HTC Desire :: Size Of Official Twitter App Keeps Growing / Remove It

Jun 17, 2010

I am using the official twitter app on my desire, and I have noticed that the size of the app keeps growing. The 'data' component of the app is now 3MB on my phone. And there is no way to remove it. The only option I get is to uninstall the app. Any way to get around this problem?

HTC Desire :: Size of official twitter app keeps growing / Remove it

HTC Desire :: Way To Remove Facebook / Twitter Apps?

Aug 31, 2010

Aside from rooting your phone, is there any way to remove the facebook, twitter or some other stock apps? Don't use either services and would rather have the space for something else and clean up my apps list a bit. I'm running unbranded 2.2

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HTC Incredible :: Official Twitter App Vs Peep

May 2, 2010

This phone is living up to its name for me, but I will stay on my topic...Has anyone used the new 'official' twitter app on the INC? I think Peep is fine, but was wondering what I would gain vs peep and if sense would loose any functionality. Thought I would ask here before installing.'

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Android :: How To Reply All In Twitter Official App?

Oct 27, 2010

I using the twitter official app in my galaxy s. But when i hit the reply button i does not show me the reply to all option, only replies to the author of the post. Is there a way to reply within this app to every one in the conversation?

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Android :: Official Twitter App / Twidroid Not Working

Sep 21, 2010

I just got my Samsung Galaxy S delivered and I've installed a few apps and they're working nicely but the ones that dont seem to work for me are the Twitter ones, I can log on to the site just fine on pc and through the mobile browser but the apps arent working, I first tried Twidroid, it doesnt authenticate my login details and says I put them in wrong, the same goes for Twitter's official app, anybody able to help me?

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Android :: How To Change Official Twitter App / See In Another Update

May 3, 2010

Not sure if anybody else has noticed these few things that I thought should have been included in the app, however who knows, it might be released in a later version..

What would you change? Or hope to see in another update?

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Android :: Retweet And Add Own Comment Using Official Twitter App?

Aug 26, 2010

Is it possible to Retweet and add your own comment using the official Twitter app?

I have read the comments on the market and AppBrain and some people have made reference to retweeting and adding a comment to the retweet.

If this is possible, could somebody tell me how?

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General :: How To Change Sound APP Official Twitter

Feb 4, 2012

how to change the sound of mentions on oficial app Twitter?

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Motorola Droid X :: Official Twitter App Widget Not Reloading

Sep 7, 2010

Have it set for auto refresh every 2 hours but its not doing it unless i do it manually. It was working fine but all of a sudden stopped. Any idea why?

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Motorola Droid X :: Cannot Remove Facebook / Twitter Account

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to remove my facebook and twitter accounts from my phone since they took over my contacts list and I simply just do not want them. When I go to settings > accounts > then try to remove either of them I get the Removing Account box with the red bar and it feels up to the end. Then I get an error message saying "An error has occurred. Please try again." I have rebooted the phone and everything.I googled this problem and found many posts with the same problem, but no answers. Does anyone have a clue what to do ?

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HTC Hero :: Delete Twitter And Flicker - Remove Bookmark Links

Jan 28, 2010

How do I delete twitter and flicker and get the peep icons gone and remove bookmark links from bookmark widget.

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HTC Incredible :: Remove Facebook And Twitter Applications From Phone Permanently?

May 15, 2010

How can I remove these type applications from my incredible permanently?

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Android :: Want To Remove Facebook , Twitter , Amazon From Rooted Phone

Nov 1, 2010

Is there anyway to do this?

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Motorola Droid : How To Remove Facebook - Twitter And Visual Voice Mail

Jul 12, 2010

Don't know much about ROMS, kernels, etc but I managed to root my Droid last week thanks to theoverclockr instructions. I took it from stock 2.1 back to 2.0.1 via RSDlite, to 2.1 rooted, loaded the Android 2.2 and the 1.2 ghz kernal. Works great.

Here's where my questions start:

Everyone talks about Bugless Beast like its the best thing ever so I want to try it. I assume I can install that at my current state and not lose everything plus still be running 2.2 froyo?

I am guessing this is how I do it, please tell me if I am correct or not -
1. Turn my phone on in recovery, select android, then backup.
2. Download Clockwork Mod
3. Chose Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
4. Download BB4 and save it to the root of my SD card
5. Restart phone in recovert, select Wipe data/factory reset
6. Select Wipe cache partition
7. Install zip BB from sd card
8. Reboot

Now, IF that goes right, I am assuming I will still have everything, apps, etc from before just a different Rom? Whats the exact difference anyway between stock 2.2 Froyo and BB4?

If that goes wrong, I assume I restore my backup? I'm guessing you do that through recovery too?

Question #2 - What is the battery widget/app that everyone has on here that still displays your battery in the status bar but has a number % of charge in the battery?

Question #3 - Can anyone give me a simple guide on how to remove Facebook, Twitter and Visual Voice Mail. I see everyone talking about tying in commands, removing this and that but I have no idea what program to use to do this, where to do it, etc.

Question #4 - With SetCPU, it looks like with my 1.2 ghz kernel, I can underclock it back to 600 or whatever I want? I am also assuming that I can have the min and max at 1200000 and have it super fast but a battery hog?

Question #5 - Where do I get this benchmark/quadrant score everyone talks about to see how my phone stacks up to everyone elses?

