General :: Real-time Transcoding For DLNA?

Aug 14, 2013

When I first had my HTC Hero, I found about android's DLNA capabilities and it was pretty. Amazing that I could stream music and pictures to my tv, even videos in some rare occasions but actual on-the-fly transcoding was completely impossible. Now skip ahead to my third phone, ZTE Blade III.

1Ghz and 512mb ram is quite good for what I need and I was hoping that it could transcode some poor-quality videos I film with my phone. Why? Well, my TV has pretty small range of supported video formats and of course that my phone records video in the unsupported format. I tried a wide varety of DLNA apps and none of them had anything to do with transcoding. I tried twonky, skifta, bubbleupnp... No result.

Why is this so taboo? I understand if the file is in full HD but Blade III records in VGA. It shouldn't be a problem
to transcode or am I mistaken?

tl;dr need app that can transcode files in real time and send them to my tv (something like wmp but on android).

General :: Real-time transcoding for DLNA?

General :: Android UI Rendering In Real-time?

Jun 10, 2013

I was wondering why Android keeps lagging a bit. I mean, quadcore should be fast enough to stop that from happening right? So I started Googling.

I got this article: [URL] .....

Basically it says this: Android's UI rendering thread does not work in real-time (the priority is not set at that), unlike iOS'. It's just about the one thing that's still better about iOS in my opinion.

How to make this thread render in real-time?

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General :: Real Time Bandwidth - Status Bar

Jun 3, 2012

I was looking for an app that shows the realtime internet bandwidth Upload/Download in the status bar. If there are any apps out there?

Unfortunately, I have seen this only in iphone, I have attached a screenshot that shows what I'm looking for.

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Android :: General Lag Error With Real Time Games

Mar 13, 2010

I developed and published a game about two months ago. Since then, I've received several negative comments about input lag in the game. Before releasing the game, I already took several measures to hopefully prevent lag from occurring: 1) Game is almost entirely written in native code 2) After initialization, my process never invokes the GC during gameplay (no GC executions from my process show up in the log) 3) Average FPS is generally > 30 fps 4) I tested the game on both a Motorola Milestone and an HTC Magic and I don't experience any noticeable input lag (except perhaps when the GC is executed by other processes) My guess is that the lag that users are experiencing is a result of the GC being invoked by another process. Has anyone been able to address this issue? Specifically, have any game developers been able to achieve a completely lag-free game and thus avoid negative ratings that drag down your app? The only other suspicious thing I've noticed is the following lines showing up in my log any time a SoundPool clip is played: D/AudioHard wareMot ( 1054): AudioMgr:AudioStreamOutMot::standby called D/AudioHardwareMot( 1054): AudioMgr:Output 0xb538 entering standby D/AudioHardwareMot( 1054): AudioMgr:Closing stereo device D/AudioHardwareMot( 1054): AudioMgr:Output 0xb538 exiting standby

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Android :: Real Time Frames Per Second App?

Nov 11, 2010

Is there an app that lets you view your frames per second in real time in video games and emulators?

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Android :: Real Time Phone Simulator On PC

Jul 28, 2010

After a round of hassle (many thanks to sontaikle), finally i managed to do some screen capture from my Android but right now I am thinking about this. Is there any way I can do a REAL TIME phone simulation on my PC. Its alike TV output from phone to projector (Galaxy S can do that) but I have other Android which have no TV output function from the phone, so I wonder if I connect the phone to PC and get the real time screen output (few second lagging is ok for me as well) to PC than I can project it out via projector during discussion, presentation. I have tried this Emulator, too bad its doesn't project that on the phone on PC. How to install Android SDK and play with Android 2.0 in the emulator - Android and Me

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Android :: Modifying Audio In Real Time

Mar 23, 2010

I need to load an audio resource and play it, but I also need to be able to modify some parameters (like the volume, or the playback rate) while the audio is being played. For example, I might want to play a 10 seconds audio stream, and change the volume only after 3 seconds. Is there a way to do it? I've been experimenting a little with AudioTrack without results.

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Android :: Real Time Audio Processing

Feb 13, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how to write an app that can decode audio morse code on the fly. I found this document which explains how to record audio from the microphone in Android. What I'd like to know is whether it's possible to access the raw input from the microphone or whether it has to be written/read to a file.

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Android :: Broadcasting Real Time Voice Using RTP

Feb 15, 2010

I am currently trying to braodcast real time voice from Android using RTP to other Android phones connected over Wifi Ad-hoc network. I have few questions in this regard,

1. How to control and set the RTP on Android? 2. Which Codec are supported by Android for voice communication? and how to incorporate them?

