General :: How Does Android Handles Cache And Storage

Mar 29, 2013

I have a HTC EVO 3D for months now and I've never experienced issues with it, but I aways have plenty of storage left and have done a system reset once so I don't know how it behaves. I'm very curious about this because I've explored some apps cache sizes and for example Facebook was about 50 MB. Is there a limit?

I'd like to know what happens when the internal storage runs out of space. Does Android (regardless of device / custom manufacturers "skins") automatically take care of deleting old cache files from apps?

I mean, if you run out of internal storage in a Nexus device, what happens?

General :: How does Android handles cache and storage

HTC Droid Eris :: Storage - Moving Cache From Phone To Sd Card

Feb 11, 2010

I know i have seen threads for moving cache from phone to sd card but im wondering if it is possibly to move programs at all? my old phone i could do this

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General :: Disable Moving Of System Dalvik Cache To /cache?

Aug 16, 2012

In cm roms, dalvik cache of system apps are generated in /cache but those data/apps are generated in /data. Is there any way to disable this behaviour? Cache partition in our phones is too small. In AOSP and AOKP and stock roms, dalvik cache is always generated in /data no matter whether its a system app. any way to achieve this in cm roms?

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General :: Stop Phone From Displaying (low Storage - Uninstall Apps To Free Storage)

Dec 4, 2013

How to stop phone from displaying "low storage, uninstall apps to free storage. "

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General :: 2 Small Internal Storage - How To Swap SD To Be Main Phone Storage?

Aug 23, 2013

I've bought this chinese clone of the SIII, it's a MT6575. It's great except for the internal storage, which supposedly is 500MB but there seems to be an invisible SD storage which is 2GB. It's really confusing... When I go to Settings -> Storage there are 3 memories: "Internal Storage" (claims to be 4GB but it's fake, it's actually 500MB), "Phone Storage" (claims to be 16.5GB but it's probably 2GB), and finally my SD, "SD Card" (32GB).

The thing is, I'm having problems downloading big apps because apps go to "Internal Storage" which is 500MB only, and which files are stored in the "Phone Storage" (maybe internal & phone are actually the same?). However when I go to Settings -> Apps, on the "Downloaded" tab, the apps are in "Internal Storage" (500MB), and on the "On SD Card" tab, it shows that apps are in "Phone Storage" (the ones I moved to SD). This means my 32GB SD isn't being used by the system when I send apps to SD probably.

Also, my 32GB SD card is found in /mnt/sdcard2, and the /mnt/sdcard... I don't know which storage is that.

So basically all this is happening because I tried to Link2SD with my 32GB SD doing all the 2 partitions stuff and so, but Link2SD never detects the "secondary SD" which is the 32GB SD, as this fake SD card, "Phone Storage", is probably what the programs thinks to be the SD card.

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General :: Is Emulated Device Storage Same As Cloud Like Memory Storage

Sep 13, 2013

On my galaxy tab 2 7, with Android 4.3, I have two choices of memory storage, emulated and extSdard. Im wondering if the emulated is actually on a like Cloud system or are the files still on my tablet? Also, if emulated storage is for multiple users, does this mean another device is connected besides my tablet?

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Android :: Handles Sms When Receives Them?

Sep 24, 2010

I am just wondering about how android handles sms when it receives them. More precisely my question is when the android phone receives a sms message, which application saves the message to the mmssms database? Is this done by the OS or by the native sms application?

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Android :: EditTexts And Handles

Jan 26, 2010

I have an issue with an application I'm writing for Android. Here's the problem: I need to create several EditText fields on the fly, while still maintaining some sort of handle to each individual one. For example: I create four EditText's, and I wish to submit the information from them to a server via an HTTP connection. How do I get the user-inputted data out of these EditText's after they have been created? (I guess what I'm asking is how exactly do I use the setId() method, because it doesn't seem to be working for me).

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Android :: Application Handles Updates?

Apr 13, 2010

How an android application handles updates ? What kind of information does the application usually needs to send to request an update, and what does it receives back ?

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Android :: Android - Image Cache Stategy And Memory Cache Size

Jun 21, 2010

I'm implementing an image cache system for caching downloaded image.

My strategy is based upon two-level cache:
Memory-level and disk-level.

My class is very similar to the class used in the droidfu project

My downloaded images are put into an hashmap and the Bitmap objet is wrapped inside a SoftRererence object.

Also every image is saved permanently to the disk.
If a requested image is not found into the Hashmap<String,SoftReference<Bitmap>> it will be searched on the disk, readed, and then pushed back into the hashmap. Otherwise the image will be downloaded from the network.

