Android :: Bluetooth Stack Becomes Unresponsive

Apr 13, 2010

After Bluetooth connection is lost. Bluetooth stack on HTC Legend is messed up. Nothing works till Bluetooth is turned off and on. Here is the sample, the problem is blocking read on the thread but InputStream.available call always returns 0 and cannot be used to implement some ugly, busy-waiting workaround. package; import; import; import; import; import java.util.UUID; import; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothDevice; import android.bluetooth.BluetoothSocket; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.Handler; import android.os.Message; import android.util.Log; import android.view.View; import android.view.View.OnClickListener; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.Button; import android.widget.ListView;

Android :: Bluetooth stack becomes unresponsive

General :: Built-in EQ For Android Bluetooth Stack?

May 18, 2012

Does Android use a built-in EQ or limiter on their Bluetooth stack? I am running into a situation where both of my android phones, One X and Nexus One, have developed a "clipping" noise when I listen to music through the Bluetooth in my car. This same clipping doesn't happen when I listen to podcasts, only music. My assumption is that something in the framework is clipping the audio saying that it is too loud and causing this to happen.

I have also used the same Bluetooth setup my WP7 phone, an HTC Titan, and I do not hear this same noise at all. I have only heard this through my android phones which leaves me to believe that it is something based in OS level and not the Bluetooth set up itself.

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Jelly Bean :: Bluetooth Makes Keyboard Glitch / Unresponsive

Nov 23, 2013

My Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 makes my keyboard glitch and unresponsive. I have updated the headset's firmware etc. As soon as I turn off the headset, the keyboard returns to normal.

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HTC Incredible :: Full Bluetooth Stack With CM6

Aug 17, 2010

I tried so many roms in the past 2 weeks, and the interesting thing is,only CM6 has the full bluetooth stack (which also allow HID support) bluetooth keyboard and mouse.How come no other room are compiled with the bluetooth stack?Is it only me who needs a full working bluetooth?or I did something wrong?

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HTC Incredible :: Bluetooth Stack Stripped Of SPP

May 12, 2010

Has anyone been able to successfully use a SPP Bluetooth device with their Incredible?I have been trying to connect a QStarz BT-Q890 Bluetooth GPS unit to my HTC Incredible. The BT-Q890 uses the Bluetooth protocol SPP (Serial Port Profile I think) to communicate. There is some indication that SPP support has been removed from the Bluetooth stack by HTC/Sense.While the BT-Q890 pairs with my phone, I cannot get the "Bluetooth GPS" app from Googoo or the "Bluetooth GPS Service" app from Trackaroo to communicate with the device. Both apps fail to establish a connection to the BT GPS, and sometimes even hang my phone and cause a phone reboot!I have tested my BT-Q890 with a Motorola Droid and the connection was fine. I also tried it with a second Incredible, and received the same failures.Help!

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General :: Bluetooth Stack AIDL Reflection Methods?

Feb 17, 2013

I work at a small company that fields autonomous android devices which programmatically connect to bluetooth telemetry devices. These devices require pins, so we need to automatically create a pairing in order to connect to the bluetooth devices. We DO have root access.

Since the new Bluetooth Stack in Android 4.2, I have been unable to use this common AIDL bluetooth reflection method in our private utility app:

public IBluetooth getIBluetooth() {
IBluetooth ibt = null;
try {
Class c2 = Class.forName("android.os.ServiceManager");
Method m2 = c2.getDeclaredMethod("getService",String.class);
IBinder b = (IBinder) m2.invoke(null, "bluetooth");


The issue about this strategy no longer working is documented here. I previously used the setPin method as well as the createBond method from this Interface, and now I cannot.

Is there anyway to manually create a bluetooth pair profile under Android 4.2? Is there a database file where the profiles are stored that we can use root and sqlite3 to access?

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Android :: Stack Of Activity From Activity Stack

Nov 2, 2009

There is a stack of activity i want to call the activity from that stack , My question is that is it possible to check from that stack and call that intent.When i press home button and again when i press the executable it should start the activity where i have left .Is it possible?Any example related to the same would be great help

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Android :: Unresponsive Facebook Mobile App / Fix It?

Mar 2, 2009

Anyone else finding the Facebook Mobile app is often unresponsive lately? Often these days I receive a white screen with the animated round arrow and the first screen never appears. Anyone have a fix?

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Android :: MapOverlay Turns Phone Unresponsive

Jun 11, 2010

I'm trying to draw some points (around 200) in a MapOverlay and noticed that the application gets slow and the phone becomes unresponsive. After adding the Log.i message I found the problem, the loop is run endlessly (note that the phone is quiet and there's nothing happening in the background): Is this a "normal" behaviour, a bug in the OS or am I doing something wrong?Here's my code...

