General :: Cerberus Or PhoneLocator Pro / Rooted And Non-Rooted?

Sep 4, 2012

Which security software would you say is better for a non-rooted/rooted Android?

I have Cerberus on my SGS3 (Rooted), but a friend of mine has a non rooted SGS3 and wants to buy either Phone locator Pro or Cerberus.

1. (For Non-Rooted) In your mind, which would you say is better and why?

2. (Rooted) In your mind, which would you say is better and why?

General :: Cerberus or PhoneLocator Pro / Rooted and Non-Rooted?

General :: Rooted Apps Aren't Working With Rooted Phone?

Jan 24, 2014

I have a rooted mytouch 4g slide phone that seems to work fine but when I try to use certain apps that require root (for example "extended power menu") it doesn't work. here is a quick video : [URL]

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Nexus :: Upgrading Rooted ERE27 To Rooted FRF91

Jul 2, 2010

I am sure it's been answered but I failed completely in finding what directions for my exact state and being a n00b when it comes to rooting, I've decided to ask first.

I am currently on rooted T-Mobile's ERE27. This morning I got OTA upgrade, however, when I tried to install it I got the "verification failed" message. After I restarted the phone, I looked at the SD card and found no of any kind.

Several questions:
1) Should I wait for an OTA? Will an OTA update work on rooted Nexus?
2) If I have to do it manually, can someone please explain the steps I should take or link me to a guide that fits my state?
3) Will an upgrade, manual or OTA, wipe the phone?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Has Anyone Rooted And Stopped There / Rooted And Used It Before Flashing?

May 6, 2010

has anyone rooted and used the hero without flashing a rom? even for a little while? my main question is: did or can anything go wrong with a rooted -only- phone? if i cant get the update anywhere ill finally root to delete the useless sprint apps but im happy with the OS as is so im not interested in the risks that may be involved with flashing. thank you for your patience as im new to android.

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Motorola Droid :: Froyo 2.2 Non-rooted Or Rooted

Aug 12, 2010

I would like to know how many people are useing froyo non-rooted and rooted.I'm tyring to diside on what should i do?I also looking for advice on if i install Froyo Rooted, what can i do with it? and install on it?

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HTC Incredible :: How Do I Go From Rooted 2.2 Leak To Rooted 2.2 Official?

Sep 8, 2010

I rooted my phone recently and installed the leaked 2.2 update.I ran Unrevoked as well as Unrevoked Forever, so I have S-OFF on my phone.I want to now put the official 2.2 release on my phone, while of course keeping my root.It would be best to keep my data on there, but if I have to run a Titanium backup and restore once it's installed, that's okay too.I just need to know the process to do this and where to get the update.I am running the leaked 2.2 Froyo update from May and I have the radio.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Rooted With UR3 Titatianum Backup Says Its Not Rooted

Jul 21, 2010

so wifi tether works, so does shoot me, and overclock widget after doing unrevoked 3 root.But when I go to run titanium backup I get an error:I could not acquire root privileges.

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Nexus :: Rooted N1 Vs. Rooted Incredible

Mar 26, 2010

I'm a VZW subscriber. I currently use a Storm 2 (HATE IT). I have been waiting... and waiting for the N1. I have a friend that works in the higher ups of VZW (not retail). I was just giving him shit the other day about the N1 situation. He said, "you should just get the Incredible it has slight better specs and the optical mouse.". I then told him my dislike for Sense UI. He said, "well then just root it".Would there be any difference between a rooted N1 and a rooted Incredible? Wouldn't they then have the exact same OS? (Provided I was going to flash it with Cyanogen). Thusly I would have the same phone with better specs, if I got the Inc over the N1. Is this flawed thinking? Since the N1 is Googles phone and gets updates first. When you root and flash with a diff ROM, do you then not get updates? I'm guessing you would be reliant on the updates to that ROM which ever MOD you choose.

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Nexus :: Rooted N1 Vs Rooted HTC Desire

Apr 21, 2010

I'm from Switzerland and made a reservation on Nexus One from Orange (which is suppossed to be here in few days) but it appear that Orange changed my reservation to HTC Desire, the description on orange webpage even say for HTC Desire : "Google Nexus One par HTC".Oh and Orange Switzerland couldn't give me a date for the true N1.

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General :: Using ADB To Move Cerberus App To System?

Jun 11, 2012

I have the Cerberus App installed on my phone through the Play Store. I wanted to get it installed in system/app so that it stays there even if I wipe and restore the phone or someone else does it. Is there a way to move it through ADB or a File Manager?