Since I store the images into the phisical device momery, I have added a check for preserve the device space and stay under a 1M of occupied space:


This method is called sometime afte a disk writing:


What I'd like to add is the same check on the HashMap size to prevent it will grow too much. Something like this:


My question is:
What could be a right MAX_MEMORY_SIZE value? Also, Is it a good approach? A good answer also could be: "Don't do it! SoftReference is already enough"

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Android :: Handles Power Management Application?

Oct 3, 2009

I am looking for an application that handles power management. I downloaded the Power Management app, but the free app has limited features. I am looking for a free app.

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Android :: OnToucheEvent Badly Handles ItemizedOverlay

Jul 6, 2009

I have the following exception that occurs I don't really know in which circumstances.

I'm just trying to add an overlay to may viewMap, and I don't have anything special in my classes. The most strange thing is that it worked for a while, then it broken again when I changed my image!


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Android :: Yahoo IM Client That Handles Linked Accounts?

Jun 19, 2010

Does anyone know of a Yahoo IM client that handles linked (AKA Aliases) accounts? I have tried the following clients:
- Meebo
- Palringo
- IM +
- eBuddy
- Nimbuzz
- Hi Yahoo
- Yahoo Droid

They all have the same issue which is: I have linked yahoo accounts (a primary with other accounts linked). When I log into a yahoo account with the above clients and I receive an IM to a linked account, I receive the IM just fine, but when I respond to the IM, it will send from the primary (or logged in) account and NOT the account that IM was sent too. What SHOULD happen is the IM should be sent from the account that the IM was sent too just like the desktop app works.

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HTC Desire :: Bluetooth - How It Handles Calls - Media

Jun 18, 2010

I have the following setup:

Aux Input (for music)
SuperTooth One BlueTooth Hands Free

When I drive, I use the HTC Desire to play the sat nav instructions and music out of the Aux to the stereo however, if I enable Bluetooth, all music and commands are sent through the Bluetooth receiver instead.

On the iPhone, you have the option to route audio through headphones socket or through the BT device - but cannot find out how to do it on the Desire.

Are there any applications that make it possible to route calls out via BT and everything else out over the Aux?

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Bluetooth Adapter Which Handles Sending And Receiving Messages

Sep 23, 2011

I'm writing an app which contains three tabs.. let's just call them TabA, TabB, and TabC.

In my main class which extends TabActivity I have a Bluetooth Adapter which handles sending and receiving messages. I initialize the BluetoothAdapter onStart. Part of the initialization tries to reference controls on the three tabs. But my problem is that only TabA (my default tab) has been initialized at this point so when it tries to access TabB and TabC, they're still null.. How can I initialize all 3 activities, and access controls on each of the tabs when receiving messages from the BluetoothAdapter? (Basically I want TabA to contain a TextView to log all messages, TabB will contain a few controls like sliders and checkboxes that will change based on the messages recieved, and TabC will just have an array of buttons that send specific data..)

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Sprint HTC Hero :: How Phone Handles Multiple Gmail Accounts?

Oct 6, 2009

I asked this in the other "Hero" subforum, but I thought I'd ask it here, too. I really like what I see from this phone, but I wonder how it handles multiple Gmail accounts. I have three Gmail accounts for different purposes. My iPhone 3G handles these with no problem. I don't see anything in the Hero manual that indicates that it will play well with multiple Gmail accounts.

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Motorola Droid :: Handles Netflix In Browser Pretty Well - Summury Box Come Up And Everything

Nov 8, 2009

I am pretty happy about that. The little summary pop up boxes come up and everything. There is no need for a app for that, just a bookmark for me.

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Android :: How Android Handles PCM Data From Voice Call?

Oct 14, 2010

I am trying to understand whether or not Android handles the phone conversation's audio stream or it is done outside Android's framework. Specifically, if, for example, Android controls a cellular processor that provides PCM interface for voice conversation and there is a need to send audio over Bluetooth instead of using mic/speakers, how this is handled? There are two ways here to the best of my understanding:
1. Route PCM from cellular to audio port on Android CPU, then let Android receive the stream and send it to BT stack for processing and eventually pushing to BT hardware over HCI 2. Have Android control a HW switch that will route PCM directly to BT HW using direct PCM interface Which one applies? Is there a preferable way (best usage of resources provided by Android)?

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General :: Disable Auto Dalvik-cache Generation Or Android Is Upgrading In ICS?

Jul 13, 2012

It looks like ics automatically runs the "Android is Upgrading" thing whenever it senses some "change" in boot.img? It happens everytime i flash a kernel, without wiping dalvik cache. It will continue to run regardless of whether the dalvik cache files are present or not. This is actually a good feature.

But i noticed that if i simply do a nandroid backup of /boot, and restore it without doing anything else, or flash the same kernel again, it will boot up with the "Android is Upgrading" thing again from the start.

is there a way to disable this, or at least prevent dalvik cache generation if they are already present? im using amon Ra recovery

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General :: What Does Wipe Cache Do

May 17, 2012

What is being wiped when we apply "Wipe cache" option from recovery menu? So what does "cache" in the recovery menu refers to? Is doing this useful, without firmware update or wipe data-factory reset?

