HTC Incredible :: No Video Audio In Windows 7

Jul 13, 2010

Running windows 7 64bit with the newest windows media player, fully updated in windows update. When I shoot a video on my phone it has audio (obviously), but when I copy it over to my PC and play it there is no sound.

HTC Incredible :: No video audio in windows 7

HTC Incredible :: Podcast (Audio And Video) Suggestions

Aug 8, 2010

Finally bought DoggCatcher and love it as a Podcatcher (audio and video). Now looking for podcast suggestions. Some of my favorites:

TWIT (tech)
TWIG (tech and google)
Android Phone Fans
AppJudgment (iphone and android apps)
The Digg Reel (popular youtube videos)
Hak5 (misc hacking)
ROFL (comedy)
The Nerdist (interview usually with comedians by a comedian, Chris Hardwick) (short tech update)
The Android App Show
The RELEVANT Podcast (news and media with a hip/funny Christian slant)
Scam School (magic tricks)

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HTC Incredible :: No Video Only Audio (MP4 File Format)

Jun 24, 2010

The HTC web site claims support for .mp4 and .wmv playback but I have had no luck. I have used various programs from HandBrake to Sony and I can get audio with no video (mp4). I can get audio with still image video (wmv). The DI seems very picky as to which videos it will actually play back. Is there a recommended way to convert my videos / DVS into a format the DI can play?

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HTC Incredible : Audio / Video Lose Sync During Play Movies / 3gp

Aug 24, 2010

I've read many topics from many android forums about this issue, but I have yet to see any posted solutions. If anyone know what program to convert videos, what settings to use, what resolution, what frequencies, what bitrates that will result in sync'd playback all the way through a movie, let me know.

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HTC Desire :: Windows 7 Video

Jun 29, 2010

I'm plugging my HTC desire into my windows 7 premium laptop, but when viewing videos on the PC that have been recorded on the HTC, I get no sound.

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HTC Desire :: Transfer MP3s And Video Across In Windows Explorer

May 28, 2010

I have a Desire and I'm trying to transfer MP3s and video across in Windows Explorer. However I can only seem to get around 100MB of files across then I get the error message:

Cannot read from the source file or disk

I'm using a 16Gb card that worked fine in my G1. Windows reports that there is over 14Gb free. I've tried formatting the card via the phone and using other software to transfer the files eg Doubletwist but I still get the same problems.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Video Audio Gone When Transferred To PC?

Aug 29, 2010

I'm not sure if there is a thread for this or not. I couldn't find one. After I transfer photos/videos via USB to my desktop, I notice when I play the video files that there is no audio. Only the video.

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Android :: Need Best RSS App For Audio / Video

Dec 22, 2009

I would love to see what are peoples top picks?

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4G :: No Audio On HTC Evo Video Transfers

Aug 23, 2010

When I transfer the videos from my Evo to windows 7 pc, there is no audio. If I need an Evo codec, where do I download that?

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Android :: App To Rip Audio From Video Into Mp3 Format?

Jan 22, 2010

Does such a thing exist please folks - want to rip some audio for an mp3 ringtone from a comedy video clip

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HTC Desire :: Audio And Video Out Of Sync

Apr 12, 2010

I am having an issue where the video and audio are out of sync using my HTC Desire. I am using videos I have already converted for play on an iPhone and work without an issue. I am also having the same problem on youtube videos that I stream using Wifi to my handset. It is only every so slightly out of sync. I have a few people I am speaking to now with the same issue, and I also tried video on a test handset in the store I bought mine from which gives the same issue. Is anyone else noticing this problem?

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Media :: Having No Audio Sound With My Video

Sep 26, 2010

Just made a video with my Motorola xt701. played it on the phone and computer it has no sound. Made another one with me screaming in the phone, still no sound. Do you have to have a mic plugged in to get sound when making a video or is there another issue??

