Android : Check And See Activity Exists?

May 20, 2010

Is there a way to check and see if an Activity exists on your device? If I have a youtube video link I want to specify it open in the YouTube PlayerActivity. However, I don't want to crash if for some reason they don't have it.

Is there a way to check and see if the activity exists? I don't think I can catch the runtime exception since startActivity() doesn't throw it.

Android : Check and see activity exists?

Android :: SQL Efficiently Check - An Association Exists

Nov 5, 2010

I have a database of notes and lists, with three association tables.
Basically, lists are parents of notes and other lists, and notes can be parents of other notes in a outline like hierarchy.

I am using this query to return all notes within a list as well as the number of subnotes each note has.


This query works just fine, but it's overkill. I don't need to return count(n2.note_id) as Num_Subnotes because I'm only using that value to check if the note has ANY SUBNOTES AT ALL. Essentially it's a boolean value where 0 is false and > 0 is true.

It seems to me that counting all those records is a waste of time when I could just return 1 after finding the first matching value.

Is there a more efficient way to check if count(n2.note_id)>0 in the above query?

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Android :: Launching Activity From Status Bar Creates New Activity / Even When One Already Exists

Nov 9, 2010

I have an activity that starts a long-running service which in turn adds an icon to the status bar. When the activity gets invisible, e.g. by pressing the Home button, and the pressing the icon in the status bar a new activity is created instead of showing the already created activity. If you now press the back button the new activity is destroyed and the activity created in the first place gets visible. How do I make the invisible activity brought to front when pressing the icon in the status bar instead of creating a new activity?

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Android :: Reload An Activity That Exists Within A TabView?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a Tabview with 3 tabs (each having their own activity). I have a tab that parses a RSS feed. How can I refresh this feed via a menu button? I tried doing the following but I lose the tabs above of course.


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Android :: Check Streetview Exists Before Launching Streetview Intent?

Oct 5, 2010

Launching a Streetview intent for a location doesn't guarantee that a Streetview exists for that location. If the Streetview doesn't exist, the user just sees a black screen that spins. Is there a way to programmatically check if it exists before launching the Streetview intent?

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Samsung Behold 2 :: No Update File Exists Message When I Check Update Firmware

Mar 2, 2010

The version of the software that is most current is version 6 (the phone shipped with version 3).

To ascertain version: Go to Dialer/Hit Star/#9999#

You will see the PDA; Phone; and Software Version numbers in this section
The T939xxxx6 for PDA AND PHONE and then
Software Version - ending in .006 on the last line.

I was told that the reason that I keep seeing the "No update file exists" message when I check "update firmware" is because I have the latest version.

At some point my phone was updated without giving me a message. I did notice the red and blue arrows yesterday. But there was no message. My SD card mounted and dismounted on its own and gave an error message, and then all references to the error and SD card disappeared.

If your phone is/has exhibited this sort of behavior, you may already have the update.

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Android :: How To Check If Activity Is Current Activity Running In Screen

Jul 16, 2010

I used Toast to make notification, but it seems it will appear even its activity is not in the current screen and some other activity has been started.I want to check this situation, when the activity is not the current one, I'd not send the Toast notification. But how to do ?

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Android :: Querying SQLite DB In Android Activity - Saying No Column Found - Although It Exists

Aug 10, 2010

See title for explanation.

Here is the method I'm using:


And here is the call to the method:


Why it would be throwing the "No Column Found with name=Test", although my DB explorer shows there is indeed a column named name and a value in a row named Test?

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Android :: Activity Check Service To Start Another Activity

Sep 10, 2010

I need to made an activity (without layout) that on start check if a service is running. if it is true it starts Activity2, if it false it starts Activity1.

I tried with this code:


Enter code here

But when I check, in the onCreate method, if serviceConnect!=null I receive sometime a NullPointerExcption.

I tried also to insert the operation in the method onCreate in an Async Task:


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Android :: How To Check Activity Is Running Or Not?

Jul 15, 2010

I want to show a progress dialog on the screen if the activity is showing. But when the activity window is not showing, it will not do anything. Please suggest, how do i check whether my activity is showing or not?

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Android :: Check For Other AlertDialogs In An Activity?

Oct 12, 2010

How do I check whether there are any AlertDialogs on the screen programmatically?

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Android :: Check Activity Stack From Service?

Aug 19, 2010

I have an app that starts a service, then starts another activity previously selected by the user. Everything works on my app except I'm trying to get the service to kill itself, after it leaves the other activity without it having to come back to my activity. I've looked everywhere to see if anyone knows how to peek() search() the Activity Stack from a Service. Another way of wording is to check the foreground process from a service.

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Check In Android When Application (not Activity) Going To Closed?

Apr 28, 2014

How to check in android when application (not Activity) going to closed?

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Android :: How To Check Whether Browsable Activity Is Present (installed ) Or Not?

Nov 19, 2010

I am calling my application from clicking on button in web-page. I made that activity as BROWSABLE. It is working fine when I open that web-page in android emulator and click on button; i.e. it is opening the application. Now, I want to whether that activity is present or not in my emulator i.e. it is installed or not, by clicking on button... How can I check that?

