Android :: Determine Phone's Proximity To Known Point While Conserving Power

Jun 14, 2010

I am trying to determine if an Android user has had a close proximity to a list of predetermined locations. I'd like to do this with the least amount of drain on the phone's battery. The two mechanisms I see for accomplishing this are proximity alerts and requesting location updates. What are the pros and cons of the two methods? Will one have less affect on the battery than the other? In either case I would guess the specific location manager used would have some affect power usage (existing Stack Overflow answer).

Android :: Determine phone's proximity to known point while conserving power

Sprint HTC Hero :: Conserving Battery Power?

Nov 14, 2009

I am ISO methods to conserve battery power on my Sprint HTC Hero.

I posted this thread in the Applications Forum:

WiFi - On & Off - Toggle App? Which is the best one?

ISO of a WiFi Toggle Switch so that I can turn WiFi On and Off as to avoid wasting precious battery power when I don't need to be searching for a WiFi connection.

Having this always on uses more battery consumption.


Also, when Apps check for updates every 30 minutes vs. 4 hours, this consumes more battery power.


So, here are some thoughts I have to reduce batter power:

Facebook Widget

I have the Facebook App and downloaded as well as the Facebook Widget.

See this video for info on the Facebook App:

www. youtube. com/watch?v=KcCpmwzL4T4
(remove spaces, I don't want to embed video here)


The facebook widget is pretty cool. It instantly updates my friends status and there's a quick-add update status text box.

However, I had the settings to check for updates every 30 minutes. Reduced this to 4 hours, but that was pointless since 4 hours is such a long interval I wound up going directly to the main Feed Home page to see the status updates list.

Is adding the Facebook Widget consuming more battery power because it's always on the Scene page, always running, always checking for updates?

Would removing the Facebook Widget save battery power?

I could simply make a shortcut for the Facebook App and open it when I want to waste time on Facebook to see how vain, narcissistic, and attention-starved my friends and colleagues are.

So, my key question here is would removing the Facebook App and only opening the program when I need it save battery power?

Twitter App

There's two options to place on the Scene. One is just a simple text update box, the other actually has a feed.

I'm using the former. Hence, it's not updating feeds and it's only being used when I enter text and hit send update to Twitter.

Also, I think I have my settings set not to check for updates.

I assume that because I'm using the non-Live-Feed option Widget on my Scene, this is not constantly checking for updates, and hence, not consuming a lot of battery power?


Instant Messaging Programs

I have the Google Talk App, an Instant Messenger App (which has AIM, Yahoo, and MSN), and I recently downloaded the Meebo App (which has all of this plus others, including Facebook chat).

Meebo IM v21 Application for Android | Communication

I assume that by not running my IM App, or my Meebo IM App, and turning this off, this will save battery power. Correct?

Or, is it only consuming more power when I receive an incoming message. I imagine that the Meebo App, being connected to so many IM services, including Facebook, might be consuming more.

So, not leaving this on 24/7 would probably use less battery power.


GMail App and Mail App for IMAP/POP

I have my GMail App setup. I'm getting notified each time I have an email in my Gmail Inbox. I've created a label - Inbox2 - to skip the inbox - for messages I want to read, but don't want to be instantly notified of.

I've decided not to use the Mail App - Connecting my Fastmail IMAP account on my phone because I believe this would involve running a second Mail App constantly checking for inbound mail updates.

See my post on Email and Mobile here:

By using only the GMail App and not using the Mail App for IMAP/POP, this is probably consuming less battery power.



What other steps, tips and tricks, can be taken to consume less battery power on the Sprint HTC Hero?

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Android :: Floating Point Support / Determine At Runtime?

Oct 20, 2009

Is there a way to determine if the system supports floating point? That way, I could choose between two algorithms to use.

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Android :: Debug Power Management - Determine Cpu State?

Aug 29, 2010

My application acquires and releases WakeLocks. What is the best way to test the app - i.e. is there a standard way to determine when the cpu is running (e.g. through a debug cable)?

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Android :: Apps For Conserving Battery

May 21, 2010

I've just bought my first Android phone, an HTC Legend running 2.1 which I love. What I don't love is the battery life! I've been experimenting with different methods of conserving the battery and would like to hear what others users are doing. At the moment I switch off Wifi when I'm not at home and switch off GPS when I'm out all day. I also use a task killer to stop auto-updating apps I don't want open. I have some applications that check for updates frequently, email, exchange client and Google Listen, how does this impact of battery life?What about battery management apps? I've seen apps that control aspects of the phone but they seem overly complicated to configure, i.e. it's unclear how different settings will affect battery life. I've come across an app called Data on Demand that switches to 2G when the phone is on standby or on a schedule which seems very promising however there's no obvious way of verifying that it's working! Finally, anyone using Locale for power management?

