Android :: Can Prevent Words From Breaking In Textview When Using Wrap Content In Android

Sep 20, 2010

I am in the process of trying to convert a desktop app to Android - and am struggling with some very basic stuff. When I specify a layout including a textview that holds a sizable amount of text wrap_content seems to arbitrarily break in the middle of a word - and I can not find any documentation indicating this can be controlled.

Android :: Can prevent words from breaking in textview when using wrap content in android

Android :: Words Wrap On Button?

May 27, 2009

The possible button width are fill_parent or wrap_content, is there a way to make it wrap words?

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Android :: How To Prevent Our Application From Jail Breaking?

Feb 18, 2010

i have a android application which is ready to release .so to release i have put the app in android market .the user can buy the app and can install the app into the market wont provide any apk file to the user .so normally we need not bother about re distribution of of the app to the unauthorized persons(who didn't buy the app). But what my problem is ,I heard that there is a jail breaking concept which can allow the hacker to get the apk file(installation file) from the device .(even though android market not giving the apk file to the user ).then he can distribute the apk file to all(to unauthorized persons ).how to avoid there any thing to restrict the unauthorized person in using our app,even though he get the apk file . does android market provides the details of the users who has buy the app by paying?

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Android : Prevent Long URL From Breaking In Generated Email?

Mar 28, 2010

I am generating an email in my app in which I include a long URL. The entire URL appears in the email but the clickable link portion of it consists of only the first 90 characters. Why does this happen and how can I prevent it?

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Android :: Use Textview Wrap Around View?

Sep 2, 2010

I'm trying to make my horizontal layouts take advantage of the room available.

In an info showing activity I have a 'fact box' followed by a large box of text. I'd like the infobox to float right, similar to the following picture.

Is this possible using the android TextView api?

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Android :: WebView Wrap Content To Fit In Screen

Jan 2, 2010

Is it possible to Load a URL in a webView and resize it to fit the screen. I mean I want to make the WebPage small so that the user doesn't need to scroll.

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Android :: How To Wrap Text To Next Line In Textview?

Nov 11, 2010

i want to wrap text to next line any one guide me what is the solution?

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Android :: Unable To Add Subview To Linear Layout With Wrap Content

Aug 29, 2010

I'm using data to build elements of a ViewGroup. The ViewGroup are LinearLayouts, except the leaves, which are TextViews. Because Data draws the hierarchy, I inflate the LinearLayouts and TextViews from individual XML files programatically on the fly.

My Problem:
When I create a LinearLayout with the attribute wrap_content, then inflate a TextView or other LinearLayout into it, I can't get the parents (or enough of them, anyway) to redraw, respecting the new view. These LinearLayouts always seem to come out at 0 size, because when they are first created (before their children are inflated), they wrap around nothing. I've tried calling some stock methods of ViewGroup but nothing seems to work.

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Android :: Setup Content Of A Column To Wrap In Table Layout?

Mar 2, 2010

I am trying out this table layout in which there are three columns, each column utilizing the maximum space as they could (using strechColumn tag). Now when a column gets content which is too long, then table layout jumps of the screen.

How can i set the content of a column to wrap, so that table layout dont jump off the screen.

here is the XML code for table layout i used...

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Android :: Android - ListView Items Not Grow To Wrap Their Content

Nov 2, 2009

I have a rather complex ListView, with variable list item heights. Under certain conditions, I need to display an additional view in a list item, which is hidden by default (View.GONE). By enabling it (View.VISIBLE), the list item grows in height (or at least it's supposed to).

The problem:
Even though I declare the item's root layout to wrap_content, and each component in the item to fill_parent, the view I hide/show which is supposed to change the item's height is simply cut off at the bottom instead of its parent (the item layout) growing in height to fully display it.

Are there any gotchas related to ListViews and item layouts and item height which I may have missed?

Some more observations:

For testing purposes I have now reduced the list item layout to just contain the root LinearLayout and an ImageView. When I set the LinearLayout height to e.g. 200dip and the ImageView to fill_parent, I would have expected the ImageView to grow until it hits the 200dip limit set by its parent.

However, the image will instead be only ever as tall as its bitmap resource (as if I had set it to wrap_content) and the whole list item will be of the same height (i.e. as if I had set it to wrap_content, too).

