General :: Confirming Flash Of CM On S3

Mar 7, 2014

So I ran the auto installer and my S3 went through the process and successfully installed CM onto my phone. Where in the settings of the phone can I confirm that it's CM because when I pull down the settings menu it still looks like TW 4.3?

General :: Confirming flash of CM on S3

Games :: Confirming Bios For Gameboid

Mar 27, 2010

confirming bios for gameboid. How do you confirm this?

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Android :: Stop Spam Texts Without Confirming Validity Of Number?

Oct 11, 2010

Ever since I got my Android phone, or perhaps it was the unlimited texting, I began getting one our two spam texts a day. My question is this: When I receive such text messages, which often ask me to respond in a certain way (by sending back the word STOP for instance) in order for me to unsubscribe, should I respond? It's a dilemma because I want the spam to stop but I don't want to confirm the validity of my number either (that would invite more spam).

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General :: Flash Player To Watch Flash Videos On HTC Explorer And Samsung Galaxy Ace

Nov 15, 2012

I need a Flash Player to watch flash videos on HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.Which is the best ? Or should I install a browser ?

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Android :: Can You Play FLV (Flash) Files Offline With Flash 10.1 Plugin?

Aug 26, 2010

I know Flash 10.1 is technically a browser plugin but has anyone figured out a way to play .FLV files (offline)? Tried opening a .FLV file through Estrongs and then selecting the video option but it would not play

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Motorola Droid :: Flash On 2.2 - Adobe Flash Not Installed?

Aug 11, 2010

All the new features sites said Flash 10 was part of Driod 2.2. 2.2 was pushed to my phone overnight and I installed it. However when I go to the Adobe Flash showcase, it says I don't have flash installed. So I search the market place and do not see flash as a download. Is this just something that will come later? I really don't read up on Driod all the time so I don't know all the news, just a regular user.

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Motorola Droid :: Flash Player And Flash Lite APK's

Apr 24, 2010

I have gotten both the Flash Player and Flash Lite APK's, and I have been trying to install them on the Droid. Flash Player refuses to install on stock 2.1. Flash Lite installs, but after install I can not connect to the internet (Nothing connects, Skype, market, random app, browser.)

So I wanted to know if anyone wanted to do some testing with them, to see if you can get them running on the ROM you are running. Maybe we will be able to make fun of iDevices earlier, because Droid Does what iDont

Flash Lite: FlashLitePlugin.apk

Flash Player: FlashPlayer.apk

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Android :: Flash Shared Objects (Flash Cookies)

Sep 22, 2010

Many people don't realize that they have two kinds of "cookies" on their computer. We all know about the familiar ones that web pages can place on our PC's and which we can see and delete with our browsers.But there's another more insidious kind which can be placed on your computer via Flash. These are called Flash Shared Objects, or sometimes "flash cookies" and they were disigned to provide inter-session persistency but are, in practice, used the same way cookies are. On a PC they're found in C:Documents and Settings***user***Application DataMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects and/or C:Documents and Settings***user***Application DataMacromediaFlash Playermacromedia.comsupportflashplayersys. They are a huge privacy violation.Browsers do not normally delete these although you can get a plugin for Firefox that does.My Question: Now that Android supports Flash, how do we get rid of these things from our Android devices?

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HTC Desire :: Flash Update / Does Not Support This Type Of Flash

May 3, 2010

I was quite excited to have flash on my mobile devise and as I have an unlimited subscription to Lovefilm I was looking forward to watching the on demand movies for free. But I was disappointed when I was met by the message "does not support this type of flash". Is there an update or an app I can use? Lovefilm uses Flash Player 10.

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HTC Legend :: Flash Lite / Flash 10.1 Support

May 3, 2010

Provide the necessary link if I have missed a thread for this topic;

1] I presume Flash Lite is shipped & working with the Legend...?

2] Any news on 'full fat' Flash 10.1 support? Adobe seem [?] to suggest a snapdragon processor is required, is this still the case?

Will we ever see Flash 10.1 on the Legend?

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General :: Can't Flash From ABD Mac

Dec 4, 2013

My android phone will only boot into the recovery or the bootloader. I am trying to flash stock to my HTC one from the terminal on my mac, but I am getting this error:

Mikes-MacBook-Air:HTCOneRoot Mike$ ./fastboot-mac flash zip
sending 'zip' (1114992 KB)...
OKAY [ 37.597s]
writing 'zip'...
FAILED (remote: not allowed)
finished. total time: 37.618s
Mikes-MacBook-Air:HTCOneRoot Mike$

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General :: Flash New ROM Without USB?

Mar 15, 2012

I was wondering if there is a way to flash new ROM without connecting my phone through USB to the computer and using Odin (because I'm on a business trip at the moment and I don't have USB cable with me.. I wanted to try out some things on my phone (I only have lap top with me so I would transfer the downloaded ROM over the Wi Fi to my phone) I would need a program or something to be on my phone which could install new ROM from my SD Card directly... I've tried ROM Manager but there's no support for my Galaxy S+ ... It is rooted and with 2.3.5 version of Android..

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General :: HTC Split Second Red Flash

May 11, 2012

I've had to send my phone back twice in the past month, initial issue was a weak vibrate motor and a difficult to press power button. Phone came back with a replaced mainboard but had to send the phone back right away as it wouldn't go into landscape mode (I determined it was a defective accelerometer). If I have to send it back a third time, I'm going to be absolutely livid.

