Android :: AIM Client That Supports Multiple Screen Names

Aug 30, 2010

I use Adium on my mac, and I'm looking for something as close as possible to that, and a big feature for me is the multiple name management thing. (As in signing in with multiple AIM accounts simultaneously)

Do any of the current ones support that? I tried the regular AIM one, but had no luck as it only supports one at a time.

Android :: AIM Client that supports multiple screen names

Android :: Droid Supports Https Client / Sample Code For It?

Nov 29, 2009

Is android supports https ?

Objective: Sending a xml file over https to a web server. The GET and POST is working fine with HTTP, but i don't have any idea regarding https.

It will be great if some sample code can provide me...

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Android :: Multiple Versions Of App With Different Package Names

Jan 8, 2010

I need to be able to easily create different "flavors" on an app, each with a unique package name so that they can coexist on the same device. Is there a simple way this can be done, which doesn't require manually updating all the imports and other references to the package name each time I change it?

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General :: Music Player Which Supports Adding Multiple Files To Playlist?

Jun 3, 2013

Is there any free music player app right now that can do that? I have tried all sort of music players such as google music, winamp, etc but all players requires me to manually press and hold each mp3 file to add to a playlist. Is there any app that allows us to choose all the files we want and subsequently add to playlist??

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Android :: Need Twitter Client To Handle Multiple Accounts

Jan 8, 2010

So I've poked around a bit, and am mildly disappointed with what I've found so far in my search. I need a Twitter client that can actually reliably deal with two accounts, and not mix them up. I tweet for an organization as well as my own account, and cannot have it bugging up and switching accounts as I've heard that Twidroid does. FYI, I'm using the free version of Twidroid now, and have no complaints about it thus far, but I have not been wowed by it either. Does anyone have any experience with any other clients, or should I just suck it up and throw down for Twidroid? I don't mind paying for an app, as long as it functions solidly.

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Android :: Supporting Smaller Screen Sizes - Supports-screens

Oct 30, 2009

I have had several emails from people with HTC Tattoo devices who say they cannot find my app in the Market.

After reading this page ( screens_support.html) I believe I have to add the <supports-screens> tag to my manifest file. However, when I try to do this I am confronted with "Error no resource identifier found for attriute support-screens in package 'android'" messages. What does one have to do to update their manifest to tell the market an app supports all screen sizes?

Furthermore, if I need to change the android:minSdkVersion from "3" to something higher or add the android:targetSdkVersion tag, will this prevent people with older versions of Android from using my application?

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Android :: Green Light Or Red Clock Next To Names On Texting Screen

Apr 29, 2010

my boyfriend and i have identical droids...on the text messaging screen, where it shows the names of the people you have sent texts to, there is a green dot or a red clock beside the person's name on his but not on seems to be some sort of tracking because when i my phone is in use his phone shows a green dot beside my name, and when my phone is idle his phone shows a red clock beside my name...

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Android :: Contacts Names Not Showing Up On Screen For Texts - Calls

Jun 9, 2010

id get calls and texts from people on my contact list and only the phone number shows up, not the name! I have rebooted twice, and done a batter pull. Still nothing.

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Android :: Im Client With Touch Screen

Apr 18, 2009

Are there any Im clients with touch screen? Aim in particular would be great. I am rootes at 1.42 rc33. Tried meebo and such but didn't have it.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Mail Client Or Gmail Client

Nov 16, 2009

Question about Gmail on the Eris Droid.

Has anyone noticed a difference in settings, functionality, or battery life by using the integrated Gmail client as compared to using the Other e-mail which uses an IMAP client??

You set this up at initial startup.

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Android :: Multiple Screen Support - 1.5 And 1.6

Oct 19, 2009

So I'm trying to make sure my apps are compatible with the 1.6 SDK emulator skins WVGA800 and WVGA854. The Android Developers Blog post regarding this seems strange to me. The post talks about upgrading your app using the 1.6 SDK, then says this:
"Note that not all devices will be upgraded to Android 1.6 at the same time. There will be significant number of users still with Android 1.5 devices. To use the same apk to target Android 1.5 devices and Android 1.6 devices, build your apps using Android 1.5 SDK and test your apps on both Android 1.5 and 1.6 system images to make sure they continue to work well on both types of devices."

