Android :: Calculating Packet Loss - Jitter And Delay

Jun 14, 2010

I am streaming an rtsp video to Android. How could I calculate network metrics like packet loss, jitter or delay?

Android :: Calculating packet loss -  jitter and delay

HTC Droid Eris :: Battery Loss - Signal Loss

Aug 19, 2010

Ever since the 2.1 OTA update that I received back in July, my phone has been burning through the battery quickly and places that I usually get a 3G signal I now get no signal and the big X in the signal bar.

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Android :: Calculating Direction From Point A To B

Sep 17, 2010

I'm trying to create a compass for my application BUT the difference is that, instead of having a line always pointing to north, I want this line to point for a specific point. I've been trying dozens of algorithms and nothing works. I've finally found one that points me exactlly to the point I want. But it doesn't move if I change the position of the device which is my objective. Basically, what I want is that no matter the direction I'm using my device. The line always point me to the point (picLatitude,picLongitude). I understood that for the line to move, I can't use static variables. I need to use the values offered by the onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event). This are the data I have available:

event.values[0]: azimuth, rotation around the Z axis (device in relation to north, 0) event.values[1]: pitch, rotation around the X axis event.values[2]: roll, rotation around the Y axis mLatitude: device current latitude got from GPS (variable) mLongitude: device current longitude got from GPS (variable) picLatitude: static picture latitude established previously picLongitude: static picture longitude established previously distance: distance in Km from device to the picture calculated previously

And this the formula that works correct, and gives me the correct angle. (But it doesn't use any of the Sensor Data so the line Compass doesn't move):
double dLong = picLongitude - mLongitude; double y = (Math.sin(dLong) *
Math.cos(picLatitude)); double x = (Math.cos(mLatitude) * Math.sin(picLatitude) - Math.sin(mLatitude)*Math.cos(picLatitude)*Math.cos(dLong)); double angleDegreesWrongRange = Math.abs(Math.toDegrees(Math.atan2(y, x))); float angleDegrees = (float) ((angleDegreesWrongRange+360) % 360);
I got this "bearing" formula from this website: I've try adding, subtracting, the azimuth.. I've tried with the others, seriously at this point I'm just demoralized.

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Android :: Calculating Map Routes On Droid?

Sep 7, 2009

I am trying to calculate a route based based on either geographic location or address. I figured the obvious way would be to use some part of the built-in Google Maps package, but it proved harder than assumed. There used to be a package called, but from that disappeared with the 1.0 release of the Android SDK.

I know that Google Maps has a public JavaScript API, but since the application is developed for the Android (in Java) and I would like to have an offline alternative, is there any other library packages, built-in or 3rd party, that I can use to achieve this?

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Android :: Calculating Distance From Two Places

Oct 18, 2010

I have latitude and longitude of two places. Can i calculate the distance between them in android?

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Android :: Obtaining/calculating Process CPU Usage

May 4, 2009

How can I get/calculate current process CPU usage? ActivityManager provides method that returns a list of all active processes (list of RunningAppProcessInfo), but that class doesn't provide any CPU usage information.

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Android :: How To Get TTL Of UDP Packet In Java

Nov 24, 2010

I am using a Java application to send UDP packets to an Android device. There I have another Java application that receives these UDP packets and displays its data - very simple.Now I am working on some routing algorithms - therefore it would be nice to know how many hops a UDP packet did since it was send. My idea is to just read out the TTL (time-to-live) value of the packet and display it. Do you know if this is possible with pure Java? The class DatagramPacket doesn't give any hints at all.I guess that this is not possible because this information might already have been removed at a lower layer, but I just want to be sure. :-)

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Android :: Emulator TCP Packet Size

Jun 6, 2010

Has anyone tried to do a tcp client server app using the emulator using the pc as a server and the phone as the client?I've got a bit of an issue where its only sending one packet, ie 1491 bytes of data regardless of how much there actually is to send, from the client(Phone) to the server(PC).

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Android :: Capture Data Packet Of Dev Phone

Mar 20, 2009

Does anybody knows how can i capture data packets transmitted/ received by Dev Phone (real hardware)? this is very important in development stage.In emulator it's very easy, just start wireshark.I need to do the same in real hardware. Anybody knows?

