General :: How To Update HTC Amaze 4G To ICS 4.0

Mar 10, 2013

I want to know how can I update HTC Amaze 4G to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update.

Currently it's running on Gingerbread 2.4...

The problem is that the update has come to USA however currently I am in South Asia so I think it has not yet come to my current region and I'm afraid it may never come and would be cancelled in future as it's been long enough already.

Even if it may, I just need to somehow update this to ICS as soon as possible as Sense 3.0 sucks like always...

know if there is any way for me to "properly" update the smartphone to ICS.

Maybe changing the region to US from the settings will make the update available to me ?

General :: How to update HTC Amaze 4G to ICS 4.0

General :: How To S-Off HTC Amaze 4G Without USB Debugging

May 3, 2012

My HTC amaze 4g with wind mobile is bricked at htc screen, and I can't download a stock ICS or gingerbread rom because it says "CID incorrect, update failed" on the bootloader screen. I read forums on how to s-off, but the steps include being in usb debugging mode, problem is i cant be in usb debugging since i cant access my phones settings from home screen since im bricked, there has to be a way around this . how do i s-off without usb debugging????

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General :: Mounting SD On HTC Amaze?

Jun 8, 2013

When I connected my phone through cable it asks for formatting internal storage... After that I'm unable to mount sd and external sd also.. When I'm mounting sd card it shows "preparing sd card" and within a second it shows "sd card safe to remove".

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General :: HTC Amaze 4G Won't Start At Boot

Dec 19, 2012

i have a htc amaze 4g and i wanted to instal a custom rom. these are the steps i followed. first i unlocked the phone from htcdev. then using "htc amaze 4g aio kit by Hasoon 2000's" i rooted it .Atm i'm using team win recovery v2.3.1.0. I tried to instal cm9 cm10 and energy but they all stop at boot.

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General :: Can Use Any Firmware For Hi-tech Amaze Tab

Jun 15, 2013

i want to ask u all dat can i use any firmware for my amaze tab .. its model name is mtk 6575 so can i use any firmware of mtk 6575 in it .. i recently have bricked it. provide me a way to unbrick it.

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General :: HTC Amaze 4G - Use Device As Bluetooth Adapter

Jan 27, 2012

Basically what am trying to do is use my HTC Amaze 4G or my ASUS Transformer as a usb blutooth adapter for my pc running windows 7 so i can connect my ps3 controller or wiimote via bluetooth so i can use it as a game controller. I figure since i have both of these devices that are bluetooth capable i wouldn't have to buy a usb bluetooth adapter. how to do this or if there's some required app or driver?

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General :: Stuck On Boot Screen (HTC Amaze Revolution ROM)

May 31, 2012

I just installed the Android Revolution ROM for my phone, and I am now unable to get past the boot screen. I've been sitting here waiting for it to boot for 1/2 hour, before I took the battery out and tried booting again. Waited 1/2 hour again. Still no progress.

I had just made my phone S-OFF with SuperCID, and had flashed a new radio.img to my phone as recommended in the thread. After doing that, I went and used SuperWipe, and then I installed Android Revolution. Installation encountered no errors, so i was surprised when I was unable to boot.

I can still access 4ext recovery luckily.

EDIT: Wanted to point out that I was able to boot into my old rom after S-OFF, SuperCID and radio.img, but not after installing revolution rom.

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General :: HTC Amaze - Remove Google Play Movies?

Jun 23, 2012

I have a rooted HTC Amaze with s-off. I am able to remove all other system apps from my phone (Google Talk, Friend stream, etc.) except for Google Play Movies. I cannot find its location on my phones root. I have checked /system/app/ and it is not there.

I running ICS Android Revolution 3.

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2.1 Update :: Android Crash Immediately After Update / Is This Normal - Reinstall Update Again?

Nov 23, 2010

I just upgraded my xperia to android 2.1 and immediatley after that my phone keeps on restarting. is this normal? or should i reinstall the update again?

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General :: S3 Won't Update?

Mar 5, 2014

I have a rooted s3. It's I747 running 4.04. I wanna update to kit Kat but when I hit software update nothing happens at all. I really want kit Kat but if I can't do that yet I atleast want the latest version. Has to be done over the air, don’t have a working computer right now.

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General :: HBO GO Update For 4.3?

Oct 2, 2013

Updated version that works on 4.3? I can't update to 4.3 because I use this app so much. SCH-I545

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General :: How To Update From 4.0 To 4.1 Via IMG

Jun 2, 2013

Our phone karbonn a9+ has some leaked update files. How can we update it from ICS to Jelly Bean by using boot.img, system.img and recovery.img? They say jellybean had different partitions and you can't just flash it. So how?

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General :: After 4.3 Update Can't Download Anything

Jul 29, 2013

Since updating to 4.3 tonight I cannot seem to download anything (or update anything). I keep getting the message as shown below.

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General :: Can't Get Maps Update

Jul 16, 2013

Is the app still rolling out of am I having a real issue?

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General :: Facebook App Won't Update?

Mar 25, 2012

On my htc vivid, i can't update the facebook app. it says error your order will be available in a few minutes, but it has been two days and it still hasn't updated. and it says starting download... but it doesn't start the download. what should i do?

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General :: Rooting Evo 3d After New 4.0.3. Update?

