Android :: Application Uploaded - Market Shows Localized To Unknown

Apr 24, 2010

I've just uploaded my application supports many languages. Android Market shows "Localized to: unknown". I have resvalues-fr-rFR, resvalues-es-rES, resvalues-ru-rRU etc. localized folders. Found that same issue has reported as issue 5930 but didn't find any responses.

Android :: Application Uploaded - Market shows Localized to Unknown

Android :: Market Listing My App As Exactly Twice Size Of APK I Uploaded / Why Is So?

Feb 26, 2009

For Wuzzle, the signed trial APK is 878KB and the signed full game APK is 934KB. I do have copy protection turned on for both and it did say it would increase the space needed. I figured that meant it would add an extra 10KB or something reasonable. They are listed on the market as being 1.71MB and 1.82MB respectively. I didn't think it would literally double the app size!

My other game, Light Racer has a signed APK of 288KB and is posted with no copy protection. It is listed on the market as 289KB, which is correct.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Android :: Uploaded Screenshots Scaled / Cropped By Market

Aug 13, 2010

Thought I'd inquire here where perhaps some other dev is having similar problems currently. I've done this before (months ago) and as far as I can tell, I'm doing it the same way. My 480x854 24-bit PNG screenshots are being scaled/cropped by Market. Same with 480x854 jpgs. It looks like they're being cropped to 480x800 but of course, Market won't let me upload an image with those dimensions. Windows explorer confirms that my PNG file is of the proscribed size and bit depth.

The app is Metronome++ if you want to see what the problem looks like on Market. Do I really need to work around this by providing screenshots with margins? As 480x854 is a standard screen size, I am assuming the intent is for the screenshot to go edge to edge in both horizontal and vertical directions. Perhaps mistakenly.

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Android :: Uploaded Application Shown Without Inserted Picture

Jun 27, 2010

The application I have uploaded into my cellular device is shown without the pictures I have insert to it. While the APK runs without problems on emulator when installed on Motorola milestone picture and icon doesn't shown as they were on emulator.

Steps I have done in order to install:
- I have inserted the xxx.apk file into the device via usb
- I downloaded an apps installer via the Market
- I opened the app using the installer and instead of picture an white background appeared
when I opened the xxx.apk file using file system I found the pictures.

Note: even an application icon weren't appearing. Apparently the res library having problem to be bined to application.
- I might need to add something to my appliction manifest?
- I might need to change something on my device ? (I already made a change and enabled user's not Market application).

I also tried an example as shown in hello android book the same example worked perfectly on the emulator where on my android device (Motorola milestone) the picture and icon weren't shown. Please tell me what I might be doing wrong guys I need to apply my project back at uni (I was the only one in uni who did it on android and in my country most of pep don't even know what android is so getting help outside of forum's like this is not an option).

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Android :: Uploaded Widget Application / Order Cancellation Reason

Jun 25, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I uploaded one of App which happens to be a widget. But from the time I uploaded it I have seen lots of cancellation. The only reason google gives me is this: You canceled this order. Reason: Other (describe below) Message sent to customer: Cancellation requested from phone.

I cant get heads or tail of it. What should I understand from this? There are no feedback, neither any ratings. Who is "YOU" here? I suppose this is not a programming question but this has raised after a lot of programming. Did anyone else also get something like this from Google and know what it exactly means?

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Android :: Anyway To Bypass 'Unknown Sources' Setting Without Having Application

Jul 27, 2010

Is there anyway to bypass 'Unknown sources' setting without having the application actually downloadable in the market? Signing up for the market is fine but I do not want the application actually available via the market due to partner restrictions. However, installation should be smooth without requiring the user to allow installation of application from non-market applications.

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Android :: Attribute Must Be Localized

Sep 30, 2009

I'm trying to compile an app via Android 1.6, and got errors shown below. It said some strings in TextView and Button are not localized. I know how to fix them. It's easy to add them to strings.xml. But I still doubt why I need to localize every string. I don't think the strings like '1024' (pure number) or '80 x 25' need to be localized. Can't I set some strings to be non-localized? I searched SDK 1.6 documents, but can't find any help.

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Android : Get Localized Label Of Phone Types?

Aug 24, 2010

When changing the custom locale the label of the phone types change to the appropriate language. Does anybody know how to get the localized label of the phone types?

I pick a contact in my app to get its phone number and if there is more then one number I use an AlertDialog to let the user select the currect one. In this pick list, I want to show the label of the type, so it's easier for the user to select. Since they labels are somewhere in the Android system, it must be possible to get the localized label. Unfortunately, the Phone.LABEL is null when reading the phone number.

