General :: How To Connect To 3G With Nexus 4

Jan 7, 2013

I have a nexus 4 with straight talk and am trying to figure out how to use the internet when I am not connected to WiFi. My wife's Galaxy Proclaim android phone automatically connects to 3G when cell service is available however my Nexus 4 does not.

General :: how to connect to 3G with Nexus 4

General :: Nexus 7 - Can't Connect To WiFi

Mar 13, 2013

Well at schoolwifi seems to work finewell at least it used to it would connect perfectly now it connects and says athundicating or something like that ... I'm on a nexus 7 .. My iPod used to connect until the same thing happen ... My wifi just turned off and I though the schools was down but for then on I couldent connect... I'm guessing that they blocked me ... is their anyway to bypass this .... Note this is not a phone its a 7 inch tablet so I can't pull it out of my pocket and text lmao. I play games on spare time and research stuff at lunch or after school..

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General :: Nexus / Connect Phone To TV Or Monitor

Jan 26, 2010

New Android user here, I was thinking about getting NBA League Pass Mobile on my Nexus One, but I was wondering if there is any way to connect it to a TV or computer monitor via the micro USB connection. 3.7 inches is nice, but watching the game on a bigger display would be nicer.

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General :: Nexus 7 2013 / Kitkat 4.4.2 - Can't Connect To Web

Jan 21, 2014

I have enjoyed my nexus 7 2103, on 4.4.2, for a few weeks now. I got adblockplus to clean up my browsing. My office wifi wasn't letting me ssh tunnel to my home server, so I set up hotspot vpn shield, but it limits usage in the free version. So I grabbed connectbot and proxydroid to get in, root using wugfresh to make those work properly. Got what I needed from the home server, shut it down, and headed for home.

So I got home, and Chrome now says Unable to connect to proxy server. So I made sure connectbot and proxyserver were not connected, and deleted the profiles I'd set up. No luck. Deleted the apps. No luck. Deleted the apps, no luck. Turned off ad block plus and deleted that, no luck. Cleared out hotspot vpn shield, deleted, nothing.

So I tried factory reset, no luck. Then I read that some people have had luck reinstalling those apps that changed proxy settings, which hasn't worked for me yet. I've tried restoring the backup I made preroot, no luck.

What can I do to get my nexus back online? I finally found the proxy settings under kitkat (totally different than older versions, you press and hold the network name, NOT intuitive). I'm back online, and will tell my self I'll be more careful in the future. But I won't be.

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General :: USB Connect Not Working - CM11 (nexus 7 2013)

Dec 21, 2013

Iam running the latest nightly of cm11 (nexus 7 2013) , and the USB connect just doesn't work! I try it with USB debugging and with out it , and it's not work ... What to do ?

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General :: How To Connect (Galaxy Nexus) By USB Or Bluetooth To Laptop

May 31, 2012

I want to connect my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus) by USB or bluetooth to my laptop. While i'm connected i want to share my keyboard (from my laptop) to my android phone.

Is this possible?

[Internal Keyboard] >> [Laptop] >> [USB / Bluetooth] >> [Android Deveice]

I know there are apps that do the same by internet, but the problem is that my school is blocking accessing local devices in the same network :@

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General :: How To Connect Nexus 7 To Netbook For Taking Pen Notes

Jan 24, 2013

I am getting a Nexus 7 in the mail soon and I am wondering what is the best application for recording lectures?

Also, is it possible to connect my nexus 7 to my Netbook for taking Pen Notes (similar to a graphics tablet)? I am planning to use my Nexus 7 for textbooks + recording lectures. I am using my netbook for notetaking and I usually use a GraphicTablet for anything I need to draw or write down with. I use the OneNote application. Any possible way to do the same w/ my Nexus? Also, not all rooms have wi-fi connection! So I can't connect w/ wi-fi. So basically I need something with a USB connector for the graphic tablet function!

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General :: Suddenly Unable To Connect Nexus 7 To Galaxy S3 With Bluetooth

Apr 24, 2013

So, this happened suddenly. I was able to get my Nexus 7 connected via bluetooth to my Galaxy S3. Now, it just won't. It'll get on the paired devices list, but won't connect.

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General :: Connect To Nexus 10 Using ADB - No Security Popup / Device Unauthorized

May 23, 2014

I have a brand new windows 7 computer, I have installed the latest android SDK, I want to connect to my Nexus 10 using adb.

(device has windows drivers from SDK; "Android Composite ADB Interface". adb version 1.0.31)

when I do adb devices, it does see my device but it says my device is unauthorised.

It has never displayed the security popup.

I am convinced that the security pop up would make this work, but i cannot get it to show, so that it does whatever magic it does.

I have tried plugging and unplugging the usb cable,
I have tried turning USB debugging on and off.
I have changed the USB connection from Camera, to Media, back to Camera.

I can see the adbkey file under $HOME/.android in windows

The android directory /data/misc/adb/ is empty

I have root.

How can I force the security popup to display? Or how can I frig this so I can get it working?

