HTC Incredible :: Android 2.1 Rebooting Itself Intermittently?

May 10, 2010

Anyone else have this problem with the HTC Droid Incredible on Android 2.1 rebooting itself intermittently? In the last 2 weeks, it has rebooted it self about 5 times that I know of. NO, I am not rooted. No, I have not seen any update notifications.

HTC Incredible :: Android 2.1 rebooting itself intermittently?

HTC Incredible :: Screen Brightens And Dims Intermittently

Aug 8, 2010

Loving the phone, the auto-dim works great when I pull the phone closer or away from my face. My issue is when I'm playing a ROM on my phone for an extended period of time (maybe 15 minutes), I notice that the screen either gets brighter for a few moments, or will get dimmer. The seems to happen without any warning or prompting maybe it occurs because I accidentally hit the home button, then return to the ROM and once the phone knows I'm just playing the ROM it dims to conserve battery? And when I say dim, I mean ever-so-slightly. It doesn't turn black or anything.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Rebooting By Itself

May 10, 2010

just got off the phone with a senior tech support at Verizon regarding my phone rebooting randomly. He told me that they are aware of this to be happening in certain area and they should have an update to resolve this.

this is a replacement phone cause my first phone did this, and so I called again cause of this problem but this time they instructed me to wait it out until the fix which should be within a week (as he says).....

I don't know if many are having this problem....but I just wanted to let those that are having this problem to wait it out and see.....

I haven't been able to put my screen protector on cause I didn't know if I had to replace the phone or being extra careful.

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HTC Incredible :: Update On Rebooting - No Signal

Jun 28, 2010

I had another thread, but my Inc has been having the rebooting problem. I have a network extender, but it apparently doesn't help the Inc until you're in a call. Now, my dad has the same phone and his has never rebooted. He went to an area where he knew there was no signal and had no reboots. He's in the 300+ consecutive hours without it rebooting. I went home over the weekend and had no reboots. I took my phone to an area with no signal and had no reboots, even though I was there for a few hours with no signal.

So it can't just be a low signal thing. It has to be a tower thing. Tomorrow I'm going to the verizon store that has a tech to talk to them about it. If they can't help, I'm calling verizon to talk to someone. There is no other answer as to what's causing reboots than a tower problem. So they should be able to look at whatever tower my town is using and see what's not up to date/not like every other tower my phone has used and it should be fixable.

So hopefully tomorrow, I may have an answer as to what my tower's problem is causing the error and maybe Verizon will take that as proof and start doing something about it. Or at the very least, I can give you guys the information and you can make verizon verify if your tower is using that or not. For example, if they tell me my tower is update x, but the towers in neighboring towns are all y, then clearly update x has a problem with the Inc and you guys could get verizon to verify if your towers are x or y. Because I'll gladly put in as much effort as I can seeing as how I have proof, including pictures, that it's a tower problem.

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HTC Incredible :: Keeps Rebooting After Charge The Battery

Apr 29, 2010

I let my battery run down and then while charging I tried to turn the phone back on but it kept going from the white HTC screen to the black VZW screen and back. I tried a battery pull but it continued to do it, even while plugged in. I did another battery pull and now it is charging.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone All Of A Sudden Keeps Rebooting Itself

Sep 16, 2010

Ok I dont know whats going on but one day I was opening an MMS a friend sent me and my phone kept getting force closes. So I did a batter pull tried to start the phone and it just kept going in a cycle of endless reboots. Now I have the Frankenrom b6 rom. A rom which up and till this point worked so well I didn't care about getting the stock OTA. So what happened?

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HTC Incredible :: Rebooting And Force Closing

Sep 1, 2010

I rooted my phone with Unrevoked3. Then applied Unrevoked Forever. Then tried to update to 2.2 with the method from the google server file. Phone kept rebooting and force closing. Attempted to Unroot which I am not sure I did properly. I also think my phone is still S-off. Tried to update to 2.2 after unrooting and get errors and it aborts. Now I am also worried that I will not be able to receive the OTA update. Any suggestions? Any way to make sure I am unrooted?

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HTC Incredible :: Dinc Keeps Rebooting When Use Navigation / Stop It To Do So?

Aug 28, 2010

Happened on my first and second dinc, SO annoying.