We are able to record a voice from microphone and store it on SD card for a playback. The next step would be to link the outstream of real time voice with RTP also incorporating Codec

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Games :: Space STG Real Time Strategy

Nov 3, 2009

Space STG - Galactic Wars (real-time strategy) - introduction I want to introduce my game. If You would like to see more, please visit Space STG - Galactic Wars is real-time space strategy game. Build buildings, economies, ships, defense and technology. Send your fleets of ships to conquer enemy planets. Use nuclear missiles, probes, planetary defenses, cloaking technology and more. The aim of Space STG is to dominate the Galaxy. Expand your empire by mining resources, building space fleets and planetary defenses. Invade your enemies planets and size control of each region.

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How To Get Outgoing Call Duration In Real Time

Sep 18, 2011

Now I write one app and have some problem - I need to show real-time outgoing call duration. But I do not know when I should start timer. I must start when get answer from other side. I tried TelephonyManager.EXTRA_STATE_OFFHOOK -- but it's state is when I press call-button..

OFFHOOK is the state when call is placed.

So we should be notified when the call is received. How can we get that?

When I should start count outgoing time?

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Android :: Adjusting Application Permissions Real Time

Feb 25, 2010

I know you can apply Permissions for Applications on it's manifest.xml file. What I want to know is, can those Permissions be adjusted by the Applications on the fly?Here's my reason: say I have an application that is allowed to do "x", "y", and "z" (SMS, sockets, etc) Permissions. Now lets say I have a logical "user" that connects to this Application, and I want that user to only be able to do "x" and "y", but not "z" Permissions. It would be nice to have the Android Framework handle that instead of having a bunch of "if's" in the App code.

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Android :: Real Time Video Screen Capture?

Jul 1, 2010

I need to make a video as a DEMO for one application I have developed. I know that there are some experimental applications that use DDMS and achieve a framerate of 5-6 fps. This framerate is completely insufficient for my purposes since the application has smooth animations that i would like to show. Is there anyone that has found a way to do a real time screen capture on android? Should I settle for a capture of the emulator or a real video done with a real camera?

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Motorola CLIQ :: Happenings Not Updating By Real Time

Jan 6, 2010

Has anyone else had issues with the Happenings not updating by real time? Seems they are lagging behind. I can log on to my actual FB & Twitter and there is stuff there (new posts) not showing in my Happenings. But then 1-2 hrs later there are 38 updates which of course are all late.
Just started noticing this after the update and changing my battery mgr settings. I've changed it back to performance mode but still the happenings are late.

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Android :: How Do Real Time Monitor State Of SD Card?

Sep 9, 2009

I want to know the state of SD card is dynamic mounted or not mounted? it's very kind of you if you can give me a demo(for example, use api register Receiver、Broadcast Receiver、on Receive and so on).

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Android :: Working Of LocationListener() In Real Time On Device?

Feb 12, 2009

i need to know about the LocationListener() working in the real time. Does it expect the user(device) to move in order to update the current location details or it automatically updates when ever the gps is enabled? Another query is regarding the getLastKnownLocation(). When is that last known location will be lost and thus returns null... (in realtime).

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Android :: Stock Ticker App For Real-time(or At Best, Delayed)?

Nov 9, 2009

Is there an app for real-time(or at best, delayed) stock reads? I have two apps on my Bold(one real-time and one delayed) and before I switch Id like to make sure Im not losing every application I currently use.

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Android :: How To Send Audio Record Out In Real Time Mode

Oct 26, 2010

I can use AudioRecord to pull the audio data out. But the format is PCM, which is too huge to sent out through network. Does any one know how to change it to AMR ?

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Android :: Change Playback Rate Of Track In Real Time

May 1, 2010

I would like to know if somebody knows a library to changing the playback rate of a track in real time. My idea is to load a track and change its playback rate to half or double. Firstly, I tried with MusicPlayer but is was not possible at all and then I tried with SoundPool. The problem is that with SoundPool I cant change the rate once the track is loaded. Here is the code I am using (proof of concept): Code...

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Android :: Need Droid Real Time Sound Spectrum Analyzer

Sep 14, 2010

I am new for multimedia in Java and I am going to develop an application which can analyze the sound spectrum. I don't know how to get a real time sound from the mic of the android and analyze it. If someone know about any API and method that how to get real time sound and get the values of its spectrum.

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Android :: Displaying Real Time Information During The Execution Of An Activity

Apr 6, 2009

I want to display the status of the activity execution on the screen using the TextView while activity is executing. I am appending the String messages at different stages of execution in the TextView, which is defined in the Layout main.xml (e.g. TextView.append("Server started..").

For e.g. I am running socket communication application in which my android application is the server and it is receiving the messages from the local desktop. So in this application I want to show "Server started.." message when socket server on android started , then a messge "waiting for message.." and then "message receivied.." when message received by android server.All 3 steps are the part of a single activity.

But in my case, I am getting all 3 messages at a time after activity execution completed. Is there any API available, using which I can show the status during the execution also.

