Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper Existing Database?

Jun 9, 2010

I have an existing SQLite database file from another project.

Where do I include the database file into my Eclipse project to have it deploy with the app.

Do I need to indicate that the database file is writable? (In the iPhone world you need to copy the database file from the app's bundle to a writable folder on the iPhone proper before first use.)

Once I have the database file on the phone, how do I tell SQLiteOpenHelper to use it? (I extend SQLiteOpenHelper in a custom class.

Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper existing database?

Android :: Database In Application - SQLiteOpenHelper GetType?

Aug 24, 2010

I'm trying to implement a database in my application. I'm following a tutorial about writing my own ContentProvider, but I'm confused about SQLiteOpenHelper::getType. We're supposed to write it and, essentially, write a switch that returns the MIME type corresponding to the type of data we're dealing with.

I don't fully understand it. I'm not sure, even though I have an example, what is precisely supposed to be conveyed here. How do I determine the MIME type of my different tables of data?

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Android :: Full Android Database Class For Existing SQLite Database?

Aug 23, 2010

I'm trying to deploy an application with an existing SQLite database.I've been reading though the examples that are posted but they are always missing some part of the class. I feel like I'm trying to bake muffins but no one told me to use baking powder.Can someone post a full database helper class for depoying an SQLite database on Android? Edit : Delete old code because it doesn't work.

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Android :: Android - Use One SQLiteOpenHelper Class For Multiple Database Files

Nov 20, 2010

My app uses two databases (separate files). To handle these databases I have created two Helper classes which extend SQLiteOpenHelper, one for each database.

I am now going to add a third database and wonder whether I need to create yet another Helper class (and if I used a 4th and a 5th database would I need even more Helper classes), or can I use the same Helper class for multiple databases?

The problem that I see with trying to use just one Helper class is that I can't see how to pass the name of the individual database files to the Helper. At present the name of the database is hard-coded as a Static field of each of the Helper classes, but if I had only one Helper class I would need to be able to pass the different names in to the Constructor when creating the separate Helper objects; the problem is that the SQLiteOpenHelper Constructor seems to be called by Android with just one parameter: the Context.

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Android :: How To Add New Table For A Existing Database

May 13, 2010

I have already having 2 tables in a database now i want to create a new table in that database it self how can i create?

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Android : Custom ContentProvider - Access Existing Database

Oct 21, 2009

Is it possible to create a custom ContentProvider to
* access android existing database (e.g. Contacts, SMS)?
* extend an Exciting ContentProvider which has access to android existing database (e.g. ContactsProvider to access Contacts DB)?

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Android :: ListView For XML Data - Existing Array Or Database Cursors

Mar 16, 2009

Where could I find any examples of rendering XML data in a ListView? i.e, the model is read from a XML file, not in an existing array or database cursors.

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Android :: Possible To Write Custom Content Provider For Existing System Database?

Dec 9, 2009

Not sure of the absolute utility of this but seems as though it should be possible and useful. Can you extend ContentProvider to provide URIs representing new queries (i.e., joins across multiple tables not specified by existing URIs) for an existing system database? The alternative seems to be that I need to write a series of cursor queries then join them -- seems like a lot of unnecessary code duplication.

I have been trying this for the contacts database as an exercise, but no love so far. The crux seems to be that I cannot open a database in another package during the setup phase. Am I just completely out in left field here? It's possible as I am new to both Java and Android.

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper Per Activity?

Jul 21, 2010

Do I need an instance of my SQLiteOpenHelper class for each Activity I have? I have 1 currently that all activities access, but started getting an exception

"illegal state exception SQLiteDatabase created and never closed "

on simple a simple query and I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. I read online about this, and wanted to try to understand why the SQLiteOpenHelper was dependent on an Activity.

Is there a way to just have open SQLiteDatabase object without the Helper and have it just exist within all activities?

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper - OnUpgrade

Sep 10, 2009

I get a SQLiteException if I try to issue an alter statement in the onUpgrade method of SQLiteOpenHelper subclass:

Can't upgrade read-only database from version X to Y: /path/to/db

That makes no sense at all! Where did I go wrong?

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Android :: Having Several SQLiteOpenhelper In One Appli?