If however I set the image height to e.g. 200dip, then the list item will grow in height, and so will the item layout.

In other words, the layout_height of the list item layout is completely ignored, and so is any height value on ImageView other than a hard-coded pixel value.

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Android :: How To Make Certain Words Clickable In A TextView?

Nov 19, 2010

I am building a twitter-like client. Assume I have a string: "$AAPL rocks!" I want to be able to click on "$AAPL" and do something. How can I go about making $ clickable in a TextView?

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Android :: Make TextView To Break Words In Middle Then Move To Another?

Jan 27, 2009

Is it possible to make TextView to break words in the middle and then move to another line, instead moving whole word that doesn't fit to the new line ? I have a width and number of lines of the TextView and a long string and want to calculate which portion of the String will fit exactly. the code is TextView vTextShort = (TextView) findViewById (; int lineHeight = vTextShort.getLineHeight(); int nmbLines = mesuredHeight / lineHeight; Paint mPaint = vTextShort.getPaint(); String shortTextStr = mStoryText; mStoryBreakIdx = 0; vTextShort.setLines(nmbLines ); int breakText = mPaint.breakText(mStoryText.toCharArray(), 0, mStoryText.length(), mesuredWidth, null); mStoryBreakIdx = breakText * nmbLines; It seems to calculate number of chars accurately but not accounting for the space that left after word is moved to a new line if it doesn't fit fully. And i'm looking on how to either break words in the middle or how calculate a width of the text that will fit correctly.

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Android :: How To Prevent TextView From Overlapping

Sep 29, 2010

How can I prevent this overlapping from occurring without reducing the font size? Here is my XML. code...

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Android :: Rotating In Content Gets Clipped / Way To Prevent?

Oct 24, 2009

I'm trying to draw some large circles on the canvas which are partly offscreen, then use animation to rotate them in be fully visible. My circles successfully rotate in, but when they come into view they're clipped at the place that was the screen edge when they were originally drawn. Is there any way to prevent this? I guess my larger question is how can you draw elements beyond the edges of the screen and then animate them into view?

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Android :: Prevent Droid ImageView From Overlapping TextView?

Sep 23, 2010

In my application I have a title(TextView) and an Image. The image is grabbed from the web and most of the images are different sizes. Some of these images are to tall and overlap on top of my textview, covering it up. Is there anyway to prevent this? code...

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Android :: Prevent TextView From Stretching Out It's Parent LinearLayout?

Jul 24, 2010

It seems that a TextView inside a LinearLayout forces that LinearLayout to be larger. I am trying split my screen top 50% and bottom 50% and also the bottom 50% is split into 3 parts. So I did my weights 3 (for the top), and then 1, 1, 1 (for the bottom) for a total of 6.

Here is what it looks like.

As soon as I take out the TextView inside the first LinearLayout the splits are proper. The moment I put the TextView inside the top LinearLayout the top LinerLayout gets larger by the amount of the the TextView.

Here is my code:


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Android :: Failing Android JUnit Tests, Not Breaking My Ant Script Like I Expect

Jun 2, 2010

Failing JUnit tests, not breaking my Ant script like I expect?

My continuous integration server runs an Ant script, which calls something like:
/tests/ant run-tests

My JUnit tests run, but with errors:


The errors are OK, but my build script keeps going (eventually publishing my broken app to my testers - bad!). What I would expect is for the instrimentaiton to throw a build error, so my continuous integration server (TeamCity in this case) realises that something has gone wrong and reports a broken build. The "failonerror" is already set in the relevant macrodef, so I'm not sure what else I can do?

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Android : Way To Have A View Wrap Around Another?

Oct 11, 2010

Is there a way to make my textview wrap around other views? For example in the picture, is there a way to get it to wrap to the edge once it gets below the imageview?

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Android :: 2 String In A TextView Listen Seperated Clickevent In 1 TextView

Nov 16, 2010

I want to do something like that. For example, I have a textview with String
Alibaba love Mary so muck. In that String alibaba and Mary have a event to open something but I can't know how to use event for Mary and Alibaba seperately

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Android :: Line-breaking Widget Layout For Android

Feb 14, 2009

I'm trying to create an activity that presents some data to the user. The data is such that it can be divided into 'words', each being a widget, and sequence of 'words' would form the data ('sentence'?), the ViewGroup widget containing the words. As space required for all 'words' in a 'sentence' would exceed the available horizontal space on the display, I would like to wrap these 'sentences' as you would a normal piece of text.

