General :: Mounting SD On HTC Amaze?

Jun 8, 2013

When I connected my phone through cable it asks for formatting internal storage... After that I'm unable to mount sd and external sd also.. When I'm mounting sd card it shows "preparing sd card" and within a second it shows "sd card safe to remove".

General :: mounting SD on HTC Amaze?

General :: How To Update HTC Amaze 4G To ICS 4.0

Mar 10, 2013

I want to know how can I update HTC Amaze 4G to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update.

Currently it's running on Gingerbread 2.4...

The problem is that the update has come to USA however currently I am in South Asia so I think it has not yet come to my current region and I'm afraid it may never come and would be cancelled in future as it's been long enough already.

Even if it may, I just need to somehow update this to ICS as soon as possible as Sense 3.0 sucks like always...

know if there is any way for me to "properly" update the smartphone to ICS.

Maybe changing the region to US from the settings will make the update available to me ?

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General :: How To S-Off HTC Amaze 4G Without USB Debugging

May 3, 2012

My HTC amaze 4g with wind mobile is bricked at htc screen, and I can't download a stock ICS or gingerbread rom because it says "CID incorrect, update failed" on the bootloader screen. I read forums on how to s-off, but the steps include being in usb debugging mode, problem is i cant be in usb debugging since i cant access my phones settings from home screen since im bricked, there has to be a way around this . how do i s-off without usb debugging????

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General :: HTC Amaze 4G Won't Start At Boot

Dec 19, 2012

i have a htc amaze 4g and i wanted to instal a custom rom. these are the steps i followed. first i unlocked the phone from htcdev. then using "htc amaze 4g aio kit by Hasoon 2000's" i rooted it .Atm i'm using team win recovery v2.3.1.0. I tried to instal cm9 cm10 and energy but they all stop at boot.

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General :: Can Use Any Firmware For Hi-tech Amaze Tab

Jun 15, 2013

i want to ask u all dat can i use any firmware for my amaze tab .. its model name is mtk 6575 so can i use any firmware of mtk 6575 in it .. i recently have bricked it. provide me a way to unbrick it.

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General :: HTC Amaze 4G - Use Device As Bluetooth Adapter

Jan 27, 2012

Basically what am trying to do is use my HTC Amaze 4G or my ASUS Transformer as a usb blutooth adapter for my pc running windows 7 so i can connect my ps3 controller or wiimote via bluetooth so i can use it as a game controller. I figure since i have both of these devices that are bluetooth capable i wouldn't have to buy a usb bluetooth adapter. how to do this or if there's some required app or driver?

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General :: Stuck On Boot Screen (HTC Amaze Revolution ROM)

May 31, 2012

I just installed the Android Revolution ROM for my phone, and I am now unable to get past the boot screen. I've been sitting here waiting for it to boot for 1/2 hour, before I took the battery out and tried booting again. Waited 1/2 hour again. Still no progress.

I had just made my phone S-OFF with SuperCID, and had flashed a new radio.img to my phone as recommended in the thread. After doing that, I went and used SuperWipe, and then I installed Android Revolution. Installation encountered no errors, so i was surprised when I was unable to boot.

I can still access 4ext recovery luckily.

EDIT: Wanted to point out that I was able to boot into my old rom after S-OFF, SuperCID and radio.img, but not after installing revolution rom.

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General :: HTC Amaze - Remove Google Play Movies?

Jun 23, 2012

I have a rooted HTC Amaze with s-off. I am able to remove all other system apps from my phone (Google Talk, Friend stream, etc.) except for Google Play Movies. I cannot find its location on my phones root. I have checked /system/app/ and it is not there.

I running ICS Android Revolution 3.

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General :: Internal / External SD Not Mounting?

Jan 22, 2013

Since my last upgrade of cynaogenmod nighties yesterday on my galaxy s2, my internal AND external sdcard are not mouting anymore

I tried to understand why and I found that my /storage folder was empty. I think it should have been populated by /init.smdk4210.rc script :

on early-init
export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/sdcard0
export SECONDARY_STORAGE /storage/sdcard1
mkdir /storage 0775 system system[code]...

I would like to retrieve my internal sdcard content.

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General :: Force Mounting Root On USB?

Mar 22, 2014

yesterday my phone fell off my hand, so the touchscreen is unusable... so the phone. The trouble is that I'm... well... not very clever at all, so all my contacts are on the phone itself, not the SIM card or my Google account. That's why I need to get into the root files with my computer, to find out the databases files.

The USB debugging mode wasn't activated I think. But I'm pretty sure there's a way to force mounting system files, even with a command line...

My phone is a "Le Mobile Sosh", a branded Alcatel OneTouch Idol Mini with Android 4.2.

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General :: Mounting Points On ClockWorkMod

May 25, 2013

So the past few days i have been working on porting clockworkmod to my tablet Vexia Navlet 2 White (cpu telechip tcc892x, board m805_892x_evm), i have setup a build environment and managed to make a bootable CWM but have reached a bit of a wall, my recovery dont mount anything.

