Android : Error Publishing Upgrade Of An Application

Aug 26, 2009

I'm a french student working on an android game called : MemoGame.

I've successfully published my first version on the android market using my keystore But now i have a problem when i want to upgrade my application, here the error :

The apk must be signed with at least one certificate in common with the previous version.

But i'm using the exact same keystore.

Android : Error Publishing Upgrade of an Application

Android :: Signing And Publishing Application

Aug 26, 2010

I have my application run on development environment (eclipse - testing using device), then i do right click on my project folder - android tools - export signed application package, then i create new key store and add my information there, then it'll produce the .apk then i put it up on my own webserver (I intend to put it on my own web server and android market place as well) but then, once i try to download my .apk from my testing handset - it said:

"cannot download. the content the content is not supported on this phone"

this is weird, since i do my testing on this same handset as well. so my question are:

- what is the proper way to sign my app so it can be downloaded all the way through my own web server?
but I still can put it up on android market as well? - I have my android market account.

-is there any walk-through for it?

Well Hope someone can give me the answer, I really appreciate your help!

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Android :: Google Map Not Showing After Publishing Android Application?

Mar 2, 2010

while testing application on eclipse using emulator google map is being displayed properly. but when i exported application to publish it. Google map is gone. can any one guide me what mistake am i doing?

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Android :: Verify Error In App After Upgrade?

Jan 8, 2010

Sometimes, when a user updates my app from the market (from one version to another) they get a VerifyError upon running the app. It happens to a random class; you can use part of the app, then going to a different Activity in the app causes it to blow up. This only happens once; once Dalvik gets it out of its system it never happens again.

Since it only happens once per update (and most of the time, not at all), it is admittedly a minor issue, but I think it reflects badly on my app, so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.

The stack traces don't seem that helpful, since they always happen in a different place (which further confuses me).

Here's an example of one:


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Android : Facebook Error Since Upgrade

Nov 5, 2010

I updated to the new Facebook but since I did I get this error:

"Error: 604 Your statement is not indexable. The WHERE clause must contain an indexable column."

Anyone know a fix? I emailed the developer but of course, no response. Google was no help either...

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Android :: HTC Hero 2.1 Upgrade / Error With Sync

Jun 20, 2010

When i connect my Hero to the PC,Htc Sync finds it and its all good.BUT just as i run the RUU it turns off !Then there's suddenly NO connection between Sync and my Hero.Then the RUU says error 170: Connection Problems.I got the ADB driver and windows says it works,and it should since it connects with Sync (without RUU).So i dont know what to do when it suddenly switches off right in the process.Can anyone help me please?Would be REALLY appreciated

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Android : Emulator Error After Upgrade To Win7

Dec 9, 2009

After reinstalling Eclipse and the Android development components I am getting the following error upon running the emulator on a virtual device:

qemu: fatal: exponent 255 too big


I suspect that some configuration file in the project is hosed but cannot figure out which.

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Android : Eclipse - Unknown Error - SDK Is Not Loaded Yet - Upgrade Failed

May 13, 2009

Not sure what is going on. Running Windows Vista x64. Not had really any problems with eclipse. I had to upgrade to 1.5 and when I did that I got all kinds of install errors. So I said 'f-it'. I decided to start over and downloaded the 1.5SDK, downloaded the Eclipse for Java, Not Eclipse classic (someone said that was an issue). So now I have Eclipse for Java (or something to that name). Each time I try to compile it says 'Unknown Error: SDK is not loaded yet'

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HTC Hero :: ROM Upgrade - 155 Unknown Error

Aug 1, 2010

I have an Orange branded Hero and just tried to upgrade from build (Firmware 1.5) to ROM Version: as I believe this is necessary in order to get the latest version of Android (2.1). Right at the start of the upgrade process I get an error message saying

Error [155] unknown error. The ROM Update Utility cannot update your Android phone. Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again. I rang Orange and they couldn't help. I managed to speak to someone who understood the information I was telling him but he was not able to help other than do a Google search whilst I was on the phone to him. The suggestion was that the internal phone storage is insufficient to handle the 103MB image size of the upgrade file. I have now deleted all my apps (after backing them up) and have 123MB internal phone storage available space which should easily be enough but I'm still getting the error.