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Samsung Captivate :: Music Jitter And Skipping Revisited

Jul 29, 2010

I thought I had this figured out when I took Weather and Toggle off the phone, but now I'm still having trouble with some stutter and skip with the music players I've tried. I've been using Mixzing recently and I've upped the buffer as high as it can go and still some skipping.

Anyone else having this problem/find a solution/have an idea what's causing it. I use the phone more for music than I do as a phone and this is really bugging me. Never had this problem with my *ahem* iPhone.

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Samsung Captivate :: Music Jitter And Skipping - Sussed

Jul 21, 2010

I was having a bunch of trouble when listening to the music player where every so often the thing would stutter while in playback. I was getting pissed and thinking I was going to have to take the Captivate back, but tonight as I was fooling around with launcher pro and listening to tunes i noticed that the hiccup came every time the clock widget changed minutes (Weather and Toggle). I deleted the widget and low and behold, stuttering gone.

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Android :: Calculate Energy Wasted To Transmit Single Packet?

Jun 2, 2010

I have implemented a routing protocol on an Android 1.6 mobile that uses wireless (ad-hoc) network in order to exchange messages. Now I would like to evaluate it under an energy consumption point of view, the base would be to try to calculate the energy wasted to transmit a single packet, do anybody has any idea how to do that? Software/hardware solutions are welcome! Thanx :)

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General :: Can't Use Packet Data Connection

Jun 19, 2013

I flashed a ROM called Custom Rom Ceberus V5 (S3 Edition) by Frang but the packet data connection does not appear in status bar when I touch it and I can't connect using packet data it the ROM's problem or there's something I need to do?

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General :: How To Gather Log Packet On Diagnostic Mode

Jun 2, 2012

I got an samsung(I9001) android smartphone. I work on Wireless network and I want to use my smartphone to gather lots of Log data to analysis network quality via diagnostic port. But I don't know how to implement data gathering on my Linux phone system,

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Android :: Android 2d Canvas Game - FPS Jitter

Jul 22, 2010

I based my game off of the lunar lander demo, although heavily modified, and I can get around 40-50fps but the problem is it fluctuates between 40-50fps so much that it causes the moving graphics to jitter! Its very annoying and makes my game look really shitty when in fact its running at a good frame rate.

I tried setting the thread priority higher but that just made it worse... now it will fluctuate between 40-60fps...

I was thinking of limiting the FPS to about 30 so that it will be constant. Is this a good idea and does anyone else have experience or a different solution?

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Android :: Android 2d Canvas Game: FPS Jitter

Jul 22, 2010

I based my game off of the lunar lander demo, although heavily modified, and I can get around 40-50fps but the problem is it fluctuates between 40-50fps so much that it causes the moving graphics to jitter! Its very annoying and makes my game look really shitty when in fact its running at a good frame rate.

I tried setting the thread priority higher but that just made it worse... now it will fluctuate between 40-60fps...

I was thinking of limiting the FPS to about 30 so that it will be constant. Is this a good idea and does anyone else have experience or a different solution?

This is my run loop


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HTC Desire : Reset Call Timers - Packet Data Sent On A Monthly Basis

Sep 15, 2010

I've looked for this and I can't find it, so I hope I'm not being stupid . All I want to do is reset the call timers and packet data sent on a monthly basis on my HTC Desire so I can tweak my monthly usage if necessary and not exceed my quota. I can't find a call usage summary anywhere on the phone; all I can find is individual times etc per recipient called.

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Android :: SMS Popup - Picture Loss

Nov 15, 2009

I downloaded a bunch of updates for my applications yesterday. I am currently using Ringo Lite and Chomp SMS. Since my update, It seems my SMS popup window no longer includes a picture of the contact.

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Android :: Random Complete Loss Of Database On Droid Only

Apr 22, 2010

Several Droid users have reported that my app's entire database just destroys itself randomly after a few days or so. This seems to be specific to the Droid. I'm at a loss. My app has a service that runs in the background to display notifications, it also supports widgets. Both of those (and the app itself, of course) access the database, and I marked every accessor to the database "synchronized", just in case. Any remote idea what could cause the entire database to just vanish?