Now resource directory qualifiers (e.g. "res/drawable-mdpi/" or "res/ layout-large") don't work with the 1.5 SDK. So right now as a dev I have the choice to either:
1) Update my apps with the 1.6 SDK so that they are compatible with the various 1.6 emulator skins and the various hardware configurations coming out. If I do this, the updates will not be available to those users that still have 1.5, which is a "significant number of users."
2) Continue using the 1.5 SDK, without the available tools in 1.6, but try to somehow get my app to render properly in the various 1.6 emulator skins.

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Android :: Multiple Screen Size

Nov 10, 2009

I have an app that I would like to keep 1.5 compatibility but support the additional display resolutions of more recent devices like the Droid. I've read the suggestions in the dev guide, specially the legacy applications section, since that's exactly what I want to do.I'm not running in compatbility mode, so anyDensity is set to true and all screen sizes are allowed in the manifest. I've recreated all my graphical elements so they don't get upscaled on a 480px-width screen (called "hires-bitmaps" in the following).If I put the hires-bitmaps into drawable-hdpi and leave the others in drawable, the emulator2.0 (WVGA854, density @ 240) displays them perfectly. On the other hand, the emulator1.5 (320x480, density @ 160) - and my HTC Hero - ALSO use the hires graphics in drawable-hdpi. That's a problem because the hires graphics scale slightly differently and I don't want the app to resize too much.As mentioned in the dev guide I can prevent this by adding the API version number to the resource folder. Not very convenient since I'd have to keep the hires bitmaps twice (drawable-hdpi-v4 and drawable-hdpi-v5), but I nevertheless tried it. Result: emulator2.0 uses low-res graphics from "drawable" (which is bad), emulator1.5 as well (which is good). And what's weird: emulator1.6 (WVGA854, density @ 240), uses hires-graphics. Now that seems odd.

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Designing For Multiple Screen Android

May 25, 2014

Eclipse has provided us with different qualifiers like size, ratio , etc. So when I select a qualifier, it provides us with the right emulator screen to make our layout. But are these emulators screen loaded under the right layout folder? I dont understand, how Nexus 10 which is a xlarge screen size is loaded when I load the activity_main under the Normal layout folder?

am I blindly arranging these layouts? Because before this, I had arranged all layouts perfectly and when I went to run it on a Virtual Device, it looked a complete mess. I looked at the xml files and they were completely in the wrong places.

I have used qualifiers like : normal-long, normal-notlong, large-long, large-notlong, small-long, small-notlong, xlarge-long, xlarge-notlong,Should I change the qualifiers?

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Android :: Multiple Screen Sizes - Layouts

Dec 16, 2009

I have created layout-large and testing against android 2.0.1 WVGA. however, its picking layout-normal. Can anybody suggest me what I am doing wrong. Even though, I have 3 layouts ( layout-normal, layout-large, layout- small), Its always picking layout-normal. why its so.

I added properties to manifest file


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Android :: Support Multiple Resolution Screen

Apr 15, 2010

In my android application, I would like to support multiple screens. So I have my layout xml files in res/layout (the layout are the same across different screen resolution). And I place my high-resolution asserts in res/drawable-hdpi

In my layout xml, I have


And I have put bkg.png in res/drawable-hdpi

And I have started my emulator with WVGA-800 as avd. But my application crashes:


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Android :: Displaying Multiple Activities On Same Screen

Mar 25, 2010

is it possible to show two activies on same screen at a time.and each activity is showing data which changes with time.

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Android :: Bitmap OutOfMemory On Multiple Screen Changes

Aug 10, 2010

I have a bitmap that I load from the SD card by allowing the user to choose a picture to display. Once the bitmap is created, I set the Bitmap in an ImageView:


This works fine. But, if I change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape, and back again a few times, I always get an OutOfMemory exception.

In onPause, I call mBitmap.recycle(), and then on onResume, I call the above code again to create the bitmap and set the ImageView. Since I'm recycling the image each time, how can I get an OutOfMemory error?

In any case, since that failed, I found a post that said to try using onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() and getLastNonConfigurationInstance(). See post I changed my code to work this way, and I still get an error. Changing the code, I had the call to getLastNonConfigurationInstance() in onCreate(), and removed all code in onPause and onResume. provide some way to simply load an image, and then be able to pause and resume the Activity without running out of memory?

