General :: How To Port HTC Sense On Huawei Ideos U8150

Oct 14, 2011

I was wondering is there any way to get the htc sense port apk files and framework files to work on any rom for our lil U8150?

General :: how to port HTC sense on Huawei Ideos U8150

General :: Huawei Ideos U8150 Stuck On Logo?

Feb 18, 2012

My Huawei Ideos u8150 is stuck on the logo. its six month old and not under warranty when I was surfing the internet (Obviously with another phone) I got an info says that I can format the SD card and create a new folder named "dloder" then put some files on it. then when I restart the phone pressing the volume down, red button and power button, the phone will update itself and it'll be ok again. now my Qs are:-

1 - does such method work?

2 - if it works then what are the files I should put on the "dloder" folder and where do I get those files?

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General :: U8150 Ideos - WiFi Doesn't Detect Any Network

Aug 23, 2011

I am using u8150 ideos, My Wi-fi or Wifi portable hotspot has just stopped working no matter how much i wipe data factory reset install stock rom or change any rom it doesnt work. First it used to give Error in between connection now it doesnt even get On. it says Error below Wi-Fi doesnt detect any network there is 1 mine and 2-3 in the area that it used to detect, i installed CM7 rom on my mob once and it had many bugs and a kernel too am sure its a kernel or some problem ..

I also deleted a wifi folder from root explorer thinking it will remake itself but delete or not the wifi doesnt work.

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General :: How To Root Huawei IDEOS X3

Jun 28, 2012

I need to root my Huawei IDEOS X3 (aka u8510) but all of the instructions I find refer to downloading some Windows app called 'automatic root enabler' however, I don't use Windows because I have better things to spend my money on!

this droid runs 2.3.3 (aka gingerbread) and how automatic root enabler works? I have adb, fastboot and a development environment but can't find the rooting process properly explained anywhere. double-click rooting is cheating anyway

I installed clockwork recovery in-place of the normal recovery image using fastboot so, i should be able to install update 'zip' files OK. i read there is a '' which should install su for me but, I can't find a link that works to that anywhere either.

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General :: How To Root Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510)

Aug 3, 2011

I want to root a Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510) any leads?

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General :: Huawei U8800 Ideos X5 V2.3.5 - Not Able To Mount System As Read / Write Properly

Nov 13, 2012

I'm having a problem with ES file explorer. After several days I managed to root my HUawei U8800 Ideos X5 (Android 2.3.5) and obviously one of the next steps is installing CWMR. Unfortunately I'm failing here too. I tried to copy the recovery.img to the .cust_backup/image, but it keeps to say copy failed. Root access was given and I checked all four boxes in root settings. Someone in a german forum told me to update the binarys in SU, which failed too (it says sth like copy su to /system -> failed!). I'm not even sure ES FE would work if the binarys would be current.

I already tried the app Mount /system (rw / ro). It didn't work with this too.

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General :: Port CM9 For Huawei U8800?

May 12, 2012

I'm trying to make the port of CM9 for Huawei U8800 but I have this error when I compile I can not solve:

HTML Code:
target thumb C++: libstagefright <= frameworks/base/media/libstagefright/ExtendedWriter.cpp
frameworks/base/media/libstagefright/ExtendedWriter.cpp: In member function 'virtual android::status_t android::ExtendedWriter::addSource(const


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General :: HTC Sense Port To ZTE Blade

Mar 17, 2012

So a couple of developers and I are porting HTC Sense to the ZTE Blade. I have come here for guidance for porting it. So what I have is a MPDI port from the HTC Salsa which boots. I want to port the ROM from MDPI to HDPI.

Should I get the system apps from the Desire S and put the .pngs into the other Salsa apps and overlap the MDPI ones? Also there are more pngs in the Desire S than the Salsa one. So would I copy over the existing ones only or all of them? And do I rename the folders from MDPI to HDPI or leave them?

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General :: Port HTC Sense 4 Accordion Effect?

Nov 13, 2012

Is it possible to port the sense 4 end-of-list accordion effect to cyanogen/ normal android? Which framework file is responsible for this effect? Does HTC implement this in there own framework or in android framework? Is it possible to replace the glow effect in android with any other?

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General :: How To Port Sense 4.0 To ARMV6 Device

Jul 2, 2012

We can't get it booted.

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General :: Partitioning SD Card In U8150

Aug 31, 2013

I partitioned my SD card in huawei u8150 everything for me is ok but when I look in cyanogenmod settings then application the check box in the expanded internal expanded storage is not clickable


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General :: U8150 - Nova Launcher For Videos?

Oct 18, 2012

I have upgraded my U8150 to ICS Android version 4 but Play Store claims that Nova launcher ain't compatible, any way of installing it?


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Samsung Galaxy S :: Port HTC Sense On This Phone?

Oct 16, 2010

Is it possible to port HTC sense onto a galaxy s?

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HTC Incredible :: Disable Sense / Port Nexus One ROM To INC To Remove It?

Apr 27, 2010

What are the chances that we will be able to disable sense or port the Nexus One ROM to the INC to remove Sense?

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General :: Will Huawei Ascend 2 Roms Work On Huawei Sonic

Mar 27, 2012

will roms made for the huawei ascend 2, work on the huawei sonic, as the phones look identical, and the specs are pretty much the same?

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General :: Ideos S7 Slim - Download Failed From Play Market

Jul 10, 2012

Having trouble with the Ideos S7. It is not downloading any apps from the play market. Keep giving me an error "download failed". Also not downloading email attachments.

I've tried a factory reset, but no luck.

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General :: Huawei Honor ICS 4.0.3 - Cannot Set Any Ringtone

Dec 8, 2012

I have a problem with my phone. I cant set any ringtone to it. Whether its MP3, or from system ringtones, it always plays "its" own ringtone. I got phone only yesterday and upgraded it from 2.3 to 4.0 (official upgrade) Everything wen fine.