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Media :: No Audio On Video Playback

Nov 5, 2010

Just got a Droid Incredible and love the phone so far. I have a problem however playing back video that I recorded. The video comes out fine but there is no audio track. Same happens when I play back on my PC. I have read some forum posts that were similar but none of the solutions offered have worked for me. I have done the following: Played back on phone, WMP, VLC and Quicktime.

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HTC Tattoo :: Video Audio Sync

Jan 6, 2010

Whenever I try and view a video via the Youtube app or the Ballplayer app the Audio is about half a second behind the video making it unwatchable. Any ideas what the problem could be.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Output Streaming Video / Audio To TV?

Jun 27, 2010

I subscribed to JetFlix, in the market. (Jetflicks! TV - Android app on AppBrain) It is a $3 app with a $10/month subscription. I watch it on my phone in my car at the lake during my lunch break. I know that probably sounds sad, but it is AWESOME. I'm a manager in the dang corporate world, and I forget that I am at work by the time I'm done with a movie and come on back to the office. It's my dirty little secret. ANYWAY, there are some great shows available on this application, and I was thinking of replacing my Netflix subscription with it if I could just stream it to my TV at home. I haven't bought an HDMI cable yet, because I don't have a use for one just yet. But is anything "streamable" to the tv? I read that only pictures and videos that were shot with the camera stream though the HDMI cable. If that is the case, what is the point? I keep all that stuff on a hard drive anyway. So my question: can I hook up an HDMI cable and stream Jetflicks to my TV? The Jetflicks movies play on the native Internet browser. So I guess a more accurate question would be: Does the native internet browser display on the TV through the HDMI cable? If so, is there audio?

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HTC EVO 4G : Audio From Mp4 Video Files Not Playing

Nov 23, 2010

Ok so I see a lot of people saying they are having problems with video playback when importing from their SD Card but Im having the opposite problem.

I just switched over from the Metro PCS Samsung Code which is a Windows 6 phone to EVO and I put my SD Card in my EVO. All my music files play and the mp4 video files play but the audio from the mp4 video files dont. Does anyone have advice on how to fix this?

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General :: App That Extracts Audio From Video?

May 2, 2012

Any app that would allow me to Extract the Audio from a MP4 Video and Convert Just the Audio to MP3?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: No Video Sound In Windows Media Player

Sep 28, 2010

When playing videos from the X10mini using Windows Mediea Player, there's no sound...what's wrong?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Audio Quality (Worse) On Video Recordings

May 28, 2010

I've been trying to digest every possible piece of information I can on the Evo, and have been very anxious to get one on June 4th. But something I'm finding very little info or comments on is how terrible the audio quality is on video recordings. It's surprisingly very bad. The video quality is looking good, but that makes the bad audio just that much worse. I've noticed this on every sample video I've checked out on You Tube. It seems that it is slightly better on the Incredible, but still pretty sub-par. If you watch video recorded from the Motorola Droid or iPhone, you can hear what a difference it is. Is this just a HTC thing, or is it something that can be adjusted?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Low Quality Audio Ever Be Fixed For Video Recorder?

Jun 15, 2010

The audio being recorded is horrible. Will there ever be a fix for that because I'm considering taking my EVO back.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Audio Quality Jerky When Taking Video

Jul 6, 2010

Frankly, I'm fine with the video quality. It could be a lot better but I don't use my phone for anything serious. The audio quality is horrid. I pulled a video into MediaCoder to find out why. That is 12.8kbps at 8,000hz sampling rate. To put this in perspective; A low quality MP3 is 64kbps at 44.1khz (44,100hz). That is 5 times the bit rate and more than 5 times the sampling rate.

A decent quality MP3 is at the very least 128kbps. The audio that the Evo camcorder app is 1/5th the quality of a crappy MP3. This is a rather simple software fix. I'm not a programmer but I know how audio and video codecs work and I see no reason for this limitation. The phone can record excellent quality audio. Just download a recording app and try it. HTC or a third party developer needs to get on this. The reason the video is a bit jerky is that it is recorded at 10.01 FPS...

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HTC EVO 4G :: Video Recording In Concerts / Audio Awful?

