Android :: Best Way To Stay On Top Of Newly Released Apps?

Mar 26, 2010

Are there any good sites to subscribe to via RSS, or is there a way to see daily added apps to the market?

Android :: Best way to stay on top of newly released apps?

General :: Unable To Add Widget Of Newly Installed Apps

May 29, 2012

I've installed some apps (weather channel, Astrid tasks and others) for which I'm sure there's a widget, but for some reason, from homescreen/menu/add/widget, they do not appear. In fact, I'm stuck with the initial list of widgets available and can't see anything new there. (I'm still on GB, not ICS)

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Android :: Which Apps Do You Stay Away From?

Mar 24, 2010

I'm just curious. I've found a few that messed with my settings or wouldn't work correctly.So which apps would you recommend to never install?Personally, I haven't found any that really messed up my phone... yet.

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Android :: Do IM Apps Actually Stay Connected?

Jul 8, 2010

I'm upset, folks. After months of trying, I STILL cannot find a single instant messaging app for my HTC Eris (2.1) that will STAY CONNECTED.I primarily want to connect to MSN (Windows Live, whatever they call it now) as well as Yahoo and AIM, though if I could only get MSN to work I'd be satisfied. However all the apps I've tried (ALL OF THEM!) behave the same way. Each one will connect, and either not show me as online to the rest of the world (verified my by gf), show my friends as not being signed in (when they actually are), and randomly disconnect me and NEVER RECONNECT ME unless I manually bring up the app on the screen. It's as if the apps have no connection to the IM's servers, or reality itself.I have tried MSN Talk, Meebo, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz. Each one of these claims to automatically reconnect if there's a problem, but NONE of them ACTUALLY DO. No matter what, I drop off, I'm shown as "signed out" to the outside world, and the apps will only reconnect (or pretend to reconnect) when I manually bring the app to the screen.I would expect that any IM might disconnect if I went out of signal range and came back, however this happens even when the signal is strong and uninterrupted. And it NEVER reconnects if I leave the phone alone. ONLY if I manually bring the IM app up does it even go through the motions of a reconnect.I can try messaging people even when it looks like it's connected to the server(s), but over half the time, the messages don't make it, because it's not REALLY connected at all.Again, this is using ALL IM apps I've tried so far.I refuse to believe that Android has ZERO working IM apps available, so... is there one that actually works properly? Is there some setting or tweak that will "keep-alive" the connection? Is there a problem with my Eris? Or... are there really no working IM apps for Android?

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Android :: Moving Apps / Why Does Original Widget Stay In Place?

Dec 29, 2009

Just got my droid and noticed after app download that when u move the app to another screen. the original remains on the grey screen it was on before. Should it? I though by moving it onto a panel of lets say music and media only that it would move away from it's original location. I prefer to see it on only one panel. Any ideas?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Apps Won't Stay Killed

Nov 10, 2009

So I installed Advanced Task Killer so I can kill apps to get my phone to run faster. (Namely Stock SMS because of the non-sleep problem). But after a while, i open up task killer and low and behold.... the apps are open again. Anyone find a fix to this?

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HTC Desire :: Make LED Lights Stay On Until I Check It / Apps That Can Change Color Of It?

Nov 2, 2010

I thank HTC for trying to take Blackberry's notification LED and implementing on our Desire
However, I have yet to find it useful because the LED light (other than battery indication) stops functioning after few minutes for missed calls, text msgs

I was hoping once they update it to 2.2, they would fix this problem.
Is there ANY way to make the LED lights stay on until I check it?
Also, are there any apps that can change the color of the LED light?

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General :: Putting Limit On Max Number Of Apps That Can Stay In Task-switcher Cache?

Mar 24, 2012

how about putting a limit on the max number of apps that can stay in the task-switcher cache? or allowing selectively selecting which ones stay in the memory N others like tools n utilities frontends (like cpu spy, callrecorder, camera, setcpu no frills, etc) should get the heck out of the cache.

the ideal would be to have only 4 real-app (not utility/tool) [not]processes /cached tasks/ at max for 512mb fones (like my xperia s) and maybe 6 for 1gb ones.

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Android :: Can I Get A Web Link To My Newly Published App?

Nov 16, 2010

I have just published my application and would to be able to provide a link on my website that will show my application? Also, if they browse to my website on their phone, is there some kind of link I can add that the user can click on that will take them to the market to download my app?

