Android : Importing Programs Into Droid48

Oct 12, 2010

I am currently using the Droid48 as my engineering calculator -- one less item to carry around. I have not figured out how to transfer programs into Droid48 yet. The description of the program points to for 3'rd party programs, but I have seen no documentation describing how to import them. Do you need to transfer using Kermit through the USB cable?

Android : Importing programs into Droid48

Android :: Importing And Exporting Contacts

Aug 10, 2010

This tip comes in courtesy of Mark, who was kind enough to help out fellow Android addicts get their contact syncing issues sorted out. While it?s easiest to just use gmail to sync contacts and calendar, it?s certainly not required. Here?s how you can back up your contact list for easy retrieval anytime you need them. Open your contacts application Make sure All contacts are visible, unless you only want to back up certain groups.

Hit the menu button
Hit the Import/Export button

We can verify that this works on HTC Sense phones, as well as the new Galaxy S series phones. If you?re using something a bit more vanilla, you will have an option to do the same thing but using your SIM card (through SIM Manager in the contacts menu) instead of the microSD card. Lastly, if you?re using the latest CM6, you have the option to do both!

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Android :: Importing Data From Excel

Jun 12, 2009

How I could import existing data from an excel file into android? Is there anyway to import it into SQLlite?

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Android :: Getting IDE Error When Importing Packages

Oct 17, 2010

i developing Gtalk Like Application. but when i import package i.e. import; IDE give me Error like Can not resolve.

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Android :: Importing Palm Memos?

Nov 19, 2009

I've been largely pleased with the Droid after about 12 years using Palm devices. The exception is the inability to easily, quickly import the 550+ Memos I've authored over the years. Plenty of apps will import one huge memo, but none will import a csv file of ALL the memos. This includes OI Note. Does anyone have any experience successfully importing such a large number of memos without having to extensively edit? Or ideally, edit at all?

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Importing Already Existing Android Application?

Oct 22, 2011

I am looking to develop a new android application. I want to import already existed application. But i am unable to open it. I opened in this way. New-> project->android-> create project from existing source... I gave the project name and also given the path of the existing project but i am getting an error that " An SDK target must be specified "

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Android :: Projects In Two Different Locations And Importing In Eclipse?

Mar 10, 2010

I always face this problem in my eclipse. I would like have a copy of the apps in all the versions of SDKs/NDKs. And once I have a project in eclipse, and if I have to import the same project from a new location, I get the message saying "Can't import, project of the same name already exists". Is this how it is? We cant import the same project from its 2nd location in eclipse? Everytime I delete the project from old location and put it in new. I know, it is a very unacceptable approach).

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Android :: Gmail Stopped Importing Hotmail?

Feb 25, 2010

Anyone else experience issues with gmail not importing their hotmail anymore? This has been going on since last night. Also the setting to "add an account you already own" under the accounts tab in gmail settings has disappeared.

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Android :: Modifying App Framework & Importing To Windows SDK

Feb 19, 2010

I'm primarily working on the Android SDK on windows, but would like to modify/tweak some functionality in the application framework.I have a separate ubuntu box where I downloaded the android source code, built it using "make" as well as "make sdk". I have a few questions in mind. Is it possible to import the binaries that I built on the ubuntu box into the android windows SDK? If so, what are the (proper) steps in doing so.For example, say I modified some functionality in the file, then built it on ubuntu. I want to be able to make use of my modifications and continue my app development on my Windows SDK. Can I somehow import the framework binaries built from this step over to my windows SDK and continue my development from there? If so, what are the binaries I need and what are the steps to import them?

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Android :: Eclipse Not Importing Jar Dependencies Between Two Projects

Jun 7, 2010

Here is the situation.
I have a java project "LicenseGenerator" in eclipse that depends on commons-codec. I have therefore added the commons-codec jar file to the build path. I have Junit tests and everything is working fine. I have made a different project in the same workspace - which happens to be an Android project - that needs to use my LicenseGenerator classes. I added LicenseGenerator to the "projects" tab in the build path - the classes were recognized and I was able to use them.

Everything compiled and ran. However, when the part of the LicenseGenerator that used the commons-codec was called from my Android project I got the following error.
Could not find method
Referenced from method
This basically tells me that the commons-codec was not packaged which the Android project, so I added the commons-codec to the android project as well but the same error appears.

