General :: Galaxy S4 (i9505) With CM10.1 - Internet Is Not Working?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a problem with the mobile connection on my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) with CM10.1.

The mobile connection only works for a couple of minutes when i reboot the phone. After that time, it says "Offline" or "No network connection". I can still do phone calls though, so the connection to the celltower is still established.

APN settings are correct.
Data enabled is ticked
Data roaming is ticked (I need this, because my provider is using the mobile network of another provider)

Turning aeroplane mode on/off will not solve it.

Re-enabling data/-roaming will not solve it.

Switching to 2G mode will not solve it.

General :: Galaxy S4 (i9505) with CM10.1 - Internet is not working?

General :: ViPER4Android Not Working On I9505?

Jun 19, 2013

I just did a clean install of omega v5.0 on my galaxy s4 (international version i9505). I've been playing around with the ViPER4Android mod and I've followed the following instructions:

1. Extract and copy ViPER4Android_FX/XHiFi.apk to /system/app/*here*
2. Change apk permission to rw-r-r (644). Reboot.
3. Run FX/XHiFi app from drawer, allow root access.
4. When driver installation prompt, choose Yes to "Install/Update".
5. Choose correct CPU Type. (Refer CPU Driver List)
6. After installation done, Reboot device.
7. If you want use only V4A, follow option1. If you want other existing effects to work, follow option2.
-----------8. Choose V4A(either fx or xhifi) in sound settings > music effects (Don't worry, both fx and xhifi will run together.)
-----------9. Make sure in V4A(both fx and xhifi), in menu option, FX Compatible Mode is set to Normal Mode.
-----------10. Download IRS and extract the .irs files to <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/*here*
-----------11. Enjoy.
-----------8. Open up both V4A(both fx and xhifi), in menu option, FX Compatible Mode set to Compatible Mode.
-----------9. Download IRS and extract the .irs files to <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/*here*
-----------10. Enjoy.

1. Uninstall, reboot. Reinstall, Choose correct driver, reboot.
2. Don't use compatible mode yet, go to sound settings>music effects> and choose v4a(either fx or xhifi). Test.
3. If not working, switch to compatible mode, reboot, go to sound settings>music effects> and select previous effect. Test.
4. If not working, activate safe mode, reboot. Test.
5. If still not working, check

None of the instructions I followed above worked. Also, instead of moving the apk to system/app, I also tried installing as a normal apk and following the rest of the instructions and there has been no sound effect at all.

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General :: GALAXY S4 GT-I9505 Not Connect To WiFi?

Apr 5, 2014

I9505XXUFNBE_I9505OLBFNB3_I9505XXUFNBE samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9505

Cannot connect to wifi I already downloaded I9505XXUFNBE_I9505OLBFNB3_I9505XXUFNBE.tar.md5 file and odin v3.09 what i should i do next????

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General :: WiFi Won't Turn On After Update To 4.4.2 (galaxy S4 I9505)

Apr 7, 2014

i recently upgraded to kitkat using following [URL],, after this, my wi-fi wont turn ON..,, made complete wipe, re-installed 4 times using stock kernel, stock with permissions, AEL but none works,,And also flashed non-hlos.bin modem.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Doesn't Start After FolderMount Reboot

Nov 23, 2013

I recently bought a new spacious SD card for my new phone and decided to move all my files there. I was having trouble with the apps so I found out FolderMount could be useful. I rooted my device without any problems and checked it too before using FolderMount. However when I opened FolderMount it said it needed to patch/repair something so I hit OK. After that it said You can reboot your device now. so I did. After that my device starts and stands still after the samsung logo is shown. I wouldn't call it freeze because I can see it's still working (the background of the samsung logo gets a blue gradient every second) but I'm beginning to worry about it since it has been in that state for like more than an hour. Rebooting wont work.

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General :: HTC One X GPS Not Working On CM10 Nightlies?

Dec 29, 2012

I have updated my international HTC One X to CM10 ver(10-20121221 NIGHTLY). However, i find that the GPS doesn't pickup any satellites at all.

I went back to my stock ROM and found that the GPS was working fine. On reading some threads about similar problems, i tried downloading AGPS data but that too did not work. I also flashed a AGPS Fix for HTC One X ver3.1 but that too didn't work.

