Android :: Android Cupcake Support Widget Run Enviroment Like WRT - WebRunTime - Symbian

Apr 22, 2009

Does Android support Widget run enviroment like WRT (WebRunTime)of Symbian?

Android :: Android cupcake support Widget run enviroment like WRT - WebRunTime - Symbian

Android :: RTSP Streaming Support On Cupcake

Apr 21, 2009

I am doing development on RSTP streaming on cupcake. I want know more clear about it, so my question is, which version of 3GPP PSS has been support on cupcake, R4, R5 or R6?

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Android :: How To Support Multi Touch Of Cupcake?

Dec 3, 2009

Is there anyone know how to add multi-touch function in cupcake? I found that linux kernel 2.6.30 had a new multi-touch protocl, did that mean I must upgrade my kernel to be 2.6.30+?

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Android :: Cupcake Support Webview With Gears

Apr 13, 2009

Does anyone know whether Android 1.5 SDK supports Gears supported Apps?

Currently release 1.1, supports Gears only on the browser application and we are not able to implement Gears application on WebView.

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Android :: Bluetooth Profile Support In Cupcake

Feb 25, 2009

The roadmap for cupcake states that it now supports the Bluetooth A2DP & AVRCP profiles. Since the Bluetooth API was ripped out of 1.0 does that mean that these are the only profiles supported? Or are there any other profiles currently supported?

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Android :: Video Call Support At Cupcake Version

Mar 31, 2009

Accroding to GregS's "Announcing OpenCORE 2.0 release" mention, video telephony (a.k.a. 2way) engine is supported by OpenCORE 2.0. but he(?) was not sure that is included at Cupcake version.

So, can I get information about any progress for supporting video telephony service? like, whether video telehpony service is supported at Cupcake or any other version.

And where can I get any document about OpenCORE 2.XXX release?

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Android :: Handle Orientation Change For A Cupcake Widget?

Jun 19, 2009

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but how do you handle orientation changes for a Cupcake desktop widget?When it is initially created, the onUpdate method of my AppWidgetProvider calls views.setOnClickPendingIntent(buttonID, pendingIntent) to register for my button events, but when the orientation changes, new buttons are created and I don't have an opportunity to re-register the "onClick" listeners. What is the proper way to do this?

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Android :: Does Android 1.5 Cupcake Support Wma Decoder?

Sep 9, 2009

I pushed some wma files to emulator yesterday,and I found all of these music files can be played well by music player. So I was confusing. I found that Android 1.5 didn't support wma codec announcing in SDK document. I also didn't find wma decoder in PV OMX. How does this happened?

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Android :: How To Read Sensors From Home Screen Widget (1.5 Cupcake)?

Aug 11, 2009

I am having a difficult time figuring out a way to read the sensor data from a home screen widget. I can successfully create a home screen widget that extends AppWidgetProvider. I can successfully create a stand-alone application that reads sensor data (extends Activity). What seems to be impossble (for me) is combining them into a home screen widget that reads sensor data. The classes that you have to use, like SensorManager, SensorListener all seem to require an Activity which the AppWidgetProdiver doesnt have. I have also tried keeping my sensor data reader in a separate class that extends Activity and then instantiating that class in my widget. Makes sense in my head but no data is ever read from the sensors.

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Android :: Need Widget That Support Social Networks

Nov 17, 2009

Is there any widget in the market that supports all major social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter). Sort of like that "happening" widget for the hero?

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Android :: News Widget - Multiple Homescreen Support

Jul 27, 2010

I've just switched to launcherpro from sense, and the one thing I miss is the news widget. On sense in had three full page widgets devoted to it, and I need a replacement! Requirements are:

Full page widget
Multiple homescreen support
Simple aesthetics
Customisable news feeds

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Android :: Home Screen Widget Support Auto Rotation

Mar 9, 2010

I am working on a home screen widget. I hope this widget can support auto rotation. For example, if the phone is in portrait mode, I want this home screen widget to be 2 cell * 2 cell on the home screen; if the phone is in landscape mode, I want this home screen widget changes be 3 cell * 1 cell on the home screen.