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Android :: Newly Purchased Mytouch 3G Not Working

Jan 21, 2010

I just bought a like new mytouch 3g on craigslist and it has some weird things going on with it. I turned it on and it says Vodafone on the splash screen instead of mytouch 3g and then it goes to a screen that says HTC magic instead of the Android screen (i had one before so i know that is wrong). It is also only on Cupcake 1.5 and all the preloaded wallpapers and some of the apps are not what come on the tmobile one normally. The weird thing is is that it is FOR SURE a U.S. tmobile phone. Ive looked up all the info on the fastboot menu and it works and my 3g works. I googled this problem and 1 other person that i found had this too. They thought someone might have halfway rooted and not done it all the way (mine is definitely not rooted). I just want to get back the original tmobile os or firmware or whatever so i can update to 1.6 through them normally.

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Android :: How To Keep OnItemSelected From Firing Off On A Newly Instantiated Spinner

Apr 1, 2010

I've thought of some less than elegant ways to solve this, but I know I must be missing something.

My onItemSelected fires off immediately without any interaction with the user, and this is undesired behavior. I wish for the UI to wait until the user selects something before it does anything.

I even tried setting up the listener in the onResume, hoping that would help, but it doesn't. How can I stop this from firing off before the user can touch the control?


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Android :: Openly Hostile Rant To Android Developers On Apps That Won't Shut Off Or Stay Shut Off

Jun 28, 2010

What possible reason could there be for you to code your apps so that they switch on in the background when the phone is turned on and use up precious battery life?

Or, why would you code your apps to stay on after I, the user, have hit the back button because I no longer want your app to run?

I mean, REALLY! Yes, I own up to being a newbie Android user, and what I don't know could fill the Library of Congress. Still, this is common sense we're talking about here. I've done some industrial app development and Enter/Exit, On/Off are basic pieces of logic in the main loop of an program in any language.

The only reason that we phone users need task killer apps is because you developers insist on creating apps that don't know when the f**k to turn themselves off.

And, it seems to me like you, the app developers, are one of the main reason why these phones have such crappy battery life. I mean, my Samsung Instinct, as bad as it was, got 18 to 24 hours of life off of one charge. With the Hero, I'm lucky if I can get 10 hours, and that's even with configuring my email download to only three times per day!

This is not hard, people. You code the app to stay off until, I, the user, manually turn it on. AND, you also code it to turn off when I, the user, hit the back button.

Yes, I understand that there are certain apps that it is advantageous to keep running in the background. So, fine, make it so those keep running. BUT, there is no possible reason for apps like Flashlight, or BBC News, or Camera, or SprintTV to have to run all the time in the background!

I am so tempted to just trash the lot of you. If I did, maybe I might not have as much functionality, but my teenager would be able to reach me late in the day because my phone battery would still have juice.

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Media :: Newly Copied Mp3's Doesn't Show Up

Nov 10, 2010

So this is what's happening to me: Yesterday I tried to upload some music (mp3 format) to my HTC Legend. And none of the newly copied tracks show up on any of my media players. I can reach them in Astro and such and even play them but there is no info showing up on the media player screen. I tried to erase cache of the MP and the media, tried to reboot the device but nothing happened. Funny thing though: When I erase some of my old mp3s and then load them back up, media players show them properly. I really don't know what to do please somebode help. The only thing I didn't try is restoring to factory default.

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HTC Hero :: How To Rename Newly Created Folder?

Jan 30, 2010

When I create new folder to my home, how can I rename it. I am having difficulty finding this option.

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Motorola Droid :: What Are Newly Rooted User / Kernals?

Jun 24, 2010

Can someone explain kernals? I recently rooted my phone and am running froyo, but I am still in the dark on what kernals are...

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Newly Rooted With Fresh 2.3.3 Installed?

Aug 17, 2010

I am not tech savy at all and I just pulled this off! I rooted and installed Fresh 2.3.3. I've read that you need to change the "kernel" but dont how to do this. I found this thread [KERNEL][7/22/10]Darchstar's Overclocked Undervolted kernel for senseUI roms vUV 2 - xda-developers but its not making sense either. Also read about SetCPU to increase speed. Can someone please post up links and explanations?

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Declaring Methods As Part Of Newly Constructed Instance?

Aug 10, 2012

In several of the tutorials I've gone through, the following syntax is used:


Handler handler = new Handler()
public void handleMessage(Message msg)
//do stuff

1) What is this achieving? Is this allowing you to override one particular method for only THAT instance that you've just created, without needing to extend the entire class?