I dont know what do with it, i looked through apps, if something doesnt have to do with it, but i think not. Is there app that sets ringtones?

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General :: No UIM Card On Huawei C8650

Dec 23, 2011

I bought the phone Huawei C8650 from the USA, but it seems that it requires a UIM card instead of a SIM card. Is there a way of running the phone with a normal SIM card? I was thinking of installing a different Android version on it, because it is running android 2.3.3.

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General :: Custom ROM For Huawei Y210

May 12, 2013

If there are custom roms for the Huawei Ascend Y210?

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General :: Overclocking Huawei 8120

Apr 4, 2012

I have huawei 8120 aka vodafone 845 on 2.3.7 slyking241 rom and overclocked to 768mhz from 600mhz and the 768mhz is the max on this rom and all others to this phone and im looking for a way to overclock the phone even higher for better performance.

U8120 using XDA

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General :: Huawei U8860 - How To Flash Zip ROM

Dec 26, 2011

how to flash

my method:

1.Go to recovery..


But not succeed

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General :: Rooting Huawei M660?

Nov 22, 2012

any info about rooting the Huawei Q M660. I've tried Doomlord, Superoneclick, Unlockroot, and z4root to no avail.

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General :: How To Root Huawei G525

Jul 16, 2013

Just got my G525, and i must say its really nice!

While i was browsing the default apps i noticed a Chinese SU app that couldn't understand.. so i deleted it and install Koush SU... but for my bad luck ( i guessed that if it already had a SU app that it would be rooted) sadly it isn't Root.

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General :: Rooting Huawei Prism II (4.1.1)?

Aug 19, 2013

I have been trying to root my Huawei Prism II with Android 4.1.1 for a while now, but whatever rooting program I use, it will keep getting stuck on Step #7. I also tried rooting the phone manually, but ran into a problem:

1|shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ ./psneuter

Failed to set prot mask (Inappropriate ioctl for device).For some reason my device will show up before I begin the process of rooting, seen below:


But when I check to see if the device is still there while in shell@android, it won't show any devices.I am wondering if this has anything to do with not having the OEM driver for this phone? I've been looking all over the internet for the offical driver, but have not been able to find one for this device, so I have been using the one that was automatically installed by Windows 7 which is the Android Composite ADB Interface.

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General :: Huawei U9200 Cannot Get Into Recovery

Aug 22, 2013

I tried updating my U9200 from firmware B105 - B315 but it did not allow me to do so.I then followed olav's guide and flashed MIUI onto my device but i have no service now.Also, i cant get the device into recovery using the Volume UP & Volume Down and power button so try and install the huawei stock firmware again.

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General :: Root Huawei Premia 4G?

Apr 16, 2013

I got the new huawei phone from metropcs. it came out about a month ago and it is still fresh in the market. the phone is pretty badass... except for one problem. it's unrooted. Any way to root the huawei premia 4g,. the model number of the phone is the huawei-m931.

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General :: Huawei U8110 No Service

May 26, 2012

The phone is branded by bulgarian operator GLOBUL Q1 SE, but it has problems with the original ROM so we flash it with Stock rom huawei u8110 (normal).zip downloaded from [URL].

This ROM is T-Mobile but when the phone boot there is an error - The application CustomAPKsHidden (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. So I try to flash with other Stock ROMs, but there is an error again - when it is finish with unpacking and starts to install operation failed! So I decide to flash with a Custom ROM. I tried 12-13 different ROMs, but with every single one of them I have network error. I check baseband status - it is unknown!


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General :: Huawei U8652 No Keyboard

May 20, 2013

I just can't seem to restore my phones keyboard.

I have an AT&T Fusion, AKA the Huawei U8652, and I successfully rooted it.

I currently have an iPhone 4S, so I was trying to use the Fusion as a sort of Android "iPod", so I downloaded a Terminal Emulator and started deleting unnecessary applications and bloatware, and any phone-related apks (and another type of file that I cannot remember), since I figured I wouldn't need them.

I deleted these apps from the System folder, which usually is read-only, but I gave myself temporary RW access via the command:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4/system

which allowed me to delete apps, and after deleting a few, my keyboard disappeared. I believe there was a pop-up about Google Services Framework crashing, but I had that happen prior to losing the keyboard after I deleted an app, and nothing seemed wrong.

I reset the phone to factory default to try and get the keyboard back, but nothing changed.Now I'm on the activation screen, and clicking the Android does nothing, nor does clicking emergency dial, so there is no way I can bypass the activation screen via dialing numbers.Since I reset the phone to factory default, I think I lost my root-access, so when I try to install a custom recovery image, the phone isn't recognized, and I cannot access the phone to enable USB-debugging so I can root the phone again.

I've gone into the recovery menu and deleted the cache, and data, and did a few factory resets, and nothing has changed.Is there ANYTHING I can do? I believe I was on 2.3.5, so is there like a stock ROM I can download that I can install via the regular recovery menu?The worst part about this is I only tried deleting the bloatware because I couldn't figure out how to install a custom ROM, but while looking for solutions to this problem, I figured out how to install custom ROMs on my phone...

EDIT: I tried to install a supposed stock ROM on it, but it acts as if I'm installing a custom ROM, giving me a verification error, which leads me to believe its not a stock ROM. Is there anyway I could download the stock firmware and install it on my device as to restore the missing files?

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General :: How To Unlock Huawei U8100 V2.1

Dec 3, 2012

how to unlock huawei u8110 android 2.1 kernel 2.6.29

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General :: Cwm Recovery For Huawei T895?

Jan 31, 2014

i nedd cwm recovery for t8951 huawei or another recovery ...

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