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Android : Droid Home Screen Widget Support Background Selector In A TextView?

Nov 4, 2010

I have a TextView in my home screen widget. Can I use the following selector as the background of the TextView so the TextView can be highlighted when clicked? I know I can do it in Activity, but I am not sure about home screen widget.code...

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Android :: Install Application Like Symbian / WINMO OS?

Jul 14, 2010

Since i am new in android OS just to ask when i install application at market the app directly install at phone memory .my question is can this app we install to memory card l ikesymbian OS and WINMO OS?

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Android : Internet Radio App Similar To Nokia IR On Symbian?

Apr 29, 2010

Can anyone recommend an app to listen to actual internet radio stations rather than creating your own playlists?

I'm used to using the Nokia Internet Radio app on Symbian S60 which let you save your favourite stations from a choice of hundreds and start playing straight away by clicking on the shortcut. I've looked at Last FM and while it's probably very good, it's not really what I want. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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General :: File Manager With Widget Support?

Jan 29, 2012

Any file manager app that also has widget functionality? There are a few folders on my SD Card that I occasionally need to access (I currently use Root Explorer for this), which have various types of files in them. I would like to place a widget on one of my home screens so that I can directly have the file manager open up to a desired folder location.

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Android :: All SYMBIAN Based End Devices Accept Java Language Applications

Mar 25, 2009

All SYMBIAN based end devices accept Java language Applications

(i)Does this mean that the applications made for Android would run in S60 ,without any modifications?

(ii)If not then what exactly we mean when we say the above statement? Is there any web link to which I can refer to?

(iii)What are the coding guidelines that we need to follow so that an Android application can be ported on S60 with minimum changes?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Handset Widget Support

Feb 28, 2010

Reading the new hands on over at Tech Radar has got me pretty excited about the X10 - seems a remarkable beast. But they seem to suggest a lack of widget support on the device - leaving me in a quandery, I love the widget support of the HTC Hero (and its successors), but am truly tempted by the X10s larger screen, its Racheal/Time/Mediascape UI and camera technology.So far, has anyone noticed support for widgets on the device? Obviously certain widgets are redundant with Time/Mediascape, but news, weather widgets are a big draw for me.

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Android :: Android IPhone Symbian And Windows Mobile Development Learning Material

Jul 24, 2010

I would like to ask all of you if you know any good books, articles etc ... on development for these mobile platforms. I'm looking for learning material where the whole technology, OSes and development is discussed in great detail so i could gain a deeper understanding of the system as a whole.

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Android :: Symbian To Android Wifi Or Network Access Application

Sep 11, 2010

Having seen similar threads i know im not the only ex symbian user, not that i didnt enjoy my time with it but its time to move on! ive tried to see if this question has been repeated elsewhere but i couldnt so i do apologise if i missed it!

on my previous symbian devices n95 and 5800 if i used an app that required web access be that wifi or over the network it always asked me if i wanted to allow this, and i thought it was a good feature. now i just got a HTC desire and for financial reasons couldnt get an unlimited data plan from o2 in the uk just yet otherwise id be happy to let it be on all the time.

now it seems that if you want devices to connect you either have the wifi on or off, same for the mobile network. does anyone know if there is a setting or app or anything in the pipeline that might emulate this symbian function? maybe its me just being a bit funny but i found that level of control good and it didnt mean i had to go backwards and forwards turning stuff on and off. if its not possible im sure ill get used to it but it would be a good feature!

secondly i have a Ford Focus euro model with a built in bluetooth hands free to the stereo, a factory fitted option which i believe uses a nokia Bluetooth module (stereo is sony) now this really is a minor quibble but on the old phones when the bluetooth was on any incoming calls would push the ringtone through the speakers untiill i answered it

using the desire the phone still rings normally with whatever ringtone i have but it pushes a plain ring ring through the speakers, anyone know a way to change that? or mute the phone when it rings and just push the ring through the stereo?