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HTC Incredible :: Constant Rebooting After Installing Recent Leaked OTA

Jul 20, 2010

As titled, I installed the leaked OTA tonight for the 720p recorder,boot animation, etc.It did reboot 3 times initially right after the update but I was expecting that.I waited about 30 minutes for good measure and then restored all of my apps and data with Titanium. Ever since then my phone has been rebooting itself for no reason. I have noticed that it does it more when I am launching certain programs. For a while it was just rebooting one right after the other and the home screen never came available, it just had a Loading... notification. Once it finally did load the home screen it looked like the Weatherbug was struggling to load and as soon as I click on it, the phone shuts off.I uninstalled the app and it hasn't been rebooting as much but for a phone that has never ever had one problem I'm kind of inconvenienced by this.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Rebooting When Signal Drops To Zero / Resolve This?

Aug 21, 2010

Phone rebooting when signal drops to zero.

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HTC Incredible :: When Run Reflash Tool - Gets Stuck After Rebooting Says - Waiting For Reboot

Aug 4, 2010

I just unrooted and installed the leaked radio update so i would have less bugs with the froyo ROMS.

I installed the radio perfectly fine, but now unrevoked isn't working for me. I deleted all of the previous files and reinstalled them (sdk folder, usb drivers, reflash)

when i run the reflash tool, it gets stuck after rebooting, says "waiting for reboot..."

As the phone rebooted, it changed to "Flashing recovery image. Do not touch your phone!" but instead of into recovery, it just continued to restart the phone as usual

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Android :: HttpsURLConnection Failing Intermittently To Same URL

May 15, 2010

I think I'm experiencing the same as

This is Android 1.5 SDK. I happen to call several times below code(which is in a method) with
the same url and it fails intermittently. When it fails, there is no exception, the stream is empty so the
readConnection fails, and getResponseCode returns -1. Global caching is disabled, setDefaultUseCaches(false);

I suppose there must be some kind of url connection object pool somewhere.

How can I workaround this?


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Android :: App Opens Previous Activity / Only Intermittently

Jul 24, 2009

This is an intermittent bug in one of my apps. I don't expect anyone to solve it immediately, but I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to start debugging!So, my app lets users edit an item (in the EditPage activity). When they press the Back key, the desired behaviour is that it saves their edits and returns them to the home page (the HomeList activity). The code for this is below. It works fine. Except.The bug is this. Some users report that sometimes when they reopen the application after a pause, they are seeing *not* the home page, where they left the application - but the previous edit activity. Crucially, they are also seeing the edit activity without their saved edits - effectively losing their most recent edits.I've been able to reproduce this myself. It only happens after the application hasn't been opened for a while. If I save something, minimize the application and reopen it straight away, it shows the HomeList activity just fine, and the edits have all been saved. But if I save something, leave it for a couple of hours and then reopen it, it shows the previous EditPage activity, without the saved edits (i.e. in the state that the EditPage activity was previously launched).

Any ideas, anyone? I had wondered whether it was due to the Back button being used to return the user to the HomeList activity - maybe Android thinks that the Back button means that the HomeList is not the most "recent" activity, instead the EditPage is. I'd like to carry on using the Back button if possible, though. And in particular, I'm puzzled why it only happens after the app has been idle for an hour or so, and not immediately? Is it something to do with Android's memory management?

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Android :: Deadlocks Intermittently / Having Crashlog After A Rotation

Apr 8, 2010

Here's a crashlog. It happened on n1 after a rotation. Looks like the swap function is called with a wrong arg. Log ...

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Android :: Market Licensing Intermittently Fails

Oct 26, 2010

I included the Android Market licensing (LVL) in my application and is currently using it to block invalid users. However users are emailing me that they are legit and include proof that they indeed bought the application. In looking at the errors generated during authentication, I get something along the line of "failed to reach server 505 error" which basically means that the Android Market server isn't responding and authenticating the users correctly.

In my personal experience when I encountered this once in my testing (I was hoping it was unique but it's not), I had to wait 30 mins before it finally worked. My phone was using wireless and clearly had no network issues. Ultimately the Android Market server is glitch and faulty (which is nothing new) and was just not responding and authenticating for around 30 mins. This leads to an extremely crappy experience for my users.

