Android :: Backing Up Native Calendar?

Sep 19, 2010

I'm evaluating a Droid Incredible.How do I back up the native calendar to the PC (say, through the SD card)?

Android :: Backing up native calendar?

HTC Incredible :: Want Backing Up Contacts / Calendar

Oct 7, 2010

I sync all of my contacts and calendar contents with gmail. What is the best option to backup these two? I would like to be able to backup directly from this possible?

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Android :: Possible To Replace Native Calendar

Sep 21, 2010

Is it possible to replace native calendar with you own created software? How it is done?

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Android :: How Does One Fetch Recurring Events From Native Calendar

Sep 7, 2010

I was wondering how does one fetch recurring events from native calendar?

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Android :: Fetch Recurring Events From Native Droid Calendar?

Sep 7, 2010

I was just wondering, how to fetch recurring events from native android calendar

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HTC Droid Eris :: Way To Get Holidays Port Over Native Calendar

Feb 25, 2010

Couple quick questions regarding the OEM Calendar and it's functionality:

1 - On my google calendar I am able to enter reoccuring items and they sync with my eris as they should. I also see all the various holidays on my google cal but these items do not sync to my eris. Is there a way to get the holidays to port over to my native eris calendar?

2 - My contacts has a place for defining a contact's birthday and anniversary. How can I get these user defined dates to populate to my eris calendar? Seems like this should be simple functionality no?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Shared Google Calendars With Native Calendar App

Nov 14, 2009

Are any HTC Hero owners able to see events on Calendars that are Shared from Other gmail accounts. In the native calendar app on the HTC Hero?I have been trying to determine if this is a limitation of the Calendar Application or a miss configuration my end. I have seen Android phones that can view subscribed calenders from other users before, but I am the only person I know to own a HTC andriod phone and on the Hero I can not see any of my subscribed calendars.The gmail account tied to the the HTC hero has 6 calendars created through gmail interface. A short view of the accounts is listed below as an example of my problem.

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Android :: Ghost Calendar Entries Showing Up In Calendar / Not In Google Calendar

Nov 10, 2009

I'm a new Droid Eris user and have been using Google Calendar for some time.I have a single calendar set up which is syncing with the Eris.I can successfully add/edit/delete entries from both applications and have them show up just fine on the other side.I have a couple of recurring entries that I've since deleted in Google Calendar but are still showing up on my Eris.The unique thing about both of these entries is that they were meeting requests sent to my Gmail address and accepted from there.They have since been cancelled from the original sender and are now removed from my Google Calendar.My calendar entries are labeled as dark blue, and these two show as light blue.I cannot select them on the Eris to edit or delete them.

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Android :: Backing Up Or Down?

Dec 4, 2009

I was wondering with all the backup apps that are available which seems to be the best? looked at MyBackup Pro but I noticed that a few comments said that when backing up the contacts the app only backed up 1 # per contact.I have multiple #'s on some contacts.What say you, are there other good backup apps?

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Android :: Backing Up Apps?

Jun 21, 2010

There seems to be an app I like that is going to undergo some changes in the market place and I'd like to keep a version of it the way it is before they change it. Is there a way to back this app up?

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Android :: Backing Up Mail

Sep 19, 2010

Anyone know of any app that will back up Mail? I use MyBackup Pro which is fine for backing up most things, including Messages, but it doesn't back up emails.

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Android :: SD Card When Backing Up

Mar 23, 2010

Some of the posts I have read about upgrading the phones firmware say that they take out the SD Card, why would they do that and is it necessary?

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Android :: Backing Up App Signing Key

Nov 17, 2009

I followed the instructions to create an application signing key and have signed my application and submitted it to the Android Market. Now I am trying to backup my key to make sure it doesn't get lost, but I can't figure out how to do this on Windows Vista.When I look in the directory where I ran keytool to create the keystore I can't find the keystore file. When I use eclipse to sign the application and browse to that directory it shows me that the file <my_company_name>.keystore is there and lets me select it as the keystore for signing my application. But when I look in the directory using windows explorer or a command prompt the file is not there (I do have it set to show me hidden and system files). I also tried looking in places like C:Users<my_user_name> and C:Users<my_user_name> Documents but could not see the keystore anywhere.

