Android :: How Do I Do Same When Iterating Over Local Databases

Apr 17, 2009

I have ListView whose CursorAdapter is bound to my local database table. Is there a good way to make it so that when new entries / new data is inserted into my table, my ListView automatically refreshes?

This is easily done on ContentProviders via ContentObservers. How do I do the same when iterating over local databases?

Android :: How do I do same when iterating over local databases

Android :: Publish An Application Update On Android - Market Without Deleting Local Database And Local Files

Nov 11, 2010

I published an application that stores data in a local database.

Now I have to publish an update to this application to fix some little bugs, but I am afraid that downloading and installing the update will delate the local database associated with the previous version.

I would like to know how the update system works. Will installing an update completely delete all the apk, files, databases associeted with the previous version?

If so, how can I avoid this in my code?

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Android :: Way To Create Databases?

Dec 14, 2009

I've made a few apps now, which use an SQLite database, no problems. In my latest app, I want two tables, and I just released that every example I can find only creates one table. So, is this a limitation? Must I use only one table? Assuming I can use two, how do I go about changing my create script?

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Android :: Way To Have Root Access To Some Of Databases?

Jun 3, 2010

I believe the Java API does not give full access to the SMS database and other databases. Is there any way to have root access to some of those databases such as SMS and phone settings so that I can fetch some information out of it?

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Android :: Interacting With Remote Databases

Jun 9, 2009

Lets say Im creating an Android app for a company that already provides some sort of online service. I want my android app to extend this online service and I want the app to interact with my remote databases, would I embed a web browser in my application or directly connect to my remote database from within my code? If I am directly connected to a database from within code and not through a web browser, would that be a security risk since the connection info would be distributed in the code?

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Android :: App For Reading Information On Databases

Feb 25, 2010

I am trying to create an application that reads information from a database on a separate server(not the android phone). Does anyone have any information on how to create a database connector class?

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Android : Create Trigger Across Different Databases?

Dec 2, 2009

Is there any way to create triggers on different databases? my requirement is like:-
database: a1.db consist table: t1
database:a2.db consist table: t2

now i have to use trigger on t1 (whenever any delete and update operation) happens on t1 a value has to be inserted into t2. waiting for your feedback...

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Android :: ADB Access To Application Databases Without Root

Jan 16, 2010

Can anyone tell me, is it possible to use the ADB to pull and push a database from an app, without root privileges on the phone? For example, I know the location on my rooted magic and dream is:

I know that you can use ADB without root, but when trying to use the shell - you can't view that location without root privaliges. But I have been told you can use push and pull if you know the file you want? Basically I want to pull a database from MY app on a non rooted phone modify it and push it back on. Only trouble I have is, the two phones I have are both root and I don't have access to a non root one to try it out.

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Android :: Want Sql Optimization Techniques For Databases Has Nearly 80,000 Records

Jul 14, 2009

I want to know optimization techniques for databases that has nearly 80,000 records,
list of possibilities for optimizing

i am using for my mobile project in android platform
i use sqlite,i takes lot of time to retreive the data.

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Android :: Including Extra Sqlite Databases?

Oct 30, 2009

I have some external sqlite files I'd like to include with my app. It looks like I can add them to the /assets folder, then read them from there? Is the /assets folder the appropriate location for them?

I've used SQLiteOpenHelper to open databases my app creates at runtime, which just uses a unique db name. Will the sqlite files in the assets folder also be accessible using SQLiteOpenHelper in the same manner?

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Android : Can I Pull Databases Off Droid Onto Desktop?

Nov 17, 2010

I'm trying this with my Nexus One.
I have the android SDK and have used the command
adb pull /data/data/ C:pulls
but all I get is
pull: building file list...
0 files pulled. 0 files skipped.
Also, it seems no matter how much data I add to the tutorial NotePad app I installed, the data size for the app (as shown in Settings) never exceeds 8KB. How is this possible? Is there some other place where databases are stored? When I use the File Explorer view (that's part of ADT) in Eclipse, I see there's nothing in /data.
To add a twist, I have no trouble pulling any other files from the device. It's just databases I have trouble with.