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Android :: Check If Any Items On History / Activity Stack?

Nov 16, 2009

I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to see if there is anything on the history stack so I can programatically display a Back button or not.

I tried getting the RunningTaskInfo to get the num of activities but it doesn't seem to work quite right for what I need. Does anyone know of another way?

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Android :: Check Condition Inside OnCreate() Of Activity And Display An AlertDialog?

Aug 18, 2010

I am new to Android and this is my first question here so please go easy on me.

Is it possible to check some condition inside onCreate() of an Activity and display an AlertDialog?

I am creating an AlertDialog anonymously in Oncreate() and calling show on that instance but the AlertDialog is never displayed.

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Android :: Unable To Select - Check - Check Box In CheckboxView

May 21, 2009

I've got the following row xml file which consists of CheckboxView and TextView;


When the app run, i'm unable to "tick" any of the check boxes...

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Android :: Checking Whether DB Exists

Aug 25, 2009

I would like to check whether there is any direct API available to check whether a particular Database exists or not ?

Currently, to initialize data for the first time (not repeatedly), we try of open the db and if it fails we know the database does not exists otherwise it is already created and initialized.

Is there any simple API available to check whether DB exists or not ?

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Android :: Calendar App Exists In SDK 1.5

Jun 19, 2009

I couldn't find Calendar application in the emulator, is there any plug-in to have all the applications enabled in emulator?

If Calendar app exists, what is the service API for Calendar application supported by android.

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Android :: Query If DB Exists

Aug 2, 2010

I have created a database for my android app which contains static data and does not require update/delete functionality thus when the app starts, I want to check if the db exists and if not then execute my dbAdapter class. I know its a simple if statement but I was just wondering the most efficient way to query whether the db exists.

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Android :: Test If File Exists

May 7, 2010

I'm trying to open a file in android like this:


But in case the file does not exists a file not found exception is thrown . I'd like to know how could I test if the file exists before attempting to open it.

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Android :: Test If ContentProvider Exists

Jun 1, 2010

How can I test if there's a ContentProvider for a Uri ?

I'm currently doing a query on it and checking for a null cursor, but that generates an error in the system log each time, which I don't like to do.

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Android :: Detect If The PendingIntent Already Exists Or Not

Jun 22, 2010

I used AlarmManager to set the pending intent.

I need to find out the state of the pending intent, in other word, is this pending intent working or not. Boz i may need to cancel this pending intent, but before canceling it i want to make sure it's active.

But i see no function in AlarmManager can read this status.

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Android :: Valid Network Exists

Dec 23, 2009

I am struggling to find a way to determine if a valid network is available to an app. specifically, if there's a problem making a network connection, i would like to be determine if it's on the client (app) side, or a problem with the remote server. i happen to be attempting a URL connection (using http client) and the wide and varied possible exceptions don't seem like a reliable method. for example, when the network is down on the phone, i received "unknown host exception", which doesn't really indicate the root cause ... it's possible to get that exception with a valid network connection also. at other times i get other exceptions, such as socket exception. is there a way to ask the phone if it's network ready? the other option i thought was to ping a known good server to see if it responds ... with an IP address. kind of a heavy weight option and not foolproof.

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Android :: System Gestures Exists

Dec 4, 2009

Need some information on Gestures. How does android treat Operations like Fling which are at device level? Are they treated as Gestures? I am not able to see any gesture listner code in Launcher (Home screen ) application. If i want to change ( add/remove/modify ) the behaviour of Fling operations where i should start looking in the android code base?

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Android :: Head First Book Exists

Aug 3, 2010

I am a big fan of Head First Series. so is there any Head First Android Book exists?

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Android :: Record Exists - In Database

Mar 4, 2010

I am looking to the fastest and the correct way to check if a record exists in the database:


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Android :: Name Already Exists In The Workspace Eclipse

Sep 22, 2010

I have already created this project, but I wanted to start over. deleted the HelloAndroid folder from my workspace folder restarted Eclipse now I can't create a project with the same name, because Finish is greyed out, and it gives me the following message: A project with that name already exists in the workspace eclipse

How can I completely delete my old HellowAndroid project from Eclipse?

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Android :: To Mock Sqlite3 Cursor When No Db / Table Exists?

Sep 16, 2010

I am using a ContentProvider for caching results from a web-service query. It is an HTTP request and the response content is XML. Most of the data is cached, so I simply query the DB, if not found, request from webservice, insert in DB and requery the DB. Thus the response is always a Cursor from SQLiteDatabaseHelper.
I have one result set that is not stored in the DB and since it is 100% transient, but I would like to provide the appearance of it coming from the DB's Cursor. Is there an easy way to do this? For example, if I could project it onto the cursor with a cursor.setValue("string", objectValue) or some other existing implementation.
If not, I will either bypass the DB for this content result, or stuff it into a trivial table that is constantly reused.

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Android :: Signature Widget (painter) - Does It Exists In Droid?

Jun 20, 2010

I want an widget that one can sign on it on the touch screen its ambivalent to painter so is there a way using the painter in my application?

i want it too fit the 2.1 version does it exist ?

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