I ran the keytool command with "keytool -list -keystore <my_company_name>.keystore" and is does list the keystore and shows that it contains the alias <my_app_name>. However I tried running "keytool -keyclone -keystore <my_company_name>.keystore -alias <my_app_name> -destkeystore <my_usb_thumb_drive> <my_company_name>.keystore -dest <my_app_name> -keypass <the_alias_password>" and keytool tells me that "alias <my_app_name> does not exist. I tried different combinations for several hours but was unable to figure out how to get it to make a backup of my signing keystore on my usb thumb drive.I would greatly appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction. After reading the warnings about not losing your signing key, I feel that making a backup is critical, but I can't figure out how to find the keystore or get keytool to make the backup. I searched but have not been able to find any instructions that work to do this. It seems like an issue that every developer needs to be concerned about.

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Android :: Best Program For Backing Up Text And MMS?

Nov 13, 2010

What is the best program to use for backing up text msgs? (and also MMS msgs if possible)

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Android :: Backing Up Apps To SD Card

May 10, 2010

I have a Droid Eris, and in preparation for the impending firmware update, I am trying to back up my apps to an SD card. I downloaded AppMonster and noted that 2 free and 1 paid app are marked 'protected'. I proceeded to 'Backup' and noted those 3 did not back up. How can I get the paid app to save to an SD card? It is the Pure Calendar Widget.

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Android :: Backing Up Apps Like AK Notepad?

Sep 2, 2010

I had AK Notepad installed on my Incredible and in that I had some important info. Well, had to do a hard reset and realzied that even though I could reinstall the program, it appears that the notes are not saved anywhere and now I am screwed!To prevent this in the future, is there any way to back up important info that you put into these apps that you get on the Market?

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Android :: Backing Up & Restoring? Settings & Apps Etc?

Sep 6, 2010

I just got a HTC Desire and I love it so far, I've spent ages customising it, getting my contacts synced with facebook etc, favourites, bookmarks etc and downloading apps.Now I want to go about putting on a few different ROMs to see what I like. What is the best way to backup all my stuff so that when I do put on a fresh rom I can get all my stuff back as easily as possible?

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Android :: Backing Up SMS Periodically (possibly Timestamped)

Dec 18, 2009

I currently use SMS Backup & Restore, but that has two drawbacks I see

-I have to manually initiate the backup
-It only stores and restores one file, so I have to overwrite and rename

I just lost my texts and only had a two day old backup. I'd love to see the same thing but that can do it with a timestamped file such as backup_2009-12-18-15-08.xml (pickable when restoring) and can run at a preset time each day or each half day.

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Android :: Useful Tool For Backing Up Phone SD Card

Feb 25, 2010

I was looking for a Windows based tool that can make a complete backup image of my SD card (just didn't want to lose 13gb worth of photos and music). I tried the native Windows backup program, Ghost, and just about every other backup solution with no luck. I did run into a free program called "USB Image Tool" and it does just what I need. Once you mount your SD card on your phone, this little program will allow you to create an IMG image and also has restore functions. It is located at:

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General :: Backing Up Android / Transferring Files?

Jan 18, 2014

I just bought a LG Nexus 5.With the iPhone, I could easily transfer all my data and backup my phone via iTunes. I've tried searching the web for similar software for android, and I have not really been able to find an iTunes replacement. I noticed that HTC and Samsung have sync managers, but I haven't been able to find one for LG. Also, I would prefer if I could find something that doesn't require cloud storage, as I like to have my backups and files locally on my Mac.

1: is there an iTunes replacement for android?

2: does LG have a sync manager?

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General :: Backing Up Entire Android System

Feb 20, 2013

How can I perform a backup that will backup absolutely everything, including:

- the whole operating system
- All applications
- All data files
- Everything in /sdcard

I would ultimately be able to backup everything over USB, and restore it all also over USB, so that I could wipe the tablet, install something else, and get back to the point I was before I wiped it out. I have apps and data files, but I also have OS customisations and setup that I have to re-do if I re-install the OS.

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General :: Backing Up Android Source Code?

Apr 24, 2014

I downloaded the Android 4.4.2 source code that turned out to be about 14GB with more than 4,00,000 files.