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Android : View SQLite Databases On Device?

May 20, 2010

Is there any tool that will allow me to browse databases on my Android device? Something like Sql Management Studio - you know GUI tool that displays databases, tables, row in tables, etc.

I'm using Eclipse for development (if it is important for plug-in suggestions).

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Android :: Access To Databases From Native Code - For Example Mmssms.db

Aug 9, 2010

Try to select (or update) from custom databases (for example mmssms.db) but on init I see " Unable to open the database file". Try send permissions in manifest <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_SMS"/> <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_SMS"/> but this doesn't help.

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Android :: Programatically Get Path To Databases/files An Application?

May 3, 2010

Is there a way to programatically get the path to the databases/files an application uses instead of hardcoding "data/data/" ?

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Android :: Generate Databases On Device Using Remote Tool?

Aug 25, 2010

I managed to configure iJetty on the emulator and I am setting up both a REST-based and SOAP-based services on it.

Regarding sqlite3. I am able to run and control it remotely using the shell. is there a way to generate databases on the device using the remote tool? I didn't find any evidence that that is possible and I think the only way may be through the API. I just wanted to double check in case I missed this.

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Android : Do Apps Keep / Manage Their Own SQLite Databases (files)?

Aug 25, 2009

Android includes a database engine (SQLite). In general, do the applications keep/manage their own databases (files) or is there a unifying database manager?

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Android : Access Contents Of Droid Emulator Databases?

Dec 26, 2009

I've read the answer to a question as to how to access the contents of the databases, however I cannot seem to get it to work on my machine. Here is the shell log:

C:android-sdk-windows ools>adb -s emulator-5554 shell
# sqlite3 /data/data/
sqlite3 /data/data/
SQLite version 3.5.9
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> .tables
sqlite> ^C
C:android-sdk-windows ools>

SQLite simply echos my commands back to me, even although the Eclipse file browser tells me it exists. If I use the sqlite3 tool and use ".tables" the commands are accepted.

Is the SQLite syntax different through the emulator is am I missing something?

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Android : Where I Can Access Databases In Eclipse For Droid Development?

Jun 24, 2010

I apologize if this is a stupid question, nevertheless I need to ask. I am new to Android development and have gone through every single tutorial and reference provided. I have been doing great, with the exception of one stupid problem; I cannot find where the databases for some apps are stored.

For example I would like to build my own app that includes thousands of pre-made records from an established SQLite Database. As a reference I tried to use the "Searchable Dictionary" app from the provided programs in the Android SDK, but cannot find it.

I read that all databases are stored in /data/data//databases on the device, but I cannot find this location. So how would I access the database in Eclipse or anywhere else for that matter to set up my pre-configured database?

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Android : Interact With External SQLite Databases From Droid?

Jul 21, 2009

I'm trying to work with a web service (that I have no control over) that returns a SQLite database when you query it. Is there any way to do this?

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HTC Incredible :: Is Android Like Windows Etc Where Uninstalling An App Leaves Registry Settings/ Databases

May 6, 2010

Is android like windows etc where uninstalling an app leaves registry settings/ databases, etc that can at some point bog me down? If so how do i go about removing this extraneous data?

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General :: Add Existing SQLite Databases To Application

Feb 27, 2013

I read some stuff about SQLite databases to use them within my own application. so for this point, it should work.


for most of my data stuff i need a database that i can directly put into my application. i read on stackoverflow that it's possible to put up to 1,2mb files in the assets folder and then copy them anywhere else to use them.

my question is:

is it possible to acces those databases in the assets folder directly to read from them? there's no need to insert data into this database, it's just a data storage to read from? is it possible? and if it is than how could i do this?

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SQLite Programming - Can't Find Databases Folder From File Explorer Through DDMS?

Jul 23, 2013

I dont know why but somehow my adt didnt create any database folder.Here is the code i used :

package com.example.test;

import android.database.Cursor;[code]....

