Android :: Duplicated Permissions In Developer Console

Oct 11, 2009

In my app's page, it shows:


Is this being show to users when they install the app? What could it be?

Android :: Duplicated permissions in Developer Console

Android :: Apps Are Not Visible In My Developer Console

Nov 24, 2010

As of November 24 some of my apps are not visible in my developer console.Does anyone have any idea why? they have all been there every other day.

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Android :: User Comments Available In Developer Console

Jun 30, 2010

I just noticed a new link in the developer console for comments.When clicked, it shows the comments the users have posted. No way to answer them but at least you can see them outside the device.

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Android :: Developer Console Stopped Updating?

Jan 7, 2010

My "total" and "active install" numbers in Developer Console have not been changing for more than 36 hours, for all 5 apps that I publish. Has anyone seen the same thing? The ranking of my apps haven't been dropping yet (touch wood) so maybe just I am getting a stale view of the numbers?

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Android :: Developer Console Error Report

Jul 5, 2010

I posted a free app and I've got a couple users who posted a comment saying that the app force closes in google's feedback. It's got a few hundred downloads in the day it's been up with an 84% retention rate. Google's error report in the developer's console says it has 0 errors. I've never had an app that reported any errors in the console. Does it actually work or am I getting fake reports of force closes? I'm a bit suspicious competitors might be posting the comments, but I don't have any way to confirm that the error reporting google provides does actually work.

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Android :: Can't Mark Errors As Old In Market Developer Console

Jun 25, 2010

in the developer console, I have a couple of errors, which although fixed in the code and marked old in the console, still show up on the front page. And I highly suspect that this is affecting the rank of my apps. This is obviously a bug in the developer console:

1. at the developer console homepage it says (in bold face): Errors (2)

2. when I click on "Errors", it shows: Freezes Crashes 1 new 1 new 0 reports 0 reports 1 old 3 old 2 reports 7 reports

3. When I click on "1 New" in the "Freezes" column, it displays: Old ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut 2 reports 0 reports/week

Also, one of my apps, TapeMachine, has 4.5 stars, 973 downloads, and 83% active installs. For certain keyword searches in the market it has been the first result for many weeks. And since these (bogus) errors are here, it has lost its rank falling under many applications with lower ratings. A similar issue happened with the free version, which has 4 stars and about 20k downloads.Is there a workaround or a fix for this situation?

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Android :: Developer Console Not Showing Number Of Apps

May 31, 2010

I had published an app and in two days the number of downloads were update normally. But since wednesday the numbers are the same, and I know that maaaany people had download the app.

If there is anyone here that works in google, the app name is "World DroidCup".

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Android :: Market Developer Console Bugs Feature

May 20, 2010

The new bugs feature is a great move forward to empower devs and users both, kudos Google.

However, the reports don't tell me which version of my app the report is from, which is critical for me to properly triage.

Is there any feedback channel to Google other than this group we could use to get this feature added?

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Android :: Info & Samples Related To Developer Console Changes

Nov 19, 2010

What is a feature graphic? Could anyone provide an example? Is it required (the console doesn't seem to require it). Also, are "alpha channels allowed in the high resolution icon? Many icons have transparent backgrounds. If you don't allow alpha channels in PNG icons, what should we set the background to?

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Android :: Market Developer Console Bugs IS NOT WORKING Properly

May 21, 2010

Data there are inconsistent!. On dashboard I have TWO new bugs. Going down I see one NEW and one OLD. When I click on NEW link I see one OLD only. When I go down I see bug marked as OLD. More info for Android Market developers: application:, Exception class java.lang.NullPointerException Source method WorldClockWidget.onReceive()

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Android :: Developer Console Page Of Market Not Work On Chromium Browser

Jun 3, 2010

The "Developer Console" page of Android market not work on Chromium browser. Some hyperlink item on this page are un-clickable, such as "Upload Upgrade", "Replace this image", and "add language". However it's work correctly on Fire-Fox browser. I don't know how to report this issue to Chromium developing team, please help me to report this issue.

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Android :: Downloads & Active Installs Numbers Frozen On Developer Console?