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Android :: How Android Handles Apps / Processes?

Jun 19, 2010

I've got the htc legend and its an awesome phone. I just wanted to ask to get an idea of how android works on relation to how it handles apps/processes etc. Using a task manager I see that tonnes of apps start when the phone boots. I see apps like app brain, msn talk,.radio, twitter app, stocks, footprints, maps and a whole plethora of others. What makes them start like this? What's the purpose? Do they have a negative impact on performance? It seems like all the apps listed see ones which have shortcuts on the home screen or related widgets. Is this how it works? Although they are listed date saree are they actually taking up system resources? And then there's ones like radio and stocks which I never use and don't have home screen shortcuts for, but they still start. Sometimes when mass kill apps (not processes) it sorta freezes for a while then has to reload the home screen. None of the apps I killed were essential ones, happens sometimes when I kill a bunch of third party apps. Would it be beneficial to kill most of the listed apps which apart on startup that I never use? I try to refrain from using the task manager but Coming from windows I'm just used to massacring all unnecessary processes and programs to keep everything clean.

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Android :: How Marketplace Handles The Information Related To Marketplace Applications?

Jan 8, 2010

Any thought on how the Marketplace handles the information related to the marketplace applications? I wonder if the request is posted to the marketplace every time client is started or if some of the available applications data is stored locally and refreshed by the background service.

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General :: Delete Text Cache?

Oct 24, 2013

I was sending a text and input the wrong phone number (a 2 at the end instead of a 3) and now every time I starting inputting that phone number to send a text both numbers come up. I can't find any way to delete the one that is incorrect or any way to delete both or to delete all of the numbers that show up that way. Is there a text cache that can be deleted? I used app cache cleaner, but that didn't work.

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General :: How To Limit Cache Size

Jun 9, 2012

I do really love cloud computing... But, Google seems to have forgot something: set a limit to the cache size.

I have a Nexus S and my poor 16Gb internal memory is saturated because of caches: Google+, Android Gallery (Picasa), Google Music and Google Listen all fight for the sdcard space.

The only apps who have explicit cache settings is Google Listen... The others don't have obvious options. I have 10K songs, 10-20K photos, etc.. I need to access them, but I need to limit the cache size.

Is there a way to easily limit cache size per apps?

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General :: Nandroid - How To Backup Cache

Apr 20, 2012

I just came across my first downfall with moving the dalvik to SD. Nandroid is stuck trying to backup cache. Im guessing the reason is that nandroid cant find the dalvik because it is not symbollically linked by S2e since we arent booted into the actaul OS. Anyway i can get nandroid to backup without moving it back?

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General :: Can't Wipe Dalvik Cache

Jun 19, 2012

I was flashing CM9 from CM7 on my Motorola Defy, botched it up intially due to a slip of my finger which led to me to Clear the cache first. But then I restarted the entire process by Clearing Data -> Installing -> Flashing Kernel and so on...

But when I tried to clear the Dalvik Cache, the phone didn't delete it. It didn't give me a message that it wiped the cache, but it didn't say otherwise either. This led me to believe that the cache just didn't exist anymore.

As a result, I'm unable to install apps - Says there is no memory and I need to make more. Also, everytime the phone comes on is treated as the first time. It takes me through the whole process of Setting up an account and everything. This has rendered my phone obsolete.

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General :: Stuck At Formatting / Cache?

Jan 22, 2013

I have had a problem when trying to update the ROM of my Ascend g300. While doing the factory reset it got stuck on formatting /cache. It appened a few hours ago and it's still there. I already pulled out the battery but as soon as i turn it on, it goes to the same screen. I cant do anything else on the phone, not even go to the recovery screen.

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General :: Can't Mount Cache Partition

Feb 9, 2013

my verizon galaxy tab 7 (sch-1800) doesn't boot, it freezes on samsung splash. I already restored the stock rom, but it doesn't change anything. if i try to restore default with recovery mode, it says E:failed to mount cache.

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General :: CWM Can't Wipe Dalvik Cache

Apr 9, 2012

I was just flashing a new ROM for my gio, and made sure that i did a factory reset, wiped cache partition and wipe dalvik cache. but when i went to wipe the dalvik, CWM froze for a bit, then showed the yes/no part for like half a second, then kicked me back to the main menu. It does this every time. What to do? or should i just reflash it?

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General :: Which Wipe Cache Should Be Applied

May 14, 2013

I changed my default font system and after reboot my phone freezes on boot animation and doesn't boot to system. i have a backup from all my data and rom. If i had to flash what should i do before?should i wipe cache, dalvik cach, factory reset and system? and then install zip?

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