Android : Draw A Perfect Curve Connecting Three Points?

Sep 28, 2010

I would like to draw a curve connecting three points in my screen
PointA = (480,46)
PointB = (160,137)
PointC = (0,228)

How to draw the curve using Android APIs?

Android : Draw a perfect curve connecting three points?

Android :: How To Draw A Curve Connecting Three Points?

Sep 28, 2010

I would like to draw a curve(an arc) connecting three points in my screen PointA = (480,46) PointB = (160,137) PointC = (0,228) How to draw the curve using Android APIs ?

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Android :: How To Draw Curve Smoothly?

Jun 22, 2009

I have lots of discrete points and want to link them together smoothly. How to do that? Is there any api to call ?

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Android :: Draw Path Between Two Points On Map?

Oct 7, 2009

Do anybody know how to draw path between two points on Map?

I need to draw a line, from one point to other...

I found one link ( direction-route-path.html) about this, but itīs not works well.

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Android :: Fastest Way To Draw A Lot Of Points In OpenGL ES?

Dec 26, 2009

I'm making a game for android where I need to draw a lot of points that change position every frame. I use the ndk to get faster processing performance of the math/physics section of the game, so I need to use OpenGL to get the fastest performance. Right now, I make a texture every frame out of an array that holds the colors of every pixel. I am only able to get ~10 frames per second with this method. Is there anyway I could speed this up? ...

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Android :: How To Draw A Nice Flight Route Between 2 Points?

Aug 1, 2010

How can I draw a nice flight route between 2 points on a google map's

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Android :: Google Maps - MapView - Draw A Nice Flight Route Between 2 Points

Aug 1, 2010

I wonder, how can I draw a nice flight route between 2 points on a google map's MapView? look at this:

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Android :: Draw Path On MapView From Large Amount Of Longitude/latitude Points

Aug 2, 2010

I am writing a application that needs to draw a "route" comprised of lots of GPS points (long+lat). The points are close together and don't follow roads, simply drawing a line between each point is ideal.

The current implementation I have is very slow as I am looping over all the GPS coordinates and creating a new Point and overlayitem in an itemized overlay. This takes around 20 seconds for it to load all of these points and draw them to the mapview. Is there a way in which I can construct a series of lines or point from the GPS coordinates and draw them onto the mapview?

Example of current implementation:


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Android :: Draw Route Path Draw Function

Sep 5, 2010

In my android application I use this method in "draw" Overlay class for draw route on map. Can someone tell me if this method is good (in terms of performance) for route draw on map or I must to put code in Thread ??
I'm new to android.

public synchronized void draw(Canvas canvas, MapView mapView, boolean shadow) {
if (pointsAndTimes.isEmpty()) {
Projection projection = mapView.getProjection();
Paint paint = new Paint();
paint.setARGB(250, 255, 0, 0);.............

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Android :: What's Learning Curve For Phone?

Jul 22, 2010

What has people's experience been in learning Android? I'd be interested in how long it takes to get to the point where you're writing your first app, and how the experience compares to learning some other programming API. I know several professional programmers who have tried to learn Android and failed. Is it inherently more difficult or larger than you might expect? But there's a survey here that claims Android has the shortest learning curve of all smartphone platforms. I wonder how the survey guys could have got such a perverse and unlikely result. I have my own views and observations on this, which I'll mention as a dialog develops. I don't want to bias the discussion with my perspective at this point.

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Android :: Align Image Buttons On A Curve Programatically?

Oct 6, 2010

I have a series of buttons on a main menu. Instead of the standard side by side, or one on top of the other, I'd like them to be aligned around a semi-circle. Since I can't drag and drop the buttons to the place I'd like to in the designer, I was wondering the best way to do this? Can I do it in the XML, or would it be best to do it programatically?

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Android :: Trying To Find Perfect SMS / Text App

Sep 8, 2010

i was quite happy with the stock message app until i tried chomp and handcent but i have a problem with both of them that i cant seem to solve.when i recieve a joke i like to send them on to a group, which i have saved as "joke" in groups so i long press the joke and press forward , then groups , then joke.this then shows all my contacts i wish to send the joke to along with the , here is my problem on the the stock app i can delete a contact by pressing on the contacts at the top and pressing the name i want to delete therefore it wont be sent to a person who may have sent it to me but on handcent and chomp i cant seem to do this.

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Android :: Steel Browser With Perfect Soft Key

Dec 14, 2008

yes finally a browser with perfect soft keys, thought it does not have vibrating feedback it is truly a big step forward

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HTC Droid :: Way To Go From BB Curve To Eris?

Dec 15, 2009

First post...probably going to get ERIS after holidays. Just wondering if anyone went from Curve to Eris with any regrets. How does the call quality compare?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Easy Way To Transfer Contacts From BB Curve?

May 29, 2010

Is their an easy way to transfer contacts to the new evo 4g when I get it next week. I am coming from a blackberry curve 8330.

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Set Curve In For Launcher Pro?

Nov 24, 2010

Ok feeling stupid so go easy. Downloaded Curve In but cant figure how to set as my dock?

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HTC Incredible :: How To Set Phone Mailbox Like Curve?

Jul 5, 2010

I am interested in this device, and have searched the forum for an answer to this question: Can I set the Incredible up like my curve, so that all of my email accounts and fb posts etc go to one "mailbox"? Is there a program to do this?

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Motorola Droid :: Way To Switch From Curve To Phone?