May 31, 2010

For at least 5 days now the number of downloads and active installs have remained the same, surprisingly since it was changing day by day. I still see through my server that new people are registering, so definitely the counters are broken or the numbers dont get refreshed. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Android :: How Is Active Installs Count / Percentage In Android Developer Console Calculated?

Feb 5, 2010

The Android Market Developer Console shows two numbers for your submitted application; "total" and "active installs".What exactly does the "active installs" number mean?Is it affected by application upgrades? Does that yield a "total" of 1000 because the APK was downloaded 1000 times but an "Active Installs" of 500 (50%) because, in the end, only 500 people are running the app? Does an upgrade get counted as an uninstall followed by an install?

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Android :: Android Developer Console And The Market

Feb 15, 2009

The Android Developer Console doesn't allow me to unpublish my previously published applications. I thought it may be a browser/ javascript issue, but I tried several browsers with no luck.In addition, the applications I've published that are not free do not show up on the Market.

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General :: App Update Permissions - Any Way To Restrict Permissions?

Jul 23, 2012

The permissions say that you must agree to allow them to delete files from your storage including your SD card; must agree to allow them to extract any information from your phone, etc. In other words they can do any thing they want with your phone and the data in it.

Is there any way to not grant these permissions and still get updates?

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Android : Duplicated Text When Using Append In Widgets / How To Fix

May 2, 2009

I'm pretty new to Android so I'm facing some problems.

I'm using a TextView widget to show a log, just some text. The log content is stored on an SQLite database that my app creates and when a new line is added to the databse I use textview.append("my last line") to add it.

The problems is that when I add a line, it also adds a copy of the text that was already displayed.

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HTC Incredible :: Delete Duplicated Contacts?

Aug 7, 2010

For some reason random contacts in my phone have up to 16 duplicates all the sudden. It won't let me delete the extras either. How can i straighten this mess out?

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General :: Every Item In ICS Gallery Duplicated

Jun 11, 2012

Every image and video in the stock Android ICS Gallery app is displayed twice, how can I fix this?

This only happened a couple of days ago. I know the items themselves are not duplicated because I've checked with QuickPic, Root Explorer and Windows Explorer.

I have a Nexus S running a rooted build of stock 4.0.4. I've tried clearing cache and data of the gallery app to no avail.

SOLUTION: Go to Settings > Apps > All. Find Media Storage and then Clear Data. Reboot the phone (I had to do it twice) and it will clear your thumbnails, recreate them and put everything back to normal.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Some FB Contacts Duplicated 40 Times

Oct 8, 2010

If this has been discussed before, please point me to the thread.I couldn't find anything (but wasn't sure what to search under either).I have a few FB contacts that are duplicated over 40 times.These are not people that I have on my contact list for my phone (would never intend to call them).So, they don't show up on my 'people' list. But for instance, when I'm going to send a text and type in 'Brian' to bring up the Brian I have in my contacts, it will pull up a Brian I am friends with in FB and his name/number comes up a million times!I went into his FB account on my phone, and where it shows their e-mail and phone number, it showed FB profile well over 40 times. I don't have my phone set to sync FB contacts either just gmail (as I didn't want all my FB friends showing up in my people).This only happens for a few FB contacts but it sure makes it impossible to find the person I need. Anyone else with this problem?How do I fix it? The only way I've found so far is to 'unfriend' them in FB so they don't appear.

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Desire :: HTC Sync Duplicated Entries On Phone / Why This Happens?

Apr 25, 2010

Having run sync I now have duplicated entries. I can get round it but I don't know why this happens?

Anyone else having 'issues' with HTC Sync?

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Motorola Droid :: Duplicated Facebook Contacts And Missing

Nov 9, 2009

When I synced facebook contacts, I had a handful of contacts that duplicated, meaning there was the facebook info and their info from my regular contacts list. In each case, I selected the entry that did not have the facebook info and chose to delete that entry. When I did that, for some reason the entry with the facebook info is the one that disappeared. So, I just deleted the other contact entry too. Then when I added the contact back in, facebook wouldn't sync with it. So now, even though these contacts DO have a facebook account and are still listed as my friends, facebook will not sync with those contacts. I even tried the option of syncing ALL facebook friends and the handful of friends I did this with will not come back. Anyone experience this? If you delete a contact with facebook info once, is it impossible to sync back the facebook option?

