General :: How To Assign Contact Tone When Sends SMS / MMS

Jul 20, 2012

Is it possible to assign a contact his tone when he sends an SMS / MMS

General :: how to assign contact tone when sends SMS / MMS

HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Assign A Particular Ring Tone To Stock Messaging?

Oct 12, 2010

I previously used Handcent but have switched back to the stock manèging app for reason likely only important to me.My question is I can't seem to figure out a way to assign a particular ringtone(notification sound) to a particular contact. I know it has to be right under my nose but I have exhausted the ways that I know.

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General :: Assign Contact To Phone Number

Nov 23, 2012

In Android I can assign a preferred phone number for a contact.I would like to set a preferred contact for a phone number. If I get called and the number was added to multiple contacts (which is correct for my case), I would like to set another contact as the preferred contact when the number calls again.

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General :: ICS - Set MP3 For Alarm Tone / Ringtone For Contact

Jul 10, 2012

I have some questions about the ringtones and alarms on ICS.

1. How could I set a mp3 for the alarm tone? I copy a mp3 file to the alarms folder but I can not set it.

2. I want to set a ringtone to a contact when calling, but not for notifications, is this possible?

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HTC EVO 4G : Way To Assign Contact Picture?

Aug 30, 2010

I just wanted to see if there a way to assign a picture to the contact without the picture being very blurry, when I assign the picture it is fine but after a while the picture becomes very blurry.

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Media : How Can I Assign A Ringtone ID Per Contact

Nov 9, 2009

How can I assign a ringtone per contact? I'm very new to android in general and I just bought the new Motorola droid.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: How To Assign Picture To Contact?

Aug 24, 2010

i have been tinkering around for about 20 min now and can't figure out how to assign my wifes pic to her contact. I have a picture of her on my phone but only know how to access through the wallpaper selection.

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Samsung Captivate :: Want To Assign A Ringtone To Contact?

Nov 14, 2010

Perhaps I'm a moron today (don't answer that). But I've been trying to assign an individual ringtone to my wife's number (she doesn't care for "Secret Prayer" by Joe Satriani, suggested something by ABBA, and is lucky she isn't getting "Scolding Wife" by Great Big Sea) but I haven't had any luck. Is this a Captivate thing? The other android phones seem to be easy enough.

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Samsung Fascinate :: How To Assign A Custom Ringtone To A Contact?

Sep 9, 2010

I can't find the option to assign ringtones to contacts. I am super-tired so please forgive me if this is really obvious and I'm missing it!

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Samsung Moment :: Possible To Assign VIBRATE To Ringtone For A Contact?

Oct 14, 2010

Is it possible to have the phone vibrate for just one contact?I know how to assign custom ringtones for each contact, but that's not what I'm trying to do.I want the phone to vibrate ONLY when John Doe calls and not to vibrate when anyone else calls.

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Android :: How To Programmatically Assign A Picture (Bitmap) To Contact ?

Jun 19, 2010

I have a variable of type Bitmap and I would like to assign it to a Contact from my contact list as the CalledID picture, how would I do that?

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HTC Droid Eris : Ringtones Assign To A Contact Don't Work

May 7, 2010

I had this problem in 2.1v2, I installed v3, and it first, all was well, then yesterday I noticed the same thing...none of my custom set ring tones are being used. phone always rings with the system default.
I can change that, and it rings that tone, but any I assign to a contact don't work.

I haven't installed any ring tone managers or anything, I can't think of what would be messing with it, but it is friggin annoying!

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Android :: Way To Assign Sounds To Individual Contact Notification Sound?

Sep 24, 2010

I have 20 sec mp3's that I can assign to individual contacts for their ringtone. I also have 07 sec mp3's that I want to assign to their notification sound such as incoming texts. How can I do that? Do I need a 3rd party app?

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Motorola Droid X :: Set Ring Tone For Contact

Nov 7, 2010

How do you set a ring tone for a contact. I know how to do it on and eris but cant figger out how to do on the x.

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Android :: Email In SMS - Different Alert Tone For Each Contact

Nov 24, 2009

For historical reasons (from when I had a LG VX-6000 before I upgraded to a smart phone), I have several email notifications that are sent to my phone by way of <my number> This is the Verizon email-to-SMS gateway that has been around forever.

The default 'Messaging' app is smart enough to extract the email address from these messages and look it up in my Contacts list, so it shows up as from the proper contact.

I have been looking for an app to alert me with a different tone depending on who sent me the message. I have tried 'Missed Call' and 'Ringo'. Both will let me assign an alert tone to a contact, but when one of these SMS messages is received, both 'Missed Call' and 'Ringo' show the message as from '6245' (which is 'MAIL' transposed with a telephone keypad). As a result, it won't look up the proper alert tone because it won't extract the sender's email address.