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Samsung Moment :: Trying To Upgrade To 2.1 Had An Error

Apr 28, 2010

I got 87% complete and then it froze. Now my phone wont do anything but get an sdx screen. Holding volume down camera and end wont do anything but maybe 1 out of 100 times. When it finally gets to the download screen the updater just sits and says ready and never downloads. Then after a minute of that the phone exits that screen automatically and just goes to a charging screen. PLEASE HELP my phone isnt even a phone currently it will do nothing.

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Sprint HTC Hero : Usb Connxn Error - Cant Upgrade

May 14, 2010

What to do? i've rebooted my computer.. i've changed it from "charge only" to "hard disk"

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Android :: Facebook App Not Publishing Status Updates

Nov 2, 2010

when i update my status from the app on my phone (droid x), it only shows up on MY wall and not on the usual list that my friends see...I have deleted the app, re-downloaded, clear data, etc. On facebook on the PC, under account settings and "other applications" where facebook for android would be listed, it is NOT that may be the problem, but why isn't is showing up in the list?

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Android :: Test App On Real Device Without Publishing?

Jan 18, 2010

Is there a way to test the application on the real device without publishing to android market?

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Android : What Fees Involved In Publishing Droid App?

Oct 28, 2010

Im tossing up at the moment whether or not to start developing for iPhone or Android. The main thing drawing me towards Android at the moment is that apps are developed using Java, which I like, as opposed to Objective-C, which I hate. Really though, the next thing on my list is to consider the costs. Apple requires you to join their iPhone developer program for $99/year, plus yield 30% of each sale of your app to Apple. I noticed that google charges $25 to register as a developer. I wanted to confirm firstly, is that $25 recurring or is it just one off? Second, are there commisions charged when our apps are purchased, or do we recieve the whole sale price? I also wanted to ask, does google provide an Android emulator that we can use to test applications without actually copying them over to an actual Android device?

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Android :: Installing App On Real Device Without Publishing & Eclipse

Jan 18, 2010

Do you about how to install application without any developer's tool(Eclipse, android SDK tools) no the real device? I've compiled and created .apk file. Now I am gonna send apk file to my friend.He is not android developer. And he doesn't know about how to use eclipse. And I don't want to publish my application to android market.Is there a way to launch the application on real device without publishing and Eclipse? I've found a solution related this issue.

But I am not sure this post.Because it has risk.Any suggestion?

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Samsung I7500 :: Network Error After Failed Firmware Upgrade

Oct 13, 2010

I just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy GT-17500L (its a Bell Canada phone). After purchasing the phone (which was originally unlocked) I bought a Solo mobile sim-card, which was needed in order to use the phone on my Solo monthly plan. Everything was working fine until I decided to try and update the firmware from 1.5 to 1.6; unfortunately, like a few others from Canada, I didn't properly read the guide and after the upgrade, the phone was "re-locked" and wasn't accepting my sim-card. After going through the guide posted on Pg.4 here (Bell Canada users and Brazilian Users - Galaxy 7500L (notice the L)), with the help of Rasta-Man FB posts and others, I was able to get my phone back to the original firmware, but now I'm having reception issues. The phone will at times pick up the Solo Netowork (I'm still using the original solo sim card), but then drop it after 10 minutes and just say there is no service. When I search for networks, it recognizes the Solo one (I'm guessing b/c of the S.C) but it isn't able to connect.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 :: Upgrade To 2.1/ Error With Data Conection

Dec 1, 2010

Today i upgrade my x8 to new version, but when i want to go on internet there is no data connection!! But in settings there is an app "TUS INTERNET"(slovenian tusmobil). WHAT IS WRONG?

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Android :: Automatic Upgrade Of Application?

Feb 2, 2009

automatic upgrade of application? I have URL where the new version is hosted, so after the user start the application I'd like to download new version from given URL, reinstall and run the new version.

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Android :: Put Key Words / Meta Tags On App When Publishing To Droid Market?

Aug 29, 2010

I do not see a means to put key words or meta tags on an app when publishing it to the android market. Is there a way to do this? Such that if one builds an app for the physical therapy industry a PT an search PT. The current search only seems to search the app title.

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Android :: Upgrade Application Without Losing Data?

Mar 10, 2010

How to upgrade Android app without losing data ? e.g. I have a game which is using some preferences or sqlite data. which is associated with the android app. If app is already installed on device, it is not allowing the same app to install again. and one need to uninstall then reinstall app again.

so, if one wants to upgrade app with the older data then how will he be able to do it ?

