Android :: Best Note Application - Allow To Sync Between Computer Web And Phone?

Jun 11, 2010

I usually use Evernote but am seriously disappointed with the lack of offline notes. Anyone have a better solution that will allow syncing between my computer the web and my phone?

Android :: Best Note application - allow to sync between computer web and phone?

Android :: Note Application That Can Sync To A Server

May 20, 2009

I am looking for a note application and have tried quite a few.
What I would like is the ability to sync with a server so I can also edit the file from a PC. Most applications I have come across involve having to export to SD which as rather too manual (and hence error prone) for my liking.

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Android :: How To Enter People On Phone To Sync With Computer?

Oct 25, 2010

i click on people on my phone then in the phone /google line i select google.then i type name of person.then i type phone number. then i click save. i check my computer and it does not i doing something wrong? my google calendar syncs and my email works and my google tasks syncs.but not my people.i dont understand.

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HTC Hero : Way To Sync Phone With Computer?

Oct 9, 2010

I just bought my HTC Hero a few days ago and just found this forum as well. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to sync my phone to my computer. I didn't get any CD with it. I am also wondering if I hard reset my phone back to factory default, will all the apps, etc that were there out of the box, still be there? If I can sync with my computer, can I put my contacts back on from my computer? And, finally, there is a "notice" type "bell" sound every so often on my phone, but I have checked messages and phone calls as well as email, plus there are no notifications at top...what might it be? Thanks for your help. Hope I haven't posted something that has been talked about a million times before.

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HTC Desire :: Phone Not Detecting Computer - Can't Sync Music

Jul 28, 2010

I have an urgent problem with my desire and would appreciate any help. My desire is not detecting my computer when I connect the USB, I connect it and it begins charging instead of asking me about the connection type. As I was puzzled and thought this was very strange, I checked the "connect to PC" settings only to find out the "ask me" option was indeed enabled . When I connect the USB to the computer it begins charging and displays "USB" on battery status, but it does not actually detect the computer, nor does the computer detect the phone (even when I change the default connection type to "disk drive" it continues on charge mode). Has anyone any clue as to what is wrong with my desire? I am very confused because as I said, I select the "ask me" option but it does not "ask me", I really want to fix this as it means I cannot sync music onto it, any ideas?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Sync Pictures From Phone To Computer?

Dec 6, 2009

Is there a way to sync pictures from phone to computer?

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HTC Incredible :: Automatically Sync With My Computer - Phone Memory?

Jun 1, 2010

Should the incredible just automatically sync with my computer? When I had my droid I just plugged it in and the droid said " do you want to sync" and I choose yes and I could go into "my computer" and into my phones files to drag and drop files etc, this phone is not giving me that option.

Secondly how much memory should be available under phone memory? Mines has 701mbs available but nothing saved to the 16gb card I have. How do I move things currently saved to the phone under the memory card?

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HTC Legend :: Unable To Sync Phone With Mac / Do I Need Software For Computer?

Jun 21, 2010

Are there any problems syncing an HTC Legend with a Mac, do i need software for the computer or will it sync automatically via usb.

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Android :: Any Application For Sending SMS From Computer To Phone?

Sep 16, 2009

There's an app for this - Droid Messenger. Only their site is down, so can't try it. Is there an alternative app? I want to be able to send texts from my computer - through the web to my phone - then out to the recipient.

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Sprint Hero :: HTC Sync - Phone Can't Find It On Computer / Solution For This?

Dec 20, 2009

Is anyone having issues with HTC Sync and the phone not being able to find it on the computer? I've used it before, but today it doesn't want to find it on my computer. I uninstalled sync from the computer, and reinstalled it, even tried a hard reset on my phone, still no go.

Any ideas? Or am I just an idiot and doing something wrong?

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Android :: Any IM Application For Voice Chat From Phone To Computer?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a girlfriend abroad who's on Live Messenger and Skype. I've got a WiFi router and a HTC Desire (Android 2.2). I'd like to use my phone to somehow be able to talk to her for free, just like we're doing it when we're both on our computers, either through WiFi or through mobile broadband, it doesn't matter much. I've browsed through other threads and found the following apps mentioned:

*Nimbuzz: Seems to change you for calling.
*MSN Talk: All I can do is send text messages(?).
*Sipdroid: Seems to want some kind of account info that neither me nor my girlfriend has.
*Google Talk (built in): All I can do is send text messages(?).

Have I missed something? Is there another app I should be using? I could ask my girlfriend to install another app other than Live Messenger & Skype if needed, as long as it's easy to use.