Feb 11, 2010

I would like to know if it is possible to have several DbOpenHelper in the same app Android but to use them to write and read in the same database? because I'm trying to create tables from 2 different OpenHelper (with different names) and only the first one seems to create. when I try to run the 2nd one, i get an error...

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Android :: SQLite Using The SQLiteOpenHelper

Jun 9, 2010

I have a SQLite database, and several tables within that datbase. I am developing a DBAdapter for each table within the database. (reference Reto Meier's Professional Android 2 Application Development, Listing 7.1).

I am using the adb shell to interface with the database from the command line and see that the database is being populated as I expect. Occasionally, I want to drop a table so that I can ensure it's being built properly, from scratch.

The problem is that SQLiteOpenHelper only checks to see if the database exists. Is there a typical solution to writing a helper to also see that the table(s) exists? Basically once I drop a table, the helper checks to see that the database exists and assumes all is well.

Also, the CREATE_DATABASE string used in the reference above only creates the one table. Should I consider using the DBAdapter for an adapter to ALL of my tables? That doesn't seem as clean to me.

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper OnUpgrade()

Aug 17, 2010

I am doing my first app with a database and I am having a little trouble understanding the onUpgrade function. My database has a table with an items and a favorite column so that the user can favorite an item. Most implementations I see simply drop the table and reconstruct it but I don't want to do this. I want to be able to add more items to the table.

When the app is upgraded through the android marketplace does the database know its version number? So could I increment the version number in the code and then export it to the marketplace and when the user boots up the upgraded version for the first time then onUpgrade will be called?

If this is the case my onUpgrade would simply pull from a file and add the database items in. Is this a standard way of doing things or is there a better way of handling this in Android. I am trying to stay as standard as possible.

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper Documentation Not Clear

Jul 9, 2010

The documentation does not make the interation between onUpgrade() and onCreate() clear.

When implementing onCreate() should this create the database at version 1, assuming that onUpgrade will apply all of the patches to bring it up to version x (lets say version 5 for example)? Or should onCreate build the latest version of the database, and onUpgrade is only used to upgrade legacy clients.

I kind of prefer the first, because it effectively means that the same SQL is executed for everybody. Whereas the second options means that there is a potential for onCreate to build something slightly different to the succession of patches built by onUpgrade.

I can always make onCreate call into onUpgrade, however, this is the kind of implementation detail that should go into the javadocs...

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper Without Or Less Restrictive Use Of Context?

May 21, 2010

If you extend SQLiteOpenHelper, for the Constructor you have to use a Context. I am wondering if there is a way to leave this out, and be able to work with database tables without a Context.

Or at least be least restrictive, I mean a way of project/class structure that will make history the several context passings I have to do now.

As it is my application has several level of classes, chained in each other, and there are a few that connects to the database, but have no whatsoever influence on the interface, so they don't actually need the Context.

Are you creating your classes in the way that you pass each time a Context to them?
If not, how you do, how you reuse a Context in a short class?

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Android :: Why Isn't SQLiteOpenHelper Called Just SQLiteHelper

Jun 11, 2010

The documentation describes the class as a helper object to create, open, and/or manage a database. Having that in mind wouldn't you say that the name is a little misleading?

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Android :: Why SQLiteOpenHelper.onUpgrade Fail?

Sep 13, 2010

Every time i increase my database version and push the upgraded app to the users, something weird happens.. For some it works perfectly fine, and some report crashes (including through the Market's reporting system) caused by the lack of table columns i just added in onUpgrade.

If you want to see the method:

I can't spot any exceptions that appear in onUpgrade. What i'm currently doing to bypass these problems is intercepting the exceptions where the new fields are invoked for the first time and then calling onUpgrade 'manually', which is kind of dirty.

Also, the app sometimes generates a 'no such table' SQLiteException when accessing the main table (again, only for some users) which is incredibly strange... Does someone know why these things happen? Or can you spot something wrong in my code?

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Android :: How To Emulate OnUpgrade Call In SQLiteOpenHelper

Oct 17, 2010

How can I emulate an onUpgrade call for my SQLiteOpenHelper class? I have tried changing the version number in my SQLiteOpenHelper class and versionCode in manifest but onUpgrade is not called. Any idea? I need to check my onUpgrade code before upload it to the market, I don't want my app's users get a buggy upgrade.