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Motorola Droid :: Moto Droid Rooted Or Eris Rooted

May 11, 2010

Currently I have an Eris with v3 Leak meaning I can't root. But my wife loves my phone so I plan on giving her mine and either getting another eris and rooting or a Moto Droid and rooting. I've been trying to read up on the Droid and the different ROMS available and have some questions.First I want to make a few things clear:

1. This IS NOT a phone comparison.

2. The Incredilble IS NOT an option since it can't be rooted and I don't want to spend $200 on it.

3. I'm looking for WELL INFORMED OPINIONS, if you don't have one keep moving there is nothing to see here.

To be fair I've obviously done a lot more reading on the Eris which is why I'm looking for well informed opinions from Droid owners that way I can make a well informed decision.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooted Hero Vs Rooted Moment

Jan 15, 2010

There's been a lot of comparison between the stock Hero and Moment but I was wondering if anyone has played with both a rooted Hero and Moment. Becoming more and more set on switching over to the Hero.Rooted & got CL14 on my Moment last night thanks to zefie, numus, and the great guys at sdx, but maybe I just had my expectations too high as I didn't see a large improvement over the stock kernel & ROM, esp in speed (did fix the battery meter and improved battery life thank god!).I understand rooting a Hero makes it faster but by how much? How does it compare to a rooted Moment running a home replacement app (like PandaHome)? This way I feel it's comparing apples to apples in terms of experience, as opposed to compared to a rooted Moment running stock home.Ever since I got the Moment, I've been trying to get Sense-like stuff on it (like a lot of ppl haha). Coming from the less-sophisticated BB Curve, I was surprised when stock Android didn't support things like Facebook integration (I know it's coming in 2.1, but HTC has it now).

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General :: SU But Not Rooted?

Oct 10, 2012

So after four hours i got my phone rooted... I have the superuser icon but says it wasnted rooted proper? I dont understand what happend. SGH-I757M

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General :: How To Know If Android Has Been Rooted

Sep 12, 2013

How to know if an android had been rooted (and installed any malware/spyware)?


- a phone has been borrowed to somebody
- a phone has been unattended for a while
- a second hand phone just purchased

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General :: Updating Rooted GS3 OTA?

Sep 4, 2013

I rooted my AT&T GS3, with the intentions of putting CM10 on it. However, I've realized that I have no real need for a custom ROM, as my phone already does everything it needs to. In addition, I don't want to risk bricking my phone.I got the notification for an update to Android 4.2.1, from what my phone is running now, 4.1.1. Honestly, I have no intention to add a new ROM now, and I really just want the features of the new update. So, my question is, if I update the OS on a rooted phone via an OTA update, is there any chance of my phone being bricked or all of my data being wiped? Overall, is it completely safe to update?

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General :: How To Update Rooted HTC One

Jun 2, 2013

Running a SIM free international version.

In rooted my HTC one as I needed to install rSAP and a special Bluetooth stack to enable my phonebook to transfer to my Audi. All is fine..

However, I'm now being presented with HTC updates which I can't seem to turn off, so my question is..

How do I update my phone? can I reroot once updated?

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General :: App 2 SD App For Rooted Phones

Feb 24, 2012

I want an app 2 sd app which can move almost all apps to sd card for my rooted android phone.

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General :: How To Partition Rooted O+8.31z

May 21, 2014

As the title says how do I partition O+8.31z

O+8.31z had a very small internal mem. as we know 165mb

I do got 4gb mem. and I would like to partition it to use as my internal memory. So I could download and install game or an app as I want.

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General :: HTC One SV Rooted OTA Not Updating

May 2, 2014

I want to install an OTA, but I had rooted it using TWRP and then followed so many procedures in trying to restore to stock that I think my phone's wasted. I have been doing a lot of reading, but I apparently suck since nothing seems to make sense (or that everything seems so disconnected). It appears that what could be one long, detailed post about something is to be found in many different posts, but I understand that since there are so many phones and each one probably needs its own way of being handled.

All right, I installed adb, fastboot, an htc utility toolkit, downloaded 3 different img files (one says recoverytest.img, which is from, another one was put here on xda by one of the members, and that was simply recovery.img, and another one called HTC_ One_ Sv_K2_ Ul_boot_ signed.img <-- this is probably the wrong file since my bootloader screen says k2_Cl).

my phone was rooted. SuperSU was working fine, and one day somehow I lost the root access when SuperSU upgraded. Tried a few methods to upgrade manually but none worked.So after installing all those above, I did a variety of commands like revone, fastboot flash recovery.img, fastboot oem lock, fastboot flash boot recovery.img, all based on what was mentioned one one thread or another on the forum and mostly all of them gave me some kind of an error.

So I'm stuck now. My phone does nothing. When I reboot from bootloader, it says in red "this is for development purposes only, blah, blah". When I download the update and try installing it, the phone simply restarts. When I try to do factory reset from the hboot, the phone simply goes back into fastboot menu. My phone apparently doesn't have an RUU, only a recoverytest.img.

Here's where I am and I want to do what next. I jsut installed android sdk, and installed 4.1.2 package (which is the current version on my phone), and I want to update to 4.2.2, which is the latest update for htc one sv on boostmobile (installed the package for that in sdk also).