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General :: Galaxy Note SGH-i717 - Computer Won't Recognize

Oct 15, 2013

My Galaxy Note SGH-i717 isn't getting recognized by all of my computers running either Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit or Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.This all started after my dog knocked off the phone with her Chuck Norris-like tail, and it sent the phone to download mode. After I got the phone off Download Mode, the phone sometimes doesn't charge, it keeps on thinking it's connected to a dock or a MHL device, and of course it won't get recognized by a computer. i planned on putting CyanogenMod on it, after I heard that the 4.2.2 rom went to a stabl status, Odin doesn't detect the phone is in Download Mode either.there is absolutely no thread for the SGH-i717.

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General :: Samsung Note Replacing Desktop Computer?

Dec 14, 2011

I already have a old windows bluetooth keyboard that works with android.

I only use computer to surf the webb, write, read. Watch some youtube.

Can bluetooth mouse be used with android? Not that it's necessery

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Android :: Note Taking App - Sync With Gmail

Dec 27, 2009

There are many note taking apps but I am looking for one that e-mails me the note to my own gmail account as soon as the note is created.

Some note taking apps have this feature. For example, AK Notepad has a "share" button that allows you to open up gmail and e-mail the contents of the note to anyone. This is pretty much what I want but the problem with AK Notepad is that to send myself the note I need to do the following:

1. Create the note
2. Select menu
3. Select "Share"
4. Scroll to "gmail"
5. Gmail pops open - enter in contact information (in my case it would be
6. Send e-mail.

I want an app that essentially skips steps 2-6. I want it so that AS SOON as a note is written it is automatically sent to my gmail as an email.

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Android :: Any Application For Tablet To Phone Sync?

Nov 18, 2010

I know the tabs have only been out for a short time, but has anyone seen an app for sync between an Android phone to the Tab? I would love the ability to have my phone in the other room and have my tab ring or show me I have an incoming/missed call or waiting text, on my phone. Even better would be the ability to read that text and respond via my tablet.

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General :: Note 10.1 LTE Sync Over WiFi Only?

Sep 10, 2013

I do have a problem with synchronization of my exchange mail, it only sync over wifi. I checked the APN issue, allow auto sync data in data storage issue, removing and re-installing the accounts issue, application manager to clear cashe issue, ........I do have other 2 google apps mails with no problem at all. Btw, Im using the default mail application and don't want to replace it with another one, but when I did for a trial, the same problem appears.I checked with mobile operator and by it support at my company, and all seems to be good.

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Android :: Easily Backup Through Free Application And Sync Phone

Aug 10, 2010

This is a great way to easily backup and sync your phone! Never plug in, always be backed up!(Now available to Froyo!) m:IQ takes your phone content and pushes it to a private account on the web. From then on, what you do on the phone will instantly update on the web, and what you do on the web will update on your phone. Aside from backing up all data,(contacts, texts, photos, videos ect.) users can send texts from the web, import contacts with ease to push to their phone, browse and manage data, upload photos to social media, edit calender, and much more! m:IQ also makes it easier than ever to migrate phones! You can download the app FREE from the market.

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General :: Sync Data Between Galaxy Note 3 And Tab 3?

Mar 20, 2014

Looking for a way to sync data between my galaxy note 3 and galaxy tab 3, like iCloud for the iPhone. When I had my iPhone it would sync all apps, notes, purchases etc between my iPad. Is there anyway to achieve this on the galaxy or with an app maybe?

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Android :: Best Note Application With Widget?

Apr 30, 2010

I'm looking for a note-app that has a widget, and syncs with something that includes me beeing able to read (and add) on my computer(s). I've tried evernote, but that doesn't seem to have a widget so I have to enter the app every time (cumbersome). What about any google wave apps? Those (well, one) I see on the marked (I only has access to the free part) is low ranked with crash warnings. or Google Notebook (or docs for that matter)? - just trust google more than your everyday website I don't know if exists tomorrow or sell my content for highest bidder (not that I'll store something of value anyway, still)

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Android :: Lockable Note Application

Sep 20, 2010

if there is a lockable note app around. Im trying to sort out the dreaded Christmas list and tend to make notes as I remember them however my hubby peeks sometimes so want to hide things

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General :: How To Sync Apps From Samsung Galaxy Note

Nov 17, 2012

Is their an app, or easy way to sync apps from a Samsung galaxy note. to a Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1

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General :: Sync Outlook Exchange Calendars With Note 3?

