App That Gets GPS Coordinates And Phone Language (Locale)

May 3, 2012

I need an app which get GPS coordinates of the device(if GPS is disabled - get last known location coordinates) and also get the language of the device(Locale).

When I start the app, it will appear a button with link to website. Clicking that button will open the default browser and go to website(set by me). That website will use the GPS coordinates(Long/Lat) and language of the device to show information on that language and somethings near this coordinates.

App that gets GPS coordinates and Phone language (Locale)

Android :: Retrieve Actual Locale / Language In Phone?

Apr 22, 2010

Can anyone tell me how I programmatically retrieve the actual Locale and/or Language in Android ?

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HTC Desire :: Keyboard & Language Locale

Aug 4, 2010

Can anyone help with a problem which is driving me mad please? How can I add a new language to the list (entitled Locale) which sits under Settings | Language & keyboard | Select language?

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Android :: Selecting Language From Within App Rather Than By Locale Of System Settings

Feb 13, 2010

I would like to give the users of my app the possibility of selecting a language from within the application. All languages are supplied the standard way via the values resource directory. However, I don't want Android to select which resource directory to use but let the user decide instead. Any ideas how to accomplish that? The rationale for this: - some languages are not supported by the Android framework and can not be selected as a locale via the system settings - if you buy a phone in Spain, it will typically not have a system setting for Russian language, if you purchase in Russia, you will have that setting. So a Russian person in Spain would prefer using the Russian language included with the app, but can't access it

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Android :: Change Language Settings (locale) For Device

Apr 7, 2010

I know it's possible to have multiple languages in a single application through the res/string and depending on Locale.Here is a case http://stackoverflow. com/questions /2078289/android-controling-the-user-language Now how can I change the language in the phone ?Like I'd do by Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Select locale > languages Is there some real code to access to these settings ? Or should I create intent for a shortcut to the language settings.Please post some code Edit : With Locale class com/intl/fr/reference/java/util/Locale.htmlThe constructor is at least Locale(String language)The input is language.How can you retrieve the current language used on device ?

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Android :: Localization Support Without Changing Locale / Language Of Device?

Jul 28, 2010

I created a set of text resources in different languages:


when a user runs our application, the Android system selects which resources to load, based on the device's locale.

So basically I want to add language option in my application and save user language preference, then load text resources based on user preference.

Is there any way to do this?

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General :: Gingerbread 2.3.6 - Remove Language List From Locale Settings

Jul 29, 2012

I want to ask is it possible to remove unwanted language list from locale settings? I'm using Gingerbread 2.3.6 stock rom on Samsung Galaxy Ace.

As you can see on the attached picture I want to remove marked language. Is it possible?

How can I do that? Do I need to edit LocalePicker.smali in Settings.apk smali folder?

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Samsung Captivate : Music Playlist From Folder / Install Additional Language / Locale?

Jul 21, 2010

Does anyone know how to play music from a folder as a playlist?

Does anyone know how to install an additional language/locale, so I can select it from the setting menu of the device? (not those android market ones)

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Android :: How To Start Process To Add New Language (Locale & Fonts) To Android?

Jul 27, 2010

Does anybody know how to start the Process to add a new Language(Locale & Fonts) to the Android? How google manages this. How google decides this? Who decides this? Who can I contact?

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Android :: Mismatch Of Event Coordinates And View Coordinates

Jun 30, 2010

I've been trying to write a little application that recognizes custom events in Android: you hold your finger over a TextView for a certain length of time, and it changes color.I'm using the MotionEvent coordinates and checking if they are within the bounds of a particular TextView, which is within a table.I am just attaching the onTouch listener to the table within the activity.But I get weird errors: the coordinates seem to be off by one view (i.e. if I touch the view below the view above reacts); or sometimes one will react, and the other will not. Any idea what might be going on?

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Android :: How To Convert Screen Coordinates To 3d Coordinates?

Aug 5, 2010

i'm created an application where it consists of 3d rotating cube I want to move the cube with respect to the drag on the screen.In the on touch Listener I'm able to get the x,y coordinates but i don Know how to make those coordinates to map to 3d space.

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Android :: GPS Coordinates On Phone

Jul 17, 2010

Can GPS on a phone, such as iPhone or Android determine your Z coordinates? I know it certainly has to be able to determine X and Y, well longitude, latitude that is, but what about the Z coordinates? Can it determine your height, and can I obtain height relative to ground?

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Android :: Get Current GEO Coordinates In Phone?

Jul 16, 2010

How to get GEO Coordinates ( latitude & longitude ) without using GPS in android ?
Any Suggestion ?

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General :: Take Screenshot From Phone Camera And Stamp On It GPS Coordinates

Apr 13, 2012

I'm looking for an app that can take the screenshot from the phone camera and stamp on it the gps coordinates and compass bearing with time and date like the picture that I've attached.

