Motorola Droid :: Device Constantly Sending Partial Texts

Apr 7, 2010

It started happening that whenever I send texts, they will arrive as partial texts to the person. A lot of times I will send a short text and the second half of it is completely cut off. When I try to send long texts, my phone will be trying to send it with the little loading icon for basically forever. I end up canceling the text because I guess it's not sending. It's like my phone is having trouble sending texts but I can make calls fine and can use the 3G network. This makes no sense because I have been using my Droid at my house for 3 months without a problem, and I just went on a trip for the weekend and when I got back, it keeps doing this. My service at my house should not have changed. I thought it was a problem with Handcent SMS, so I tried the stock Messaging app and am having the same problems.

Motorola Droid :: Device Constantly Sending Partial Texts

Motorola Droid : Phone Sending Duplicate Texts / Way To Fix

Nov 27, 2009

Sometimes my Droid sends a text 2 times. I can see my sending 2 of the same texts in the threaded conversation.

It has been happening more often lately. Is anyone having the same issue?

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HTC Droid Eris : Stock E1.5 Is Not Sending All Texts / Way To Fix

Mar 16, 2010

I was texting my friend last night, and suddenly she just stopped replying. I was confused but I didn't think much of it. Then, later, on facebook I was talking to her again, and she said she never got the last two texts that I tried to send. Both the stock messages app, and chompsms say they were sent (I think is there some way to check for sure). I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. Its only a few texts every so often, but it was annoying.

P.S. If I cant fix this in 1.5 is it something that root could help me with?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Phone Not Dropping To 1x When Sending Texts

Feb 17, 2010

Lately, not all the time, whenever I send a text, I watch the reception bar at the top and it is not dropping to 1x to send the text. In addition, some of my friends have not been receiving my texts when I send them.

Are these two things related? I swear I've seen it before where it drops to 1x to send the text, and then goes back to 3G..

I guess it's also possible that the phone is dropping to 1x, but the bar up top isn't updating?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Using ChompSMS And Smspopup For Sending And Receiving Texts?

Feb 17, 2010

If im using ChompSMS and smspopup for sending and receiving texts. Can I close the "messages" app? I was thinking I can but was unsure if all it is used for is text messages.

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HTC Desire :: Message Sending Constantly Failing?

Sep 15, 2010

Today at work I went into my people application and sent a contact card too a friend.
When I done this it went to send it through messages rather than through handcent for whatever reason. Either way the friend didn't get the contact card. After this I went into handcent to send a contact and nothing would send. So I tried sending a normal text message and nothing. After half an hour I rebooted phone but still nothing do. I decided to turn phone off and take battery and SIM card out and then turn back on. This still didn't fix it so I went into manage applications and cleared all cache and data from HTC messages application.

Again this didn't work but I am worried what data I may have deleted now? 3 hours later and everything was working ok or seeming too however every now and then I got the message sending failed. I've had full signal throughout this. Also when I now receive a message I am getting 2 messages notifications come up one from handcent the other from HTC messages application? On another note what cache can I clear? I've got astro which allows me too clear thumbnail and internal cache which I do weekly but how can I clear all my application cache at once? and should I clear caches?

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Motorola Droid :: UID 10074 Using Tons Of Partial Wake Battery

Nov 23, 2009

On my last full discharge, I looked at the Spare Parts app battery history, and took a look at partial wake usage since I've read thats where you can see what apps are really draining your battery. What i saw that above everything was UID 10074, then android system, and then usual stuff. What is UID 10074? I google and searched, but the one time it was mentioned someone said they didn't know. It said something like over 3hours usage for partial wake for UID 10074. My battery life isn't terrible, but this thing seems like its hogging resources?

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Motorola Droid :: Partial Touch Screen Failure - Replace The Droid

Aug 12, 2010

So my beloved Droid is finally starting to show her age. Part of the touch screen has failed on the very right side of the screen as can be seen here:

The phone is still fully functional other than this and appears to be one of the better units out there (runs perfectly stably with 1.2ghz ulv kernels, gets great battery life and has a bubbly keyboard).

Having this portion of the touch screen go out does cause a few major problems though:

-Search hardware button no longer works
-Can't use notification blind in landscape view
-Can't hit backspace on portrait on-screen keyboard
-Many software buttons (like the ones in maps) can't be used in portrait

I have already visited my local VZW store and was assured they have replacement Droid 1s in stock.

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Motorola Droid :: Android System And Partial Wake Usage - Battery

Nov 29, 2009

There are a bunch of threads out there talking about battery usage and how to figure out what's draining your battery.

