Android :: Managing A Suite Of Applications

May 25, 2010

I'm building a suite of applications, meaning that I have a single set of code that gets customized via a single change of an API key. This means that all of the applications have the same activities, same behaviors, but different icons, package names, and application names depending on the client I am building for.

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a clean way to do this. Because the package name is what the Android Marketplace uses, I've been changing it to com.nilobject.productname.clientname. However, this changes the package for all of the activities to no longer be in the package of the application, since they live in "com.nilobject.productname." Additionally, the autogenerated "R" moves, so all of the references to R in com.nilobject.productname break.

I'm using Eclipse for development. Should I just refactor the activities with each build to be in the same package? Is there a system for this that I don't know about?

Android :: Managing a suite of applications

Android :: Can Suite Of Applications Participate As One Entry?

Jun 17, 2009

Can suite of applications participate as one entry?As this is the power of the android platfom to have disconnected architecture. One application might be doing a small thing but when two or three apps club together then they can tackle a bigger problem.Or for the competion one has to have everything in one app? This doesnt make much sense though as the platform encourges component like design.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How Can I Use Office Suite / When I Open Office Suite / Shows No Supported Files?

Sep 9, 2010

how can i use office suite in x10 when i open the office suite it shows no supported files?

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Android :: Should Screen Suite Look Lockscreen

Nov 8, 2010

I really like the Screen Suite lockscreen look. However, when I run it with a beautiful widgets clock widget, the clock stays on the same time it was when I locked my phone. I am using LauncherPro. Does anyone know why this happens? I tried using widgetlocker instead of screen suite but I really like screen suite a lot better.

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Android :: Documents To Go Vs Office Suite Pro

Oct 7, 2010

Have noticed both these apps are down to around 9 now in the Market.Thinking of getting one of them at this bargain price but which one?

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Android :: Can't Get Tmobile Pulse To Sync With Pc Via Pc Suite

Jan 18, 2010

i cant get my t mobile pulse to sync with the pc via the pc suite supplied. everytime i try i get no drivers found message i have since pointed it to were drivers are and managed to get access to memory card but still no sync with the pc suite. i did search but no similar problem was found.

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Android :: Application Suite With Multiple Launcher Icons

Aug 20, 2010

I have a single Android application that houses a suite of applications. I want each application to install with its own launcher icon, so I have a few activities with the same intent filter.It works just fine if I close out of an application using the back button. Each launcher icon starts a different activity. However, if I simply send the application into the background using the home button and then try to start a different activity,the one I put into the background is brought to the foreground instead of the correct activity starting.Can I make the multiple icons work or do I need to create a central activity as a way to start all the sub-applications?

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Android : Way To Get Video Into A Song Vegas 7.0 Editing Suite?

Oct 6, 2010

I am looking for some help getting the video FROM my phone and into a song vegas 7.0 editing suite. Any suggestions?

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HTC Desire :: An App Like Nokia-PC-Suite?

Jun 8, 2010

had my Desire for a few weeks, amazing peice of kit for sure but one thing I have been unable to find is an App like Nokia Pc suite that will allow me to look at my txt inbox and send txt msgs from my laptop when connected to the phone. As I am at work for 12 hours at a time it would be very handy to have the phone connected to the laptop so I can type txts on the laptop whilst I am working rather than having to divert my attention and look at the phone.

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HTC Desire :: PC Suite Style Program?

Sep 18, 2010

im wondering is there any sort of nokia pc suite style program i can put on my win xp PC? i miss the ability to plug the phone in, read messages and reply to them while im working on my pc, saves me unplugging the phone every few i have a HTC desire and i understand there is some sort of sync program, but so far as i know it just syncs with outlook.even if there is no all in one PC suite style progam, a messaging app for the pc would be quite cool

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HTC Desire :: Nokia Pc Suite Contacts

Jun 12, 2010

I have a Nokia phone that I have backed up on my Vista Pc via Nokia PC Suite My contract for my Desire required a new contract and a new sim card. How can I get Nokia contacts on to my Desire?

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General :: Office Suite Pro On Nexus 7?

Dec 12, 2012

I have been given a Nexus7 and I'm not sure what it can actaully do so I am trying out a few simple things - currently OfficeSuitePro - and I don't really know what the Nexus7 is capable of so not sure how to do some things.

