Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Can Flash Galaxo 1.6.2 Or GAOSP Without ODIN Flashing Or Updating My Firmware To 1.6

Apr 23, 2010

Alright this may have been asked a few times, or maybe it could not of been asked. I just can't find the thread related to answering this question.
Okay so my question is, can I flash Galaxo 1.6.2 or GAOSP "without" ODIN flashing or updating my firmware to 1.6? and not then what consequences would occur if I don't flash firmware update before GALAXO 1.6.2 flash. My phone firmware version is I7500ZHJA1 and I believe that is the latest firmware for my region which is still Android 1.5.

Samsung Galaxy i7500 : can flash Galaxo 1.6.2 or GAOSP without ODIN flashing or updating my firmware to 1.6

Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: ADB Galaxo Ok But Not GAOSP

Nov 14, 2010

I can get ADB working fine with when my i7500 is configured with Galaxo but I cannot get ADB to see my phone when it is configured with GAOSP. Do I need another driver for my computer? I don't think so, any thoughts? Windows 7 x86.

I am trying to push as per this thread.
Issue 316 - gaosp - Google Checkin Service reporting invalid EMEI - Project Hosting on Google Code

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Galaxo 1.6.2 - Running Firmware XII5 - Phone Very Laggy And Getting FC's All The Time

Apr 14, 2010

I'm running galaxo 1.6.2 which i installed on my phone running firmware XII5. Since the update I've noticed my phone very laggy and getting FC's all the time. From doing some reading, shouldnt the update have installed JC6 ? Is it my current firmware version the reason for my phones issues ? Do I need to Odin JC6 ?

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxo Cupcake And Firmware Version

Mar 10, 2010

I've installed galaxo (galaxhero to be precise) for quite a while now and it's been awesome. Only thing is, my Chinese ID3 tags come out as gibberish, I think it's 'cause of the II5 firmware. I've read threads about flashing to II5 before installed galaxo, but since updated versions have been coming out, I just wanted to find out. Is galaxo strictly only for II5? Meaning it isn't backward NOR forward compatible? My gibberish ID3 tags are really bugging me.

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General :: Updating Android Firmware Through Odin Instead Of Samsung Kies

Mar 8, 2012

I saw in that there is already an official Android update for my device. If I download it and use Odin to install, will it erase all data in my phone (contacts, messages, games, etc.)?I know using Kies to update my android will not delete anything...

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Samsung I7500 :: II5 Odin - For Last 7500 Firmware

Oct 15, 2009

i need link for last 7500 firmware that i can use with odin and 100 % working

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Samsung I7500 :: Odin And Firmware - Update Phone Using NPS

Oct 18, 2009

i tried and tried to update my phone using NPS but i litteraly could end my life of aging and by that time it would still be crap and won't update. so i have decided to update my phone to get rid of the animation that my carrier put oh and because it will speed my phone and bettary stuff.. MY PHONE IS STILL IN H1! what it is the easiest and best way to install a firmwere on my phone ?
2.what is the best firmwere?
3.i need hebrew on my phone , how do i install it later ?

and i heard that firmwere now dont come with google stuff ... will i still be able to sync my gmail and calander and contacts oh what about market?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: GAOSP Boot Animations

Sep 16, 2010

i've been scouring all over to find a way to change the boot animation for the latest nightly of GAOSP, or for any Galaxy ROM for that matter. i've gotten a few apps from the Market, but aren't completely sold on their custom animations. since most of the custom animations i like are for other devices, what do i need to alter in the desc.txt file in order to get them to work? can i just download any zip that i do find that i like and just replace the file and reflash the GAOSP ROM?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: GAOSP : Possible To Have Google Maps 4.4?

Oct 7, 2010

Is it possible ? More important, if it is, can someone tell me how ? I really, really hate that search bar ....

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : GAOSP B2 Dialing Bug - Black Screen

Jun 25, 2010

I am using GAOSP B2 and when I make try to make a call it dials out but the screen goes black and the only way to get out is to remove the battery. Strange the first call I made with this ROM was fine. Anyone else have this issue?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Return To Stock Rom - GAOSP Beta 3?

Oct 31, 2010

I received a used handset from ebay (for a fantastic price!) and it has an outdated version of Galaxo ROM on it. I want to return to the latest official Samsung ROM (whichever that is), so that i can then do some comparison benchmarks before moving to the latest GAOSP. Can anyone help me with a couple of questions?

1) How to return to a stock ROM from Galaxo ROM?

2) Where can I obtain the latest ROM and which is it? Intended use is in UK.

3) Does anyone have any idea about when the next GAOSP (full) Beta will be?