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General :: Sky Vega A810k Bluetooth Not Working (CM10)

Apr 16, 2013

I installed cm-10- 20130107-Unofficial-ef40s_Officail-kernel on my sky a810k device. all is good and working except for bluetooth. I don't want to go back to the stock rom.

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General :: Drastic DS Emulator Not Working On GS4 Running CM10.2?

Oct 31, 2013

Running cm10.2 . Every time I load a ROM it just blacks out and close and says "unfortunately drastic has stopped. I've checked that the bios files and ROMs (games) were placed in the right folder.. Tried zipped and unzipped roms.. Nothing? Rebooted device. I've tried over 5 games as well.

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General :: How To Port CM10.1 For Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE

Aug 20, 2013

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SHV-E120S) device. Now the thing is that I don't have a CM10.1 for my device, at the most I have CM10.

But its closest relative, Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SHV-E120L) has CM10.1 for itself.

Now I was wondering, how can I get CM10.1 from E120L running for my device i.e. E120S.

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General :: High Battery Drain Since Flashing CM10.1 Galaxy S3?

Jan 17, 2013

I have lately flashed CM10.1 nightly on my GT-I9300 and am experiencing high battery drain (twice-three times what I had before), and get over 1%/h over the night when all is turned off.I have read a lot about fast battery drain reasons, but couldn't find an answer to mine.I've downloaded better battery stats to check for any abnormal activity, but it seems normal to me (dump attached).

Note, I've installed the cm10.1 straight from my internal memory and I do not have an external SD card.Also, from the dump file it seems that the phone was mostly in deep sleep mode and I see no reason then why it wouldn't just drain at 1-2% per 8h.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 Inch With CM10 - Can't Move Apps To SD Card

Jan 3, 2013

I've got a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7' with CM10.1 installed but I can't move apps to sd card.

How does that work? There's not even a button there for moving it..

Android: 4.2.1

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Reverb - Black Screen After Flashing Custom Built CM10 ROM?

Jan 9, 2013

My Samsung Galaxy Reverb has nobody willing to build CM10 for it, so I decided to take on the task. It built without error - processed the kernel and all the CyanogenMod 10 files just fine and generated the .zip. However, after flashing the .zip I end up with a Samsung logo, then a black screen.

The compile went through without error, so I'm a little lost as to what I should check next. From doing a little searching it seems the kernel is at fault, but what to do about that. Am I supposed to flash the kernel separate from the .zip that the CM builder outputs?

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General :: Compile CM10.2 For Galaxy I5800 - Selected Processor Does Not Support Thumb Mode?

Sep 25, 2013

I'm trying to compile CM10.2 for my Galaxy i5800, i downloaded the source code from androidarmv6 and the appropriate device folder with prebuilt kernel. After starting "make" everything seemed to be fine but when it started to compile EGL this error appeared:

target thumb C++: libEGL <= frameworks/native/opengl/libs/EGL/egl.cpp
/tmp/cc7jJXiM.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc7jJXiM.s:894: Error: selected processor does not support Thumb mode `mrc p15,0,r0,c13,c0,3'[codee]....

to however the same problem showed up while compiling bionic and it's showing even after adding those lines to bionic's .

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Stock Internet Browser Stopped Working.

Nov 28, 2010

My stock internet browser has stopped working I've installed Opera to see if that works and it does but the stock browser wont work anymore, I just get the "web page unavailable" page. I'm using firmware 2.2 and all other apps can connect to the internet ok.

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General :: MTK6575 I9505 - 3G Don't Work

Jan 21, 2014

I've bought a phone tha is a poor S4 clone. MTK Root and Tools recognized it like this:

Hardware : MT6575 (MT6517 is Fake!)
Model : GT-I9505
Build number : Android ICS
Build date UTC : 20130725-095723
Android v : 4.1.1
Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V31.P2, 2013/05/09 17:21
Kernel v : 3.4.0 (wanglei@wanglei-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 Thu Jul 25 17:51:08 CST 2013
Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.3327
LCD Driver IC : 1-ili9806_6575_dsi

The thing is: The UMTS (3g) network don't work. It only connects through Edge network.

-I've tried to restore IMEI - nothing happens...
-I've used the MobileUncle tools to see the bandmode, but it shows only the 2g network (the umts mode is grey, and I can't set it up...)