I noticed (for the first time yesterday), that if the phone has <15% battery left and I use the pull down menu, the red LED with give a very quick flash that is not like the standard red LED flash when the battery is low. It will do this if you push on the top bar to activate the drop down menu and also if you completely swipe to bring the drop down menu down. However, doing any other actions such as pressing the captive buttons or scrolling will not cause the LED to flash briefly.

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General :: How To Flash CM7 To GTS5839i

Dec 14, 2013

Is it safe to flash the samsung galaxy ace gts5-830i cwm zip to the samsung galaxy ace gts5-839i??

I am trying to flash cm7 to my gts5839i,

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General :: How To Flash New ROM To LG Optimus EX

Mar 24, 2012

How can I reflash a new ROM to my LG Optimus EX to change its default ROM?

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General :: How To Flash Tablets

Aug 15, 2013

I have a general question that how can I flash tablets for example chinese tablets? Is it related to their cpu or sth else? because I've seen to many chinese android tablets that they even don't have a website on their box and when someone asks me to flash them when they don't boot i wonder myself where the hell I should bring the ****in firmware ?

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General :: Flash Rom With Fastboot?

Jul 5, 2012

I have read other tutorials about the fastboot update command, but I do not understand how to make system.img from a zip Rom. How to install a Rom with fastboot? Cwm recovery can't read zip files for some reason.

HTC Explorer A310e

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General :: Using USB Adapter To Flash ROM Without SD?

Feb 25, 2014

I have just been reading the thread about how to flash a ROM on to a phone without SD. My phone unfortunately does not come with a sd card reader so i might be unable to flash ROM's. know if there is a way to do this, or if you could use a micro USB to SD adapter to be able to make this work.

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General :: How To Flash Celkon A89

Oct 13, 2013

I have a rooted celkon a89 with GB..I want to flash its kernel also search in google find run your device in download mode but I cant find download mode in my cellkon a89.

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General :: Possible To Flash Certain Files Within APK?

May 17, 2013

is it possible to flash only certain files contained in an APK? For instance if I want to modify a XML file in systemUI.apk, can I just flash that file or do I have to flash the whole systemUI.apk containing the modified file?

folder structure within flashable zip:
single file: systemappsystemui.apk

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General :: Can't Flash Any Custom ROM

Apr 25, 2012

i have a serious problem with my samsung i9001. I can't flash any custom rom..after rebooting i see Samsung logo and then black screen.I've tried moon ROM 1.4 and broodrom rc5..and it didn't work also installing single skyhigh kernel always same screen after rebooting system after flashing, both by recovery and odin..i have to restore the Android backup to make cell working again.i could only flash stock 2.3.6 value pack rom..this worked.i always do dalvik cache data wipes..

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General :: Flash CWM On Phone Without PC?

Jun 9, 2013

How to flash clockwork mod on my phone without using a computer. Rom manager didn't work.

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General :: Any Way To Flash Recovery Without ADB?

Sep 13, 2013

I have a Nabi 2 tablet that I've rooted, installed TWRP, and flash the gapps and a few other tweaks to. It's about to go in for an RMA since the USB and charging ports are both broken. The problem in the USB port is that one of the pins got bent - I don't know how, it looks like the conductor somehow got peeled back off of the plastic. The point is, I have no USB access to the device.

In order to pass the inspection for the RMA, I need to have it stock I can flash the stock ROM by putting it on the SDCard in my laptop then transferring that to the device and flashing it through TWRP. The question I have, though, is whether I can flash the stock recovery with ADB access to it. Every thread I've been able to uncover so far about flashing a recovery requires ADB access to issue the "adb fastboot flash" command. Is there another way to do this?

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General :: How To Flash APK Via TWRP

Apr 17, 2013

I was wondering how to flash apk files. I wanted ROM Toolbox and Carbon to be my system app. I tried to download some zip files with the proper directory and meta infs. Btw, I am using Note II N7100.

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General :: How To Flash Wintouch Q75

Mar 14, 2013

how to flash a stock rom on WinTouch Q75 I had tried a lot with LiveSuit but it didn't work I think that the problem is with the taplet driver on my PC. I'm using WIN 7 on my PC and in the device manger when I connect the taplet with (( vol+ + Power )) to USB it show me under Universal Serial Bus Controllers a USB Device (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8) but it give me an error in the Device Status: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

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General :: Flash KDZ Files On Mac OS X

Sep 4, 2013

using a virtual machine to flash .kdz files on my android phone.This because i dont have a windows pc and i can't borrow one either. The main goal is to root my LG-P700 v10k ICS 4.0.3 and install a custom rom wich can be done with mobile odin without a pc or mac, correct?

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General :: How To Send Flash SMS

Nov 13, 2013

I have read many other threads here but no one came with a proper reply. I need an app to send FLASH SMS.

I think its also called Class(0) SMS. I have tried Flash-SMS app it doesn't works.

Any other app to do this?

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General :: How To Flash Xcover 2

Dec 30, 2013

I just found the great job flxo did for the Samsung Xcover 2 with CM. I was waiting for this !! ^^

My problem is: I'm not sur how to flash the thing.

I guess i have to use Odin. But what version ? I guess i have to wipe cache dalvic and so on... But what exaclty ? go through this step by step ? That would be great !

Here is flxo's post about it.


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General :: How To Flash Kernel On Neo V

Sep 4, 2012

unable to flash a kernel through fastboot it's showing the device is not rooted,but in flash tool it's showing the device is rooted,even all the applications are showing root is allowed but when i'm going to flash the kernel through fastboot its showing device is not rooted...

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General :: How To Flash WP7 On Desire HD

Jul 1, 2012

Is there a way to Flash wp7 on the desire HD? How to use the search function because it useless,all infos are a year old and useless

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