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Android :: Showing Multiple Activities On One Screen

Sep 30, 2010

I have an interesting problem and I was looking for a solution; Hoping that someone here can help me out.(I did read through related questions on this topic but they have solutions which are not relevant to my situation).I have two activities. One is a simple list view to list available audio tracks. Another is a complex audio toolbar with controls to play/pause, ffd, and reviewing the currently playing audio.The audio toolbar uses a wrapper class that wraps the Android MediaPlayer object and this wrapper class is a singleton object. Which means that I eventually wish to use the audio toolbar anywhere in my app and control the singleton instance of my MediaPlayer wrapper.For this reason, I cannot have the audio toolbar and the audio listview in the same activity since I want the toolbar to be a separate entity altogether that pops up whenever the user wants to control the music, without having to see the listview.Now, since the user would pop up the toolbar from anywhere in the app, I would love to know of a way to combine the current activity and the toolbar activity into one screen.I do know that one option available to me is dialogs. I was looking for a more elegant solution where I could have the audio toolbar pop up at the bottom of the screen the user is on, without exiting the activity he is currently doing.Anyone know of a way to do this? I didn't come across anything for this in the docs but if someone does know, even pointing me to the correct docs would be extremely useful.

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Android :: How To Create Multiple View In One Screen

Nov 7, 2010

How to create multiple View in one screen?

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Android :: Multiple Screen Support Sanity Check

Dec 9, 2009

I have a project compiled with and targeting 1.5. I now want to support different screen sizes instead of letting android handle the scaling.That's all I need to do, right? All my layouts are using dip, so it should scale, and I don't want to mess with different size bitmaps just yet.

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Android :: Developing Application For Multiple Screen Support?

Mar 6, 2010

I want to develop UI of the application which looks similar on all screen sizes. I have gone through the Android developer article regarding this. I am using supports-screen tag but then also the screen is displayed not displayed properly in the larger screens. The screen is displayed properly in HVGA and not in WVGA.

I have developed the application using Android 1.6 and set the minimum SDK version as 4. The application is running properly on HVGA avd but not on WVGA avd. Can I know the reason for it? Is there any solution for this? I want that the user interface of the application should look uniform in all the handsets.

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Android :: Multiple Screens In One Activity Like Home Screen?

Oct 9, 2009

I am working on an application where I wish to have multiple screens (each of full display size) attached to each other horizontally, and switch between them by using the finger (swipe right / swipe left). The home screen does exactly what I want, but its implementation seems to be more complex than I thought. What would be your preferred way to achieve this functionality? Is there any Layout or View that I could reuse? More generally, it should work with the 1.5 SDK, so the gesture interface is not available.

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Android : Click Handling From Multiple Buttons On A Screen?

Aug 8, 2010

The following code is from and shows how to handle a click on a button (called corky, I think) If I had several (say 10) buttons on a form, each launching a different subscreen, would I have to find and repeat the setOnClickListener statement for each button, then put a switch statement in the onClick subroutine, or is there a better way to do it? (I'd rather not resort to naming my buttons Button1, Button2 etc and using a loop). code...

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General :: Multiple Widgets On 1 Lock Screen On Android 4.2

May 24, 2013

i recently got a 4.2 ROM on my phone. i was wondering if maybe its possible to have more than one widgets on 1 screen? and also if i could add widgets which are not shown in the list?

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Android :: Multiple Screen Support - Size / Image And Layout

Nov 11, 2010

I am trying to develop an app for which I want multiple screen support. I have read the Android article on Best practices for Multiple Screen Support. As per the article we have to follow 3 important things:
1. Mention support for different screen sizes (large, medium and small) and any density in AndroidManifest.xml.
2. Place images of 3 dpi's (120, 160, 240) in 3 folders res/ldpi, res/ mdpi and res/hdpi.
3. In layout's the dimension should be mentioned in "dip" units. Then Android will take care of the scaling on its own.