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Sony Ericsson : 1.6 Remains After Upgrade / Error When Reaching Close To End Of Prepare Phase

Nov 1, 2010

Attempted to update to 2.1 , everything appeared to go ok , but after restarting i saw that firmware was still in 1.6 .

The only effect was that my intended apps etc. were gone.

According to SE PC Companion the phone is up to date.

According to the phone's software update a new version of Android is available ..

Using the SE PC Companion to repair ( ca'nt install since aIready have the latest sw according to SE-PCC )

results in installation error when reaching close to the end of the prepare phase.

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Android :: Mobile Application Upgrade / Update Framework

Jun 12, 2010

I am developing a few mobile apps for different platforms including Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian S60.I want my mobile apps to have the capability of checking for updates before starting and in case a new version is available, prompt the user to upgrade. Moreover in certain cases (like security patches), the user must be forced to update or the app won't work.Surely I can cook some code to achieve the task but I was wondering if there are already existing framework to serve the purpose so that I don't have to re-invent the wheel and test all over?

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HTC Hero :: Application Not In Market After Upgrade / Get It?

Feb 21, 2010

I have a HTC hero on the orange network. I recently applied the orange firmware update from HTC. After upgrading, I can't find an application (bootrol) in the market, though I previously installed it from the market.

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Android :: Publishing Android Updates To Market / How Long Till They Appear?

Nov 4, 2010

On Tuesday, I released my first app to the Android Market. Since then I found a few bugs which I have fixed and uploaded a new version.In the Developer Console, it still shows the version number as the original (v0.8.0) but the last version uploaded is different (v0.9.0).If I check the market on my phone, then the update is not even showing.How long before they show?Can I check if there are any errors with my upload process? Does a different filename for the apk matter?

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HTC Incredible :: Custom Labels In People Application After 2.2 Upgrade

Sep 14, 2010

Unless I'm crazy I remember being able to create custom field labels for the phone and email info in the original people app (all contacts are Google type) on my Incredible. If I created them on my phone; they showed up in my Gmail contacts. If I created them in Gmail contacts; they showed up on phone.

Now all I see on the people app label options are the standard ones with no option to edit/create a cutom as there was before. Is this the case after 2.2? If so I'd rather have 2.1 back. I loved that feature! Anyone else see this on their DINC?

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Android :: Publishing Applications On The Android Market - Tax Implications

Aug 10, 2009

I'm a developer in the UK who wants to publish (and charge for) some applications to the Android Market. I don't have my own company, and don't know anything about tax.

What do I need to do regarding tax?

1. Should I put all (or half or any fraction of) the earnings aside until the taxman asks me for some money?

2. What about sales in the US, does the same apply?

3. Is it considered income tax?

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Android :: Android Market / Applications Can Be Downloaded Without Publishing?

Apr 27, 2009

Suppose you upload a paid app and you want to test if it works correctly when downloaded from Android Market - do you pay for it? Are your own apps free to you? And to download it from the market, do you have to make it visible to the whole world? I tried to upload an app, the uploader accepts it, but when I try to download it from the phone it says "package file was not signed correctly".

It's unacceptable that the uploader checks to see if a file is signed, but it somehow performs *Different* tests than what the phone actually does when it downloads apps. I hope I can debug this further without having to publish my app to test it and make my app momentarily visible to everybody.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Manage Application After 2.1 Upgrade

Nov 8, 2010

After upgrade to 2.1 when i am going to "Manage Applications" I am seeing only those apps that I have installed unlike before (1.6) where I could see all the installed apps like google apps, default games etc. Where can I find these apps (in case I want to clear cache or something like this)?

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Android :: Android Application Upgrade And Marketplace Listing

Mar 3, 2009

Can anyone tell me if when you upgrade your marketplace application if it then appears at the top of the list of applications by release date? Or is it only when you release a brand new application?

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Android :: Why Does My Application Keep Getting Error And Then Quits?

Feb 11, 2010

I followed the developer guides on the Android website. It is working fine for a Hello World application but when I try and transition between Activities, my application keeps giving an "The application () has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later." error and the application then quits. This happens when I click the button in the Subscribe Activity.
public class Subscribe extends Activity
implements OnClickListener {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Button subButton = (Button)findViewById(;

public void onClick(View v) {
Intent subIntent = new Intent(Subscribe.this,Subscribed.class);
public class Subscribed extends Activity {/** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Override
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
Logcat Log File

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