Android :: Cannot Manage To Get ADB Working

May 25, 2010

I want to start developing for android and for some reason whatever I do I can not make ADB show up my Nexus One. Both on and off in development mode. Both SD Mount and without SD Mount Both With USB tethering on and off for all "ADB devices"(windows XP64bit) show no device (service started successfully, device recognized in Device Manager correctly).

Tried reinstalling drivers, tried uninstalling drivers completely(using 3rd party software) and reinstalling, tried different versions of USB driver (up to the one before the last - that came with the 2.1 SDK). It seems online that this issue reoccurs on different devices, but all of them seemed to solve with one of the above solutions, Which none worked for me. It does not look like a hardware problem, because everything else that is USB'ed works correctly.

Android :: Cannot Manage to get ADB Working

Sprint HTC Hero :: Way To Manage Radio 5 Live Working On Phone?

Jan 25, 2010

I just wondered if anyone had managed to radio 5 live working on the htc hero?

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Android :: How To Manage Objects ?

Sep 8, 2010

I am new to Android development. I want to know how you all manage objects. For eg we make object as A a = new A(); and then manage that object. But, here, we call A.class; My concern is that i don't want to call on Create(),nor do i want to push UI screen I just want to make 1 static object for 1 screen;and want to manage it throughout my application. that is, instead of calling A.class; can i call A a = new A(),and manage that object without pushing,and whenever i need i push that screen. Is there someway?

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Android :: How To Manage Activities?

Jul 24, 2010

i identified problem in changing one activity using tab, in on tab activity i am adding data to sqlite in other tab activity i am displaying them using listview(array adapter)but when i come back to add data and after adding new item to sqlite the newly added records are not updated in listview.

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Android :: Best Way To Manage Contacts

Feb 13, 2010

What is the best way to manage contacts, can u download your contacts?

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Android :: Manage 2 Versions Of The Same Application?

Sep 3, 2009

I want to use the same eclipse project to maintain only one source code (or two projects that refer to a generic project). My problem is that the names of the package have to be different on the market (eg: and If the package names are differents, the generated java ressource files are differents (eg: and So, the source files must point to differents R files according to the version (pro or lite) and I have to change all the import...

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Android :: How To Manage Connection To A Socket?

Jun 21, 2010

I would like to know what is the recommendation for socket connection management in Android?In our App we would like to be connected to a TCP/IP server when our app is in the foreground or paused. So, create a connection to a TCP/ IP server when the App starts basically, On Create of the launcher activity. However, we do not want to create a new connection and close connection every time an activity is created, paused, destroyed or orientation changed. So, we save the connection object in the App class and the activities will reuse the same connection.Question is when do I close it? I would like to close the socket when the App is "paused", "stopped" or "destroyed". The problem is these messages are not sent in the App context. How can I figure out if the App is in foreground or not? Even the "Terminated" event for an App is not guaranteed to be delivered. So, in that case how do I know when to disconnect?

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Android :: How To Manage Event By 2 Widgets?

Jul 10, 2010

I want to change how a gallery looks like. I want to add 2 jogs at each side, so looks like this:

First approach was to add the "jogs" to the ImageAdapter (at the beginning and at the end) for the Gallery. The Gallery will show the items as usual, but It will apply the custom background and also if you specify spacing, you will get an ugly gallery. Also, I want the jog not to be centered as the others images. Then, I decided to download the whole api and modify the Gallery source in a way so to handle specially the first item and the last item of the adapter. But, I don't know how to compile the api alone. The Makefile in the root project will build 6gb of the whole android platform. If someone can explain me how to build just the API, I will be grateful.

The other approach was to compose Views. I thought to add ImageView's to the left and right corner and to be scrolled when needed, but when the Gallery capture the events I can't forward it to the holder of the ImageViews. So, I extend Gallery, and I override onScroll() like this:
super.onScroll(e1,e2,distanceX,distanceY); return false;
and also onTouchEvent() like this:
super.onTouchEvent(event); return false;
But unfortunately when I return false wihtin onTouchEvent() the Gallery does not scroll.

So, main questions are:
1) How can I compile the modified API to generete a MyGallery.class to be added to android.jar? If I modify the source code of I can manage the fill of the Gallery for the specific items I want (I already read the source code).
2) In other approach, Is it possible to handle one event by 2 widgets? If so, I could overlap the Gallery above a jog. The Gallery will scroll as he knows, and I will scroll as I want.
3) If those approachs are bad, what will you recommend ?

I don't get why the Gallery does not have this nice feature I want to implement, kind of: setBorders(left, right) and etc. The problem on extending Gallery, is that when you add a View (for instance, the "jog"), you specify a position. Gallery fills the gallery getting the Views of it container with: getChildAt(0) and getChildAt(numChildren -1) when filling to right and left, respectively. Then, it gathers the 'unseen' Views from the Adapter. So the added view (the 'jog') will be scrolled by Gallery, but when the view is no longer visible, the Gallery itself has no way to get back that view, as it's not in the Adapter.