I have implemented all these points in my project. The images are picked up correctly from the appropriate folders. But the arrangements of the controls in not same. e.g. I ran the app on three emulators 1. Resolution 240*320 dpi 120. 2. Resolution 240*320 dpi 160. 3. Resolution 240*320 dpi 240. (All the emulator have same resolution but different density). The problem is the position of the controls is not same on all the three emulator. As per my understanding if the android:layout_marginLeft and android:layout_marginTop are mentioned in "dip" then this problem should not occur. As the density of the emulator increases the controls get placed more towards the right. Is it necessary that I provide layouts for all combinations of dimensions and density i.e. in layout-small, layout-large, layout- medium, layout-long,layout-notlong?

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Android :: Layout Issues For Multiple Screen Sizes / API Versions

Jan 19, 2010

I am currently trying to make my app compliant with all screen sizes / api levels. I have this mostly working, however there is 1 issue i cannot resolve: Layouts in the "layout-hdpi" folder are used by and any phone on 1.5 (API level 3). - Which i dont want, i want API level 3 phones to use the "layout" folder. So to resolve this I added "-v4" onto the folder also, this works, the folder is no longer used by 1.5 phones. However, now the folder is also not used on API Level 6 phones, for example the droid. The droid only picks up the folder if i name the folder: "layout-hdpi-v6". (Also if i put "-v3" on a folder, the layout folder is not used by API level 4 phones) My understanding is that the -v<api level> qualifer allows you to exclude phones on an API level that is too low, so -v4 should mean that the folder will be used by all phones on API level 4 and above. I am finding a folder is only used for that specific API level. Has anybody else ran into this same issue? And does anybody know of any possible solutions?

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Android :: Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes Using Image Buttons

Apr 13, 2010

I've read the Android documentation:
but still have some questions. I'm trying to design a music application which basically has images of the instrument (ImageButton) that play a sound when clicked. However, I'm confused about how to have the ImageButtons scale to fit all the different screen sizes and how to position them.

Which layout is best used for needing to position ImageButtons in specific locations on the screen? (i.e. cymbals on a drum set) FrameLayout, RelativeLayout? If I only really care about medium and large screens, do I need to create different resources (images) for both as well as a different XML layout to position them? I'm trying to find the simplest way to do this without having to create a separate layout XML file for positioning/size and separate image resources for each screen.

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Android :: AMF Client Library / RTMP Client Library

Apr 26, 2010

Android AMF client library Aftek has extensive experience in developing enterprise Flex applications. We have used BlazeDS extensively and we believe that it would nice to provide all the benefits provided by AMF for Android applications as well. We have developed an Android AMF client library which would enable Android application developers use the same extensively. The Android AMF client library supports remoting and secured remoting. This will allow all android applications to use the existing backend like .NET, Java, or PHP. The implementation is asynchronous in nature providing success and failure callbacks. This allows application to perform other tasks without blocking the application. We are currently performing some performance benchmarking and plan to release our library very soon. We would also be incorporating the messaging feature as well.

Android RTMP client library:Aftek has extensive experience in developing voip and audio/video and media applications. Media applications has a huge market and there would be quite a few people eager to develop the medial applications on Android. We believe that it would nice to provide all the benefits provided by RTMP for Android applications as well. We are developing an Android RTMP client library which would enable Android application developers use the same extensively. Our Android RTMP client library would support some add-ons that would help developers to deliver robust media solutions.

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Android : Application And Have Multiple Images - Need To Switch When User Touches The Screen

Feb 4, 2009

Here is the problem, I am building an application and have multiple images that need to switch when the user touches the screen, doesn't matter where the users touches. The press the screen and the images switch randomly. I purchased the ebook "Professional Android Application Development" and have torn though it. I am stumped. I'm thoroughly confused at this point. Any ideas on where I can go or how I can accomplish this?

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Multiple Screen Resolutions

Jun 22, 2010

i have completed my app for the 320x480 size and i don't give two cents about dpi or density, but i want this to work on the larger formats to and i have new artwork for those resolutions for my entire app. Is there an elegant way to set up my xml layouts and artwork around resolution only? In other words a "normal" screen size could be 320x480 or it could also be 400x800 or 400x856 depending on the dpi.

where it specifically applies to only small normal screens with medium density?

how to i account for the 800 vs 854 height difference when clearly xml identifiers won't tell these two apart? My app does not use a lot of relative layout components as it is very heavy on the sprites which obviously have fixed 2D dimensions

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