PS: I have never done this process, so please humour me and give me detailed instructions ..

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Where To Find Latest News On GAOSP And 2.1?

May 17, 2010

The Android 2.0 sticky thread seems to have digressed from the original subject somewhat and I can't seem to find the very latest news on how the GAOSP port to 2.1 for Galaxy is going since drakaz got the 29 sources....

Anyone heard anything, got any links etc to where the latest news is?

The usual places I look don't seem to change much these days... all quiet means people are working hard on it?

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Samsung I7500 :: Flashing Phone From A GNU / Linux Box Using Odin / Safe It?

Apr 2, 2010

Has anyone tried flashing the phone from a GNU/Linux box using odin? How safe is it?

I'm using Fedora 12 x86.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Gaosp Beta2 - Black Screen In Call

Jun 30, 2010

first of all let me just say that beta2 is superb i just have one problem with it whenever i'm in a call (reciving or dialing) the screen goes blank and i cant wake up the phone not the end call button and not the open (side) button the only ways i can wake it up is by getting another call or rebooting
any way to work around it? i have tryed several screen on pogs from the market but no luck there without it i would use it everyday, its much much better then galaxo.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : How To Get Swype To Work On Newest Gaosp Nightly?

Sep 24, 2010

Can't get it to work. When I try to Swype I get the blue box of doom.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : How To Get Firefox / Fennec To Work On Newest Gaosp Nightly?

Oct 11, 2010

Anyone got Firefox beta to work on the 09292010 nightly. Each time I try starting crashes rather Crashes immediately on start-up.

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Samsung I7500 :: Can't Flash With Odin

Mar 12, 2010

I'm having a problem with my phone, I've had 2 lines show up at the top of my screen in the past couple of days. They're both multi-coloured and definitely look glitchy. They show up even in boot screens, fastboot, recovery, etc. I thought it might have been a problem with Galax0 that I was running, so I tried to re-flash it with Odin, and Odin seems to finish, but the phone does not actually get flashed. It stays at my previous firmware, with all apps installed, but when it reboots with Odin, the screen doesn't work (except in between the two lines at the top, so I can just see the bar at the top). I pull the battery and reboot, and it works, but is very glitchy.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: How To Add Locales To Galaxo

Jun 25, 2010

Been using Galaxo for quite some time now and it's fast, stable and tweakable. Only thing that lacks is the support of Dutch locales. Tried the app MoreLocale 2 however this only changes the language of the homescreen menu. Settings e.g. remain English. In XXJC2 Dutch locales are included so I was wondering if it's possible to copy them to Galaxo Anyone knows how to do this? Seems like some Tai managed to install Tai fonds by replacing Sans Droid in system/fonts. Don't think this adds languages though.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Requirements For Galaxo

Jul 2, 2010

Are there any requirements for flashing the i7500 to galaxo? Cause I can't use the recovery (any version) to flash the galaxo to my phone. Recovery hasn't any response on operations wipe, flash, rooting, fixing permission etc.Anyway, I found I can do fixing permission with adb command to execute the script "" in the /tmp/RECTOOLS in recovery mode.Unfortunately, fixing the permission can not help for the wiping and flashing operations. the operations don't work also.I have also tried to flash by using "flash_image" command in /tmp/RECTOOLS, but I can't identify the flashing partition, the following is the result of df command.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Putty To Galaxo Over USB

Oct 16, 2009

So I noticed galaxo is using a colour term profile which is really nice, except for us poor windows users You could of course enable SSH, reboot, and turn wifi on and then ssh in using putty, but that's not really that convenient. Especially if you dont like to leave ssh running.Instead you can run dropbear manually and redirect the port using adb, then putty in directly.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Enabling JIT On Galaxo 1.6.2

Apr 12, 2010

I found this nice and maybe speed improving hack, by replacing the stock 1.6 dalvik compiler to the one from 2.1. It should improve performance by 50%. [HACK] JIT enabled Dalvik VM on Android 1.6 (Dusted Donuts) [Hack] - xda-developers Sadly i can't get it to work (followed the instructions from the link). Anyone had experience with it and maybe got it to work?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Galaxo 1.6 3G Problem

Mar 21, 2010

Altough i have asked this question under Galaxo 1.6 is out topic, i guess another topic would be ok.


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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Upgrading To Galaxo 1.6

Mar 25, 2010

If I upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6 using this method Flash rom Galaxo 1.6.1 - Installation on Samsung Galaxy I presume I will loose all my apps and settings.

Currently on O2 in the UK so i'm worried about losing message center numbers and APN names etc etc.