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Android :: Low Level Audio - Latency In SoundPool - AudioTrack For Real Time

Oct 26, 2009

I first have to say that I'm biased, 'cus I like to write music apps (like music generation apps). However, this affects games as well. It's somewhat disappointing how OpenGL has made it into the NDK now but there isn't any NDK methods to get to sound to have faster access. Over the weekend I did some more testing and if you make a "drum" app, for example, and play the sound using either SoundPool or AudioTrack, you will get about a 100ms delay buffer, which is clearly audible (gap).

I made a test app where when you touch the screen, upon the DOWN event, it would play a short sound (like a drum sound). It clearly was not real time responsive or even close - you could hear the delay. I'd be interested to know if anyone who has made a game has any trouble with sounds? It seems like they aren't going to really trigger real time enough if you use SoundPool, for example. Am I completely wrong? Seems like your game is going to perform an action, play a sound, but the sound will have latency which I would think would throw off the game a bit..................

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Android : App In The Market - Real Time Traffic Construction Congestion Ahead

Jul 27, 2010

I am looking to see if anyone knows of an app in the market that would be able to give me real time traffic updates on traffic jams, construction, accident ahead and perhaps offer an alternate route to bypass it. Can Google MAPS do this? If not, is there an app in the market that can do this? I am hitting the road tomorrow for a road trip and that would come in handy!

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HTC Droid Eris :: Phone Including Space Task Running CPU Eating Real Time

Aug 12, 2010

I just downloaded this Android System Information free from teh Market, and I thought I'd let you guys know about it. It's pretty damn awesome. It basically tells you everything you wanna know about your phone including every spec, every task running and how much CPU it is eaiting in real time, it has logs and everything. I highly recommend getting this app.

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General :: Galaxy S3 To Xbox 360 DLNA

Jul 25, 2012

How to connect my Galaxy S3 to my Xbox 360 thru DLNA. I have been screwing with this freaking thing for over an hour and have made absolutely no progress. I am about to destroy everything I own.

I did this before on my Droid X and it worked great. Now I can not get it to work at all. I turn on my sharing on my S3 and then it asks me if my xbox is allowed. I click yes. Nothing shows up on my xbox. It doesn't recognize it or find it at all. Then I search the internet and all I get are these crappy search engine responses that take me to a list of 50 things completely unrelated to what I am looking for.

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General :: DLNA Player With Subtitles

Sep 19, 2013

Is there any DLNA player that read also subtitles from media server? I have TP-1042ND and conected HD with movies, my stock S3 player sees nearby device TP link media server and plays movies but without subtitles (they are in correct format as when i download movie to device with them plays ok)... Samsung Link don't see nearby device so can't use it... Only thing i can do i play movie from DLNA explorer via Mx player and then load subtitles form device when i downloaded them... MX player is slow and plays in SW only to see subs on TV... when HW subs are on phone screen and movie is on TV... I try some players from market but none plays subs and movie together.. only movie is shown...

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General :: Possible To Broadcast Music To LAN Without DLNA?

Mar 30, 2012

I have a Pioneer AVreceiver which does not support DLNA but can be connected to a router to play music from the internet, i.e. shoutcast radios. To let it play I need to enter stream IP in AVreceiver interface. I can do the same using my PC, playing mp3s with winamp chained with a shoutcast server which broadcasts to my LAN, inputing in AVreceiver the LAN IP of my PC (

I have just bought a SamsungNote and I have put my mp3 collection on it and I was wondering in there's an app that can broadcast music from phone to LAN in order to be played on my AVreceiver using the phone LAN IP.

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Motorola Droid :: Anyone Using CNBC "Real-Time Stock Quotes" App?

Apr 23, 2010

CNBC Apps If so, how accurate are the pre-market/after-hour quotes?

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General :: PowerPoint Presenter UPNP / DLNA

Mar 27, 2012

I need something along the lines of ipad's keynote + airplay so that powerpoint presentations with notes can be stored and displayed via upnp/dlna from my tablet on our presentation screen...I don't always have time to load the powerpoints to the PC and make the small format changes that always seem to be required when you copy a ppt file to another computer and since the pc has both xbmc and windows media center and the screen has a apple TV something should be doable. If this already exist..I have been wearing out search xda and Google. I need to see thumbnails of my slides and see my notes on the tablet and wireless display my slides on the screen.

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General :: Google Music Over DLNA Or WiFi

Jan 15, 2013

So Google Music App can stream to Bluetooth perfectly fine but not DLNA or over WiFi. Seems like it should be able to stream DLNA or WiFi if it can handle Bluetooth. Any technical reason why it cannot? I have only been able to get it to play over Bluetooth, Headphones or connect directly to Media device but not DLNA or WiFi the most ideal connections. With the infamous Nexus Q I believe it could connect and stream via WiFi but that is the only instance I am aware of. So outside of buying a discontinued Nexus Q our all powerful devices are crippled? Any app to accomplish this. 20,000 songs on my Google Music account and I you limit how I can play my music.

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