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Android :: Importing Contact - No Birthday Fields?

Oct 17, 2008

I noticed that currently GMail contacts does not have all the fields like birthday, anniversary, etc. like Outlook and my Palm Treo 755p. Does anyone know if this will be addressed? I hate the idea of "upgrading" my phone and losing functionality.

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Android :: Importing Note - Everything From Palm Memos

Aug 29, 2010

I added Note Everything, Lite version, and tried to import memoes from my Palm TX. I created a file "full memo.mpa" on my SD card. When I open the Palm Memo import option in Note Everything it finds the file but then tries parsing the file as an Outlook Import. It never completes just continually says Parsing file... I do note that if I use Astro to read my SD card it shows the file association the be "Music" i.e. a music icon?? If I tap the file the Music App opens?

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General :: Importing Contacts From IPhone To Android

Mar 1, 2011

I am new to Android (Thunderbolt)

I am trying to learn the quickest and most efficient way to sync my contacts from my iPhone to my Android Phone. I have a gmail account and thus, a google account. I know how to sync my iPhone contacts from iTunes to my gmail account (but have not done this).

THE PROBLEM: The contacts I have on my iPhone are the contacts that I want to swap over to my new Android Phone. However, i have a few hundred more contacts in my gmail account that I DO NOT wish to sync to my new Android Phone.

I guess I could sync my iPhone contacts using iTunes to a NEW, separate, clean gmail account, then upload to android, and thus have only the iPhone contacts that I want to sync appear on the new Android phone.

However, if I do this, can I then switch back to my primary, preferred gmail account, from which I can then continue to receive my e-mails without syncing all the extra contacts i have in THAT account to the Android Phone?

WHAT I AM ATTEMPTING TO ACCOMPLISH: I don't want to have to sync or merge my iPhone contacts with my existing gmail account and then have to later delete hundreds of contacts off of the android phone after I have synced the Android Phone to my primary gmail account.

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Android :: Getting Error While Importing

Nov 19, 2009

i am getting error while importing import; import;

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Android :: Importing Contacts Into Standalone Directory / Phonebook?

Apr 19, 2010

I am a pastor and would like to have our entire congregation's contact information in my phone but do not want them all in my contacts list. I can export our database in any sort of database. Is there an app that I can import contacts into that is a standalone directory?

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Android :: Setup/calculate Texturebuffer In GlTexCoordPointer When Importing From OBJ-file

Nov 20, 2010

I'm parsing an OBJ-file in Android and my goal is to render & display the object. Everything works fine except the correct texture mapping (importing the resource/image into opengl etc works fine).

I don't know how to populate the texture related data from the obj-file into an texturebuffer-object.

In the OBJ-file I've vt-lines:


And face-lines: f 127/73/62 98/72/62 125/75/62

My draw-routine looks like (only relevant parts):


Output of the counts of the OBJ-file:


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Android :: Remove All Capital Letters From Image Filenames / Before Importing Into Eclipse

Mar 12, 2010

As you know, you can't have capital letters in your image filenames that you use in your Android project (Ressource/Drawables folder). I've got hundreds of small images (GOOG.GIF as an exemple) that I need to import into my project (I usually do a simple drag and drop from a desktop folder into Eclipse).How do I quickly change all the filenames (replace all capital letters to lower case) before importing into my project?

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General :: Importing And Exporting Browser Bookmarks From Android To PC (and Vice Versa)

May 5, 2014

How do I export or import mobile bookmarks from a browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc) to my PC and vice versa.

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Android :: Can't Pick Build Target When Importing Droid Project From Existing Source

Oct 27, 2010

I'm trying to import an Android project into my Eclipse workspace, using existing source code. When I point Eclipse to my existing source location, it doesn't populate the Build Target area on the New Android Project dialog. Why isn't it letting me pick a build target?

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HTC Desire :: Importing Contacts From Old SIM

Jul 12, 2010

Just got a new HTC Desire and it is absolutely wonderful. Still getting to grips with it, and enjoying the forum for all the hints, tips and tricks. I do have a query though - although I have followed the quick start instructions, I cannot import my contacts from my old SIM card. And now, my old SIM card is not playing in my old phone (SE C905) so can't try to send them as a vcard via bluetooth.

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HTC Magic :: Importing Contacts - Last Name Comes First?

