Android :: Import Javax.xml.transform Can't Be Resolved

Nov 21, 2010

I am trying to write some xml generated by my Android app to a file and I'm trying to use javax.xml.transform to do this. Only problem is that javax.xml.transform is not being found by eclipse.The only options that come up are javax.xml and javax.xml.parsers. Does anyone know what could be going on?

Android :: import javax.xml.transform can't be resolved

Android :: Id Cannot Be Resolved Or Not Field If Don't Import R

Jul 22, 2010

If I don't import R, I get "id cannot be resolved or is not a field" (; And if I import R, the id error is gone, but I get "main and mainanim cannot be resolved or is not a field". They're my xml files! Also here is ALL my code... maybe there is an error I didn't see?


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Android :: Is And Javax Security Available?

Feb 21, 2010

When I try to use code similar to that in I find the classes will compile but get a java.lang.VerifyError on execution the class uses and and one supporting class uses and bright ideas - is it OK to use a class loader extending these packages unavailable on the android and if so is there a list of unavailable packages

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Android :: Need To Use Transform Package

Apr 5, 2009

I need to use the transform package (transformer, transformfactory, etc.) so that I can convert an xml node to a new document. However, when I try to import the package, it says that it cannot be resolved. Are you not allowed to use this package on Android?

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Android :: Transform Xml To Html On Droid?

Sep 15, 2010

I'm relatively new to Java and android, in my android application I need to get xml file, transform it and show to user.

I know how to parse xml, but I don't want to parse it and generate view after. I'd like to transform it to html and display in WebView.

I'm trying to find something on the Internet but can't find anything

How can I do it?

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Android :: How To Use Api?

Nov 5, 2010

Am a beginner in Android. i want to use java communication api in Android. have anybody worked on this. Any help would be appreciated. i want to enable serial port in Littleton board(PXA 270).Any examples for using Java communication API. kindly help me in this.

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Android :: Unable To Import Import­e.IGTalkSession

Apr 16, 2010

I am implementing GTalk sample application by refering some book But they mentioned the following imports import; import; import; import;

But when i am importing it is giving me error the import can't be resolved. I tried those above imports for the following targets 1.1, 1.5, Google api, 1.6.Google api, 2.0, Google api, 2.0.1,Google api, 2.1, Google api No where the above imports found I am unable to import above things.

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Android :: How To Validate Javax Cipher Key?

Mar 6, 2010

I'm an android developer trying to use the javax.crypto package to encrypt/decrypt my SQLite database backups when I put them on the SD Card.That way, they can't be read while they're in the publicly accessible file system.I can encrypt/decrypt the file just fine, but I have no idea how to tell if the user input the right key or the wrong key. An incorrect key just returns a more jumbled file. I need a way of validating the user's password without storing it on the device (since they could be importing to another device).How can I check to see if the file has been successfully and correctly decrypted?

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General :: Samsung Transform Battery

Dec 22, 2012

my phone recently died when i was away from home and when i got home and plugged it in it says that the battery is disconected and cannot charge. ive unplugged it and checked to make sure the batter is in all the way but it still says it is disconnected.

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Android :: What Algorithms Does Javax.crypto Support?

Jul 21, 2010

I cannot find any documentation that specifies the algorithms that I can specify in getInstance for Cipher. Is there any around? Specifically, I am looking for support for the RC4 cipher.

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Android :: Video Playlist And Javax.microedition

Jul 27, 2009

Anyone knows if Android 1.5 support video playlist format such SMIL? Also Android SDK doesn't include all the classes in J2ME such as:

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Android :: Variable Cannot Be Resolved

Apr 6, 2010

I am trying to create an item list, diffrent for each i and j variable. My code is: I get an error in the line .setItems(items,: items cannot be resolved I think that the compiler thinks that the CharSequence[] items may not be initialised or something. How can I make this programme run?

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Android :: - Not Trusted Server Certificate

Sep 25, 2010

I access web service..! My web service name is "" But it will show the following Exception " Not trusted server certificate" This is my code...............

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General :: Samsung Transform Ultra Only Works Plugged In

Nov 9, 2012

I've had problems since the 4th month of this phone and its at a year now. It lost it's wifi back then and I managed to get it back by wiping it a number of times, both factory resets and android type.Other problems have occurred, I've taken care of them along the way. Now, the phone only works if it's plugged in. If it isn't, it goes dead. Shuts itself off immediately without a plug-in charge.

Btw, Samsung never would honor the warranty, citing they" don't replace phones but would "take a look at it" but couldn't "guarantee what they could do for it's software". I've had Samsung phones before and never had problems like this.

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General :: Samsung Transform Ultra Boost - Rooting?

Sep 7, 2012

How to root this device?