My current question is - can I save spreadsheets which I create on the tablet using Office Suite Pro, and if so, how?

The Support says i can save to Local Storage, but I don;t seem to have this. What is it and how do I get it? I have a My Documents Folder and an Internal Storage folder. When I go to Save in either of these folders it displays the message "There are no supported files in this folder" and the Save icon is greyed out.

I should be saving to an SD card, but my device doesn't have one, nor does it have a slot for one.

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Samsung I7500 :: Pc Suite To Connect To Internet From Pc

Jul 14, 2010

is there any pc suite for android so that i can connect to internet from pc same as in case of nokia pc suite we have connect to internet option. Not tethering.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Pc-suite Apps

Sep 4, 2010

Can anyone recommend a computer software suite for XPERIA x10 which is better than what comes with phone? I'm not impressed with the application SE PC Companion. I'm using now the PC suite for Android, but too much that is not being translated into English.

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HTC Desire :: Transfer Contacts From Nokia OVI Suite To HTC

Jul 21, 2010

I had NOKIA E71 and exported contacts from NOKIA with NOKIA OVI Suite. But neither one contact is synced with outlook. Few days ago i lost my nokia E71 and got new HTC Desire. Is there any way to transfer contacts from NOKIA OVI Suite to HTC?

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Android :: Managing Contacts

Aug 6, 2010

I am a long time Palm OS user who is just getting started with Android. I have a gmail account and I haven't paid much attention to managing contacts there. I chose to try importing my contacts from Gmail to the Android, and I got a huge list of 5000 people, basically everyone who has ever sent me an email over the last 7 years (and none of them have phone numbers).

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Android :: Managing The New Calendar App

Sep 3, 2010

With 2.2, the old Calendar and Corporate Calendar have been merged into one. A slight problem for me is that I preferred keeping the two separate. I don't use the Google Calendar much myself, but I share calendars with bandmates so I can see their schedules for booking purposes. Now, when looking at my calendar to see my own work and social schedules, I have to wade through everyone else's scheduled events. I wouldn't mind continued access to others' schedules, but is there an easy way to separate my Google and Outlook calendars, and/or choose whose Google calendar events appear in my Droid calendar? Ideally there would be an easily accessible switch in the menu for whose calendar items I see. Lacking that, is there a way to turn others event on/off from my phone?

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Android :: Managing Wimax

Oct 19, 2010

You can manage wifi connectivity, and you can kind of manage 3G, but what about 4G, more specifically WiMAX? I saw an API on ClearWire's website, but I am not sure if Google is planning to include WiMAX as part of the SDK. Does anyone have an insight? I am looking for connect/disconnect functionality, failover connection settings, etc.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Office Suite Software

Oct 15, 2010

In my X10, originally the icon of office suite contains in the menu but it can't use. How can I get office suite? Do you know more websites that can download?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: What Dose Office Suite Job?

Sep 23, 2010

what dose office suite job?dose it can show the files which i have sent it from my PC?if it do that why when i open it i see nothing in whole files ?

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Android :: Managing Background Uploads

Oct 21, 2009

In our app we're doing background photo uploads. The current implementation works using a combination of a Service and an AsyncTask. The former will trigger the latter, which will do the actual network I/O.

My question is: since the user can trigger many uploads in parallel, is this the correct implementation pattern? The problem is that I can never call Service.stopSelf() from an upload task when it finishes, because those tasks don't know anything about each other or the service that triggered them (because of the very nature of AsyncTask).

Do I even need a Service here at all? I always thought services were meant for long running background tasks, but their documentation clearly states that one must execute blocking operations in a separate thread. What's the purpose of Services then? You could just fork an AsyncTask from an Activity, it would make no difference at all.

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Android :: Managing Activities From Service

Jun 1, 2010

I have a service that listens to the serial port. According to data received from serial i switch between particular service states, and start particular activities on state transitions. I would like to accomplish it in following way: Let's assume there is one active Activity1 started from previous state, I call startActivity from service to start a new one Activity2, but I want to simulatenously destroy Activity1 when Activity2 gets on top of the stack. I tried to call finish() in Activity1.onStop but it seems not to work (Activity1.onDestroy() doesn't get called). I'd prefer to finish Activity1 after Activity2 gets on top in order to avoid blinking.