And so i have a few doubts:

1 - In

I have these lines


The size must be set based on the cat /proc/mtd result (or so it says on the different guides i found)

dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00a00000 00200000 "boot"
mtd1: 00600000 00200000 "kpanic"
mtd2: 19000000 00200000 "system"
mtd3: 00400000 00200000 "splash"
mtd4: 09600000 00200000 "cache"
mtd5: 39800000 00200000 "userdata"
mtd6: 00a00000 00200000 "recovery"
mtd7: 00200000 00200000 "misc"
mtd8: 00200000 00200000 "tcc"

After searching on the forums and googling i saw that some people use the hexadecimal value of the column size but other people convert it to decimal, what is the right way? are both okay? is the code from my up there ok?

2 -


This value, after researching it seems that this must be the decimal converted value of the erase column

mtd8: 00200000 00200000 "tcc"

In this case 00200000 (hex) -> 2097152 (dec), but if i set this value i get and boot.img too big error, i dont know if this is the reason of the mounting not working, but leaving the default value i can make it and the recovery boot.

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General :: Script For Mounting / Playing ISO?

May 8, 2012

I have a multimedia player in living room and have made ISO files from almost all my DVDs. Easier and faster for all the family.

I have a TF101G (Asus Transformer) with ICS custom ROM and I would use it to play movies. So until now, I ripped my ISO files (themselves ripped from DVD) and converted them into avi or mkv files. I'm tired of doing that and wonder if there would be no one way to read the ISO files.


mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/file.iso /mnt/somewhere

But then?

1. Is there a reader for unpacking ISO files and play them? Apparently Daroon Player can do it but I do not understand how?

2. Would it be possible, once the reader identified, to create a script that mounts the ISO file and read through the player? How can I do this?

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General :: No Option For Mounting SD Card When Recovering

Feb 12, 2014

I'm using celkon a112 smart phone i had rooted my phone with framaroot app and i had installed rom manger when I was changing font of system my phone stopped working now its stuck on boot loop i have tried installed cwm recovery but there's no option for mounting sd card to apply the zip file so any solution for mounting my extsd card.

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General :: Mounting SDCard With Execute Permissions On HTC ONE

May 6, 2014

I've installed LinuxOnAndroid with Fedora 19, I'm trying to get the /dev/fuse /sdcard to mount with exec permissions.

Currently it's only mounting /dev/fuse without execute permissions.

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General :: Mounting Partition In Update-script?

Nov 3, 2012

i want to write a update-script that makes some changes on the phone, but before i can extract files, set symlinks, etc. i have to mount some partitions.

The format of the partitions is MTD, but i don't know how to find out which block is for /system, /hidden, /data, etc. and where is the block?

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General :: Mounting External HD No Root - SGPT12

Mar 22, 2013

I hame an xperia tablet S and a dock hooked up with hdmi to my TV. I want to hook up my external HD to it for HD movies and what not but it will only read the HD formatted as Fat32 and as most of you know, it will only accept files up to 4gigs. Well that kind of kills HD. I also cannot root my device as it is release 6b .

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General :: Mounting Second Partition Of SDCARD As Internal Memory?

Aug 17, 2012

my internal SDCARD is corrupted and the /data partition is unusable.

My device is i9003 and it's running on MIUI at the moment. By default MIUI didn't detect my external SD or my internal SD but after editing "vold.fstab" I was able to mount the first partition of my external SDCARD as external memory and everything was good, I could finally use the camera and pretty much do everything else.

But I was still unable to mount the second partition of my external SDCARD as my internal memory which meant none of my messages could be saved and the phone would pretty much go back to factory settings after a reboot, this apparently is because the /data partition (present on the internal memory) stores all the user data such as the time, the theme I'm using, etc and not having a /data partition meant none of these settings were really saved.

Having no internal memory also means I cannot install any apps such as Link2SD.

Moving on, after many hours of googling I found out that it might not be possible to mount the internal memory using "vold.fstab" and the only way to do it could be by mounting the memory manually during init.

I want to use the second partition of my external SDCARD as internal memory, this is likely to solve all my problems and make my phone usable again.

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General :: Error Mounting Emmc And Cannot Detect External SD Card?

May 2, 2013

I am using SGS2 i9100g.

I have flashed from CM10.0, JB4.1.2 to pacman 3.00, JB4.2.2


1. error mounting emmc and cannot detect external sd card

2. When i want to use camera or gallery, there is an error saying "No external storage available"

Attempted solutions:

I have tried the following but it does not solve my problem

1. re-flash the custom rom and gapps. (full wipe with wipe cache and dalvik cache)

2. reformatted my sd card to fat32.

3. went to recovery to unmount and remount my external sd card

4. tried to mount emmc in recovery but returns an error "error mounting emmc"

5. off and on and also rebooted my smartphone

6. tried these codes shown at the bottom(to manual remount)

- I have a storage folder which has sdcard0 which contains nothing, sdcard1 which contains my file in my external sd card and a usbdisk0 contains nothing also.