I want to back up the folder in some .tar or zip or similar archive so that I can start fresh if something goes wrong in the working copy. I tried making a .tar.gz archive but it gave file permission errors during extracting and won't extract anymore. So, how do I go about this ??

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Android :: Backing Up Phone Info Before Hard Resetting

Nov 3, 2010

I am a huge Android Forums newbie, but I really needed help with backing up my phone information before hard resetting. Basically, the primary email that the phone is running under is an email for a company I no longer work for so I don't have a valid email there. Because I can't log into my work email, I can't log in and download any new application so unless you guys know of a different solution, I guess my only option is to hard reset and then make a new primary account. However, I would like to save all my contacts and texts messages [if possible, although I hear it's unlikely], but since I can't download any new applications, I also can't download any storage applications for my phone.

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General :: Properly Backing Up MIUI SMS To Regular Android?

Oct 25, 2012

I've been using MIUI for a long time now but I wanna use regular Android now and I've like 7K SMS'es that I wanna bring with me. I've tried a whole bunch of SMS backup tools but they all seems to import the messages in a wrong order even though the dates are right. Extracting the messages from a Nandroid doesn't work because MIUI uses a different sms database format or something.

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Nexus :: Backing Up Sms

May 30, 2010

I just got my first message memory full notification and frankly I'm quite disappointed now I don't see the point in limiting something that uses so little data compared to everything else.. But w/e, that's fine.And I'm sure that, like with everything else, there's an app for that So I'm betting a lot of you don't fancy deleting their texts either and I really like being able to backtrack my conversations a bit (love threaded view in that aspect).That's why I want to ask you guys, which sms backup app is the best.I would really like to be able to back my messages up to the SD and still be able to read or search them without having to restore, doesn't have to be threaded view or anything, just no cluttered xml file or anything been looking for this functionality since my first dumb phone, so I'm hoping this time I'm lucky So, any of you more experienced android users want to share some knowledge on this?

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General :: What Does Backing Up ROM Contain

Sep 24, 2012

What is backed up when backing up a ROM with Clockworkmod? Is it only the ROM or is all my apps + data backed up too? I am considering if i should flash a Cyanogenmod 10 Nightly to try out, but i want it to be easy to get back to my current version of Cyanogenmod.

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Android :: Custom Grid View With Array Adapter Out Of Sync With Backing Data

Oct 28, 2010

I'm have a custom GridView Array Adapter. The problem for me is that when the grid list gets large enough to scroll off the screen the gridview and arraylist get out of sync. For instance in my case I have code that checks if an actor is of type director the text color should be red. if you scroll up and down my list enough times all the actors text in my gridview will become red. The thing is that the Gridview appearance actually looks fine its the backing data. Here is the complete class. In the code you can see where I tried to override getItem and getItemId but that didn't fix anything. Code...

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HTC EVO 4G :: Backing Up Apps So They Update

Sep 29, 2010

I tried the AppBackupReinstall app when I switched EVOs and reinstalled all my apps. But now when I go into the Market it doesn't show any as installed so it doesn't check for updates. The only ones it shows are the purchased apps or the ones I installed from the Market. I can even download the same apps that are already installed and it will download and overwrite them. Any way to back up free apps so they can be reinstalled AND show up in your Market Downloads?

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Motorola Droid :: Backing Up My ROM

Oct 26, 2010

I'm new to the world of root. I used the rageagainstthecage method to become one the many now with root piveleges on hs/her Droid. I want to back up my ROM before doing any further playing with my new capabilities. I don't know if this has been asked before, the information I have found seems to be inolved in previous proceedures to get root access and I don't know what is still applicable if any of it is. It looks like I need to use RSD lite to do something with SPRecovery. Will the current version work with 2.2? For that matter, will it overwrite my exsisting ROM (since it appears it will be flashed onto my phone). All the info I have found uses SPReovery as part of the root process. If I do need to flash that onto my phone using RSD lite and I don't need to fear wiping out my ROM, what subset of steps do I need to follow just for SPecovery to allow me to make a ROM backup?

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HTC Hero :: Backing Up Before Installing New Rom?

Oct 12, 2010

gonna be installing the new orange 2.1 rom on my old hero soon just wondering what i need to back up before hand ? dont wanna loose anything also whats the best way to back up ? any free apps?

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