Other than dropping using this licensing scheme, I don't know what else to do. Android market connection is just too faulty for everyday usage. Do other developers have a better experience? Others using LVL at all? Others with similar experience?

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General :: Seeing Wrong Time On Android 4.3 Intermittently On Nexus 4?

Aug 3, 2013

Since updating to 4.3 both my and my girlfriend's Nexus 4 clock keeps jumping back 8 hours. Then corrects itself. Then goes wrong again, a few times per hour.

We bought the phones in the UK where there is an 8 hour time difference.

When we look at clock it says UK time is actually Los Angeles and Los Angeles is UK. It swaps them, which makes no sense.

Turning auto time zone off makes no difference, it's getting it from AT&T directly.

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General :: HTC ONE X - Won't Wake Up Intermittently

May 16, 2013

just joined up and looking for an answer to an issue I'm currently experiencing with my HTC ONE X. Phone has been fine, now suddenly the phone will not wake up. Everything works fine when initially turned on- can put it to sleep, wake it up with no problems (so the button is working fine) but if I leave the phone for 5-10 mins then try to wake it up I get nothing. So currently am having to constantly have it so the screen never goes off which is hardly ideal (especially on this phone considering the battery isn't the best to start with...!)

Phone is not rooted and on Vodafone UK. Running 4.1.1

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Android :: Lock Layer Error Intermittently When Stopping And Starting A Opengl SurfaceView

Jul 13, 2009

I'm writing a game using the drawing method from Chris Pruett's opengl spritemethodtest demo. The Activity running my opengl view works fine on initial load, and about half the time after turning off the phone and turning it back on. However, the other half, it locks up. I'll get a "lock_layer timed out (is the CPU pegged?)" warning that keeps repeating. I tried running the debugger to find the exact line that the error is occurring on, but the strange thing is that this error won't occur if I'm running the debugger on my G1. It only happens under normal operating conditions. Any help would be appreciated, as this bug really has me stumped.

Here are my onPause and onResume activity methods:


Here's a stack trace, running from the initial onCreate call to the lockup (I added some extra Log warnings to illustrate when different lifecycle methods are being called):


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HTC EVO 4G :: Music Player Intermittently Turns On

Jun 9, 2010

Sometimes my music player (TuneWiki or MixZing)randomly turn on & even though I will pause they they will keep turning on.It normally happens when I am listening to Last.FM or FM Radio.This used to happen on my HTC Hero to.

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HTC EVO 4G : Gmail Has Intermittently Stopped Pushing

Sep 1, 2010

In the last day or so Gmail has intermittently stopped pushing to my EVO. I can hit refresh and the mail appears. All settings are correct, background data, auto-sync and the Gmail account are all checked.

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HTC Magic :: Making Calls Only Work Intermittently

Jul 9, 2009

Just got my Magic today (Rogers) and things went pretty smoothly. Phone unlocked fine, AT&T's APN entered correctly, web browsing is good, Exchange is up and running, etc. But, I am having a problem dialing outbound calls, it is only working intermittently. I'm in a known good service area (5 bars) and have strong signal. Half the time I try to make an outbound call, it fails after about 5 seconds of just sitting there and saying "dialing" - it just craps-out and I get the fast busy signal and a "called failed" message. I try again - same thing. Every once and a while it will go through - and then the cycle happens all over again. This isn't happening in any of my other devices. Could there be a setting in the "phone" area that I have to tweak or something? Obviously a phone that doesn't make calls consistently is no good to me!

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HTC Tattoo :: Touch Screen Not Responding Intermittently

Aug 23, 2010

Basically on Saturday it was raining hard where I live and I was out and about with my tattoo in my pocket. I used it a few times whilst out but made sure it didn't get too wet although I personally got drenched and the phone was in my wet trouser pocket! That evening the touch screen stopped responding completely, nothing would happen when I touched the screen at all! The directional buttons like home and menu worked however. I then took the battery out and put it back in, but still no luck, the touch screen was dead. Resigned to having to send it back to HTC, I left it switched off over night. The next morning I switched it on again and it started to work fine again!! No problems, so I thought the problem had passed.