My first theory was that the firmware doesn't support the 3g network, but, since I couldn't find a best firmware, that theory was... stuck.

My second theory was that this SoC (MTK6575) doesn't have 3g access but after some research i saw a lot of people tha have the same SoC and connects to this network, so...

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General :: Internet Not Working After Rooting Sensation

Jan 22, 2012

I have never rooted or done anything like this before. I decided to root my tmobile htc sensation 4g. I used revolutionary? then installed clockwork recovery and in reboot at that point my data connection won't work. It will still make phone calls and texts and I can still connect with wifi but my 4g or 2g won't work. I still proceeded with installing the superuser file it said to and still nothing. It is definitely rooted. I have rebooted, battery pulled, and tried turning in and off the mobile network connection setting. I have not installed any roms etc I'm afraid to mess with it until I know what to do. eally about to have an anxiety attack. Everything else is working fine. I don't understand why just that works mess the data connection up. What can I do (of course I'd like to keep it rooted if possible).

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General :: Internet Working With Browser But Not With Apps

Apr 16, 2013

I have 3 android devices (xperia s, htc one x and a galaxy s3) connected to a wifi network. This is kind of a protected network and there is a firewall involved. Also the devices are getting IP via DHCP. The problem is that i am able to access web site via browser but when i try from the application, its showing i don't have internet connection. There is no proxy configured in this network. There is an IP filtering in the router which filters the IPs starting with a particular series. But the web site and the application which i am trying to use are supposed to use this IP series.

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Samsung Galaxy S : Use Internet Service Says Unable To Connect To Internet/network Unavailable

Oct 17, 2010

I'm having a problem with my internet connection on my SGS. It used to lock to T-m*bile, I unlocked it lastweek then use L*bara instead cause got free internet service hehe. somehow, everytime i try to use internet service it says unable to connect to internet/ network unavailable. but I tried the simcard with another phone and it was working. some friends suggest me to re-unlock it. but i donno how to re-unlock it.

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General :: Some Apps Not Working When Phones On 2G Internet And Not On WiFi

Nov 26, 2013

Some apps like location tracking apps on my sons phone does not work all the time when his phones on 2g internet. But on wifi it seems to work all the time. Apps like life360 location tracking apps, remote control apps like androidlost, which uses push messages and also polling services works intermittently. Sometimes it works on 2g internet and sometimes it does not. But on wifi, there's no problem at all.

But strangely messaging apps like viber works continuously on 2g or wifi without any problems.

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General :: CM7 Flashed - Now No Internet Signals And Camera Not Working

Mar 28, 2012

Once upon a time I used another website to customize my new Ascend. Long story very short, I messed it up. I am pretty sure I deleted some stock stuff, and since my computer that had all of the backups on it has died, I have no way of getting it back.

I've tried flashing back to stock, I've tried flashing to different roms, I've tried doing a factory reset, I've even tried loading the stock zipped rom from the sd card. Of all the methods that I tried, the only one that doesn't hang on the android screen is flashing a new rom - so I'm using CM7 for now. Everything else kills the phone, it never boots past the android screen.

I just went thru the gauntlet again, trying to "fix" my phone, but nothing worked except flashing CM7. My camera hasn't worked since I started messing with this phone when I first got it. Now, all of a sudden, my internet is having issues.

I have tried downloading the camera.apk, but it doesn't seem to do anything - is there something I'm supposed to do other than stick the apk file in the sd card root?. I still can't use the bar code scanner, or a shopping list scanner thingy - everything says the camera had an unexpected error and/or the device failed to give access to the camera.

Going to RoM Manager, trying to download a different RoM (I have paid for the premium) and I get the you must have CWM installed message. Okay, I wiped everything, that makes sense. Click the install and either nothing happens or I get the message can't get an internet signal. The browser will connect, if I click retry, retry, retry 20 times.

I really dont know if I can justify the cost of a new phone, seeing as I dont really need it - I just want it. Need fixing the signal and camera on this one? FYI, the 3g icon on the status bar shows connected.

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General :: LG Optimus 690 - Internet Not Working After Installing BusyBox

Jun 5, 2012

I am using LG optimus 690 and today I tried to install BusyBox several times but whenever I install busy box my internet stops working using wifi and data connection and to recover that I need to flash my phone

Any way by which I can make my internet working after installing BusyBox. Let me explain what I did.