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Android :: Application Uninstalled Resulting Loss Of Memory

Feb 14, 2010

Ive had an HTC G1 and I now have the Samsung Behold II. Theres a problem I've noticed on both phones. Lets say I have 60mb of flash memory and I download an app that is 5mb. That would put me down to 55 if my 2nd grade math serves me correctly. Now if I were to uninstall this app, my phone will only go back up to 58mb. Even after restarting the phone 10 times, taking the battery out or doing whatever, it remains at 58mb of memory.

I want to know why does this happen? And is there any way to recover that lost storage? I just find it a bit crappy management of memory. Because this problem can be more drastic, I downloaded a 20mb app which sucked balls, to which I quickly uninstalled. I only got 12mb of the 20 back. Thats 8mb lost somewhere. Again, I'm looking for at the very least an explanation

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Android :: How To Simulate Total Network Loss In Emulator?

Nov 11, 2010

I'm trying to write an application that needs to know when there is no IP network connection available. I am using the broadcast event along with ConnectivityManager to react to the changes in state to achieve this, but I'm having problems testing my set up in the emulator.I have tried both flight mode and pressing F8 to disable the "Cellular Network" but even with both of these engaged the application still "sees" the underlying network.Has anybody managed to find a way to simulate a total lack of network access?

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General :: How To Avoid Data Loss In Android Device

Apr 9, 2013

Am a MMX A110 user, the phone is really great apart from occasional hanging. yesterday, it got hang when I tried to open the gallery, then I had no other option other than to remove the battery and turn on. When I turned it on, I was caught by surprise ,the apps which were moved to SD card where missing and the app list in settings shows some damaged icon then I rushed to gallery to find out wats happening. All my 300 photos were lost. Except my contacts and messages everything were corrupted. Though I recovered most of the lost stuff. I still lost many important memories. Later, I formatted my memory card to solve this issue.

1)a backup app which can function without internet connection and can synchronize it with my computer

2)Security app something like an antivirus.

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Android :: App To Remotely Wipe Phone In Event Of Loss / Theft?

Sep 18, 2010

I have some pretty sensitive data on my phone and I'd be nervous if I lost it. I use SplashID, but since my Gmail is on there, that would be bad if it fell into the wrong hands. Is there an App to remotely erase all my data? Or, what about an App that can remotely sign out of Gmail? That would be ideal. I use the "pattern password thing (touch password)", but just in case someone cracks that I want to be able to remotely log out of Gmail. Can I do that?

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Android :: Image Displayed At Webview From Url With High Quality Loss

Mar 17, 2010

I want to display an image from an url with an Webview at Android. With Android phones with Version 1.5 and 1.6 there is no problem. but the same pic and the same code on an AndroidPhone with Version 2.0 and the pic is totaly pixelated. Like Android is resizing the image first to a smaller one and then resizing it back to "normal" size. Unfortunately its important to display the pic without any quality loss. I tried to integrate it in the sourcefolder to show it as an normal image, but at Android 2.0 i get an exception because the image is to big. (At Android 1.6 there is no problem) Any ideas how i can display the image without quality loss with Android 2.0 ?

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HTC EVO 4G :: 18% Battery Loss In 1hr

Jun 14, 2010

My phone has been off the charger for an hr! And is at 82% right now. This is the firstbtime.I've used it for anything...! My cell standby is 45% and phone Idle 44%. I never had a horrible battery, and I have done every trick.... we will see how the day goes.....

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Android :: Mobile Defense Tracking - Protect Your Phone From Theft And Loss

Jan 25, 2010

Mobile Defense Real-Time Tracking for Android Phones

Looking for that added security to protect your Android phone investment? This is the app you have been looking for and a must have for Android phone users. Mobile Defense hides itself once you install the app and activate it via SMS confirmation. There are no screenshots of the actual application except for the install screen above. Below is a screenshot of the tracking dashboard which uses Google Maps. I tried it and it tracked my phone right down to my exact address. Imagine having your phone stolen and showing up at the thief door? I would rather notify the local authorities and let them do the recovery work.