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Android :: Managing Google ApiKeys

Apr 9, 2010

I have a simple app that uses a Google MapView. Now in the layout file for my map activity, I created an apiKey for the debug keystore and use that. However when I want to deploy my app, I need a seperate apiKey for production (based on when I sign my application), correct?

What I'm wondering is how do people manage these two apiKeys. When developing I want to use the emulator and the debug apiKey, but when I'm deploying / doing some integration testing with my phone, I want to use the production apiKey. To me, it seems that I need to remember before compiling for production, to swap out the apiKeys in my layout file. A very error prone process given my bad memory.

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Android :: Managing Large Graphic Set

Sep 14, 2009

I'm writing a game for a computer class that I'm currently taking for school. The game has a lot of graphics associated with it (mostly in .png format). There is too much data to simply include it as part of the 'res'. The way i'm currently doing it, is to store all of the graphics in a single zip file, in a folder on the SDCard, e.g., / sdcard/Game/ (or whatever). And then i'm using the ZipInputStream to read from those, then using the BitmapFactory to decode the stream and then draw them on the canvas. The problem that I'm having is that this method is terribly slow if I add a lot of images into the zip file. The best way I have found thus far is to name the .png files within the zip numerically, then use a for-loop to jump directly to a specific file, but this is still a very slow way of doing it. I would like to use a single file (like zip) to hold all of the files for several reasons. 1., i'm trying to use a file container so i can simply update graphic 4.png and then push it into the zip file (for example) from a server. 2., because android sees all image files on the sdcard when you open the gallery application. 3., easier to prevent data manipulation by doing an md5/sha-1 checksum on 1 zip file, rather than every time a file is opened if it weren't in a container.

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Android :: Managing Views Programmatically

Mar 31, 2009

I would like to dynamically build a view that would display a certain number of 'rows'. Here is a piece of code I wrote, but it is not working:


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Android :: Managing Multiple Notifications

Aug 12, 2010

I am trying to create multiple notifications in my application. To identify each notification uniquely, i have given them an unique identificationId.

Problem: When a notification is selected, Tabs activity is called passing the intent. I want to access the unique notificationId of the notification that was selected in Tabs. I tried intent.putExtra() to save the notificationId in the intent. But, for multiple notifications its overwriting the notificationId and returns the latest one. I dont understand as to why this is happening and how can i avoid this overwriting of notificationId.

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Android :: Managing Translations Updates

Nov 22, 2009

How would one manage continuous updates to translations? I.e., when releasing a new version, you wouldn't want your translators having to manually copy and paste existing translations from the previous versions, or worse, re-translate everything. Even when for those languages that I translate myself I noticed that when introducing a new string, I basically need to update all the language-specific resources right away, or I will have trouble later on trying to come up with a list of everything that changed.

I'm familiar with gettext, where this problem is solved by basically being able to merge the diff between Original-V1 and Original-V2 into Translation V1.

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Android :: Managing Touchdown Notifications

Feb 22, 2010

Just installed the Touchdown on my Nexus One. Links with my firm's Exchange server perfectly and generally works as it should. HOWEVER, it is driving me crazy that I can't seem to manage notifications to the phone. That I want is to receive a notification prior to every appointment but to NOT receive a notification on the arrival of email.Can't find any setting to control notifications except "Enable Push" under Email, which would seem ideal except no matter how many times I uncheck "Enable Push," when I close and relaunch Touchdown, it is checked again (and I hear the email notification chimes going off constantly on the arrival of new emails). Also have issues understanding how sync with the server works, but this is a minor issue--the notifications are key for me, as I imagine they are with others who don't want their phones chiming constantly.

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Android :: Managing Contacts With Lookup Key

Sep 20, 2010

I'm currently writing a application that allows to save drafts (using android version >= 2.0). Each draft is connected to a contact via the ContactsContract.Contacts.LOOKUP_KEY. My problem is that if I change the name of my contact the lookup key changes also. Is that the way this works?

So for what do I need a lookup key? I thought that the lookup key does never change and now it changes anyway. I'm confused about that behavior. Can someone explain to me how to link permanently to a contact? Should I use IDs instead of the lookup key?

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Android :: App For Managing Shares And Stocks?

Jun 17, 2010

Is there an app to record the prices of shares bought, the amount of dividends obtained, capital gains etc? I'm hoping for an easy way out of creating one in Excel..

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