Android :: Able To Connect To WPA Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks?

Sep 25, 2009

A Wi-Fi device running Android looks like being able to connect to a secured Wi-Fi access point using WEP, WPA, etc. I actually can't figure how to setup a "WPA Enterprise" secured Wi-Fi connection wich requires a certificate. I can't find a way to import a security certificate. I went to "Settings" app, "Wireless controls" menu, "Wi-Fi settings" menu, clicked the "Advanced" menu, "Security certificates" menu, clicked "Add certificates" menu to get an empty list. I tried to put the .cer file on the SD card but the list is still empty.

Android :: able to connect to WPA Enterprise Wi-Fi networks?

Samsung I7500 :: Can't Connect To Wpa Enterprise

Feb 8, 2010

Ive recently bought the phone and I found that I cannot use the wifi in the campus(which uses wpa enterprise, encryption: PEAP)I wonder if it is galaxy's problem, or cupcake?OR actually android cant do that?I plan to buy my galaxy because of my campus wifi...

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Android :: Need WiFi App To Choose Which Networks Phone Will Connect To

Apr 30, 2010

I'm looking for an app that will automatically enable my wifi for designated networks. Basically, the only location currently I really desire to use wifi is at home since if I'm at home, my phone is likely charging (since wifi eats battery) and the speed beats 3G. I'm going through and finding a lot of apps that automatically scan and connect to open networks, automatically connect to the fastest network, a bunch of wifi toggle widgets...nothing really for making conditions for what networks it will connect to, especially one that has a password.

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Android : Best Wifi App That Automatically Connect To Open Networks?

May 17, 2010

I'm downloaded several wifi apps, but I'm looking for one that will automatically connect to open networks.
Or at least to saved/remembered networks without me having to scan and connect.

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HTC Desire :: How Many Wi-Fi Networks Can I Connect To?

Jul 25, 2010

I'm about to purchase an HTC Desire after it comes out (I'm in Canada) and wanted to know if you can only set the phone to connect to one Wi-Fi network or if I can set multiple networks so the more places I go, like a friends house, I use less data.

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Connect To An Ad Hoc Networks

May 9, 2010

My WiFi doesn't reach upstairs in my house, and for that reason, I have a wired connection that comes upstairs. I set my laptop up to share the wired internet connection through an AdHoc for other devices...except my Incredible. Kinda weird that Google didn't have this feature built in without having to root the phone. Does anyone know a way to connect to an AdHoc?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Cannot Connect To WiFi Networks

Oct 2, 2010

My SGS (well its actually my wife's but I use it also) will not connect to WiFi networks, other than the one we have at home. If we are out, the phone will be able to see lots of WiFi networks, but it cannot connect to any of them as it says the signal is poor. Other people can be sat right next to other with other phones and have no problem connecting and they have strong signals. At home it will connect, but even then there is only one bar of signal, even though the router is in the same room. It appears that the phone just cannot get a strong enough signal to connect.

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HTC Hero :: Cant Connect To Any Open Networks Via WiFi

Jul 11, 2010

OK I cant connect to any open networks via WiFi, I have set up fine on my home network..M i missing something. Also i couldn't get this to work with the stock orange 1.5, but didn't really explore why either. As i was ok with home use. I am traveling away from home more now and would like to connect to a open network. I have asked if i need a password and username but still no joy.. Is it a safety measure from orange i need to unable?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How To Connect To Wifi Networks

Aug 11, 2010

For some reason my wifi wont conect to my homes wifi as of last night? i have had the x10 months and had no problems but my girlfriend bought the x10 mini yesturday, showed her how to connect it up to wifi networks i.e my own home one, then since that my x10 will not connect to mine an say unsuccessful even tho it will connect to any others. as it is very annoying having to boot the pc up to get on the web.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Wifi Wont Automatically Connect Unless Viewing List Of Networks

Jun 26, 2010

I'm having an issue with my wifi not connecting. I have to AP's in my house, on different channels. They work perfectly fine. I have the wifi toggle setting on the home screen that I usually press to toggle the wifi on/off. Recently, it hasn't been working after I disconnect from 3G and connect to wifi. It says the wifi is turned on, but it won't connect to either of the remembered APs. The only way to get it to automatically connect is to go to settings and view the list of APs. Only then will it connect to one of the two APs. This is really annoying, as it seemed to only start this recently and nothing has changed. My wifi sleep policy is never to turn off. It's a droid eris with 2.1 OTA. Ran a virus scan, nothing. Any ideas?