The following code:


yields something like the left picture, but I would want a layout presenting the same widgets like in the right one.

Is there such a layout or combination of layouts and parameters, or do I have to implement my own ViewGroup for this?

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Android :: Using Android SAXParser - One My XML Elements Is Breaking In Half

Mar 30, 2010

Im using the SAXParser object do parse the actual XML.

This is normally done by passing a URL to the XMLReader.Parse method. Because my XML is coming from a POST request to a webservice, I am saving that result as a String and then employing StringReader / InputSource to feed this string back to the XMLReader.Parse method.

However, something strange is happening at the 2001st character of the XMLstring. The 'characters' method of the document handler is being called TWICE in between the startElement and endElement methods, effectively breaking my string (in this case a project title) into two pieces. Because I am instantiating objects in my characters method, I am getting two objects instead of one.

This line, about 2000 chars into the string fires 'characters' two times, breaking between "Lower" and "Level"


When I bypass the StringReader / InputSource workaround and feed a flat XML file to XMLReader.Parse, it works absolutely fine.

Something about StringReader and or InputSource is somehow screwing this up.

Here is my method that takes and XML string and parses is through the SAXParser.


How to not have 'characters' firing off twice when I get to this point in the XML String.

Or, show me how to use a POST request and still pass off the URL to the Parse function.

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Android :: UI For Text Wrap An Image?

Mar 18, 2010

Is there anyway to wrap a TextView around an image? It's the typical thing that people do in CSS like this

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Android :: Word-Wrap EditText Box

Jul 18, 2010

I have been trying to get my EditText box to word wrap, but can't seem to do it.I have deal with much more complicated issues while developing Android applications, and this seems like it should be a straight-forward process.However, the issue remains, and I have a large text box that is only allowing me to enter text on one line, continuing straight across, scrolling horizontally as I enter text.

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Android : Wrap DroidService With A Package?

Jul 17, 2009

I am not clear with what happens between the bindService and onServiceConnected calls, I was doubting my implementation (Wrapping up the service with a java package) is causing this problem.

2009/7/17 Mark Murphy <>

> Naveen Krishna Ch wrote: > > I have a use case, an *Android Service is wrapped by a Java package > > containing the class*.

> Yes. I saw your post from four hours ago on [android-developers]. Your > post did not make much sense to me then, and it makes no more sense to > me now.

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Android :: Switching Content Providers For Same Content URI

Aug 12, 2009

This may seem like a stupid question but I need to be sure. I was wondering if it was possible to pro-grammatically change the Content Provider used when making a query given a Content URI. The reason being I need to know if it's possible to force the Calendar/Contacts applications to read from a different database via a different Content Provider temporarily while my application is running, so that I can reuse those applications to display my own data. Since the Content URI s are hard coded in each of these applications the only way it might be possible is if we could somehow temporarily change the Content Provider used for a given URI. I know this probably isn't possible, I just need to show it isn't. Could someone confirm this can't be done?

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Android :: Getting Linear Layout To Wrap Contents

Mar 24, 2010

I've got a horizontal Linear Layout that contains a variable number of child Linear Layouts. Right now, the children will just run off the screen if there are too many of them. How would I make the parent layout wrap the children on multiple lines? If this is not possible, should I be using a different layout as the parent?

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Android :: Word Wrap In Internet Browser

Jul 13, 2010

I need help with word wrap in internet browser.When zooming in or out, there is no auto word wrap.I can only enable it bypressing the refresh option.

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Android :: Way To Make EditText Hint Not To Wrap?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a one line EditText, when I set a long hint, the hint wraps to two lines. Can I force the EditText to be always one line tall? android:lines="1" didn't work.

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Android :: Wrap Multi APK Into One Installation Package?

Oct 13, 2010

Now have some APKs, and want wrap these APKs into one installation package. How to do it?

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HTC Desire :: Phone Keeps Breaking Up?

Jul 9, 2010

My signal bar seems ok yet i cant have conversations on my phone cuz it just keeps breaking up?

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