What does the secuirty popup do anyway? probably just copy the adbkey file from windows into the android /misc/adb/ directory right? Can I do it by hand?

Slightly unrelated question, is it true that everything works first time, everytime on IOS?

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General :: Nexus 7 / TPad / LG Connect - Sync Apps Across Multiple Devices

Aug 10, 2012

Any way to automatically sync Play Store applications across multiple devices. In other words, I have a Nexus 7, TPad, LG Connect (work phone) and then I also switch between a GNex and Rezound (personal phone).

Is there anyway that if I download an app from one device that the app will also automatically be pushed/downloaded on the other devices?

It is a real pain to have to remember to go to each other device and download the app, and even worse when I switch between handsets that may not have been used for several week.

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Nexus :: N1 Wont Connect To The Web

Apr 29, 2010

Im with t-mobile, and i cant even get a signal let alone connect to the web... It just started yesterday, it has been out for aday now... Everytime i try to connect through, opera mini it says.. "unable to connect. please review your network settings".....

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Nexus :: Way To Connect N1 Via Usb To Macbook?

Aug 24, 2010

I can't seem to get my n1 to connect to my macbook with the usb cable. when i plug it in the phone charges but the sd card will not mount on the desktop nor does it show up in the finder. it was working fine until a week ago when i took the card out to transfer some photos. i was forced to reformat upon re-inserting into n1 and that's when the usb problems began. I've tried reformatting, rebooting, switching usb ports but nothing's worked yet.

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Nexus :: Automatically Connect To Wi-Fi?

Feb 12, 2010

Is there a way? God, it's so annoying to have to manually connect over and over again in my own home. Sure, it only takes a few seconds, but still...

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Android :: Connect To Localhost On A Nexus One?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a web service running on my local machine, and I used IP address to connect from the emulator to that web service, but when I try that on a Nexus One connected via USB, I get a timeout. Is there a way to access my machine from a real phone like I can from an emulator?

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Nexus :: Unable To Connect To Mobile Network

May 1, 2010

My N1 will not reconnect to a mobile network if it has been sitting for a few hours in a no-coverage area, such as a building. I cannot get it to reconnect, even after refreshing the network search in settings>wireless and networks>mobile networks. This action only leaves me with no result or a message saying that there was an error in searching or connecting to mobile networks. The only solution is to restart the phone. Every time I try to turn the phone off after this error has occurred, the shutdown sequence hangs until either I become frustrated and do a battery pull, or it automatically restarts itself.

Furthermore, the phone used to give me an error notification saying that the phone does not have carrier service. Now, it does not. I tried uninstalling all my programs and nothing has worked for me. I'm considering putting on the cyanogen ROM to see if it would fix this error, but I am hesitant to void my warranty. It's a pretty serious problem as I'm very frequently in a building where I don't get service. It's quite frustrating to have to wait to reconnect to a mobile network once I leave the building and hope that the error didn't occur or have to do a battery pull every time I realize that the phone simply won't reconnect.

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Nexus :: Cannot Connect To Private Home WiFi Connection

Jan 25, 2010

I cannot connect to my home WiFi, it even not trying to connect, other Wifi connections works fine, but my private home wifi connection not working, i have notebook that using this connection with no problem but N1 unable to connect.

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Android :: BluetoothChat Doesn't Work / How To Connect Motorola Droid And Nexus On

Aug 4, 2010

I can't connect Motorola Droid and Nexus One using BluetoothChat It's always return "Unnable to connect". So the socket is always close.

But when I try to connect Motorola Droid and Nokia N97 They are always connect.

How can I connect Motorola Droid and Nexus One ? Where is the problem?

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General :: Use Back Of Nexus 4 And Restore It On Nexus 5?

Nov 8, 2013

if using nexus 4 backup and restoring it on nexus 5 will not work. what are the alternatives do i have? i want all the apps to be transferred to my nexus 5

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: WiFi After Update - Connect To Home-network Get That It Failed To Connect

Nov 7, 2010

I've experienced quite a lot of problems with the WiFi after updating the Andriod. Everytime I try to connect to my home-network i get that it failed to connect.

The phone didn't have any problems with this before the update.

Anyone had the same kind of problem, or anyone that has a smart fix for it?

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General :: CM 10.2 - Can't Connect To ADB / USB?

Jan 14, 2014

however, im stuck i recently wanted to try an older cm10.2 rom from the unstable newer ones and decided to go back to cm11 and i decided to reformat my data leaving me emptiness. I am now stuck with not being able to coneect to a device or external storage i can charge though. im pretty sure i didnt enable mtp and put on debugging...

Edit: this phone doesnt support otg how may i cant connect adb it says waiting for device when i try to flash twrp

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General :: Connect Android ICS To VW Car Via USB Not MTP

Oct 27, 2012

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. It has Android 4.0.4 (ICS). However, when i tried to connect it to my VW EOS via a USB cable, the car failed to recognise the device. It worked with my previous phone, an HTC Desire. Upon reading a wee bit, it looks like ICS drops USB Mass Storage support in favour of MTP. Is this why the connections doesn't work?