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Android :: Android Vs Symbian - Differences - Pros And Cons

Feb 4, 2010

I have a Nokia E71 (Symbian S60 v3) and am considering moving to either a Nokia N97 mini (Symbian S60 v5) or to Android, probably a Motorola Milestone/Droid.

What are the main differences between the two systems?

My priorities are a good battery life, a good push email system via imap idle, good PIM and sync to google calendar and maybe RememberTheMilk for tasks. I don't care about facebook, myspace, etc

I also like to organize my contacts into groups and I understand Android is better for this.

I know these discussions can degenerate into flames or some sort of "religion wars" (e.g. Windows vs Linux) but I'm only really interested in an honest comparison between the two systems. Much to my surprise, I could find very little on the web.

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Android :: J2ME VS Android VS IPhone VS Symbian VS Windows CE

Sep 12, 2009

I have very little idea about mobile platform, though I am interested to program for mobile platform. Would you please compare between J2ME VS Android VS iPhone VS Symbian VS Windows CE. I would like to know which one is better, and if there is any VM technology to test the programs. Which one should I choose and why? Is there any IDE, debugging facilities?

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Android :: Posible To Port Android For A Symbian Phone

Oct 19, 2010

I have a Symbian based phone with a ARM Cortex-A8 processor (SonyEricsson Vivaz) and was thinking on how hard would it be to try and port the Android OS for it. Obviously Android runs on a myriad of devices with different hardware so I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it to SE hardware. Could some one give me a clue where to start or if this is even undertakable...

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Android :: SDK Download Links For Blackberry - Android And Symbian

Nov 16, 2010

I am looking for the sdk links of Blackberry, Android and Symbians mobiles, so that I can make applications on these platforms.

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Android :: Porting Android Code To Symbian

Jul 4, 2009

I find it a interesting proposition to port applications from Android to Symbian and improve a mobile app's popularity and usage. I am sure that I will find multiple results using a google search on this topic. But any recommendations from where I should start ?

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Android :: What Came Before Cupcake?

May 20, 2010

I have tried finding the names of the Android OS prior to 1.5 (cupcake), but no luck. Did Google give "A" and "B" versions of the OS dessert names or did that start with cupcake?

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HTC Desire :: Way To Configure Calendar App In Phone Like In Symbian?

Oct 26, 2010

I recently bought a HTC Desire.(was a loyal nokia fan till now ) . It was difficult to get used to the android version of the calendar app, which syncs with google calendar etc etc.. But my question is - is it possible to create a calendar event - like in symbian OS , where you can choose - Event , Anniversary , Task (To Do) . Issue is , I have a lot of Bday reminders, and they are not exactly "ALL DAY events" and neither do i need a reminder set for that. I prefer the symbian way where its displayed on ur home screen - on that particular day for the entire day. Is such a setting (may be using another app) possible in Android ?

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Android :: Building Cupcake For G1

Dec 1, 2009

I've G1 dev phone. Earlier I upgraded it to 1.5 using HTC website. Now I want to customize (make some changes to ) source code and keep the changes running on G1 phone. I wanna go with cupcake release. Could any body please give me some pointers. If I download cupcake source code from android website and do 'make' for which target it will generate the images ?[Emulator or G1 phone etc.,]

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Android :: RTP Streaming With Cupcake

Jun 17, 2009

Is RTP streaming known to be working on Cupcake devices? I have not been able to start an RTP multimedia session with my G1 since Cupcake upgrade. It was working before the upgrade, e.g. by using the VideoView class and providing an RTSP URL. But the same test which was working before fails now. The RTSP OPTIONS and DESCRIBES exchanges are OK, and then there is a "PVMFFailure" in the Log, and a popup saying "Sorry, this Video can't be played".(Note: I removed a similar message that I sent yesterday because it contained broken links)

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Android :: Cupcake And Bluetooth?

May 14, 2009

I'm considering an Android phone, but I'm a little worried about the restrictions on Bluetooth.Can someone confirm what's been 'fixed', and what restrictions remain after the Cupcake update? I've seen a lot of mixed information floating around the net.

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