Sep 20, 2010

I have no problems with the video recording on my Evo it looks amazing but I go to a ton of concerts and such and I love recording them with my Evo but it just sounds Awful, I was wondering if there was any setting to make or change to make the aduio recording sound much better?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Fring Has A Lot Of Audio Feedback In Video Calls?

Jun 5, 2010

I know quite a few of you have been testing Fring with other members yesterday using the new video chat feature.Well, considering me and my old man both bought EVO's yesterday we did video chat with each other on Fring and while we could hear each other, there was A LOT of audio feedback and we aren't sure from where. He was in the garage, I was in a room on the opposite side of the house both very quiet areas.Just wondering if anyone else has a lot of audio feedback using Fring video chat?

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Nexus :: Audio Loosing Sync On Video

Jan 15, 2010

Has anyone had any problems with videos loosing audio sync ?? It plays the first part of the files fine then after a few mins playing it appears to lose sync. Is there any max bitrate the phone supports? They are encoded from dvd at 1344kbs in mp4 format and 128kbs aac sound.

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Motorola Droid X :: Stream Video And Audio Over LAN And WAN

Oct 6, 2010

I have over 100GBs of audio and video files on my PC that I would like to access at anytime. Whether it's around the house or on the go. 9 out of 10 places I'm usually at have highspeed wifi connections so I'm not too concerned about streaming over the 3G network; although it would be nice.

Basically, I want to set my PC up as a private media/file server that I can access from my rooted Droid X 2.2.....cheaply, free if possible.

I'm actually surprised that this device doesn't have streaming capabilities over local wifi networks. I can transfer files over from my home network and then play them but that requires a lot of wait time and uses a lot of space on the phone.

How to configure ftp and http servers with DNS if that helps. http would take a long time to code and can't be updated quickly so I'm hoping it can be done with an ftp server.

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Android :: Phone Won't Stream Audio Or Video

Jul 18, 2010

I have a Samsung Moment with Android 2.1 on it and lately I cannot stream music or video in any app that I try. The YouTube app says "Sorry, this video cannot be played." for every single video, and if I try to use something like DroidLive (for shoutcast and such) it has a connection error every time. Grooveshark has an "Unknown MediaPlayer error." I tried a few other random apps off of the market to try to rule things out and none of them would play. Music that is stored on my SD card plays just fine.

It doesn't only not work sometimes, it doesn't work 100% of the time now. Happens when I have 3G and even if I'm connected to Wifi. I did a factory reset last night thinking that maybe an app had messed with a setting somewhere and it still doesn't work. I have no clue what else I could possibly try.

EDIT: As requested by the stickied thread:
1.) Model Number - SPH-M900
2.) Firmware Version - 2.1-update1
3.) Baseband Version - S:M900.8.0S.DD03
4.) Kernel Version - 2.6.29
5.) Build Number - ECLAIRDD03

And the hardware version is M900.8.0

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Android :: Doggcatcher - App See Audio / Video Podcasts

Oct 11, 2010

Im very new to this app, I was wondering how can I make it so I only see audio/video podcasts. I dont need to see the text posts they just make it confusing.

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HTC Hero :: Beebplayer - Audio Video Hangs

Nov 14, 2009

I downloaded beebplayer straight away cause i am a frequent iplayer user, but beebplayer is 100% unwatchable for me. The video and sound stop and start every few seconds. Could it be because my wireless is Belkin Pre-N? If it is because of the router, is there anyway to fix it short of buying a new one, cause I cant afford it at the moment. Does Flash in the browser only work for certain things? I've been trying to watch some, tvshack and megavideo (all flash) but all that seems to happen is the player itself comes up, loads, but never starts playing?

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Android :: Audio Video Inconsistency Behavior?

Aug 12, 2009

In my app, a user picks video content with Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT); Code...
Why is the behavior for video and audio different?

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Samsung Captivate :: Audio Not Syncing With Video?

Jul 21, 2010

Anyone else experiencing this? Really bumming me out.

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