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Android :: Wi-fi WEP Enterprise

May 3, 2010

I am new to android (Former winMo user) so far I love it. However I have now found one setback with my new Incredible. Support for Enterprise wifi.My place of employment has a rotating key WEP wifi setup with security certificates. The wifi shows up as "Secured with WEP" and when you try to join it it only has an option of entering a WEP hex Key. However the key is actually provided by a IT provided security certificate.I have imported the certificate and attempted setting up the connection manually with 802.1x Enterprise, specifying the correct SSID. EAP Method of TLS allows specification of the certificates but the wifi connection then shows as "Not in range, remembered" My assumption is that TLS is an WPA protocol and not WEP. (I'm a software developer, not a wireless expert)We have managed to get Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad's on the network without any issues. Android however is giving us a terrible time. Anyone have any idea how we can get these devices on the wifi network?

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Android :: Good Enterprise App

Apr 6, 2010

Has anyone started using Good enterprise for managing work email and calendar. ( my company just rolled it out for iPhone and will be releasing it for android next month. Just curious if this is wide spread and what the feed back is so far.

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Android :: WPA2 Enterprise Support

Feb 7, 2009

Is there a way to alter the wpa_supplicant on an non rooted G1 with the actual firmware RC33 which is installed on the german devices, I will need to have access to WPA2 Enterprise Networks with my G1 , and i actually could not get root access with the current release of Android on the Phone. So my question is , is it possible to write a Programm which can build in the possibility to connect to WPA2 Enterpise networks on a G1 without root access, and when there is one how could this be done?

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Android :: Enterprise Server For Sprint HTC

Sep 25, 2010

Wife has to carry two phones because new employer only supports BlackBerry and Iphone with Enterprise Server:

1. Is there an enterprise Server version and service for Sprint Android?

2. Does the IT deparment there need to run something extra on their servers to support Android Enterprise? Big deal?

3. What exactly does Enterprise server introduce? Does it mean they can add a policy to her phone? Will they be able to monitor phone activity? What activity? Calls?, Internet traffic? SMS?

Side question. If I am able to add a corporate email address to the phone (not manually) and it adds the account via pop (automatically) and it works but only with 30 minute get refreshes and only for email, no calendars or contacts refreshing. Will it also likely work if I add it manually through exchange active sync on the phone ? I have not tried since I don't know the main exchange server address. Does this tie into Enterprise server in any way? When Enterprise server is enabled, you won't be able to add an email via pop or activesync right?unless they set it up and you have enterprise level service?

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Android :: How To Create Applications Only For Enterprise?

Dec 10, 2009

I want to create an Android application that is not released to the Android Market for public consumption but only for private use of my company.Is this possible?If so can you post a link to where you can do this?

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HTC Desire :: WPA2 Enterprise Support - Android 2.1

Sep 20, 2010

Does anyone know if Android 2.1 (on an HTC Desire) is capable of WPA2 Enterprise? I called HTC and they told me there was no support - that it wasn't a limitation of the phone, but that Google doesn't offer support for it yet - which seems to me rather ridiculous (My school will only let me use their network on a WPA2 Enterprise network). Does anyone know of any work around? Also, when is Google set to release a firmware update providing native support for WPA Enterprise?

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Android :: Good For Enterprise SUCKS My Battery

Sep 1, 2010

I need to use GFE for my work, however, as soon as I install this app my battery use went from little over 24 hours to about 6 hours. This dam application just won't stop checking for the emails and constantly keeping my phone active. I tried killing it via Task Killer, via managing applications and all forsaken, as this thing like a locust keeps coming back to life and suck the life out of my battery.
Anyone came up with the idea how I can kill GFE for good and activate it back when I need it?I just upgraded my Incredible to 2.2 and it seems that it has two app managing native tools - "manage applications" and "running services" both show apps that are currenlty running. I tried killing GFE using both and still unsuccessful .

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Android :: Enterprise Native Mobile Application Development

Apr 22, 2010

I tend to believe that developing mobile applications in an enterprise environment is best suited by developing intranet web applications. That said I have been asked to think about whether there are specific enterprise applications that could only be accomplished or would be more successful as native applications. I am curious as to what the Stack Overflow community thinks.

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How Would Android App For Enterprise Work In Terms Of Corporate Data

Feb 6, 2013

I'm puzzled by the Data Storage part, that is, I did not find any where it mentioned that an android app would be able to write and retrieve data from a centralized db server vs jdbc or whatever, if this is true, how would an android app for an enterprise work in terms of corporate data?

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Samsung Captivate :: Connecting Android - Wireless Enterprise Network

Jul 22, 2010

My university, VT uses two wireless connection, one is manual login and other is auto login Enterprise Network. This is what my university describe about it

"An automatic wireless authentication method using the IEEE 802.1x standard is available. Once configured, there will be no need to manually authenticate with each access to the Virginia Tech wireless network."