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HTC Desire :: How Well Does Android Manage Its Memory?

Jul 7, 2010

I always hear that I don't need to use Task Killers as Android manages its own memory. However, I find that sometimes when I play emulators, killing tasks provides far better framerates.

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Android :: Manage The Callback Of The Applications?

Apr 2, 2010

in android application development, i frequently go through the word "CALLBACK" in many places. i want to know want it means to tell us technically. and how i can manage the callback of the applications.

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Android :: Ways To Manage Project?

Nov 5, 2010

I'm releasing my first app soon, and this is the first time I'm doing any of this on my own. Looking into the future of it, there are features I plan to implement within the coming months. But looking at me adding features, I realize I would be altering the original source, so if someone finds a bug, I need to either wait, or completely undo everything to fix it. What are some options for managing my source code and stuff?

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Android :: How To Manage Background Task

Nov 9, 2010

I have a task which I need to run in the background in my Android app. It reads data over the network and populates a database. It can take several minutes to run.

Once it's started, it needs to complete successfully without interruption. (Otherwise I'll end up with a broken half-populated database.) I realise I can never guarantee it will always complete, but I want to make it as hard as possible for the system to kill off this task. For safety I guess I will have it populate a temporary database, and then only swap out the old database for the new one on successful completion of the import.

It's a modal operation; it does not make sense for the user to be interacting with the app while the import is in progress.

My first attempt is using an ASyncTask with a Progress dialog to achieve the modality, but this obviously breaks the "don't interrupt" requirement. I could work around the screen-rotation issue with ASyncTasks, but I don't think that goes far enough.

At the moment I'm not sure if this should be an ASyncTask, a Service, an IntentService, some combination of these, or something else entirely.

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Android : How Can I Manage Cache Of MapView?

Feb 1, 2010

I've made an application based on the Google Maps API. The problem is that my application is made to be used in the wild, in places where there is no network. So I would like to manage the cache in order to ensure that specific tiles are saved and available during the trip (I'd like to redirect them in database but any method may do). For now, I didn't found any other method (not tested) than try to recode the MapView class. I'm focusing on Google API in order to have satellite photography (for places where there are no roads). What could I do ?

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General :: App To Manage Music On Android?

Sep 6, 2013

Coming from iphone/itunes and want to know what is a good music managing app that I can use?

I really like the feature in itunes where it keeps your media organized in folders. I also like how you can delete the song in itunes, sync your phone and the song will be gone.

I really need these features in the music app I select.

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Android :: Application To Manage Special Events?

Nov 16, 2010

I'm a college student, and there's daily specials at bars, salsa dance nights, special meetings, lectures, etc. And all these things happen around me. I don't want to just put them into my calendar and have them flooding it, but I would like some app to hold such things. Anyone know what I can use that isn't my default so I can retain my personal schedule and, if I want to do extra, can see this app's contents?

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Android :: Manage Contact - System Group

May 9, 2010

I have an android 2.1 (Samsung I5700 Spica). Does android use only "google contact" for manage all contacts? Even when I manually add contact on the top it says "Google contact from". The reason for asking is if you select "Menu">"Display Options">select "" you can select "System Group" How do I add certain contact to one of these groups, by default if I manually create a contact it goes and sits in "System Group: My Contacts". Is there an option where one can add contact not get stored under google contact?

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Android :: Application To Manage Call Usage?

Aug 12, 2010

Is there an app (or even a setting on the Desire itself) that can keep a track of the outgoing calls duration and total on my phone? I've recently dropped from 600 to 300 minutes and want to make sure I don't go over my allocation in the same way the "3G" app tracks my Internet usage!

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Android :: How To Create And Manage Custom Themes?

Mar 19, 2010

I know how to create and apply styles and themes thanks to However, this method only works for our own activity or application. I'd like to create themes that could dress the whole system (i.e. all activities). Of course, I'd like to select one of these theme by programing. If I could customize the status bar as well, it would be perfect. I didn't find out documentation about that.

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Android :: App To Manage Credit Card Spending

Sep 26, 2010

So I just got a credit card and need to monitor my spending on it, is there an app where I can do this?

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Android :: Application Widget - How To Manage Updates?

Nov 8, 2009

In the process of creating an AppWidget which displays data from a remote host, I am looking for documentation about how to manage updates. Are there articles somewhere about how and when querrying remote data is the most appropriate? I am wondering if we have to explicitly code the remote queries in a separate thread, or even do it in a separate service, to avoid freezes of the home screen (this happens a lot on my htc magic).

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Android :: How To Manage Height Of Spinner Items

Jun 13, 2010

I have an android spinner that's populated by a list of strings using an ArrayAdapter and it operates fine, however because of the way the spinner is displayed I'm running into a display height problem with the list items.

