated

Sep 13, 2010

When I'm reading my Gmail with the HTC EVO and I go to "Change Labels. My label list only shows 15 or so characters. Since I have nested labels (Google IMAP enabled) that is not nearly enough and it is impossible to read the last part of my Label. Which makes it hard to assign labels. Is there any way while changing a label to see more of the label name?

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