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LG Eve :: Stuck On Android Splash Screen - Completely Unresponsive

Jun 2, 2010

So I've searched the forum database and the internet at large and can't seem to find anyone with 'exactly' my problem. My Eve has been problematic since I got it 3 months ago. I perform at least 10 battery pulls a day to get it to 'wake up' because nothing else works. It started to get really cranky on Friday night but it continued working -- very slowly -- but I kept getting error msgs (don't ask me, can't remember!) The battery dies, so I plugged it in overnight. Since then it turns on, shows the Rogers screen, gets to the Android screen with the light scrolling across the letters, then hangs there. Twice I somehow managed to get it to a screen that said ARM11 has failed and gave me 2 options, volume down or volume up. I tried each of these once, same thing. Today it somehow got to! EMERGENCY MODE but was then completely unresponsive while showing this text.

I called Rogers and he suggested I do an update but that it would erase all my info. I was desperate and tried this, but to no avail. Did not do anything different to my phone. As I sit here typing, the Android screen is scrolling sideways, doing it's thing. Meanwhile I have no cell phone. Apparently Rogers doesn't replace it (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). They ship it on my behalf to LG who assesses and decides if they will replace or inform Rogers to inform me that it needs to be repaired, then LG charges me $30 for the assesment. Could take 2-3 weeks -- they will give me an old flip phone to use for that time. Meanwhile no discount on the monthly Data/Cell phone plan. It's kind of striking a nerve. I'm considering sending it back and buying a used iPhone 3G for $300 and if I get the Eve back, I'll sell it over the internet.

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Android :: OOM After Image View Make Phone Unresponsive

Sep 16, 2010

My app, among other things, downloads and displays images from the Internet. Some might be too large and trigge an OOM when ImageView.setImage() is called. Of course, this normally makes the application to crash. I've put catch (OutOfMemoryError e) around the method invocation. I know that catching errors is unusual, but in JSE applications it proved to work pretty good, especially when the problem was due to image manipulation that consumed all the memory. The Android app seemed to survive for a while, but then it blocked the computer. All buttons are irresponsive, even though the phone seems still alive (e.g. it's playing the audio notification that new email has been spotted). I tried holding the power button, it triggered the shut down menu, but touching a menu option didn't do anything. Only after a while, the phone became responsive again.

Now, it's reasonable that one can't display everything on a smartphone; I'm sure there's some inefficient memory management I'm doing (perhaps keeping too many images in memory); ok, I have to improve my code. Given that I'll do, how can I add some safety facility to avoid the most severe consequences? Making an irresponsive application it's a 100% sure way to make people to uninstall my app and give bad reviews. I'm thinking of a two-pronged safety approach: 1) whether it's possible to understand in advance whether an image is too large to be rendered by itself;
2) whether it's possible to recover from an OOM in any case.

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HTC EVO 4G : Lockscreen Unresponsive / How To Fix?

Sep 12, 2010

When I get a phone call, the lockscreen is unresponsive and I can't slide it down to answer...anyone else having this problem? It's been happening a lot on my wife's new White Evo and it just happened on my Evo, very annoying. Anyone know how to fix this or what causes it?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen Unresponsive When On Charger

Jun 5, 2010

I have a third-party micro-USB charger that I bought in an airport once for my Tour. When I plug it into my EVO, the screen becomes unresponsive. I'm not using the charger for now. Is this charger potentially causing damage to my phone?

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HTC Incredible :: Touchscreen - Lag - Unresponsive

Sep 4, 2010

Give me reason enough to confirm my impressions of the Droid X and Droid 2's touchscreen compared to the Incredible.

Similar Threads:

From Droid X forum - "Touchscreen Lag?"
From Droid X forum - "Touchscreen unresponsive"

So I had to take my wife's EnV Touch in for a software update on Friday. I started playing with all the Android phones in the store (and yes I own an Incredible...since launch day). There were three Droid 2's and two Droid X phones on display and all 5 seemed to have crappy touchscreens compared to the Incredible. The 1 Motorola Devour actually had a better feeling touchscreen, more responsive and fluid. I felt like the Droid 2 and Droid X touchscreens were rough and had an issue picking up my touch consistently. The two Incredibles on display behaved just like mine.

The LG Ally phones on display worked ok, I hate the haptic feedback. It feels like a capacitive version of my wife's phone. Honestly, it didn't seem much better than the resistive touchsceen on her phone. If a live wallpaper was enabled, forget using the phone lol.