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Android :: Calling GetSharedPreferences(); From SQLiteOpenHelper Class?

Feb 27, 2010

I have two classes, one MainClass and one DataBaseHelper class, which extends SQLiteOpenHelper.

From my MainClass I call a method in the DataBaseHelper class to open a data base. Before opening the data base I want to check the users data base version (this is important as soon as I want to update the data base and push it to the Android market). So from the DataBaseHelper class I call the following method, which is in the MainClass.


I call the checkCurrentDbVersion() method from the DataBaseHelper class like so:


As soon as the debugger runs the following line, it stops.


I have no constructor defined. Could that be the failure?

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Android :: SQLiteOpenHelper.getWriteableDatabase() Null Pointer Exception

Nov 16, 2009

I've had fine luck using SQLite with straight, direct SQL in Android, but this is the first time I'm wrapping a DB in a ContentProvider. I keep getting a null pointer exception when calling getWritableDatabase() or getReadableDatabase().

Is this just a stupid mistake I've made with initializations in my code or is there a bigger issue?


But here's LogCat showing the exception:

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Android :: Connect To Remote Database Online Database

Nov 8, 2010

ive been looking for a week now i need some help connecting to a remote database...i want my app to get data out of the database and update the database.ive tried this but i dont understand it.

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Android :: Synchronizing Sqlite Database On Android To A Sybase Database On Server

Apr 12, 2010

I'm currently developing a Field-Service application that stores data in the local sqlite database on an android device. At some point, usually after completing the data collection rounds, the local sqlite db is to be synchronized to a remote sybase db on the server.Any suggestions as to how this could be achieved or engineered as a solution? Or even better, are there alternatives to synchronizing data in such an application?

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Android : Way To Use Existing AOP Impl?

May 2, 2009

Does AOP support with in Android sdk. If no, is it possible to use the existing AOP impl. and use them to bulild the application. Does AOP break Andriod applications design in any way.

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Android :: How To Integrate An Existing Web App With Phone App?

Sep 9, 2010

I am just learning application development using Android platform. I want to know how if we post something in twitter app will go to do they integrate these two ?

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Android :: Way To Add Datas To An Existing Contact

Jun 23, 2010

I'm faced to a big issue : I can't add datas to an existing contact I'm developing an application which manage contacts, I can add, delete or edit contacts. The creation is ok, because I create all types of datas (even if they are empty) for the contact (this is NOT a good way, I will change this later). So when I want to edit those datas I can find them to the data base (with Datas.CONTENT_URI) 'cause they already exist ! But if I create a new contact with the ANDROID contact application only the fill fatas are created for a contact. When I try to add new phone number for example with my application I get a error Here is my code to try to add phone number. Code...

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Android :: Adding SD Card To Existing AVD

May 9, 2009

is that possible or should i just throw away my AVD and create a new one with an SD Card?

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Android :: Improve Existing Applications?

Aug 18, 2009

How do I get (for example) the Android Calendar app into Eclipse so I can modify it and send in patches?

There's a ton of documentation on how to create *new* apps, but so far I've been unable to find any info on how to get *existing* apps into Eclipse. And my own attempts have gone so-so.

A good place for this information would be the developer FAQ for example:

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Android : Use Existing Graphic Elements?

Jun 18, 2009

I would like to create a user interface which would contain network indication icons (3G, WiFi...) and I would like to use existing graphic elements which are displayed in notification bar.

Does anyone know how to get these existing elements and use it in custom layout?

I guess these icons are all ImageView elements and I am wondering whether it is possible to retrieve them with findViewById() method...

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Importing Already Existing Android Application?

Oct 22, 2011

I am looking to develop a new android application. I want to import already existed application. But i am unable to open it. I opened in this way. New-> project->android-> create project from existing source... I gave the project name and also given the path of the existing project but i am getting an error that " An SDK target must be specified "

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Android :: Open An Existing Eclipse Project

Apr 17, 2009

How do you open an existing Eclipse Project?I don't see an open button or a way to load an existing project.

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