Aug 6, 2012

is there a root method for the evo 3d after you got your 4.0.3 update that will work?

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General :: System Update Not Available

Feb 24, 2013

I've read many threads about the following message that I am getting when checking for system updates:"Check for update is not available at this time. Try Again later."

I've never seen a definitive cause nor cure. Anything definitive about this or is this just one of those deals that sometimes comes and goes? I have seen it before, but it's never stuck around for so long on any device I've owned.

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General :: Update Samsung 4.1 Tab 3 To 4.4?

Mar 21, 2014

I want to update my samsung 4.1 tab 3 to 4.4 ...

I have checked the update server but it wont find or download to update?

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General :: Droid X2 Won't Update

Nov 21, 2011

my x2 wont update. i'm stuck on v2.2.1. its my work phone and the problem is that pretty regularly it will quit refreshing my inbox so i quit getting emails. i can manually go in there and refresh, but by the time i realize its not working theres 20 emergencies waiting. half the time it works fine so its not data push vs. every 15 min update vs manual refresh. i took it to a verizon store and they confirmed the OS was jacked but because the screen is cracked.

whenever i click update it tells me the service is unavailable. i used titanium backup to backup and then reset the phone. tried updating after reset in both rooted and unrooted modes and i got a little further. it lets me download the update, but when it restarts to do the install it starts back up w the message...update failed.

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General :: Should Update HTC One X HBOOT From 1.12 To 1.39

Jan 4, 2013

I'm trying to run TripNDroid ROM (check here), but currently that ROM on 4.2.1 doesn't support my HBOOT, 1.12.

I checked me CID, which is HTC_304, and I see it is compatible with HBOOT 1.39.

Now, I read somewhere that if I update to a more recent HBOOT I might not be able to flash some ROMs only compatible with older HBOOTs. So, should I update my HBOOT or not? If so, how?

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General :: How To Update Rooted HTC One

Jun 2, 2013

Running a SIM free international version.

In rooted my HTC one as I needed to install rSAP and a special Bluetooth stack to enable my phonebook to transfer to my Audi. All is fine..

However, I'm now being presented with HTC updates which I can't seem to turn off, so my question is..

How do I update my phone? can I reroot once updated?

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General :: 4.4.3 Update Not Installing?

Jun 4, 2014

I have tried to install 4.4.3 on my Nexus 4, I got it OTA a couple of hours ago it has now been stuck on the "Installing system update" for about 1.5 hours now, the blue bar scrolls across and just resets at the start every few minutes. I'm now not too bothered if I can have the update I just want my phone, can I just turn the phone off while it's on that screen? Do I leave it overnight attempting?

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General :: How To Install OTA Update From HTC One X

Dec 4, 2012

I have HTC One X Relocked bootloader, and I cant install the ota update. is there any way to get OTA update installed on my HTC One x?

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General :: Android SDK Won't Update

Dec 30, 2012

Due to my laptop freezing when ever it felt like, I purchased a new laptop for Christmas that is running Windows 8 [HP ENVY 1158].Now I cant seem to get the sdk to download the updated APIs available because i get an error that looks like this.

"didn't let me post image link, check attachments -.-" I've searched high and low for a fix from re-installing the sdk, jdk and multiple versions of eclipse, ive tried port forwarding, dual booting windows 7(which brought its own problems), downgrading java version. i updated to test my theory out, and now it also has issues of its own now. Has me wondering if its a android sdk compatibility with the new java 10 *

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General :: Phone Is Not Getting Update

Mar 26, 2012

should i root my lg thirve (lg optimus one) just because i want to go from stock froyo to gingerbread made by cyanogen-mod.that's all i would want, because my phone is not getting the update, and to get gingerbread i would need to root.

what are the dangers of it, i mean will my phone be vulnerable to dangerous things, will it break or mess up in any way?

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General :: How To Update Android 4.0.4 To 4.2

Jan 27, 2013

I have purchased a new tablet-Swipe Legend with android version 4.0.4.i want to update it to jellybean 4.2. How can I do this.I have rooted it with binary files( run me in package of Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18) but no more further steps I know.

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General :: Google Now For ICS Update?

Sep 8, 2012

Update for Google now on ICS? The newest version I could find is the M 7. I know there has been an update with movie times and manually picking sports teams. Has this been ported to ICS yet?

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General :: 4.1.b.0.587 Update On Rooted ICS?

Aug 27, 2012

I have rooted my live with walkman ICS 4.0 by downgrading then rooting then upgrading it as seen on one of the popular XDA forums.

Currently my version is 4.1.b.0.431 and now I have got the update notification on my phone for version 4.1.b.0.587.

If I do this update then will I lose my root(superuser rights) or not?

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General :: WT9i - How To Update Via OTA

Mar 27, 2012

I just finished downgrading to 4.0.2.a.0.58 from 4.0.2.a.0.62 inorder to root my phone.. how can i update via ota inorder to bring back to 4.0.2.a.62 and remained rooted..

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General :: Disable AT&T / HTC OTA Update?

Apr 29, 2013

My OneX is rooted and working just fine. I'm getting the pop-up notifications from AT&T about updating. This last time I postponed it, it said (basically) I'll be forced to update in 8 hours.

is there any way to disable this?

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