If your phone gets stolen all you have to do is log into the Mobile Defense website. The GPS on your phone lets you track its location. You can also send a message and loud audible tone(like a loud car alarm) to the phone. It works even if the ringer volume is off. The same process also works if you lose your phone. I know several friends that could use something like this. The beauty of Android is there an app out there for almost anything and more added every day.

This is a must have for all you new Android Phone users and those who haven not found this free jewel. Do you have Mobile Defense installed? Have you used it to find or retrieve your Android phone? If so please feel free to comment below. You can download this app direct to your android phone. Just scan the QR code below with Barcode Scanner application from Android Market:
Read other Android App Reviews at

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HTC EVO 4G :: Loss Of Voice - 3G Network

Sep 6, 2010

My phone has been working fine since June. Saturday morning I had no bars and the 3G icon was missing. I could not make a call nor access data. I re-started the phone and was able to make one call but then no bars. If I drive 1/2 north of my house everything is fine. Same with south. If I leave a two square mile radius from my house phone works just like it did before. I called Sprint to see if there was a problem with a tower or their network. Support only instructed me to do a factory reset. If that doesn't work I could take the phone to a service center. I drove to the local Sprint store - the phone worked fine. I am only having this problem - now -only at home. Issues with data at home is one thing but not being able to get voice calls is another. Will a factory reset work? Could something be blocking the signal? Other than getting a new phone how can I get Sprint to understand this problem?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Sudden Battery Loss

Nov 25, 2010

I've been here and XDA for quite a while but I recently started getting an increase of battery loss. Yes I know all about the not charging anymore once reaching 100% but that isn't the problem. I flashed Myns 2.2 R3 a while ago along with Kings #11 CFS. I was so happy when I realized it would take ~30 hours with occasional use and BeeJive running to hit 15% and warn me about low battery. It was only giving me ~23 hour with the same settings on Fresh A few days ago, it started dropping rapidly and I'm not sure what caused but I was able to narrow it down to a few things. I remembered on that day, I dropped it once. I prayed to god it was okay. Picked it up and everything was working fine. I go and install a few updates and forget about it. Didn't notice the battery drop until the next day. I was only getting ~17 hours with everything kept the same way. Is there a log that I can access of everything I changed? I used Google nav for about 8 hours non-stop and while it was charging 2 nights ago, the battery never increased. That has never happened before, it would always charge more than it would drain. I didn't want to wipe and flash everything back since it's going to be a long week. Had a family gathering yesterday and gave my little cousins the phone to play with since it had so many games. There's another dinner tonight and wiping it would be out of the option now and until next week. Even then I think I'll be hesitant to do so since I don't even know if the problem lies within the apps.

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HTC EVO 4G :: 25% Battery Loss In Under 20 Minutes

Jun 14, 2010

This morning I took my evo off the charger after charging the whole night. For some background info I have all my accounts to sync manually and I did the gsm data trick and I am not running a live wallpaper. So I start my phone and turn on my wifi( I have everything else off) I then go watch about 10 mins of youtube videos and check my email. So I started at 100% and at the end of the videos and checking my email I was at 75%! What is going on here? I have done everything I can to ensure proper battery life but this seems outrageous?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Signal Loss When Holding EVO

Jun 24, 2010

I started a thread a while ago about poor wifi performance on my phone (weak signal right next to my laptop that has good signal). Long story short, I discovered that if I'm holding the phone in my palm with fingers wrapped around the sides in usual fashion... my wifi -and cellular signal significantly weaken. Surprisingly, there was no response to this. I began to think maybe this is standard behavior for a smart phone. I mean, when I'm in my office which is the basement, I literally set the phone down or hold it with just two fingers pinching the sides in order to download something on wifi. This 'bulletin' just popped up on Boy Genius Report complaining of this exact same thing happening on the iPhone 4. What gives? Does this happen to other EVOs? Seems to happen on both mine and my wife's so I figured maybe it's just something I have to deal with. But if I have faulty hardware, I'd like to get it taken care of. Here's the link to the iphone article. Holding the iPhone 4 affects the antenna, degrades cellular signal?

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