- Now i am not sure which is the cause of the problem where i cannot use my camera phone and gallery

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General :: Increase Internal Memory Of Phone For Apps Without Mounting SD

Nov 5, 2013

How to increase the internal memory of phone for apps without mounting SD card in devices like Micromax Canvas hd and Karbonn S5

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HTC Desire :: Car Mounting Kit

Jul 27, 2010

I'm looking for a decent car mounting kit. I thought I saw one on mobile fun but I'll be damned if I can see the original one I saw when I first got my desire. Does anyone have any experience of what to get / not get?

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HTC Incredible :: Mounting To PC?

Oct 24, 2010

Rooted 2.2, stock kernel etc. No ROM changes (yet). Trying to xferr some media files from internal mem to SD card. Shouldn't be this hard! USB Debugging checked, rebooted phone, stock charging cable. Connect to PC, select "MOUNT AS DISK" option on phone; AUTOPLAY pops up, but then windows explorer refuses to open and locks up. Only fix is to unplug phone from computer. Booted into Clockwork Recovery and tried to mount system. Now when I plug phone into PC, I show two new drives (good) but then when I click on them in explorer, it says "Please insert a disc into external drive" (BAD). I don't think this should be that tough! Is this a rooted phone issue? A windows issue? A general Android OS issue?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Mounting SD Card Via USB NOW Slow?

Sep 19, 2010

Didn't have a problem with this before on my EVO and can't recall any settings I might have changed to cause this problem but when I choose the "Disk Drive" connection for "Connect to PC" it takes a long while (minute or so) for the drive to mount. I have the default connection to "Charge Only" but when connected to my computer and I choose the "Disk Drive" option the mount is SLOW. It SEEMS to get a bit quicker if I RE-choose "Charge Only" and then go back to "Disk Drive" to mount the SD card, however, like I said above, it is MUCH SLOWER than before. I used to choose the Disk Drive option and the mount would occur RIGHT AWAY. But not it is slow.

I have installed various apps over the weeks but only recently experienced this slowness. I recall some information about USB debugging conflicting with the SD mount but that option is turned OFF on my phone. Anyone know of any apps that might be known to conflict with the SD mount?

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Android :: USB Auto Mounting

Nov 9, 2010

When I plug my phone in, it auto-mounts and its very annoying, anyone know what app is doing this? I keep finding apps that do it which I don't have.

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HTC Desire :: USB Charge Only Keeps Mounting SD

Nov 27, 2010

contrary to what the title says , every time I plug my phone into USB it keeps UNmounting the SD card. Despite me having it set to charge only. Is there anyway to stop this?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Sd Card Not Mounting And Bootloop

Sep 16, 2010

I have a rooted evo, fresh 3.2, and noticed this morning that my sdcard wasnt mounting, so i did a hard reset and now am stuck in a bootloop, i can enter recovery and bootloader, but since sdcard is not mounting can not preform a nand restore any ideas?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Automatically Mounting When Plugged Into PC?

Sep 12, 2010

It still says 'charge only' and not 'disk drive', yet when I plug it in I can still open the folder for Evo to view contents and on the phone itself, the SD card is unavailable.

I don't know what exactly I did to cause this. Its especially strange since it says charge only on the phone. Are there any common setting or app culprits for this?

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HTC Incredible : Third Drive After Mounting

Sep 15, 2010

Has anyone else noticed (after froyo update) that Verizon has added a drive when the phone get's mounted to the PC? One is for the phone, two is for the SD card and the third has some kind of Verizon software/drivers on them.

I know that this has been posted before but I've had trouble finding it by searching the forum. Does anyone know what this software is and if i can remove it so it doesn't appear every time?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Mounting It To Computer - Should It Show 2 Volumes?

Nov 13, 2010

Wasn't sure if this should be in the troubleshooting section, since there might not be anything wrong. When I mount my EVO, all I see is my 8 gig micro SD card and no other volume. I was assuming that if I wanted to root, I'd need to actually see the EVO its self and not just the SD card.

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Motorola Droid X :: Not Mounting On Macbook

Jul 15, 2010

i tried mounting my Droid as a USB storage and it's not even registering on my macbook. And also this mediashare program pops up and says that my memory card is missing. What is going on? I'm trying to put some music on my phone.

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Motorola Droid :: Not Mounting With Pc Through Usb Cable

Aug 13, 2010

As of this afternoon my phone is no longer recognizing when i plug it in to my pc via the usb cable. The pc itself will recognize that a device has been connected and begins the add new device wizard. The phone however will fail to prompt the mounting options in the notification bar. Im not really sure what could have caused this since i havent made any changes to my phone since manually installing 2.2 last week and grabbing a few new apps. BUT, I did drop my phone earlier today onto my garage floor. Any chance these mounting troubles may be a result of the fall?

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