This network requires a certificate to be installed on machine. As of now they have support for Windows PCs, MACs and iPhones. Is there any way I can access this wireless network through my Android based phone?

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HTC Legend :: 802.1x Enterprise Wireless

Aug 30, 2010

I am trying to connect to my corporate network (which I setup and run). It required a CA cert and user cert which I have installed successfully onto my phone. It lets me select the certificates and tried to connect, when it connects however, my radius server is seeing a username of a whole bunch of numbers instead of the username it should be pulling from my certificate...

I downloaded WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor which lets me change this identity but it doesn't seem to work... It still tries with this number...

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HTC Hero :: WPA2-enterprise With TLS Settings

Oct 3, 2009

I would like to use my Hero on our company wifi network. We use WPA2-enterprise with TLS. There seem to be settings for this in the wifi settings menus but the drop-down for certificates only show "none". Where do I put these certificates? Or how do I import them?

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Samsung I7500 :: Way To Log On WPA2 Enterprise Network?

Mar 29, 2010

is there a way to log on a WPA2 Enterprise Network? My school uses this, and I can't connect.I bought my Galaxy without a data plan because I thought I could be able to connect at school and at home, but it doesn't work with WPA2 Enterprise.I heard of an app, Wifi Helper I believe, but you need to have your phone rooted, something which I don't really want to do for various reasons.

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Motorola Droid X :: Good For Enterprise On Rooted Phone

Oct 27, 2010

Has anyone used Good for Enterprise on a rooted phone? My company's now mandating we use this to access our corporate email, and they mentioned we couldn't use it with rooted phones. Does anyone know what'll happen if I try to install Good on a rooted phone? Or, could I re-root after I install Good?Also, if I have to unroot, will Titanium Backup still maintain the frozen state of my Verizon bloatware? Otherwise I should be able to just use Root Explorer and rename the .apk files, right?

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General :: Moving Good For Enterprise App Between Roms Without Activating Each Time

Jul 3, 2012

Moving Good for Enterprise around from rom to rom?

I have a Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) and was looking to test out Jelly Bean, or at least move to the stock image once available.

Problem is with Good for's no longer hosted by my company and as an IT admin I used to be able to root, rom, reset my activation pin, etc.

Currently the parent company has a 1 and done activation (very annoying); so if I flash I have to wait for another activation?

Anyhow, was wondering if I were to take a backup of it and all its glory with Titanium backup, move to another rom and restore it, would it allow me to preserve my activation? I sort of tried it once, but it would never get any new email upon restore, so I was wondering if its really possible or if I am out of luck there?

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Android :: Android - IPhone To Have Full Access Of Enterprise Information System

Aug 9, 2010

We continue to build our fairly small applications on Android, iPhone and other mobile operating systems. This is fine and fun in the beginning of a new era, but when mobile OS matures, gets to be the preferred device for business people in motion, they want something more.

One would guess they want the same access and capability to ERP, MRP, BI-solutions and other reporting systems in there phone, right here, right now. How would we as developers deliver these demands, in a secure yet useful way? Is there today support for this kind of applications given they are not today on the web?

I understand the fact most EIS-solutions are web based. Still they are behind company gates, heavily garded by Cheif Information Security Officer (CISO) and his/her staff. Thus they are not accessible through the open unsecure internet but insede companies intranet or internal network. To my knowledge, accessing an EIS using an adress like signing in with username/password isn't done today. In the old days, a VPN-solution was one way to access inside EIS-solutions, but will this be done using a mobile device as well?

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Android :: Disable 2G And 3G Networks

Oct 30, 2009

I am developing an application that is used for a sort of tournaments. The requirements are that if the application is running it should be impossible to make and receive phone calls. Can I disable 2G/3G from within my app? (Airplane mode is no option, because I still need GPS).

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Android :: Way To Get A List Of Available Gsm Networks?

Jul 2, 2010

I'm currently writing on some piece of code in android 2.1 that is supposed to measure the signal strength of the gsm signals. what i need is some kind of list with some kind of network IDs matching the corresponding signal strengths.

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Android :: WiFi Range And Ad-Hoc Networks

Oct 14, 2010

I am initiating the design of an application that would require an Android phone to connect to another Android phone via Ad-Hoc networking with or w/o security. I would like to know if Android supports ad-hoc networking. I would also like to know what is the average range of the wifi signal from an Android handset point-to-point with no obstructions. I cannot find any information about this on the web.

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Android :: Want To Search GSM Available Networks And Select Preferred One

Sep 15, 2010

Currently I have 2 mobile networks for my mobile say they are A and B. Is there a way to automatically detect the mobile networks if there are A and B then choose A? Or just simply choose A no matter whether there is B available? I want to search for GSM networks operators
available and select the preferred one.

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