Nov 12, 2009

The droid looks like a great fun device, but I use my mobile device to help me be productive in a sales position. I have some issues keeping me from pulling trigger on a droid. I use mobile device mainly for work related tasks (phone, email, calendar, etc). Any comments would be greatly appreciated. If anyone else has moved from BB to Droid and has other things they miss (besides BBM) please respond.- Lack of email search for exchange email. Almost an instant deal breaker. Is this in the works to be fixed? - Ability to operate with one hand (phone, email, etc). Very easy to dial a contact from BB home screen simply by typing their name. - Speed of typing. I send emails from my BB even when sitting in front of computer. The BB is very easy to use and type on. - Look up internal users on BES. Great for getting contact info of person at company that I don't have in my address book.

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HTC Incredible :: Looking For Perfect Case

Apr 30, 2010

I started this thread because i think i'm amongst the majority here so maybe we can get some specific responses.Here's what i'm looking for

- Form Fitting so as not to add bulk, but thick enough to provide some protection in case it's dropped. Also thin enough so that it will fit in any desktop charger/cradle that comes out.

- No high ridges (Especially on front like on the Body Glove) so that it doesnt block access to Optical Joystick, Volume Rocker, Power Button and USB Port.

- One piece - So if/when it's dropped the phone doesnt explode into a yard sale and it stays protected.

- Protection for Camera (Flush)

- Carry over styling on stock back cover (doesnt matter to me but may to some)

- Material - enough grip so that it wont slip out of your hand or off your shoulder but not too much so that you can't get it out/into your jeans.

- Color selection (but black is fine)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Perfect Camera Settings

Jul 1, 2010

Please post your camera setting for the evo and why you use it so we can get the Perfect Camera settings.My pictures seem to be a bit bland and dark so I increased brightness and saturation. Pictures tend to be a bit too sharp so I lowered it and iso just seems to make my pictures clearer. I dont know much about iso

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Motorola Droid : Looking To Replace BB Curve / X Vs Fascinate For Streaming?

Sep 26, 2010

I am looking to replace my BB curve soon and have been debating for weeks on the Incredible, Droid X, and now the Fascinate. One concern of mine is the ability to stream live video (flash) from sites like atdhe.

I watch a lot of hockey and the ability to stream from a site like that would be excellent. I have been hearing mixed stuff about the video quality streaming wise from the X, and I know the Fascinate has the better GPU, so do you think that would make it the better option for streaming flash video (when it gets 2.2)?

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HTC Incredible :: Need To Get Perfect Phantom Skinz

May 28, 2010

My wife and I got our Incredible yesterday and applied the Phantom Skinz...However, there are fingerprints on the sticky side of the protector that are now very visible. We made sure our hands were clean, and kept our fingers wet while applying...Anyone offer any advice or tricks to get this perfect?

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General :: How To Get Perfect Viewer From Phone To PC

Sep 6, 2012

How can I get Perfect Viewer from phone to PC

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Perfect GPS Accuracy System

Sep 27, 2010

Im wondering now if the GPS problem is really a problem with the way the individual phone is "tuned" at the factory, Its not the software thats for sure. I'm sure I have the same software as everyone else and my other 4 handsets had. I noticed that all 4 prior phones had a varying degree of GPS accuracy. This one #5 is spot on and quick to "fix" in my locations. I have a large home and tested the handset in my house last night and watched it track me through the rooms with spot on accuracy without fail. So I say why is this phone different? It has to be the way its tuned at the factory, if you notice when you take the battery door off there are a bunch of little holes around the battery compartment these are manual tuning pots for various phone functions and I'm guessing one is for the GPS. If my handset is accurate there is no other reason besides bad final tuning of the GPS system causing another handset to be inaccurate. Now if my bottom 4 keys were only as sensitive as my GPS I would be totally happy with my Epic.

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General :: How To Get Perfect Sized Wallpaper For Nexus 7

Aug 30, 2012

I am trying to find out how to get the perfect sized wallpaper for my nexus 7. No matter what size I download, I always get the cross cropping tool android supplies.I know to manipulate images, but how do I find out what the exact resolution I need for my nexus 7.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Be Honest - Phone Is Not Perfect

Aug 17, 2010

The fact that I seem to spend all my time looking at this forum to solve problems with my X10, surely confirms what we are all thinking, it is not good! - Everyday there seems to be a new problem, now its the gmail / googlemail, my apps are still taking an age to download despite changing from googlemail to gmail. My wife has an iphone, not a drop of trouble. Think I am going to throw this in the bin (literally) and hot foot it down to the iphone store.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : Perfect Video Converter For Phone?

Jun 9, 2010

I cannot find a perfect video converter for my sony x10, can u guy tell me some software which perfectly converting sony x10 video?

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Android :: Design The Perfect Android Marketplace

Aug 15, 2010

Obviously a lot of people have noticed the market design could be better.How would the UI look? How would it be organized? What could you make customizable?

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Android :: SQLite - Works Perfect In 1.6 Emulator - Won't Work On The Phone - 2.2 - Or 2.0 - Emulator

Aug 6, 2010

I created a sqlite database to store playlists for a media player I am developing because of extended feature (rather than using the Content Provider). It works perfectly on the 1.6 emulator but FCs on anything higher than 2.0... what has changed that I need to know about as far as opening databases in SDK 2.0+? Here is the logcat.


Here is the dbhelper class


why can't stackoverflow just use tags like a normal syntax highlighter.

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Android :: How Do You Display Many Points On Map?

Jun 29, 2009

I understand the notion of overlays and all, but what if I want to display thousands of points on a map?The map becomes unresponsive after a few hundred OverlayItems are added.What's the best approach for doing this?

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