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HTC Hero :: Conserving The Battery Charge Daily?

Mar 12, 2010

I have significantly improved my battery life over the past few days by changing two simple and wifi.

Email first -
I have accounts set up on the Hero with Yahoo, GMail and Hotmail. When I looked, the Yahoo was checking every 15 minutes. GMail every hour and Hotmail once per day. As I am often in front of a PC with email open, this seemed like overkill.

So, I altered all three accounts to check only once each day automatically.

I also switch my wifi connection on as soon as I get home and leave it connected until I go to bed. I've now started turning this off when I'm not actively using it.

Here's my non-scientific results:
Getting up at 6:30am each day and using the Hero as normal before altering these settings would get the battery charge down to 25% at best by 11pm when I put it back on charge. It would often be less than 25%.

After changing the settings as above, my battery usually stays over 85% until probably early evening. My usage goes up when I get home from work quite a bit though and yet by 11pm, I still haven't seen the charge less than 65% yet.

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General :: After Phone Call Proximity / Get Lock Screen

May 19, 2012

When I make a phone call the proximity sensor turns the screen off... great, no accidental screen pressing. However, when I finish the phone call or take the phone away from my ear... I get the lock screen. Why? Why doesn't the screen just go back on to whatever screen was on before the phone call... like the dial pad. To hang up a phone call, I have to unlock the screen first.

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Android :: How To Determine Which Button Pressed On Phone?

Aug 5, 2010

I need to know, how to recognize, which button is pressed. Like if i have two buttons ,say button 1 and button2,and both of them performing the same method, say method(),how to determine which button pressed?

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Android :: App To Determine Actual Phone Specs?

Dec 9, 2009

I tried out this app: Fpt System Manager v1.1 Application for Android | Tools

And in the RAM area it currently shows me as having 83MB of RAM available out of 192.5MB of RAM. Obviously because of running apps.

What I'd like to know is how much _total_ RAM is _actually_ in my phone. The model I have is supposed to have 288MB of RAM (Rogers HTC Magic).

Is there an app, or is there some other way, to determine the actual specs of your phone, ie. actual total RAM installed?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Proximity Sensor Not Working / Display Stays On While Phone Next To Face

Sep 9, 2010

Is anyone having this issue? Friend of mine has the D2. Says the display does not turn off when next to her face and registers any touches.I don't have a D2, so I don't know what the phone options/settings might be.

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Android :: How To Determine Home Carrier On CDMA Phone?

Dec 2, 2009

How does one determine the home carrier on a CDMA phone? By home carrier I mean the carrier that the phone's owner has a contract with, not the owner of the cell site that the phone is communicating with. These are different when the phone is roaming. On a GSM phone I can get the home carrier from the IMSI recorded on the SIM, but this does not work on a CDMA phone. CDMA has a similar identifier called home system ID. Is there a way to query the home system ID? If that is not possible, how do I determine the home carrier? On Windows Mobile I am forced to search the registry looking for strings like 'Verizon' and 'Sprint'. Is there a similar klooge on Android?

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Android :: How To Determine Phone Powered By Battery Or Charger?

Jul 28, 2010

How to determine if the phone is powered by battery or by charger?

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Android :: Determine Which Carrier Phone Is Using (T- Mobile, Spring, AT&T)?

Jul 27, 2009

Is there a way to determine which carrier the phone is using. T- Mobile, Spring, AT&T, etc?

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General :: How To Determine ROM / Firmware Running On Android Phone

Nov 8, 2012

what is the way to determine what ROM / firmware is running on my Android phone? And what is the best way to determine what upgrades are available for it?

I have a Samsung SIII that is parallel imported. Looking at the About Device info, it shows:

Model number = GT-I9300
Android version = 4.1.1
Baseband version = I9300XXLH1
Kernel Version =
se.infra@SEP-71 #1
SMP PREEMPT Tue Aug 14 01:19:41 KST 2012
Build number = JR003C

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Android :: Cedar Point Map App For Phone?

Aug 17, 2010

Does anyone know if there is an app out there that has cedar point mapped out? I cant seem to find one. Im heading there tomorrow and would like to be able to ditch the map and just carry around my phone.

