HTC Incredible : Phone Reboots - Video Recording Not Working?

Aug 24, 2010

I have Skyraider 2.5.2, and my whenever I try to record video, my phone reboots. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I was told I need to update my radio. So for 2.15, I need to do unprovoked Forever. How do you do any of the other 2.xx radio updates. I remember something about unrooting your phone or something, but I can't find it anymore.

HTC Incredible : Phone reboots - Video recording not working?

HTC Incredible :: Video Recording

Apr 15, 2010

According to official specs recording is present but does anyone know for sure if it's 720p recording?

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HTC Incredible :: LED Flash For Video Recording

Jul 21, 2010

Anyone know how to turn on the led flash for shooting videos in the dark. No matter what I do I can not turn on the flash onscreen icon it just has the flash icon with a circle and line through it.

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HTC Incredible :: No Auto Focus During Video Recording

Jun 24, 2010

Is there auto focus function that can be used during the video recording, not prior to recording? I also heard camera on DInc can also shoot 720p with root access, I am just wondering if auto focus during the recording is coming with the root access.

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HTC Incredible :: HD Video Recording - Hardware Or Software Based?

May 13, 2010

Obviously the EVO has 720p recording, and purportedly so will the iphone, and there on, I am sure the windows 7 phone. They all will sport 8mp cams like that of the incredible. Does anyone actually know what prevents the HTC Incredible from recording in HD? Anyone with any insight into that sorta thing feel free to chime in. Cuz dang some HD recording would actually make me use the camcorder app.

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HTC Incredible :: Setting Missing In Video Recording Flash

May 6, 2010

my camera flash works just fine but when i switch to the camcorder app i cant use the flash. it symbol is there but its grayed out and i cant turn it on. is there a setting im missing or another app that will let me use the flash with video recording?

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HTC : Is Incredible's Camera Capable Of 720p Video Recording

May 12, 2010

Is the Incredible's camera capable of 720p video recording? Do you think it will ever be released in an update? Is it even possible to enable this feature in an update? Any ideas are welcome.

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HTC Desire :: HD Video Recording On Phone Possible?

Apr 13, 2010

From my understanding the Desire was originally supposed to have HD video recording, but this was ditched. Is it possible that a future firmware upgrade could allow HD recording, or the phone physically incapable of recording in HD?

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HTC Desire : Video Recording Restarts Phone

Aug 14, 2010

My phone constantly restarts after trying out the video recording. I've tried removing the battery and rebooting it again but it still keeps on restarting. Can someone advise me? phone is not rooted.

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Motorola Droid X :: Phone Autofocus / While Recording Video?

Jul 23, 2010

Does the Droid X have autofocus while recording video? If not, is this a software thing or is it hardware? Kinda sucks not being able to autofocus while recording.

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Android :: Tying To Develop An App For Audio Video Recording On Phone

Dec 21, 2009

I am trying to develop an app which streams live audio/video. I have the mediarecorder to record both audio, video frames , and it does so. But the thing is it records a chunk of audio and then records a chunk of video frames and then records a chunk of audio frames to the file. How do I determine where my audio frames start and where the video frames start?. Also is there any way to figure out the Video frame length ?. Iam really stuck at this point and any help will be greatly appreciated. This is how I initialize the mediarecorder in my app, Code...

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Reboots Whenever I Use Inc's Camera?

Oct 11, 2010

Whenever I use the Inc's camera, my phone reboots. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how I can fix it (besides not using the camera)?

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HTC Incredible :: Reboots Randomly While On Phone Call

Aug 3, 2010

my incredible reboots randomly, first noticed one while on a phone call with my dad. It was over bluetooth in car with navigation & gps on. It rebooted mid conversation. I was on 95 in baltimore with 4 bars and 3g. Everything since has been while listening to slacker. Either while phone is sitting there or while surffing the web. Once was while listening in the car in philadelphia on 95 no navigation (always 2-3 bars and 3g) and it didn't start crashing until about two weeks ago. Every crash has been while plugged into a charger also. I haven't noticed any crashes off charger.

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HTC Incredible :: Way To See An Error Report After Phone Reboots By Itself?

May 18, 2010

I would love to see what is causing my very occasional reboots..

When my pc crashes it gives a report of what caused the errors, id love to see that same thing with my DI..

It would be cool to see that its a downloaded app causing the problem and i would just get rid of the offender

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Constantly Reboots When It Hits Erizon Splash Screen / Stop It?

Aug 26, 2010

OK today charged battery then turned off bump charged it turned it back one. HTC splash screen, then little splash screen then verizon splash screen then its reboots. It did this even if I removed the battery. Called Tech support had to clear all my data UGH!!!! luckily i did export to sd card a while back only missing about 20 contacts out of a 100 but its fixed now. Anyone else have this happen. I have had no problems with this phone til now.

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HTC Incredible :: Sending A Video Still Not Working

Oct 16, 2010

Im having an issue sending a video on my incredible. i dont understand whats going on and i dont think im doing something wrong but who knows...