Is there a way to backup the phones settings and apps then restore them after i've flashed to 1.6?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Using Launcher 2.1 In Galaxo 1.6.2

Apr 9, 2010

There is a version of Launcher 2.1 which is available to donut and works on Galaxo 1.6.x. You can read about it here:
Android Launcher Modification

It is now available on the android market! Just search for adw, and install. As galax0 keeps the Launcher.apk in memory, you'll want to get rid of the Advanced Launcher and replace it with this one.

I used the following adb commands after installing from the market:
adb remount
adb shell
cp /system/app/Launcher.apk /system/app/Launcher.bak


################################################## #############

Old instructions, in case you download a non-market zipped version:

Steps to install on Galaxy:
1) Make sure you have Galaxo 1.6.x. I used newest recovery, 4.6.2, although I doubt it matters.
2) Put the zip on the internal sdcard.
3) Reboot recovery
4) Perform a Nandroid Backup (very important!)
5) Perform the fix permissions operation.
6) Apply the zip you downloaded using the "apply any zip from SD" option.
7) Reboot.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Galaxo Is Out - Tetherwifi

May 30, 2010

New version for Galaxo : ! Whats up ? TetherWifi is back !

Sometimes, we seek for something complicated.. kernel, drivers, device and the solution is very simple : firmware.

Since Donut, Samsung had removed ad-hoc support, not from kernel, or drivers, or Android itslef, but only from the firmware, named rtecdc.bin. Cupcake version of the firmware work fine for our use, so, why not using it on Donut release ? Thats done now.

How to install tetherwifi on Galaxo 1.6.X ?

1) Manuel way Take rtecdc.bin from a cupcake release (official or not) Push it on your device, named as /system/etc/rtecdc_adhoc.bin<LI sizset="11" sizcache="5">Download and install the last version of tetherwifi, included Galaxy support, and third party firmware support, 2.0.2, here :
Enjoy TetherWifi !

2) Recommended : Automatic update to Galaxo from Galaxo (no need to wipe, no need to reinstall, just a patch) <LI sizset="12" sizcache="5">Download the patch here : [url]?
Reboot in recovery mode
Choose Apply any zip from sd
Apply update
Enjoy TetherWifi !

2) Full update
Take a look at : [url]

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Using Connectify And Galaxo

Jul 26, 2010

Im using a mobile broadband (USB Stick Form)

I tried use connectify version 2 to form a wireless access hub.
I had no issues in forming an access point but had problems in accessing the network from the Phone running Galaxo

Does Galaxo support WPA2-PSK protocol.

Because Connectify only creates networks having WPA2-PSK protocols which the phone has difficulty in connecting to.

Anyone successfully connectify and galaxo 1.6 may accordingly advice.

Also any other software...which may help me share my mobile broadband on my phone.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: No Full Market With Galaxo

Sep 10, 2010

I installed Galaxo a couple of days ago and since I'm a happy person! It's really a different phone.

Today when reading an article on the new google maps innovation (Walking Navigation, Street View), which are available with Google Maps 4.5, I tried finding them on the market and couldn't. I then realized I can't see any paid apps on the market after my Galaxo installation.
(I also noticed that the Google maps version with galaxo is 3.3)

So I've got two questions:
1) How can I "free" my market?

2) How can I install Google Maps 4.5 with the two gadgets above?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Galaxo Configuration In 1.6.2 And SetCPU

Apr 11, 2010

I couldn't find any info about how exactly Galaxo configuration affects the performance changing Eco / Mix / Perf mode. What exactly it does? I would also like to know the same thing for the SetCPU app. There is a profile for Samsung Galaxy called MSM7k Turbo. What changes and tweaks does it make / do to the phone? Does those two settings can somehow confront each other meaning how it affects the phone performance / behavior if, for example, I have Galaxo Configuration set to Eco and in the same time I selected Galaxy Turbo profile in SetCPU?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Galaxo Fresh Install

Sep 4, 2010

Fellow stale Donut Galaxy users [I think we can thank Samsung for that, eh?]. I'm tired of my [buggy] JC4, and I've finally worked up the nerve to try messing around with unofficial ROMs. But I can't seem to find a proper and step-by-step guide to installing Galaxo Can anyone tell me how to do it? I'm familiar with ADB and I've flashed firmwares before [albeit, the official Samsung ones via Odin].

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Headset Music Bug - Galaxo

May 26, 2010

Unplugged headset bug was pissing me off so much that I decided to work with it.
Galaxo 1.6.3.x is really great and kicks ass.

If music app annoys you after unplugging headset just delete it.

Delete from system/app two files:

No need to restart, unplug your headphones and enjoy quiet.

Instead of crappy music.apk use Meridian from market

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