Aug 17, 2009

Been loving my Magic and appreciate the help to date. One issue I haven't been able to resolve is that when we imported my contacts, they have come in last name 1st, rather then the other way which is a PITA when you had contacts saved as #### work etc.

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Android :: Importing Excel .xls Or Comma Delimited File Into Motorola Droid X - 2.2 Phone Book

Nov 4, 2010

So I had a 5 yr old blackberry, was able to use the blackberry software to output my phone book (name,addy,ph#, all kinds of data) to a comma delimited txt file, which i then imported into an .xls excel spreadsheet. is there a way to use either of those files to populate my phone book on my new phone (droid x, android 2.2) instead of typing up hundreds of new entries?

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HTC Incredible :: Exporting BS1 Contacts - Importing To Inc?

Apr 18, 2010

Barring any complications, I will be preordering the HTC Droid Incredible on Monday, April 19th, to be shipped to me on launch (April 29th). I currently have the Blackberry Storm 1. Has anyone heard of how to import the contacts from the Storm to the Incredible? Since I will be doing the activation once I get it shipped to me and I haven't messed with the Android OS or anything with the current HTC phones or whatnot, I am not sure what it takes to get the contacts from the Blackberry to other phones.

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HTC Desire :: Importing Threaded SMS From Iphone

May 7, 2010

Is there a way we can import threaded sms messages from an Iphone to HTC desire. Have also converted the SMS from iphone to a txt file. The SMS backup and restore software for HTC desire needs an XML file to restore.
Haven't tried restoring from a TXT file though. Wanted to know if there's an easier method around?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Importing Contacts With Google Sync

May 21, 2010

What do you think is better, using google sync to get my contacts onto the evo, or letting radioshack import my contacts over from my bb (using that gizmo machine --usb to usb?

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General :: Messaging Crashed After Importing From IOS?

Nov 28, 2012

I tried to import my messages from IOS to Android 4.2 using isms2droid and SMS Backup & Restore. Now, I can see all the people that I sent a message to, but as soon as I try to go into the conversation, Messaging crashes and all the conversations are gone, I can still use the phone just not Messaging. However, restarting the phone allows me to see the names again, but again as soon as I enter a conversation they disappear. I tried to delete all the messages using SMS Backup & Restore but it just stalls on the "deleting messages" box. Now I can't delete any messages nor send any new ones.

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Motorola Droid :: Importing Musicmod Playlist From One ROM To Another?

Jul 16, 2010

Does anyone know how to save a playlist from one rom and import it to another using the music app musicmod? I made some playlists while using BBv0.4 in Musicmod. I am now running CM6 but cannot figure out how to import my playlists from BB. I did save them but they do not seem to save to the SD card, or if they do I don't know where they save to. And I can't find an import option in musicmod anyway. Does anyone have an idea of how I could import my playlists to a new rom? It took a really long time to make them, I can't do that every time I flash a new rom.

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Importing Contacts From Outlook

Apr 10, 2010

I just got Behold II and enjoying it. One question at present I have is, how can I import contacts from Outlook or CSV file? I tried Samsung Studio but I can't seem to see my phone on my PC, it doesn't recognize it.

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HTC Desire : Way To Importing Data From Palm Treo?

Oct 16, 2010

I've use Palm since the Palm Pilot 1000 a 128k PDA & various other since. My data is current in both Palm Desktop (5 Star PIM) and Treo 650. I am interesting in importing Contacts and Memo's into the Android 2.1 phone (HTC Desire) and the info spread among a dozen or so groups. I don't want to use the Cloud or Googles cloud tools. I hate Outlook as a PIM and don't believe it will handle the groups anyway. But more importantly I don't want my data in Outlook nor do I want its info or mail in my Android phone. With Palm as a PDA and Smartphone originator in this field I would have expected much better support to import data. BB Curves Desktop does it seamlessly since I tested that 2 years ago. Android phones don't even have a default memo app. Is someone asleep at the switch their?

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General :: HTC ONE SMARTPHONE - Importing MP3 Audio From MacBook?

Feb 14, 2014

Today I have for the first time been able to Sync my HTC One with my MacBook 10.6.8.

I have used Sync Manager and 'ADDed' an MP3 file (originally from a CD - a learn French course) - BUT it won't arrive at the HTC One.

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