Is there a better solution? I could have these messages sent to my Gmail instead, but the Gmail app won't play different tones depending on the sender.

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Motorola Droid :: Contact Ring Tone App

Mar 13, 2010

Any apps that allow you to change rings tones of Contacts? I don't need one that creates ring tones, has ring tones, etc. Just one that will let me have phone calls use different ring tones depending on who the contact is.

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KitKat 4.4 :: Assigning Different Tone To Contacts Different Contact Methods?

Apr 1, 2014

We just converted from iPhones to the HTC ONE M8. So far my only question is this. How do I go about assigning a different tone to a contacts different contact methods? Like ringtone 1 for a call, notification 2 for text, ringtone 4 for email. Is there a decent third party app that would that? Is there even a way to assign different ringtones for different contacts in general?

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HTC EVO 4G : How To Assign A Picture For "Me" Contact?

Sep 3, 2010

I've assigned my Google Contacts a picture for caller ID purposes (and texts, etc.) but during a texting session, my part of the conversation has a blank space for an image. Yet, on the Google Contacts website, there is no "Me" contact that I can edit (although it exists on my phone and apparently is what is being used while texting). Is there a way I can give myself a picture without having to put it on the phone first? Like do something on Gmail and it syncs to my phone?

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General :: App Which Can Assign Specific Keyboard To Screen Mode?

May 29, 2011

I know that there is an app which allows assigning keyboard to screen mode (potrait or landscape), but is there any app which can do the same witch application?

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HTC Incredible : Way For Reading Sends PDF?

Jul 16, 2010

If someone sends me a PDF how do I read it. I have PDF viewer on my phone but it does not seem to know where to see the files.

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General :: HTC Tone Download

Apr 1, 2012

I can't find where to delete a downloaded ring tone which I have somehow assigned to FB notifications - it doesn't show as the notification tone in sounds and I can find it in ringtones but when I hit delete it doesn't come up as one to delete, it was a message tone from Zedge so maybe they save elsewhere?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Handcent Never Sends MMS Pictures / Work Around This?

Jun 11, 2010

It sends text great but it never sends MMS pictures. Any work around this? I downloaded the latest one on their site but no luck.

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General :: Setting Tone For SMS Notification?

Mar 13, 2014

I've figured out how to set a ringtone BUT when I try to set a tone to ONLY play when I get a text (sms) that sound is playing for ALL notifications!!!

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General :: Touch Tone On Droid 3

Jul 20, 2012

How to make sure that my Droid 3 is sending the tones for touch tone usage. I have to forward my office phone to my droid, but I can't get through the menu system because it says I am not sending touch tones.

I cannot find where to force the phone to send tones for touch tone systems. The search function gave me everything but touch tone information, and I went through three pages of search results.

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General :: Call End Beep Tone?

Jan 11, 2014

There is a beep tone when u end a call..

which was played through the main external speaker instead of phone earpiece speaker..

what can be the exact reason that causes it...

can it be as simple as a setting some in some xml file?

also its not some .ogg file in /media/ui or some place else...its some network tone i guess

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Android :: Application That Sends Command Line To PC

Jul 26, 2010

Does anyone know if there is an application that will send command lines to a PC? I would like to use this to either both launch programs and send other commands (such as changing the audio output on my PC). I am able to do this by creating shortcuts to the commands, then using a remote program (like premotedroid) to control the mouse and click the shortcuts, but it would be really cool if the phone could just send the command directly to the PC.

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Android :: Delete An Attached File After It Sends?

Feb 4, 2010

We are starting the e-mail intent of the user's choice (createChooser) and sending a zip file. This zip file is created right before the email sends, but we need to make sure the file is there until the email actually gets sent. Once the e-mail is sent, it would be nice to have this file deleted instead of sitting around eating SD card storage. Is this possible? (it can't be done in onActivityResult, e-mail intents don't actually finish, they cancel and thread the sending in a background when onActivityResult gets called the e-mail might not have sent yet). Any ideas?

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Android :: Know Location Of Phone That Calls - Sends Sms / MMS?

Jan 1, 2010

Does anyone knows if there's an application for the Hero that allows you to actually see where a mobile is situated that calls you or sends you an sms/MMS ? or vice versa?
Friend of mine tells me he read about it but I wonder ...

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Jelly Bean :: S4 Sends Blank Texts?

Oct 31, 2013

I have a galaxy s4 and when I am texting one of my friends, some of the texts show up blank on her end.

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Android :: Notifier FTW - Sends Notifications From Phone To Desktop

Sep 8, 2010

Android Notifier Sends Notifications from Your Phone to Your Desktop. This is freaken awesome, too bad you cant reply to sms messages though. But still its worth having . Super easy to set up and works flawlessly, I suggest you guys give it a try.

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