Almost all of them say to go get Spare Parts app from the market and check you "partial wake usage".

I did that and 95% of my partial wake usage is from "Android System".

Is that normal? Anyone who is getting good battery life (20+ hours) - what do you see in the partial wake usage?

I just checked my phone:

13h 10m 23s since unplugged
Partial Wakelock:Android System Total time: 13h 1m 44s

Is this normal?

The only widgets I have are:

Stock power control widget
Ringer Toggle Widget

I am running GDE in the background (not my default home screen).

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Sending Texts By Itself

Aug 25, 2010

My phone sends texts by will resend texts randomly to people i had sent them too already. Has happened about 6 times. Just this morning i turned my phone off when i get to work to charge it and turn it on...and i show i sent a text to my gf at 12:09pm...its now only 9:25AM. WTF? Its always force closing as well. What the heck is going on?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Texts Sending To Random People

Jul 1, 2010

I had this problem three times today already, and its getting annoying. I go into the messages app and click on a person to send a text to. that person's thread opens up, and i can see all the messages to that person. i type the message and click send. a few minutes later, i get a text from a DIFFERENT person, asking me what i was talking about. Apparantly the text gets send to someone else, even though i am SURE i was in the correct thread. i just installed the update the other day, and this never happened before. anyone else experience this?

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HTC EVO 4G : Ported Over AT&T - Not Sending / Receving All Texts

Jun 10, 2010

Ported over from AT&T on Tuesday and as of today I'm not able to send or receive all texts. I had a friend sit right next to me who has AT&T and we exchanged texts with some coming through on the Evo and some simply never did. Same thing when sending from the Evo. Does anyone know what is causing this? I have had other friends tell me they text and I never got it.

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General :: Sending Texts Through Exchange

Feb 17, 2012

I currently have a Galaxy Note but previous to this had a Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2, Windows Mobile). With that phone connected to my Exchange server I would receive my text messages in Outlook 2010 and could reply to them, which would send the reply through my phone. With Android I'm still receiving the text messages in Outlook but I'm unable to reply, I get a message that I need to set up an SMS service. Any way for me to get the functionality I had with Windows Mobile in Android?

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Samsung Fascinate :: Not Receiving Or Sending Texts

Sep 10, 2010

I just activated my new fascinate and can not receive or send texts from my GF (who is on att) but I can get texts from my roommates (on verizon). Anyone know what the deal is?

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General :: HTC One - Google Hangout Sending Texts Twice?

Mar 13, 2014

So I'm pretty new to Android, just got a HTC One as I was fed up with Apple and I'm loving it! Such an amazing phone! I have a question which maybe is me doing something wrong. My texts come through the Google hangout app which is good and of course I can reply but it does something weird. When I reply to a text it automatically says not sent and do I want to resend. It does this even if I have a full 3G signal. When I press resend it flies through and sends it straight away. This is fine but the issue is that it's sending messages twice so the recepicant gets 2 texts off me the same??

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Android :: Taking Very Bad Pics - Sending Slow Texts

May 6, 2010

I have an old cellphone that only is good for making calls and taking very bad pics, vids and sending slow txts. But I dont txt much if ever..I dont really care about photos or vids all I need is a phone to use for phoneing people and it would be nice to be able to check my email and get on the web alittle. I also carry a Blackberry PDA that I use alot. I would love to be able to buy an all in one PDA and phone/web serfing thing. The main things it must do is have what my PDA calls a To Do list. I can make a note there like (order 25 cases of white wine for joes restaurant) and it will record the not with the day and time I wrote it. Then laster once i have placed the order i can go back and change the not to read (ordered 25 cases white wone for joes restaurant) and it will update the time and date. Then once the order arives I can move the note to a Done box where it will let me know I have done this task and it will record when I completed it. So does anyone know of a app for Driod that does this?

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Android :: Sending Texts While Phone Is Locked On Eris

Jul 2, 2010

Is it possible to continue sending a text message after I press the red lock key? I keep sending messages and putting my phone in my pocket and then twenty minutes later will open my phone and realize it never sent. Is there any way to press send and then be able to immediately press the red button to lock the screen?

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Android :: Laggy Phone / Sending Texts Failed

Oct 14, 2010

My sister recently got the Droid 2 mainly because of the physical keyboard. As far as the camera and the ability to use the internet goes she loves the phone. However, its really,really laggy. I have a Droid Incredible and I am amazed at the lag between switching home screens and the launching of apps on the 2. She also said that she has a problem with the phone sending texts to the wrong person. Does anyone else experience these sort of problems?
So my question is are there and Droid 2 users that got rid of their phone and found another Android Verizon phone that they like a lot?