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HTC Hero :: Phone GPS Signals / Coordinates To PC - Laptop Via USB To Use It In Google Earth?

Dec 21, 2009

Is it possible to share HTC HERO GPS signals/coordinates to a PC/Laptop via USB cable to integrate with Google earth? I noticed it sometime back one of my friend using his Nokia (I remember it was N97 � but not 100% sure) phone to do this and also remember he said the latest Google Earth version will support this feature.

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Android :: Locale App Doesn't See Phone Contacts On Droid?

Nov 14, 2009

I'm really trying to get the most out of the locale app but whenever I try to make a situation that uses contacts, I get a message that says I don't have any contacts on my phone and that I need to add some. I have plenty of contacts but the app doesn't see them. Anyone have any suggestions or experiencing the same problems?

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Android :: JVM Based Language Without Language Runtime

Sep 8, 2010

Does anyone know of some alternative JVM language, however obscure it might be, which can compile to plain old java bytecode, without the need of a language runtime.I need this in order to try to develop android applications without startup or size penalty. Scala, Clojure and Groovy all require its own runtime library distributed with the application, so they are out of the scope of this question.The only one language which claims to satisfy this goal is Charles Nutter's Mirah, but I couldn't make it to work on windows.To clarify a bit, I know any language has to have runtime library. Obviously, what I am looking for is a language that has no additional runtime required besides JRE, or at least very limited one.

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Android :: Convert Db Itemsinto One Language To Another Language

Nov 19, 2010

in my application first time i am inserting some data into sqlite db through assets,first time means installation time onwards i am getting the values from db.Now my question is if the user chnage the language of the device automatically how that db values(Grocery names) are also changed?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Get Language Packages On Phone?

Jul 5, 2010

So, odd question... say that I wanted to read ancient Greek on my Evo. From where could I procure a package of some sort that would allows me to do this? As it stands, some letters display, but others are merely boxes. Is this even plausible...?

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HTC Desire :: Get Norwegian Language On Phone?

Sep 23, 2010

I bougth a htc desire in Spain when i was working there. I'm from Norway and would like to make the Norwegian language available on it. How can i do this? android 2.1 does support this language.

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Samsung I7500 :: Add A Language To Phone?

Oct 30, 2009

I've read abit on forums and used the guide to upgrade my firmware to h7 with odin.
Now the new version doesn't include my local language and i would like to add it to the phone, is there any way to do that?

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How To Translate All App Text To Phone Language

Jan 5, 2012

I have an app with spanish text and I would like to have it in multi languages.When I detect the phone language with


I want to translate all text to that language.Is it possible?

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HTC Hero :: Danish Language On French Phone

Dec 15, 2009

I just bought a HTC Hero and have afterwords found out that it is impossible to get danish language since the phone is French. I have downloaded and installed the latest software containing danish language but it doesn't work. Support says they cant help but that there is a way around the problem. So! Can anybody tell me how to get the latest danish version on the HERO which is French?

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Samsung Captivate :: Can I Add Korean Language To Phone

Aug 25, 2010

How can i add Korean to the captivate?

the t mobile vibrant has a korean language setting on the phone but the ATT one does not have that (why att why .

thank for ur help also typing in korean would be nice too i dont see any options for the captivate but the vibrant has this..

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Android :: Language Learning Apps For Phone?

Jun 18, 2010

I'm very new to android having just bought a HTC Desire and am only just getting used to this whole applications business.

Anyway, I thought since I'm currently trying to learn Spanish that it'd be great if there was a nice application that could help.

So does anybody know of or have any personal experience using any language learning applications that they could recommend please?

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HTC Desire :: Can't Write Arabic Language On Phone / What To Do?

Nov 12, 2010

Unfortunately i can not write in Arabic and for navigate the net the Arabic website is so bad.

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General :: Create And Add New Language To Android Phone

Jul 7, 2012

how can I create and add a new language to android phone ? in my case it's Kurdish Language.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Changing Phone Language

Aug 21, 2010

my phone has changed language. how can i change it back to english when i can't understand the pull down menus?

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Android :: Add French To Phone Dictionary So I Can Text In That Language Too?

Jul 7, 2010

Does anyone know of an app or a way to add French to the Android dictionary so that I can text in French without it always trying to correct it in English? I want English as the base language just want to add French in as well without having to go into the dictionary and add French words like crazy I did find an app called "Slide it" that appears to offer something that will do this but just wanted to ask the experts it's not free so I hate to purchase this if it won't do what I need

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HTC Hero :: Way For Phone To Be Able To Support Reading Arabic Language

Jul 27, 2010

Is there anyway for my phone to be able to support reading Arabic language?

I really need it, my phone will be complete this way.

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