My problem is, i cant find databases folder from file explorer through DDMS.

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Android :: Android - Specify Name Of Database To Be Created - On Using Multiple Databases

Aug 30, 2010

I'm thinking about creating an application that uses multiple databases. The user would be able to specify the name of the database to be created, and select which database to use from those existing in the /databases/ directory.

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Android :: How To Clear Dependency Databases In "system Setting"?

Jun 22, 2009

I am developing an application which can share data with email, contact and calendar application. Now I met a problem when I clear this application data or uninstall this application in the "system setting". "Setting" can only clear my own application data now.This problem is that how to clear email, contact and calendar data at the same time of clearing my application data. This problem can concluded as that how to clear several databases which have dependency at the same time.

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Android :: Need App For Local Radio

Sep 29, 2010

Folks, I am wondering if anyone here can recommend a way of listening to a couple of local/regional radio stations on my HTC Desire, running Froyo on o2 in the UK The stations are Northsound 1 in the Aberdeen area, and BBC Radio Scotland FM. I have tried A Online Radio and Myplayer, neither will recognise the stations even when entering the url I would use in the pc's browser to listen online at home. Only reason I want to stream these is the non-existent reception using the native FM radio app in the phone.

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Android :: Using A Local Service ?

Jul 16, 2010

I don't see the point of using a local service in Android. If I want to do backgound stuff, I can create a thread and use Handlers.

Creating a local service is a big headache, you have to mess with Binders, worry about the start/stop/bind/unbind lifecycle, etc.

What does a local service get me that a thread doesn't ?

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Android :: Should I Use Service Or Local Thread ?

Oct 6, 2010

I have an application which requires networking service. I took on LWUIT4IO and adjusted it to my needs so now i have a network queue that can run one or more network threads.Now, my application is based on single root activity that spawns other child activities as needed (it's a reservation center for vacations, car rental etc.. each in it's own activity). The network is common to all and should be used by all activities. the network thread requires, basically, a callback to notify it's finished and return the result (input stream or byte array) .At first i thought that i should use a service instead of a singleton that will be started in the root activity(the service will also be started in the root activity), however working with a local service is problematic for me: 1. no callbacks which makes me use intents to encapsulate the request esponse in intents time consuming, also since there is not single point of listening (i have to use BroadcastReceivers)i have to add a calling class name or some other identifier so the sender of the request will know it's for him, i think this is also a waste of time and resources since i need only one listener.

i think i CAN use callbacks if i use Binder object to return local instance of my Service and then use the queuing method directly, this is problematic for me as acquiring Binder object is asynchronous and i need it 'on the spot' 3. I thought of using a static instance of the service and null it in onDestroy of the service, but if i use that way, i'm not so sure i need a service... 4. i saw a small answer in stackoverflow about inheriting application and putting whatever member you need there so when you use getApplication you get this instance and then you can retrieve whatever you want, is this even advisable ?

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Android :: How To Run Local Web App In Phone Webview?

Aug 5, 2010

Can anybody tell how to run the local webapplication using android webview. I want to run my own webpages in android using web view.

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Android :: How To Access To Local Server?

Nov 16, 2010

I'm developping an android application. This application use a web service to get some informations. The web service is deployed on local in my computer. When i run my app with the android emulator, everything is ok.The emulator use the address to use the local web service.Now i would like to know if it's possible to connect my mobile phone to my computer and to have access to my local web service.In others words, use my own mobile phone instead of the emulator.

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Android :: Access Local Web Pages

Jun 19, 2010

I have some web pages that I want to bundle with my Android application and display as static pages. Where do I put them? How do I access them? I'm working in Eclipse, so I want a solution that automatically bundles them.I've tried putting my web pages in res/raw, and I can read them as an input stream from there, so I could push that into a WebView. But I'd really prefer if I could stick them somewhere and access them with a URL. I've tried file:///android_asset/about.html but that didn't work. Surely there's a way to form a URL to display bundled pages.

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