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General :: Galaxy Nexus Texts Sometimes Hang On Sending?

Jun 25, 2013

My texts sometimes hang on "sending". this almost always happens when i'm texting my two brothers. maybe it's something about texting more than one person? maybe it's something about texting them? and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm using straight talk and my phone is all the way updated to the latest apps and android.

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Samsung Captivate :: Sending Messages Fine - Can't Receive Texts?

Aug 2, 2010

I haven't gotten text messages in 3 days. I haven't changed any of the SMS settings so I'm wondering what happened. I can send out, but not receive. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid X :: GPS Constantly On

Sep 27, 2010

is there a way to tell what app is using the GPS? My phone's gps is constantly on even when google maps, camera app, etc isn't turned on. I'm curious what app is using it.I know i can manually turn off gps but i rather leave it on as it hasn't been affecting battery life too much so far but now the gps icon is on very frequently in the top bar.

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Motorola Droid X :: Constantly Going From 3G To 1X

Sep 29, 2010

Is anyone else having problems with their 3G. In areas where my phone would normally have 3G all the time it's now constantly going from 3G to 1X.

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Motorola Droid X :: Apps Constantly Run

Jul 19, 2010

I have advanced task killer.. I kill all task and open it again and at least three of the task I killed are running again.. its really sucking the battery life away.. what can i do to make sure these programs close and stay closed? Any and all help will be appreciated. keep in mind this is my first smart phone so Im still learning

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Motorola Droid :: Rebooting Itself Constantly

Nov 6, 2009

I dont know why but ive had this thing for an hour and it just keeps rebooting itself even if i try to switch to the next home screen. very very annoying. task killer showing me 105 meg free and 115 after i kill everything. how much memory are u guys showing without anything really running?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Constantly Screen Flickering

Aug 18, 2010

I bought my Droid 2 last week, after trading it in from an LG Ally. It's quite awesome! But little droidy is sick ): The screen is constantly banding and flickering, sometimes at different strengths. At points it's hard to look at the screen and hurts your eyes. I heard this happened with the Droid X's as well. Sadly, the day after I got my Droid 2, my 30-days (I got it at best buy) to exchange the phone ran up :<

Is there anything I can do so they can exchange this? They sold me a defective product for $200! D: I think they should listen and give me a working model.

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Motorola Droid :: HTC IME Constantly Deletes Dictionary

May 25, 2010

Ive been using the HTC ime as my keyboard for a while but recently, it constantly deletes the dictionary. Ive also noticed during this time a drop in performance(have to reload all of widgets on homescreen when i go back to homescreen) Running P3 1ghz and 1.0.1 nexbeast.

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Motorola Droid X :: 3G Signal Dropping Constantly

Sep 1, 2010

I'm on my third 'X'.Both returns have been for the identical reason.3G drops seemingly at random and then hangs on 1x for 'x' amount of time before it reverts back.Yes I can manually kick start the thing by going into airplane mode but this is ridiculous.I've tried all the other band-aid approaches; hard reset, *228/1, *228/2, etc.Nothing fixes the problem.This happens way to often to be considered a fluke.I can not afford to have this happen while in navigation mode as it renders that function useless.I really need to know from someone this in fact is A) identified and B) being addressed by Moto and/or VZW. If I can't I'm afraid I will have to return this and leave VZW.It's too bad as the phone is perfect except for this very annoying bug. Does anyone have solid information on this?

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Motorola Droid X :: Slow And Constantly Dropping Connection

Sep 1, 2010

i've had my droidx since it came out. Its always worked great. but for the last two weeks or so it has been VERY annoying. App for chatting like AIN or trillian do not connect long enough or well enough to talk to people. My service is also lagging as well as wifi. And my market is very very bad with loading. Any suggestions? I do not have an automatic task killer. And i do use juicedefender, but on days i leave it off i have the same problem.

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Motorola Droid X :: Music Player Constantly Freezes

Sep 30, 2010

Anyone else have this issue? Sometimes it freezes to where i have to pull the battery.

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Motorola Droid :: Using Sp Recovery- Sd Card Constantly Corrupt

Aug 4, 2010

I have been using sp recovery, with kangerade 5.0.9 and chevy 1.2. I have run backups with sprecovry, but the next time I go into sp recovery and attempt backup it says sd card corrupt, giving me the error #31. I haven't connected to my computer since the last time I formatted and the only thing other than a charger I have connected is the droid dock. I can't figure out what could cause this issue.

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