At first glance it would seem that the ArrayAdapter can use a single layout for displaying options which leads to the problem I'm having. When displaying the current item in the spinner (when the user is not selecting a new item from the list) the spinner pads the text so that the spinner is a reasonable size for clicking on. However when the user taps on it and brings up the list to select a new item, the list items presented are way to small height-wise. If I use an item layout that presents the list items at a reasonable height, then the spinner itself becomes exorbitantly huge due to it's own padding of the list item.

Any ideas on how I can manage the height of these two item display modes so that effectively they display with the same height value instead of the spinner height being larger than the list item display height?

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Android :: Manage Cookies With HttpClient In Java?

Aug 27, 2010

I am trying to login to a site and maintain that session/cookie so that the server will recognize my login, but I am struggling to figure out a way of extracting the cookie from the response and setting into a request to maintain my login. I'm wondering if I should go about taking the header "Set-Cookie" or using a CookieStore. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is my code that I have, with comments where I think the getHeader/getCookie methods would go.


In hopes of others better understanding my confusion am adding code that I know DOES work and maintains a session but when I tried to move the code into my actual application it broke somewhere down the line.


I know for a fact it works, and you can see that in this code I consumeContent() but adding that to the top code didn't seem to make a difference so I left it out.

I am still unable to get the code working in keeping a session going. I am posting the cookies from my current code, along with the cookies of the second code that is working. Perhaps someone will notice an issue, I certainly do not.


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Android :: Return From Background - How To Manage Code

Nov 3, 2010

When I'm back from the background, onResume() method is called. Okay. So if I want to do some special code when I'm back I can put it there.

What about if I've many activities ? Do I've to duplicate that code everywhere ? Should I used the Application class and call a method in each onResume() methods ?

Plus, I would need to access the UI (changes, dialogs, ...). Maybe the application class isn't that a good idea ... ?

Concretely, I want to refresh my cache every XX time and I want to do that check when the application (or activity) is back from the background but I don't know exactly how to do and where to do that.

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Android :: How To Manage Audio Volumes Sanely In My App?

Mar 10, 2009

I have an app that plays intermittent sounds while its activity is open, and the user is always expecting it to make these noises, but unfortunately it is constrained by the music stream volume. The options I have discovered are thus:

Adjust the music stream's volume, possibly deafening the user if they happen to be playing music at the time.
Call MediaPlayer.setVolume() which is ineffective if the music stream's volume is 0. Handle volume button presses myself which presents two issues: volume button presses adjust the ringer volume unless my audio is playing, and I have been as of yet unable to catch the onKey event for a volume button press using my OnKeyListener. If there were some way to force the adjustment to apply to the music stream while my activity has focus, or to just catch the button presses myself this would work. Play a silent looping piece of audio in the background to keep the music stream in context for volume adjustments.

I think the 3rd option is probably best since it cedes control of the volume to the user, but if there were some way to just override the system volume in a single mediaplayer instance that would work too.

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Android : App To Manage Audio Levels On Your Phone

Oct 7, 2010

Can someone tell me the best app they have found to manage audio levels on your phone? I have been looking around but haven't found one I like.

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Android : Way To Promote / Manage Droid Applications?

Jul 25, 2009

First of all, as a fan of Android and non-developer I would like to participate to this rise of this platform. The ONLY way I've found to promote this platform and get Android being a leader in term of Mobile phone (and I hope soon) other devices OS is to talk about the huge potential of Android platform in my blog ( and also to help developpers on their activities and applications management thru a new Android Market Directory: ...

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Android : Way To Manage Orientation Dependent Activities?

Mar 11, 2010

I have two activities, one per orientation - PortraitActivity and LandscapeActivity. They are pretty much different, I can't use one Activity with different layouts. If user changed orientation I have to shutdown one of them and start another. What is the best way to manage them? Does it make sense to create GroupActivity? Or each Activity should check if the current orientation is what it needs? If so, is it save to start new Activity in onCreate method of previous one (which is not actually created yet)?

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Android : How To Get App Name Instead Of Package To Appear In Manage Apps Menu?

Aug 4, 2009

My question is simple enough: how can I get the application name instead of the application package to appear on the manage applications menu. do i need to set something in the manifest?

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Android : Get Body Movement (e.g. Turn Around) / Manage?

Dec 27, 2009

I'm working on an app that needs body movements as inputs. So basically I want to know if a person turns around completely (360). If a the person does sthg happens inside the application. My problem for now is: How to figure out if a person turned around? I don't see an approach with gps as the person is not moving enough. So I thought about the compass or acceleration sensor but I have no clue how to manage that.

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General :: Program To Manage Music For Android?

Apr 19, 2012

I like many others like to have there music organized and tagged properly. I know Apples has Itunes to do this for them. Is there a program that does similar for Android or a good solution for this? I know about doubletwist and dont really wanna use that way.

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