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Android :: Any Application That Shows What Service Using Net Traffic?

Jun 27, 2009

Are there any applications that shows exactly what applications or services that uses 3g traffic? My Magic uses pretty much 3g traffic, it looks like it updates every half hour/hour.

27.06.2009 10:42 38.9 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 10:07 36.9 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 09:32 36.9 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 08:30 40.1 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 08:15 2.3 KB GPRS 0.00
27.06.2009 07:40 36.7 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 07:05 37.0 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 06:30 36.8 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 05:55 36.9 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 05:20 38.2 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 04:44 35.8 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 04:10 78.6 KB GPRS 0.08
27.06.2009 03:34 38.2 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 02:05 43.8 KB GPRS 0.04
27.06.2009 01:56 36.5 KB GPRS 0.04

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Jelly Bean :: Unknown Error Code During Application Install / (-24)

Jul 3, 2012

Just installed JB, but a bunch of apps didn't restore (including Titanium Backup) and won't let me install from the Play Store. I can watch it download the app, but then it throws the error and won't install.

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Motorola Droid X :: File With Correct Name But Unknown Artist Display In Application

Aug 12, 2010

For some of the albums/songs it says Unknown Artist but when I look at the files they are all in the proper folders with correct names. I added music using DoubleTwist if that helps.

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Android : Global Search Always Shows More Results - XXX (n) For 3rd Party Application

Sep 15, 2009

Just downloaded donut sdk and played with global search, very cool, except a small issue. I integrate my application with global search functionality, but global search always shows "More results... xxx (n) " even if there is only 1 result from my application. I've disabled all other applications so that there is enough room for displaying the results of my application for sure. Any hint when it shows result directly and when it shows "More results..."?

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Android :: Launching Unknown Activities From An Android Application

Apr 5, 2010

I want to make an android application that shows a listing of applications (downloaded from the android market) and launches the one that the user selects. From what I've read, I'd have to use intents like this:

Intent intent = new Intent();
intent.setClassName(packageName, className);

I just want to be able to launch the applications, not a specific activity that they could have.

My question is: How could I launch these applications if I don't know their packageName or className? or maybe, how could I get to know their className and packageName, if it's a closed source application that I didn't develop.

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HTC Hero :: Shows Memory Usage By Application?

Feb 11, 2010

Is there a programme which shows memory usage by application?

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Android :: Prevent Options Menu More Button From Getting Localized On Android?

Sep 9, 2010

The options menu's "More" button gets localized automatically, while the rest of the app isn't localized. The "More" button changes to "Mas" because the I picked "espanol" as my language. How do I prevent the "More" button from getting localized?

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Android :: Android Contacts - Incorrect Localized Collation / Sorting

Nov 22, 2010

this is my problem: I'm writing an alternative contacts app which is specified to work with A LOT of different languages and alphabets. When querying names in my own language, Swedish, the names using umlaut characters are sorted in an illogical manner to me, but logical to unicode i suppose:

Should be/Swedish style: A, B, C, ..., Z, Å, Ä, Ö.

Query result: A, Å, Ä, B, ..., N, O, Ö, P, ...

I assume this will be a problem in any language that deviates from the latin alphabet. All tests I've made are on the emulator. My dev group are making changes to the framework so low-level answers are welcome as well.....

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Motorola Droid :: See Type Of Apps That People Want / Application To Shows Map Which Cell Tower Phone Using?

Dec 11, 2009

I thought this thread might be a good way for developers to see the type of apps that people want, and hopefully write them.

I would like an app that shows me on a map which cell tower my phone is using, signal strength, etc.

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Android :: Any Tools To Convert Iphone Localized String File To String

Jun 29, 2010

I have the localized strings file that is used in the Iphone app that I work on to port to Android. Are there any tools that go through the file taken from the xcode project and build the xml needed to use the strings in android? This tool should be easy to build but I appreciate any pointers to already working tools.

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Android :: App To Uploaded A Video To Facebook

Aug 7, 2010

I can't seem to find an app that allows video uploading to Facebook so I went to the full site on my phone and selected video upload and that worked. Using WiFi the whole process took about 60 seconds. I didn't realize this was possible. If this is common knowledge then I apologize for starting a new thread.

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Android : Cannot Play Mp3's Were Uploaded To A Website / How To Fix?