(A lot of people were also asking for cid, mid and phone model, and I have no clue how to make sure that the .img file is the same as my phone's).I know I am all over the place, and call me a knucklehead, but I genuinely do not understand a lot of the things that are mentioned on the forums. Every thread mentions a process, and within each process is contained a subprocess which I equally do not know.

While I go from fastboot usb to hboot, the screen flickers for a couple seconds an dmessages like "sd checking: no image or bad image" appear for a couple seconds and then I see the hboot menu. The way I understand how to do this (in layman terms) is as follows:

1. Restore to stock {by first turning S-Off, then lock the bootloader, and then RUU. I cannot get S-off using revone (revone failed, error code 2 or error code -1); the bootloader is "relocked", and I cannot get to do anything with the RUU (iow I don't know what to do with it)}.

2. Restore to factory settings.

3. Download and install the OTA 4.2.2 update.

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General :: Rooted S4 Not Switching On

Jun 26, 2013

I recently rooted my s4 (I9500 international) and I installed cwm recovery. I went into recovery mode and selected backup to see what would happen. Then when I tried rebooting it, it just showed the 'Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500' logo and the screen went black. The same thing happens if I press the power button (no vibration). I kept it for charging but no light appears and nothing shows on the screen. I went into recovery mode and did a factory reset/ data wipe and tried rebooting but there was no change. I tried restore, but it says 'MD5 unmatched' or something like that (can't remember).Also, when I try rebooting from recovery mode, it shows an empty battery pic on the screen with a non moving circle in the middle.

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General :: ICS On Rooted GT-I9100G With CWM?

May 13, 2012

How can I upgrade (a zip file, right?) my android 2.3.6 device to 4.0.3 (or later)?

I've found some obscure chinese site, but I couldn't understand anything.

My system's information:


Model Number: GT-I9100G
Android Version: 2.3.6
Baseband Version: I9100GXXKL4
Kernel Version:

I would really REALLY like to do it via a .zip file from within CWM without having to flash my phone with a PC (as I only have Linux).

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General :: 4.1.b.0.587 Update On Rooted ICS?

Aug 27, 2012

I have rooted my live with walkman ICS 4.0 by downgrading then rooting then upgrading it as seen on one of the popular XDA forums.

Currently my version is 4.1.b.0.431 and now I have got the update notification on my phone for version 4.1.b.0.587.

If I do this update then will I lose my root(superuser rights) or not?

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General :: How To Load Gingerbread Onto Rooted EVO 4G

Mar 14, 2012

I have a rooted EVO 4G that was rooted using unrevoked. I would like to know what is the simplest way to upgrade to the newest update for my EVO while still keeping my root.

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General :: Prepping Rooted Note 3 For Kit Kat

Feb 7, 2014

I rooted my Verizon device using TWRP.

Should I just wait and sideload KK when it becomes available (assuming that I don't need to upgrade with what's currently available and want to wait until the Verizon/US version gets out)?

Or should I unroot back to stock first and OTA it?

Or can I simply reinstall my stock ROM in recovery and OTA?

I used to have Save Root. It worked like a charm for my Motorola devices. Does this work between updates as well? Do we know yet if there will be a way to save root when upgrading?

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General :: No Memory On Rooted Device?

Aug 28, 2012

About a week ago i rooted my kindle fire with the teamwin twrp and flashed the eyecandy ROM. now when i wanted to add something that was 800 MB to my kindle (a game), it says all of my memory is taken up. i have 1 GB of songs and 1 GB of backups. What is taking up all of my memory and how can i remove it?

PS I only have 5 GB available and 4.5 are taken up

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General :: Rooted SGSII But Can't Run As Hotspot?

Apr 13, 2012

So I rooted my SGSII with the hopes of running it as a wifi hot spot but I still get the message that I need to contact AT&T when I try and turn the hotspot on. Is there something else I need to do or an app I need to download to get the hot spot functionality working correctly?

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General :: Updating A Rooted Phone?

Sep 25, 2012

I have never had a smart phone before and ill be getting on to the next 1 to 3 days its a Virgin Mobile chaser. and im planning to root it. (the question) whenever i root the phone , how should i update the phone , the apps , widgets , and ect?

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General :: Unlocked Does Not Mean Rooted Correct

Sep 7, 2012

Im just making sure im reading that right. When buying retail and it says fully unlocked that doesnt mean the boot loader does it?

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General :: Phone Is Not Rooted - Using Multicon?

Sep 27, 2013

I have been using multicon, but have recently had to do a factory reset. I'm a complete novice at this sort of stuff, so my phone is not rooted. When I tried to go back and add a bookmark as one of my multicon widgets, they option was no longer there. I have tried to contact the developers three times, but no reply. Or recommend something like multicon that can?

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General :: How To Create Space On Rooted HTC EVO

Mar 23, 2012

My rooted android has a full data directory. About 95% full. All apps are on SD card. What to look for and delete in the data directory so I can clear up some space?

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