The Devour running 1.6...gotta say I was impressed at it's performance and responsiveness for such low-end hardware. If I had to get my wife a smartphone it'd be an Incredible, but if she HAD to have a physical keyboard I would probably suggest the Devour to her. She could care less for flash, the Android version, or getting a lot of apps.

Anyway, this was just an observation. Some people are probably fine with Motorola's touchscreen but are pissed at the Incredible's battery life. The Incredible really seems to shine with a good custom kernel and a larger battery. If Verizon does get a version of the EVO I hope they go with a minimum of 1500mAh. Then again, I'm fine with my Incredible until 4g enters my area. Given my location, it may be a couple years when they finish the 4g rollout.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Randomly Screen Will Become Unresponsive

Jul 27, 2010

I have yet another problem now occurring with my Evo randomly my screen will become unresponsive it will pretty much be the lock screen without the time and date bar just my background and notification bar at top and nothing works at all the only way to fix it is by taking the battery out and putting it back in.. i have no idea what is causing it, but it seems to happen randomly today it happened about four times throughout the day. thankfully im getting a new one in a week or two because of the usb port randomly breaking

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HTC Desire :: Screen Flickering - Unresponsive

Jul 20, 2010

Had my desire on charge last night as usual, woke up in middle of the night, hit the button on the top of the desire so i could see the time, but rather than the screen lock appearing my homepage appeared but it was rapidly flashing between that and a white screen and was unresponsive. I have the spinning earth and moon live wallpaper for weeks now and the moon was moving back and forth a tiny amount much like when you press pause on an old VCR.

After a few seconds swiping with my finger it eventually responded and the flickering went but came back when i swiped screens once more. i unplugged it from the charger and it did it again.

I then took the battery out and put it back in and since then it seems to be working normally. I also noted that the clock had been frozen at 00.15, when i resolved the prob it jumped to the true time of 03.30. 00.15 was probably about the time i put it on charge so has plugging it in caused it to lock up?

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Motorola Droid X :: Touchscreen Unresponsive

Jul 21, 2010

Has anyone noticed their touchscreen being unresponsive (in other words its like their is lag and it's sticking and you have press down harder than normal for something to register) from time to time? This has occurred while I texting or just trying to scroll through the different screens. Generally when this happens I press the power button on top and press it again and it seems to go away. I have a stock phone with no apps installed aside from Google Maps from the Market.

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HTC Desire :: Wifi Unresponsive After OTA Update To 2.10.405.20?

Oct 3, 2010

I have spent the better part of a day with this and still am without functioning wi-fi. Let me summarise:decided to flash my Orange branded Desire with the stock Froyo RUU on Friday eve. created goldcard, downloaded RUU, all went well and very quickly. Noticeable battery life improvement with Froyo, even smoother when scrolling etc etc. All good Stupidly this morning, I decide to check for an update, without my goldcard inserted. Installed update to 2.10.405.20. Wifi dies I tried instructions to revert back to stock 2.1, using same goldcard. I had issues with this so had to create new goldcard on a new sdcard.after numerous attempts I finally was able to start the update only for the bootloader screen to display CID error: update fail!I know this has been answered on various forums (including here) but the info is now so disjointed and has not been update in about 3 weeks, that I feel a little lost now. Software spec:
H boot - 0.92.0001
radio -
software - 2.10.405.20
webkit - 3.1
baseband -
can someone please offer some help? I simply want to revert back to stock 2.1 again, find an RUU to get back up to froyo again, and this time, ignore the (seemingly insignificant) update that caused my wifi to fall over!

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HTC Incredible :: Unresponsive Screen In Car Dock

Jun 27, 2010

I am well aware of a few threads on this topic but I just got off the phone with HTC. The rep asked me to do a hard (factory) reset of the phone and see if that resolves the problem. I am not ready to do that at this point, and he said there was nothing he could do unless I was willing to reset first. In fact, he said they didn't have a lot of complaints about this at this time.So, please call HTC (or email them) if you have this issue. If enough people do, they will "look into it" and if the problem is similar to the EVO issue, maybe it wont be long for the software fix to come.I am not willing to do a factory reset because I have put too much time into getting my phone where I want it to be and this problem only effects when I try and use in car NOT plugged in (which I rarely do).

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HTC Incredible :: Unresponsive Screen When In Car Dock?