But then a bit later in the day the same thing happened again, touch screen not responding but this time as well although I wasn't touching the screen the tattoo was pressing the touch screen button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen on its own!? So that made me think that the touch screen was indeed broken! I then performed a complete factory reset last night, and yet again after that the phone was working fine again. But then again when my alarm went off this morning, the touch screen was not responding again and the tattoo was pressing that same button again on its own, on and off. So I took the battery out again, left for a few hours, just turned it back on now and the tattoo is working fine again!

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Motorola Droid X :: Bluetooth Intermittently Disconnecting

Aug 20, 2010

Just got my Droid X and love it so far. However, I'm having an odd bluetooth issue. I paired my DX with my Jawbone Icon, and everything worked fine, at first. However, now it seems to disconnect the jawbone arbitrarily. Strangely, the blue bluetooth indicator at the top of the DX display stays lit as though it's connected, but the earpiece becomes unable to initiate or answer calls. To resurrect the earpiece I have to turn it off, wait for the bluetooth indicator to go white, and then turn my earpiece back on. At that point, it connects and works fine for a while until it happens again. I guess it's possible there's a problem with the earpiece, but it always worked fine with my iPhone 3G.

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Samsung Captivate :: Phone Turns Off Intermittently / Need A Fix

Oct 2, 2010

My captivate turns off after a period of non use during the day. Is there a fix?

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Motorola Droid X : Row Of Intermittently Dead Pixels

Sep 17, 2010

Have a new X on the way... and I know for certain it wasn't there when I first received it because I specifically checked for dead pixels before I started customizing everything.... it just showed up one day, no drops, nothing significant.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Dialer Application Works Intermittently

Apr 13, 2010

I'm running 2.1v2 (non-root...=() and I've noticed over the past few days that the dialer app doesn't work all the time. On more than one occasion it will ring and when I answer the call, there's no sound, likewise when I place a call, it won't even ring. If it helps, here are the apps I've downloaded and installed:

Dialer One
xScope (the paid version)
Barcode Scanner
Johnson Bubble Level
Metal Detector

I've set my modem slot to 1 but it hasn't fixed the issue, I have disabled haptic feedback and cleared the call log (which is usually pretty empty anyways).

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Motorola Droid X :: Screen Not Registering Touch Intermittently?

Jul 23, 2010

I got my Droid X on launch day from Best Buy, and like most people here, I am very happy with my phone. However, I've been having a problem and I don't know if anyone else has been having it. Sometimes when I'm typing on Swype, or just using the phone in general, my finger won't register on the screen. For example if I'm typing a word, the line in Swype will get disconnected, and thus I will not have the right word. Also on my homescreen, when this happens I would not be able to switch between homescreens. If I lock my phone and unlock it again, usually this seems to fix the problem. I'd say at least once every 10 times I use my phone.

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HTC Desire :: Gmail Stopped Syncing Several Times Intermittently

Jun 14, 2010

Over the last few days, my Gmail has stopped syncing several times intermittently, with even a manual refresh having no effect. Coincidentally or otherwise, downloads from the Market have been taking absolutely ages to start over roughly the same period. Not sure whether this is connected, but these symptoms started at about the same time that I started getting "Low on space" warnings on status bar - though I still have about 13MB spare - surely enough to sync a few emails and complete small market downloads? Rebooting the phone seems to get Gmail working again, and kicks pending downloads from the market into life as well. Which would seem to indicate that memory is not the issue. This is a stock Desire, with the recent OTA firmware update. I am now also wondering whether this may be linked to that OTA update?

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Jelly Bean :: Intermittently Receiving Text Messages

Jan 30, 2014

I am receiving text messages intermittently, it isnt specific to who is sending them or what network they are on.

sometimes I wont recieve any of a persons text, but sometimes I will receive the 1st text then not their reply??? I have a chinese unbranded handset on android 4.2

Iv put my sim in a non android phone and it seems to work ok so am hoping its not the device, Iv already done a factory reset. changing network etc, it isn't a signal issue as I can download and use the internet perfectly.

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General :: LG P920 - Tasker Intermittently Stops Working

May 15, 2012

I had a tasker profile that switches screen lock off when I'm near my local cell tower.

However I found it would often not be active so today made a profile that will unlock my phone if my home wifi connection is found.

However this works one moment then not at all. It says no active profile despite wifi on and connected.

I have it so that if wifi near = home ssid then unlock phone, and wifi always on (never sleeps) but still nothing.

[URL] .....

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