2) What is this syntax best called or described as? I tried Googling for stuff like, "declare method inside new instance" and such, and got nothing.

3) Are there any best practices/potholes that I should be aware of in using this? (e.g. "it's generally discouraged", etc.)

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General :: Unable To Find Newly Installed Application?

Feb 8, 2012

I recently installed an application on my motorola droid pro but is unable to find it in my list of applications. However i can see it as an installed application in Manage Applications option. How can i get this app working?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Home Run 3d Game Not Working On Newly Updated 2.1

May 17, 2010

I just updated my eris with the new 2.1 and downloaded the homerun 3d game. It doesn't seem to work. does this happen to your eris at all?

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HTC Eris :: Newly Rooted To KaosFroyo V34 / Degraded The WiFi Radio?

Sep 19, 2010

This unit's radios worked reasonably well until rooted. Now, only 10' from the wireless router, it's intermittent. Phone and Bluetooth are both ok Our two laptops and the wireless printer have no problems. Everything else about this newly-rooted phone is terrific. What could I have done that degraded the WiFi radio? What can I do to get WiFi back?

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HTC Eris :: Short Battery Life On Newly Rooted Phone

Nov 22, 2010

This is the first time I've rooted a phone, and i picked the Kaos Froyo V38 as the rom, but I've noticed since i did all of this my battery has been far far worse than what it was un-rooted. Today, for example i had my phone off the charger and on vibrate (with gps, mobile network off) and i was down to under 15% in under 5 hours. This is so much worse. Is it because i'm now running 2.2? What can i do to help this besides wiping the battery data (in the recovery menu)? I'm not really good with all of this yet, so some suggestions would be wonderful.

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Samsung Fascinate :: Best Settings For Newly Rooted Phone Using Setcpu?

Nov 4, 2010

Can anyone tell me whats the best settings for a newly rooted fascinate using setcpu? When I install it its set to min on both sliders. Not sure where I should start with it. Also I dont have any voodoo kernals loaded (yet) So I just want to get it set up to start playing around.

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OnDraw - Invalidate - Make It Redraw Only Newly Drawn Lines

Jun 23, 2012

I have a simple draw application on Canvas. User should be able to draw with a chosen color. On MotionEvent.ACTION_UP, invalidate() is called. Now it redraws previously drawn lines with the current color ( Redrawing the entire drawing with the current color). I do not want to change the color of previously drawn lines. I am not sure what is missing. Can I make it redraw only newly drawn lines?

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Motorola Droid :: Put Overclocked Kernals Like Slayers On Newly Rooted Frg22

Sep 13, 2010

So Im running stock rooted frg22 and was wondering if I could put overclocked kernals like slayers or something over it because I want to overclock and am satisfied with the stock froyo rom.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: To Stay Root Or Not To Stay Root

May 19, 2010

so im running fresh 2.1 and i LOVE IT. i see official 2.1 came out. should i unroot and get the official update or just stay with fresh ?

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Android :: When Is SDK Based On Cupcake Getting Released

Mar 3, 2009

We are developing some applications on cupcake which depend on packages not available in 1.1 version of SDK and will not build on it. Debugging and make are very slow on ubuntu open source. So, we are eagerly waiting for a windows SDK based on cupcake. Is there a timeframe defined for it by Google?

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Android :: Torrent Client Just Released

Jul 15, 2010

A torrent client for android is just released. It's a dTor BitTorrent Client. I've not used it so don't have review of it. Just check it out..
dTor BitTorrent Client v1.0RC1 v1.0.0 Application for Android | Communication

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Android :: Skype Application Released For G1?

Apr 15, 2009

I thought skype released a G1 app. But a search on the market doesn't find anything. Has it recently been taken out of the store or what?

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Android :: Why Netflix App Has Been Released On Opening Day Of WP7?

Nov 8, 2010

Does anyone know why a Netflix app has been released on opening day of WP7, but us Android users are still waiting? What is really going on with developers ignoring Android? I'm just saying.

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Android :: Buster Bus Schedule App Released

Oct 28, 2009

When is my bus? Start Buster, and you'll instantly know just when your bus will arrive at your stop. Uses your phone's location sense to find your stop and your buses, with a single click. Buster supports the metropolitan transportation networks of Austin, Boston, Denver, and Sacramento. More cities soon (including Los Angeles by the weekend with luck).

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