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Android :: Growing Assest Allocations

Feb 26, 2010

I did a dumpsys meminfo of my app and each time I go in and out of my activity the asset allocations grows i.e


Is this a concern? What can I do to avoid this? I have a feeling this is the reason for the growing memory usage.

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Android :: App Growing - Sapping Internal Memory?

Dec 12, 2009

Is it possible for an app to grow or continue to use up internal memory as you use it? I installed a new Android/Facebook app named Dungeon Quest less than a day ago. Since then I have use this app on and off but I have noticed that gradually my phones internal memory has been growing (from 231mb used to 240mb)! I haven't made any of My space is now getting critical.

Is there anyway short of rooting to reclaim this space? This seems to be a buggy app. I'm wondering if its got some kind of error log file growing in my internal memory area?

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Motorola Droid : How To Organize App List Growing?

Dec 4, 2009

Now that we've had our phones for a few weeks, the Application list is probably growing quite a bit. I know mine is! I wonder, how do you all organize your applications? Do you just put a few frequently used icons on your home screen and left the rest in the drawer? Do you create folders for different categories (Games, Utils, Social, etc) and place apps in there? Do you just load up your 3 home screens (or more if you have a home replacement) with EVERYTHING from the drawer?

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HTC Desire :: Still No Bluetooth Voice Dialling In Official Desire Froyo

Aug 1, 2010

I have posed this question in some threads but as yet have made no progress.I am just curious as to why HTC appear to have left out the Bluetooth Voice Dialler function that can be provided by the Froyo 2.2 O/S. I believe this feature is present and enabled in some of the cooked roms and also in the Nexus one Vanilla 2.2 so why not here?If I have missed somthing simple or if anyone is aware why it is missing or how I can activate it that would be fantastic!

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HTC Desire :: Official HTC Desire Android 2.2 Firmware Update

Sep 2, 2010

Does anyone know where we can download the Official HTC Desire Android 2.2 Firmware Update so we can use it for manual installation into the phone?

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HTC Desire :: HTC Peep And Twitter

Jul 6, 2010

In Peep's options what does Use screen names do?

In Accounts & sync what does Sync friend do?

Twitter for Android

In Accounts & sync what does Sync contacts do?

I've enabled and disabled all these settings and cannot see what impact they're having.

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HTC Desire :: Twitter Won't Connect / How To Fix?

Oct 19, 2010

Using the last few versions of the DeFrost ROM and the latest radio ( I seem to be unable to connect to twitter (through either the official app or twicca) when on a mobile data connection (G or H). It works fine on Wi-Fi though.

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HTC Desire :: Installing Twitter ?

Aug 4, 2010

Anyone else having trouble installing twitter??

I had it installed and it was working fine...until today. It went all funny so I uninstalled and now it won't re-install.....installation unsuccessful??

Rooted Desire using AdamG's Official Sense ROM

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HTC Desire :: Twitter App Sync ?

Aug 16, 2010

Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync

It shows 2 Twitter entries on the sync list (I use the stock Twitter app that came with the phone).

Entry 1 has a large 't' logo and I can change Account Settings, Sync tweet, and Sync friend.

Entry 2 has a small 't' logo and I can change Sync Twitter data and Sync contacts.

Are both these entries part of the same Twitter app? When I select Account Settings from the first app on the list, the page title appears as 'Peep' for a couple of seconds before changing 'Settings'. Could it be that the above entries are for Peep and the stock Twitter app, even though I don't use Peep?

My main reason for asking is that the Twitter app is set to update every 2 hours, but it seems this isn't happening, and I'm wondering if there's a clash somewhere.

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HTC Desire :: Where To Get Official 2.2?

Aug 1, 2010

I know there are so many 2.2 threads around but i have a small problem. I rooted my desire, using lekkys guide, so it is not debranded, unlocked, and rooted. How can i now get OFFICAL HTC 2.2 on there?

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HTC Desire :: Any Way To Link Contact To Twitter?

Apr 24, 2010

Is there a way to link a contact to twitter in the same way you can link to their facebook or flicker feeds? I had it in my mind that by going to contact you'd see their last few tweets.

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HTC Desire :: Official Car Mount Kit

Jul 30, 2010

Has any body seen this official car mount for the Desire? it seems a little expensive to me. It apparently activates the NaviPanel interface on your phone when plugged in but how do you know if your phone supports this or not?

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HTC Desire :: Unable To Connect To Twitter Via WiFi

May 4, 2010

I just got WiFi installed at my place, and I am can't seem to connect to Twitter, it keeps saying the password is wrong but when I go to the website I can sign in. On 3g I can sign via the app and website. I tried both peep and the official app.

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone Official 2.2 - Update

Aug 16, 2010

is there any news on the update that on the 10th of this month was stated on the voda eforum to be available in the next 7-10 days, ive got a horrible feeling that was said to shut everyone up about the firmware update fiasco.

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HTC Desire :: Official Rooted Froyo ROM

Aug 2, 2010

Is there an Official Rooted Froyo ROM available yet? I need one that is totally original.I have seen a few that are modified but im after a non-modified one.

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HTC Desire :: Official Car Kit - Battery Time?

Nov 14, 2010

Has anyone purchased the official HTC Desire car kit (reference on the HTC website is CU S420)? If so, does the charger actually charge up the phone or just prolong the time it takes for the battery to drain like all of the unbranded chargers seem to do?

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