1. I put the BusyBox PRO apk in /system/app and restarted my Phone and after restarting I opened the BusyBox and install all the binaries and after that all commands started working fine in terminal emulator only thing that didn't worked my internet.

Flashed my phone using stock rom

2. After installing fresh ROM this time I installed BusyBox normally and after installation I updated all the binaries again and everything started working well but yet again my internet stopped working.

What should I do to make my internet connection work after installing BusyBox.

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General :: Make MMS Working While Internet Data Switched Off?

Aug 7, 2011

The problem is that, the MMS is disabled during being in roaming and having data switched off. Is there a way to make MMS messages working while the Internet data is switched off ?

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Jelly Bean :: All Google Services Offline/ Sync Not Working (internet Is Working)

Nov 9, 2013

I cant sync my google accounts ('sync is currently experiencing problems, it will be back shorly)

Google maps says 'no network connection'
Play store says 'server error'
Gmail says 'waiting for sync, your emails will appear shorly'

Sounds like my internet is broken? ITS NOT. whatsapp and opera mini, web browser is still working 100% and able to connect

I have tried:
turning sync of and on
clear the cache of various google apps
turning the phone off and on

The last action I did before it worked was to uninstall the 'microsoft outlook app'.

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General :: Galaxy Ace Connected To WiFi But No Internet

Apr 28, 2012

I came back home and connected my Galaxy Ace to my home wifi, but this time, it wasn't transferring any data.. It would be connected, full signal, but no internet connection.. My browser, gmail, YouTube, PlayStore, nothing would load.. It'd keep saying Connection Error. Retry. My WiFi works properly on the computer and other devices, and my phone used to work perfectly too.

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General :: Connect Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 To Internet Via PC?

Jan 28, 2014

My note 10.1 2014 edition is rooted. When I use the Android Tool solution found on XDA developers, it detects my device, but always shows an error stating that ADB is unstable.

If it's not possible to fix it, are there any other ways to connect my Tablet to the internet via USB? I don't have WIFI, and mobile data is expensive

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General :: AT&T Galaxy S3 V4.3 - Internet Connection Unstable Notification

Jan 1, 2014

I updated my AT&T Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3 a few weeks ago.

Ever since then, I routinely get a notification that says "Your Internet Connection is Unstable".

It seems to happen each time I turn my bluetooth connection on.

Phone on > connected to my home wifi (2.4 gHz) > bluetooth is off > turn bluetooth on > get the "internet connection unstable" message.

If I keep my bluetooth off, then I never get this notification.

I have already wiped the cache partition as noted from thread [URL]...

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General :: Galaxy S3 - Streaming Video Between Phones Over Internet

Nov 11, 2012

Any app for android, i have international galaxy s3, that can stream a video from my phone to another friend s3, over internet ? I searched in google play but i don't find anything or maybe there's but i can't find it! There's so much apps that can do "streaming", i can't try all them!

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General :: Connecting To WiFi But No Internet On Samsung Galaxy Express 2

Dec 25, 2013

I've got new phone (Samsung Galaxy Express 2 ) and when i try to connect to internet with wifi it just writes that i have no connection.Yesterday it started working for a while but after i restarted my wifi router it just stopped.Wifi works on my laptop and tablet but not on phone.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus WiFi - Don't Have Internet Access?

Jun 9, 2012

I have problem with wifi conection. I'm normally connected to wifi but I don't have internet access.

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General :: Galaxy Tab - WiFi Hotspot / Tethering Suddenly Not Connect To Internet

Jan 10, 2013

I've had a Galaxy Tab for 2 years, and used it, very successfully, as a wifi hotspot from May until July this year, when my laptop was suddenly not able to connect to the internet via the hotspot. It connected just fine to the Tab, and has no problems on my home wifi. The Tab was still able to connect to the internet normally, with no apparent problems.

I fiddled about a bit and thought perhaps it was a hardware problem, so bought a seconhand Nexus S. That has been working fine until yesterday, when the exact same thing has happened - the laptop can connect fine to the Nexus, but says there is no internet connection. The Nexus itself is connecting just fine.

I'm in the UK - my carrier is Three (Hutchinson).

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