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General :: How To Remove Myself From Group Messages - Samsung Transform

Jun 29, 2012

My family sends out a plethora of group messages each morning that goes well beyond the "have a good morning". Just this morning I received 15 texts in 30 minutes from five of them. One will start the conversation as a group message and the others jump on the bandwagon. Is there a way I can "block" from receiving group messages? I want to still receive individual texts from them - I just never want to receive a group text. Asking them to not include me in the group has not seemed to work. Just hoping my phone has an option to block.

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General :: Samsung Transform 2.2.2 - How To Move Google Apps To SD

Mar 22, 2012

I just Rooted my phone (Samsung Transform 2.2.2) and wanted to know if it was wise to move Google apps to SD (Maps, Search, etc)?

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Android :: R Cannot Be Resolved - After Updating To 1.5 SDK Pre - Trying To Compile For 1.1

Apr 27, 2009

I updated to 1.5 SDK pre, together with the ADT. I followed the instruction to select Android 1.5 as target by right clicking on the project, Preferences>Android. In this window there are 3 options, Android 1.1 Android 1.5 Google APIs

I selected Android 1.5 and Apply, clicked OK. Application compiled nicely.

If I go back to the same Preferences and select Android 1.1, Apply, I can no longer compile my application successfully. I get hundreds of the same error R cannot be resolved

Then I try to open this project in another computer that I have not updated the SDK yet. I get the same error. I'm trapped until the new SDK is out.

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Android :: VideoEncoder Classes Can't Be Resolved

Apr 7, 2009

I am developing sample Video Recorder for Android.Following is My code snippet.


But when i am trying to run in eclipse,am getting following errors. MediaRecorder.VideoSource can't be resolved. MediaRecorder.VideoEncoder can't be resolved.

I am using android-sdk-windows-1.1_r1 as my android SDK,and didn update this from 1.0 instead i installed it freshly.

I guess there might be some problem with the SDK.

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Android :: Cannot Be Resolved

Nov 24, 2010

Everything was working fine earlier. I then happened to add a new xml file to my layouts. now, one of my classes is giving an error when setContentView points to ( Eclipse is telling me that cannot be resolved. I can't figure out why; I have a layout called menu defined in my layout folder.

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Android : Map Activity Cannot Be Resolved To A Type

Oct 21, 2009

I have tried using MapActivity as it is suggested by this tutorial: However I get this error message in Eclipse: "MapActivity cannot be resolved to a type". Yes, I have checked Google APIs 4 and even verified that in Code...

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Android :: Could Not Find Method

May 27, 2009

I've been getting this error "Could not find method, referenced from method org.ksoap2.transport.ServiceConnectionMidp."

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Android :: Javax.mail.internet.InternetAd­dress Can't Be Found?

Mar 8, 2009

I am using Eclipse to develop and application for the android platform. When I try to tell it "import javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress", it does not recognize it. Does anyone know why?

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Android :: Include Additional Javax.* Packages In Droid App With Eclipse?

Oct 11, 2010

I saw article about Including additional javax.* packages in your Android App

and i want to do the same thing but using eclipse
so could anyone tell how to do it?

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Android :: Type R.drawable.stat_notify_calendar Cannot Be Resolved

Mar 22, 2010

I'm trying to make a notification in Android.

But i get the error in the title by using:


Do i need to define something before i try to draw it?

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Android :: Difference Between .opengl And Javax.microedition.khronos.opengles Packages

Nov 7, 2010

Just couldn't find anything regarding the purpose of android.opengl classes anywhere on the web: they seem to be copies of javax.microedition.khronos.opengles - just with static vs member methods.

So is there any special meaning in using them instead of j2me classes: are they supposed to be faster, have additional functionality, simpler to work with? I think of using them instead of passing that gl reference all the time.

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Android :: Conversion To Dalvik Format Failed With Error 1 With Javax/net/SocketFactory.class

Jul 19, 2010

Encounter this problem when trying to Build Project getting such output in console:


I was looking for my project to use the package javax, not found, clean all also does not help.

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Android :: Project Cannot Built Until Build Path Errors Are Resolved

Oct 10, 2009

I'm having "The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved" after each Project->clean in eclipse. I have two projects with one referencing another. The error appears in the project referencing the another one. When the error appears I go to the 'configure build path' and then remove and re-add the referenced project and then magically the build is done fine.

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R Cannot Be Resolved To A Variable

Jul 28, 2011

My DroidAvtivity.Java file started with this error..."R cannot be resolved to a variable"... What happened to my file?

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Get Error R Cannot Be Resolved To Variable?

Oct 13, 2013

Just after creating the new Android Application Project, I get the error "R cannot be resolved to a variable" in my file

Why am I getting this problem if the app was created by Eclipse choosing all the default options? How can I fix this issue?

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