I went into camcorder, changed everything to defult. i changed the resolution to the 640 and was able to send up two a 2 second video. then i went to the lowest resolution which was like 320 or whatever and was able to send up to a 5 second video. thats about it... i sat on the phone with verizon maybe...2 hours? THEY could not figure it out. they said they has to borrow another verizon enployee's phone to mess with it and she kept getting the same issue saying the file is two large. its set for 30 seconds, then 20 seconds, 15, 10, all of them will not work over 5 seconds of a video to send. they said they dont understand why there is nothing in the settings saying switch to mms or sms or something and contacting someone to update that asap because it made no sence to them. i dont understand this and its getting annoying.

So then, i tried downloading some app called youcast or whatever, and it kind of worked. it says it bypasses the size limit or whatever. i sent a video to my friend and it says he got it, but needs to download the app first to view it. im waiting to hear from him if he downloads it and is able to view it. but that still sucks because what if you dont have an android? then youcast wont work.

And not only is this issue with me, but 6 of my friends with the htc incredible are not able to send videos either after they messed around with it all.

So my questions are...

Is there any other apps out there like youcast that might work or be better too?

My settings right now on camcorder are...

white balance: auto
resolution: QVGA(320x240) and i tried switching around between that all the way to 720p(1280x720)
storagehone storage and i have switched to storage card
encoding type MPEG4
Recording Limit: 30 seconds. again i tried all other settings.

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KitKat 4.4 :: Skype Reboots N4 Mid Video Call

Dec 24, 2013

I'm on 4.4.2 unrooted, using data during the call and while mid call my screen goes black and boots the phone up again?

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HTC Desire :: Restarts / Reboots After Every 5min When Use Internet - Mp3 Or Video

Aug 24, 2010

HTC DESIRE get overheated and restarts/reboots after every 5min when internet,mp3 or video is used.

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Android :: Video Recording Available In V1.1?

Mar 25, 2009

I am looking for video recording example, it suppose to be in api - sample but not available. I am wondering if 1.1 release still missing this feature?

If it does support then in which format and where is the example. Also I am trying to figure out MP3 encoding long ago but still no solution. I have recorded an audio ()which is in AMR by default, how can I convert it in MP3 (any external package I can use?)

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HTC EVO 4G :: No Autofocus When Recording Video

Jul 7, 2010

Is the Evo supposed to be auto-focusing when its recording video? If I have just the viewfinder and no recording going on, it auto-focuses whatever I point it at, but when it comes to recording, its not auto-focusing at all. It just stays blurry.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Keep Flash On While Recording Video?

Jun 5, 2010

Don't know if anyone knew this but if you download the LED Desire light from the app store, use the app first to leave the LED lights on and go to your video recorder. You can now record video in the dark and have somewhat clarity with the LED lights on. Granted it would probably be a big energy waster, but atleast you know have a choice.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Video Recording On Dark

Jul 26, 2010

Well so after over a month that i had the phone and i didn't really have the chance to record in the dark with low light, so what better place to try it then Las Vegas, anyways i uploaded the video from the laptop quality will get better but right now does look crappier then what it really looks but i have to go work early morning so i need to go to sleep, let me know what you think either here or on the video comments btw if you go to youtube page it looks better i believe YouTube - bartender on the rio hotel and casino

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HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Zoom While Video Recording

Aug 3, 2010

I wish there was a way you could zoom while video recording.. I hate that this isn't an option.. This is sooo simple.. Why couldn't HTC incorporate this in the camcorder?

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In-Game Video Recording?

Dec 19, 2012

Any way to record in-game video and audio? The user can record his/her gameplay and then be able to share it.

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General :: MMS Video Recording 4.0+

Dec 21, 2012

fix to send a mms video on a 4.0+ rom?seems everyrom I try thats not gb or lower doesnt lower the quality of the video or start the 30 second recording for sending a video mms...I am running android on the hd2 with maglr an cwm,

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HTC Incredible :: Video And Camera Not Working After Froyo Update

Aug 31, 2010

When trying to do 720p recording the camera freezes, turns black and requires a battery removal. I got about 3 seconds of 720p recording but even when I go in to view the video it freezes or lags severely to the point I need to remove the battery.

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HTC Incredible :: Mms Stoped Working - Cannot Send Or Recieve Mms Or Video

Aug 14, 2010

How do i look inside my current rom to see if anything is out of wack with my framework? mms stoped working for some reason. i cannot send or recieve mms or video. if i wipe and clear cache and reinstall the rom it will work just fine but when i titanium backup all my apps and system data, thats when i lose the ability to send pics or recieve them. i have not deleted anything from the system but it seems as something has gone missing. i am running second wave with latest radio.

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HTC Incredible :: Put Video Onto Phone - Format To Convert For Watching Video?

Nov 4, 2010

I have a video that i want to put onto my phone but don't know what format to convert it to so i can watch it on my phone.

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Android :: Support For Video Recording In 1.5?

Apr 28, 2009

Is video recording supported in 1.5? I got it mostly working with the Haykuro 1.5 ADP image - the video file was legally formatted but didn't play properly.

With yesterday's official 1.5 images, it doesn't work at all.
setVideoEncoder() fails,
with the wonderfully informative error message
"setVideoEncoder failed".

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HTC EVO 4G :: Video Recording - Pause Function

Jul 28, 2010

Is there any way to pause the video recording function? I've looked all over the net and can't find an app or a reason why this feature seems to be missing from all Android phones.

This is HD recording and could potentially replace low end video units. Seems like it should be unnecessary to use an external video editor to get a vacation video in one piece.

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