Apr 30, 2010

Basically, the phone screen is unresponsive when your not holding it or any time it's not grounded. If I put it in the car holder and then touch the screen, its very sporadic.I have compared it with the droid eris and the Moto Droid under the same conditions at the same time, and it performs flawlessly. I have tried the incredible with the screen protector and without.If I take it out of the dock and hold the phone in my hand, it works great again.It's not just the car dock either. If I set it on certain surfaces and just touch it with one finger it does the same thing. The car dock itself has nothing to do with it. I've narrowed it down to a grounding issue. I've also tested 3 Incredibles and ALL of them do it. I am going to post another video showing it on top of a piece of styrofoam which also creates the problem. It's definitely more widespread then just a few phones. Basically, If the phone has very little ground it is unresponsive. If you ground it, either by holding it or placing it on a surface that is grounded then it solves the problem. If you plug anything into it that is grounded it solves the problem.

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HTC Desire :: Unresponsive Optical Trackpad

Jul 29, 2010

The trackpad in my desire is a bit "leggy". I don't know if this is normal but in menus it only moves 1 tile at a time even if I drag all my finger over it. I have seen blackberry trackpads and they are supper smooth Sometimes when editing text I have to move it 3-5 times to get to the right position.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Swipe To Unlock Phone Sometimes Unresponsive

Jul 10, 2010

So its only when the phone is ringing. The swipe to get it out of the locked mode can be so unresponsive that I miss the phone call. Is there a calibration for the screen?

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HTC Desire :: Installed Old ROM - Screen Unresponsive

Nov 23, 2010

I have a desire with slcd and I installed an old ROM for AMOLED screens. It resulted in my phones screen being unresponsive. I bought the phone from someone who rooted it and don't quite understand how to do this procedure. Also if there's anyone from Southern Ontario (golden horseshoe area) that could do it for me that would be great as well.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Search Button Sometimes Completely Unresponsive

Aug 18, 2010

My soft button on the bottom right has been temperamental lately. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it is completely unresponsive. The screen above it is fine and everything else works. No separation that I notice.

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Motorola Droid X :: Screen Becomes Unresponsive

Nov 20, 2010

I have noticed in the last couple weeks that my X will start to lose some screen sensitivity and make it almost impossible to type on, whether in portrait or landscape mode. Yesterday I actually had the screen become completely unresponsive. The hardware buttons worked fine. I could bring up my last 8 opened apps, open up the settings bar, even hit home and it would let me check which home screen I wanted to go to. But the actual screen would not respond to anything. I held down the power button to chose to power down the phone for a reset, because for some reason I was expecting to be able to select shut down from an unresponsive screen, and couldn't select this for the said reason. I did a battery pull and was able to use it again. Has anyone had this happen to them? Any thoughts?

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HTC Desire HD :: Unresponsive Gap In Touch Screen

Nov 14, 2010

just got my desire HD on friday and i've noticed a massive problem already. a part of the screen is unresponsive or just doesn't work properly. its a massive pain to try and type on and sometimes a button to press is in that gap on the screen so essentially you cant select it? a friend of mine has got an experia phone and he said he had the same issue but, when he did a 'manual update on his computer using software on phone?' it fixed it. so i'm hoping this could be a software fix and hopefully not have to wait to send it back.i hope you guys have heard of a problem like this and could really help me

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Unresponsive Or OS Slowdown?

Nov 18, 2010

It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens 7-10 times a day.Basically I can be using the keyboard or even in an App (like say angry birds) and the screen becomes unresponsive.The speed and responsiveness is comparable to trying to do anything on a 486 PC with a virus scan running.I type a letter and five seconds later it shows up.Interestingly, if I hit the sleep button, and then wake the phone back up it's completely fixed.I'm not saying I'm unique in this, I'm just saying I haven't figured out the correct search terms.I have a HTC Incredible, with the updated 2.2, vanilla.I highly doubt it is an App but here is my list just in case.
advocatus's Apps on the phone

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HTC EVO 4G :: Top Part Of Touch Screen Unresponsive

Nov 18, 2010

Just recently, the top part of the screen where I would normally swipe to slide out the notification tray turned unresponsive. I downloaded the screen test tookit and tested the touch screen, and it confirmed the top part of the screen is not registering any touches. Is there anyway to fix this? Or am I stuck with this unless I bring it back to Sprint?

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HTC Desire HD :: Phone's Become Slow And Unresponsive

Oct 26, 2010

Since about 10pm last night my dhd has become unbelievably slow. every key press (whether it's accessing a menu or typing a word) has a delay and even loading my inbox takes several seconds. the circular sync logo is displaying itself most of the time on the top right of the screen, so it could be something to do with that? i've tried rebooting the phone, going offline etc. but nothing seems to be able to fix it.anyone else had this problem with a desire or desire hd before? it worries me a little. i hate stuff like this...

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Nexus :: Su Permissions - Black And Unresponsive

Jun 25, 2010

When I use a app the requires super user permissions it hours to the su permissions screen but its all black and unresponsive... It wasn't doing this before

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