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Android :: Phone TextView - Determine Number Of Visible Characters

Aug 22, 2010

How can I determine the number of visible characters that a TextView can display. For example if I change the orientation this number may change. If I change the resolution then also the number of visible characters changes.

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Android :: Floating Point Support On G1 Phone

May 17, 2009

I have been searching about the floating point support on G1 phone (aka the HTC Dream phone) for a few hours.

So far, my conclusion is that the ARM-based Qualcomm MSM7201 CPU does not have VFP (floating point coprocessor) and therefore floating point calculations have to be done via software-float.

This is quite disappointing as I am interested in developing applications with heavy math.

However, I also notice that the Qualcomm CPU has QDSP4000™ and QDSP5000™ high-performance digital signal processors (DSP), according to

Therefore, here is my question: would it be possible to leverage the DSP modules in the MSM7201 CPU to do the floating point math?

Also, I would like to develop the heavy-math modules in C/C++ and call it via JNI, and so I just want to double-check whether this is a feasible approach.

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Android :: Programmatically Set Up Access Point In Phone?

Oct 8, 2010

I have searched alot on this but could not find anything on google or stack overflow.

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Motorola Droid :: Determine Phone's Date Of Birth?

May 16, 2010

How do I determine my DROID's date of birth?

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General :: Unlocking Phone And The Point Of Rooting?

Apr 27, 2012

I want to UNLOCK my ROGERS Samsung Galaxy Note to use it with a telus network. How do i do this? and what is the point of rooting? i keep searching but it brings me no where but to websites u have to pay i already paid for a code but they said the imei isnt valid

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HTC Droid Eris ::Making Phone As Access Point To Internet Possible?

Feb 2, 2010

Is it possible to make the eris phone an access point to the Internet? I have the Verizon aircard now. I would like to use the Eris to connect my computer and WiFi to the Internet.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: How To Enable Phone As WiFi Access Point?

Sep 30, 2010

I have my samsung galaxy s phone. I would like to know how to enable it as Access Point and connect to net using my laptop. I went under Settings > Wireless Networks, but cant find?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Phone Wireless Access Point Deactivated

Nov 4, 2010

I have a samsung galaxy S i9000, and the mobile access point is activated, I can successfully connect to it using my laptop but when I try to connect using my other mobile (ex: Nokia) to the Galaxy's mobile access point on the target device it says the wireless connection is lost and on the Galaxy the mobile access point is deactivated automatically, is this a limitation that the other device cannot be a WiFi mobile (Which I don't think)? OR is this a bug in Galaxy's mobile access point.

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General :: Identify And Find Test Point For Attached Phone?

Sep 15, 2013

How do you identify and find test point for the attached phone.?

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Motorola Droid X : Poll - Biggest Talking Point With Phone Seems To Be Size

Jun 16, 2010

The biggest talking point with this phone seems to be the size. Id be curious to see some numerical opinions! I myself have been waffling: at first I thought "Oh, way too big". Then this picture made me think its not the much larger than similar phones and I was getting it for sure! But this pic has me wondering. Looks pretty giant in her hand:

So: What do YOU think about the size? If you havent seen yet, engadget has a gallery of 50 some pictures.

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Android :: Android Phone As WiFi Access Point

Sep 7, 2010

I am developing an application which requires android phone to be configured as a wireless access point.

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Android :: Can't Get Proximity Alerts / Way To Take

Nov 3, 2009

SDK: 1.6 Firmware Version: 1.5

I am trying to get an alert when I get to my home. But, it looks like I am not receiving the message. Googled around quite a bit, but to no avail. I am able to get the LocationListener to display my current location. But, proximityAlerts are not working. The problem might be with the setting up and receiving the broadcast messages.

Following is my code...

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Android :: App To Power On Phone Automatically

Nov 20, 2010

I am looking for an app to power on the phone and power it off at a preset time?

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Android :: Auto-power On The Phone?

Jul 22, 2009

It seems nice to have an app to auto power on or power off the phone, does the hardware support?

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Portable Power - Car/ac Charger Or A Stand Alone Power Pack

Jan 5, 2010

Has anyone had any luck with aftermarket power supply's. I'd like a car/ac charger or a stand alone power pack. I usually use my DEXIM. but it does not work with the Behold 2. I've tried a car charger/battery unit by Wireless Gear that said it was compatible with all Samsung phones, it came with 5 power tips and a USB outlet that still would not work, even using the OEM USB cable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will go with OEM Samsung if necessary, but there selection is limited.

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