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General :: ADB Mode Can't Connect

May 14, 2013

I just can't restore my adb backup to my phone now!I have an adb backup from Xperia V, now I want to restore it to my Note 2.When I connect my note to my computer and type "adb device" it can detect my note 2. But when I type "adb restore <filename.ab>, it says "unable to connect for backup"!

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General :: Cannot Connect To Camera

Feb 26, 2014

I don't know how to reconnect my camera to my tablet. I get an error message saying "Cannot Connect to Camera". I have a 10.1 tablet by Hannspree model #SN1AT7 (HSG1279) otherwise known as HANNSpad. i don't know what happened. I installed an update and it just didn't work after that.

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General :: Can't Connect To Camera

Feb 9, 2013

I am the proud owner of a SGS3...But I'm not the biggest fan of touchwiz and I love everything about 4.2! So like many others, I flash a 4.2 custom ROM. AOKP 4.2 build 2, to be exact.After flashing, I loved it. Everything about it was just perfect. It was fast, light, easy to use, and FAST! But then I go to take a picture. And boom.

"Can't Connect to Camera"..I had no idea what to do, so I did the first thing that comes to mind. reboot. But sadly, this solved nothing. So of course I re-flash my touchwiz ROM to see if the ROM was the problem. And the Touchwiz camera worked perfectly. Later on when I had time, I tested it out again, and had the same problem. So I downloaded a camera app, and same thing. I even flashed a different for God's sake! I've searched for the past week for fixes and every one I tried just failed! So now I'm really done with Touchwiz and want to customize the look and feel of my phone (which is one of the reasons I like AOKP!)

It seems that my camera only works on Touchwiz ROMs! I also tried another ROM this time running 4.1.2 thinking maybe it was just a bug in 4.2! But sadly, the same error message.

I was flashing a 4.2 camera .zip file and i guess it was messing up the permissions. So I disabled it. Now it is working perfectly so far. Yesterday i switched over to a 4.1.2 ROM hoping it would fix it and so then i flashed this 4.2 camera and then after about a day of use, it messed up the permissions.

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General :: Phone Won't Connect With PC

Oct 28, 2012

I downloaded android 4.0.4 version without any trouble.Yesterday I tried to get the jelly bean version.Everything went good till the point he was going to start. (Battery was full-loaded, no doubts about that).Then suddenly the phone didn't react anymore.I tried everything, even volume down+home button +power button.The phone also won't connect with PC.So i can't use Odin and download another version.

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General :: Cannot Connect To Network

Apr 24, 2012

I got a chinese X12 dual sim phone because i really needed only 1 phone (had to carry around 2 of them).Phone works great, only problem is with the mobile networks. It can connect to GSM networks but it won't connect to a 3G network. The phone has 3G capabilities, 3G is enabled for the required sim, it finds the 3G network but it will not connect to it.

Sim works fine, had it in a Samsung i900 on 3G (WCDMA) The thing that surprises me most is that the phone came with android 4.0 instead of the 2.3.6 it was advertised, could this be the problem?

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General :: Cannot Connect To 3G Service

May 2, 2013

I got a Star N8000 with android 4.1.1 1 month and a half ago and I think its a great phone... anyways the point is that when Im connected on wifi everything is perfect, notifications aren't delayed at all but when I use data mobile its different =/ when the screen turns off for 5 mins or something like that, notifications are quite delayed... sometimes I have to turn on the screen and wait like 20 secs after I open whatsapp and all messages start to come. I dont know why I cannot connect to 3G service, maybe its because Movistar doesnt have it (Im from venezuela) so I use EDGE and I figured out about something: when I open whatsapp (after inactivity) it starts to try to connect I think because in the signal icon appears two white signs like an arrow or something like that. I dont know if it the software but it doesnt happen on wifi:.. so I dont have any idea about it. Im not root user (tried to be but didnt work) and I dont have any task killer..

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General :: Can't Connect To The Network

Apr 20, 2014

Today I installed a custom rom for my chinese phone Mlais mx65 everything works fine but, I can't connect to my network with my sim card, and it's weird i tried installing stock rom and other roms

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General :: LG G2 Won't Connect To VZW Network?

Apr 27, 2014

'm having a problem with my Verizon G2. I had the Xposed framework installed, and I installed an app called Xorware, which is a toggle for 2G/3G/4G. I messed around with the settings in the app a little bit, and left it alone. A bit later, the phone stopped connecting to the mobile data network. I tried uninstalling the Xorware apps, wiping the cache on my phone, and even restoring to a backup where I don't have Xposed installed, and I'm still getting the same issue. Wifi still works, but every couple of minutes it disconnects randomly and then connects again. I also tried removing the SIM card for a few minutes after turning off the phone, and still, no luck.

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General :: How To Connect Dj Control Over USB

Oct 3, 2012

So i downloaded DJ Control ,its great and very good i use it over WI-FI but i was thinking, is there a way to use it over usb , because in school we have music on breaks and i would like to connect my phone to that pc and use app with it but WI-FI is locked,so i want over usb.

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