Feb 18, 2014

At work I have more than just the email calendar. I have a design calendar for allowing my sales reps and project managers to post events to. I also have my main email account calendar. I am the owner of both calendars but the only one that syncs with the stock calendar app is my email account calendar from outlook. This was very easy to do with my windows phone. I just ticked the calendars I wanted to sync to my phone. Was just like my outlook program at work. Showed my owned calendars and let me decide which ones I wanted to populate to my calendar app. I cannot find a way to do this on android. The only calendar it gives me is the main email calendar. I do not want to allow everyone in my work to see my email calendar just so it will show up on my phone easier. All the people can see the design calendar and edit it. This allows them to schedule projects and can see available bandwidth for my department.

Is the rift between google and MSFT too much that neither of them allows the other to do things, or is this just samsung not empowering their app to see other owned exchange calendars?

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Android :: HTC Sync - Hourglass Pops Up About Every 4-5 Seconds On Computer

May 27, 2010

Not sure where to put this one folks but here goes. I loaded HTC Sync to my PC the other day and ever since the hourglass pops up about every 4-5 seconds on my computer. It's like there's a process that keeps starting up and shutting down and it's screwing with my PC like no other. Well, using Task Manager, I was finally able to track it down to a process called "FsynSrvStarter.exe". Took me forever to figure it out b/c it only displayed for a fraction of a second, then disappeared again. Once I got enough the name to do a Google search, I found a few forums where it had been identified as a glitch within the HTC Sync software. I had just done a Windows update and was attributing it to that!

Bottom line, I had to uninstall HTC Sync in order to rid my machine of the problem which was fine b/c I really loaded it for the drivers anyway. Just wanted to get this out there for others who might be experiencing this issue. I'm not sure if it's specific to Windows version or not but I'm running XP32 SP3.

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Android :: Easily Syncable Note Application

Apr 11, 2010

I am looking for an "Outlook like" note and task manager that syncs between my Eris and my PC. This seems like a much needed app and apparently it exists just not for the Droid, because I used it with my Blackberry.I just want something easy and simple that I can make my grocery list either on my Eris itself or on my desktop and have it sync up. I hate having to enter everything directly on the phone and would like to see the same notes/tasks on my PC and this also enables me to print them as well. Outlook synced up with my Blackberry and it was just a simple effort to see all my notes right there on Outlook and also on my BB. It seems like everyone is looking for this, so why hasn't it been done? Why does Eris sync up with my Outlook calendar and contacts but not my notes and tasks? Google docs seems just like the name says - docs. I just want notes to be synced to my pc. I currently using Color Notes and Easy Notes to keep stuff on my phone but, again, want it to sync with PC.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Sync With Your Computer?

Jun 20, 2010

I just got my EVO yesterday and so far I'm loving it. My only questions is, what is the best way to go about syncing with my computer (music, pics, movies, etc.)?I tried doubletwist last night but didn't really care for it. Is there a better program? Should I just drag and drop?

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General :: Facebook And Contact Sync With Jelly Bean On New Note 2

Jan 28, 2013

Last week I purchased a new Note 2 (which I love!) and one of the first things I did was to sync with my Google account and get my Google contacts installed back on the phone. Second thing was to install the Facebook app and sync my Google contacts with their appropriate FB profile photos, account info from Facebook. However, upon telling Facebook to sync with currently existing contacts, I noticed that my Contacts list was now populated with *ALL* of my facebook friends.

Previously on my Evo 4G running Gingerbread 2.3.5, this worked perfectly. My Google contacts were the only contacts listed but their FB profile data showed up just fine. I seen there were some 3rd party apps on the Play Store that will do this, but I'm wondering if there is a way to do it with just the original FB app.

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HTC Desire :: Cant Sync To My Computer?

Aug 18, 2010

I just got my Desire the other day and love it. I am trying to get some music off my computer but cant find a program to do it with. I Thought just hooking my phone up would work but no that lucky.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: CM6 - Sync With My Computer?

Aug 30, 2010

I just got CM6 up and running today and for the life of me cant figure out how to sync with my computer. I have no problems using the phone as a storage device, but cant actually sync. Ive looked around and haven't found a .zip for it. Does one exist or is it already on my phone and i just cant find it?

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General :: Galaxy Note - Disable Sync And Remove Samsung Account Folders

Dec 29, 2012

I don't want to sync anything with Google or Samsung. I have a galaxy note.

I don't have sync enabled but I see a Samsung account folder in the Android browser favourites. There is nothing inside, but how can I remove this folder?

I already uninstalled the Google and Samsung sync applications with titanium backup but the folder is still there.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Sync Apps To Computer?

Jan 6, 2010

Is there anyway to sync my Apps to my computer?

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