Mar 17, 2010

Is Their any reason why the droid cannot play mp3's that were uploaded to a website?? My Brother downloaded a track (hes a dj) onto this website Download Its Payday, for real.mp3 - and when I try and download it onto the droid it says "sorry the player does not support this type of audio file" yet its just a simple mp3. Any suggestions? Obviously on my laptop it works fine. I even tried renaming the extension but no luck. the "sorry the player does not support this type of audio file" error when I try to play the track)

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Android :: Launch Market Place With Id Of An Application That Doesn't Exist In The Android Market Place

Mar 25, 2010

I am creating an application that checks the installation of a package and then launches the market-place with its id.

When I try to launch market place with id of an application say by throwing an intent android.intent.action.VIEW with url: market://details?, the market place application does launches but crashes after launch.

Note: the application doesn't exists in the market-place.

MyApplication is my application.


However, when I try to launch the market place for a package that exists in the market place say, everything works. Log for this case:


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Android :: Comment On Photos Uploaded Via Tweetphoto

Jul 23, 2010

I am currently using the official Twitter app and it's not too bad on the whole. However, I was wondering if there is a way of being able to comment on photos which have been uploaded via TweetPhoto etc, from the official Twitter app? I know you can add TweetPhoto to your allowed applications via Twitter on a computer, but there doesn't seem to be a way to comment on the photo from my mobile. I could reply to the tweet, but that doesn't leave a comment underneath the picture of TweetPhoto. Hope all that makes sense.

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Android :: Access Videos Uploaded To YouTube

Dec 3, 2009

So, after a video is uploaded to youtube. I'm looking for a way to access its uploaded youtube id. My best idea is that this information might be stored in some content provider somewhere. Anyone have an idea?

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Android :: File Upload - Get Bytes Uploaded

Jan 22, 2010

I have a function I am using to upload files. How can I get the number of bytes of the file that have been uploaded (transferred)? Can I setup a timer that does this? If so, what variable to I read to get the number of bytes uploaded?

Here is my code:


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Android :: Save Photo Uploaded From Internet On Database

Aug 31, 2010

In my android application,I want to save some photos uploaded from a server on my database and then reuse them later. I think I should save them in a binary format and save their links into the database. Is it the better solution? Can you give some code or an example? now I only uploaded the image and display it directly using an ImageView but I want to make it available in my application when the user is offline.

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Android :: Facebook Wall : Uploaded Photos Don't Show Up / Way To Fix

Apr 22, 2010

I'm having a problem with getting Facebook photos to upload to my wall. Instead they're just showing up in the Mobile Uploads section, without ever appearing in the news feed. I've searched everywhere online and found a few people with the same problem, but no solutions.

What's odd is I didn't have this problem when I tried the same thing yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I'd directly uploaded a photo from my phone to Facebook, though I've had my Droid for months. (Yeah, I'm a little slow with some of this stuff). I used the method of going to the Gallery, choosing my photo and then selecting Menu > Share > Facebook. I added a caption, and the photo & caption showed up on myFacebook wall, just the way I wanted.

Today I tried the same method for a new photo, and it didn't show up on my wall at all, just went straight to Mobile Uploads. As far as I can figure, I did everything exactly the same as I did it yesterday, but maybe I'm missing something. Can anyone think of a step I might have missed, or does anyone know a way to fix this?

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Android : Uploaded .apk File To Server But Unable To Download

Apr 14, 2010

I have uploaded my application's .apk file to a server. When i try to download that .apk file to my android HTC HERO phone then it gives error saying "file size cannot be determined". I also enabled settings to "allow install of non-Market applications" in my HTC HERO. Please help me if i am missing somthing. and is there any signing we have to do in android like symbian signing in Symbian Devices?

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Android :: Get Application ID Of My App On The Market

Feb 22, 2009

I hope to figure out the direct URL link to my application on the market like http://market:blahblah

I was able to find the application ID previously by going to the UI interface to upload application, and looking at the URL link that can edit the app.

However, this method doesn't seem to work any more because the now the edit URL link contains only the package name and not the app ID.

Any idea how to get the application ID?

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Android :: Market Application For Pc?

Sep 17, 2010

Wasn't there mention back during the Google conference of a Android media center type of application for the PC. Hate to think of the Itunes but yes, an itunes like application but for Android. Organize our music and other programs on the computer and sync it up. Make searching for applications easier and we can back up our downloaded ups on the pc.

Its great to use our phones as flash drives with plug and go but is there something already on the market or elsewhere that can do what I've mentioned?

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HTC Hero :: (Uploaded) ADB MMS Settings

Apr 26, 2010

Tried the ADB thing as posted
Uploaded with
Think I did something wrong can an ADB expert comment please.

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