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HTC Magic :: How To Delete Duplicated Contacts After Import From Sim Card?

Dec 10, 2009

How to delete duplicated contacts after import from sim card? I just import all contact from a sim card, but all of them have 4 - 5 same information in each contact.Is there a way to delete them all the duplicated ones once?Im deleting one by one, it takes a while to do.

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HTC Desire :: Albums Duplicated After Froyo Update / How To Stop

Sep 28, 2010

I debranded and upgraded my Desire to Froyo last night (Woohoo!) and now the music player has duplicate entries for certain albums.

Basically, when I look through the albums in the list it shows some albums twice and when you select each one you get one entry which has all the right tracks and a second with maybe 2 duplicate tracks in. If I delete the extra tracks I lose them from the correct album entry so the files themselves don't seem to be doubled, only the entry in the media player.

Anybody else had this problem? I've tried deleting the offending albums and adding them using both Windows Media Player and by adding them into the relevant folders using Explorer but it makes no difference.

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HTC Desire : Gmail Inbox Is Duplicated - Get Two Notifications Of Receiving

Aug 29, 2010

I have the gmail widget which displays my inbox (black background) with a little mailbox in the top right. When I click on the mailbox it seems to open a whole new page in white, same emails though. Also, when I receive an email I get TWO notifications and effectively have to click on both and open the email twice to delete it. It seems the gmail inbox is duplicated?

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KitKat 4.4 :: Exchange Server - Missing And Duplicated Calendar Events

Jan 15, 2014

I just got a Motorola Moto X with Android 4.4. I set up my work's Exchange Server account on my phone and it syncs email correctly. However, most calendar events are missing. The calendar events that do appear on my phone begin to duplicate every time the phone syncs to the server. These duplicates do not appear when I access my calendar online or on my laptop.

The only trend I see is that any event added after I got my new phone will sync and then duplicate. Older events either do not sync at all, or do sync but then don't duplicate.

Touchdown does work correctly, but I also use Google Calendar so I need all my events to be access by the Android's native calendar application, so Touchdown is not the solution for me.

I have already done the following with no success:

1. Deleted and re-created the Exchange account on my phone.
2. Logged into the web interface for my work's owa server and deleted extra devices/phones configured to sync to the server (based on this thread: Duplicate email/calendar/contacts for Exchange ... | T-Mobile Support)
3. I have already cleared data and caches in my calendar apps, then re-synced.

It's a massive bummer for a scheduling bug like me not to have access to a reliable calendar.

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Android :: Print To The Console In An App?

Jun 23, 2010

Can I run an Android app through the emulator and make it print strings to my computer's console? By console I mean the standard place you would expect to see a System.out.println() in a normal java application. So if you ran the java application from the command prompt then you will see the println()s in the command prompt or if you ran the program in eclipse you will see it in the Console tab at the bottom.

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Android :: Stopping An App From Console

Jun 25, 2010

Is it possible to stop an Android app from the console? Something like: adb stop

It would speed up our testing process so much. Right now we uninstall/install the app each time to make sure the manual test cases start with a clean state.

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Android :: How To Output LogCat To Console?

Apr 3, 2010

Is there a way to make LogCat's output to appear in Console view in Eclipse? LogCat view is much less convenient that Console, because it's hard to see long messages in it (they are trimmed by column border) and there are no clickable highlighting in exception stack traces to quickly navigate to source of error. Just to make clear - I'd like to have clickable stacktraces, like the ones in normal Eclipse console so I can quickly navigate to the source of error.

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Android :: Console Log Not Working In 2.1 Emulator

Apr 28, 2010

I am running one web application in android emulator browser in one java script file. I am trying to output some string as console.log("android");
But I didn't got this log using adb logcat even I tried to start adb logcat firstly and then turn the app. But didn't got log message which I used in console.log. Is there any way so I can get my log message.

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Android :: Version Of C#'s Console.WriteLine?

Aug 9, 2010

In Android, what is the best way to write to the console. In C# I'd use either Log4Net or just Console.Write

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