Android :: Alternate GBA Emulators Besides Gameboid?

Jul 17, 2010

I'm extremely agitated that Gameboid won't play Golden Sun 2; the only reason I bought the app was to beat this game. But I guess it's partially my fault since I should have checked beforehand.

Anyways, that leaves me with the question of what to do. Is there any other emulator, free or paid, that exists for the V1.6? Anything at all?

Android :: Alternate GBA emulators besides gameboid?

Games :: Iphone Emulators Vs Android Emulators

Apr 10, 2010

I know that iphone users can jail break to get the old school emulators and I think that by now, there are some emulators in the apple market. My question is on a couple levels...

- Without jailbreaking, can you get roms on the iphone for free?

- If so how?

- How well does the on screen controller work

- Is the small screen you have to use on the iphone emu an issue?

Also add any feedback you like and your opinion as well. I'm just curious that's all. Hopefully one of you has experience in this field

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Games :: Gameboid Vs Gameboid Lite

Jan 2, 2010

Question concerning the gameboid app. What exactly is the difference between it and gameboid lite? It is just that you can save games in the paid app? I downloaded the rom for FF tactics advance and realized i couldn't save my progress, will this change if i spend the $4 on the paid version? Also are there any other perks to actually buying the application?

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Android :: Gameboid

Dec 12, 2009

Downloaded the app, and realize that you have to make a folder and download gba_bios.bin and put it in that folder with games. However ive downloaded at least 10 different websites gba_bios.bin and when i try to open it, my computer( its a pc, not mac) doesn't know how to so i cant put it into the folder i made.

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Android :: Newest Version Of GameBoid?

Sep 19, 2010

Anyone who knows which GameBoid version is the newest one?

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Android :: Alternate SMS Sender

Aug 3, 2010

Is there any way to hook a plugin in the default SMS messaging application so that it invokes our code for sending SMS. Can our app become an alternate SMS sender for default Messaging sending operations.

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Android :: Need Alternate Keyboard?

Jan 31, 2010

I have the Droid, and was wondering what the best Alternate Application for a Keyboard is? And I need it to be 100% safe, I am pretty skeptical about using apps such as a keyboard app since it could possibly remember what you type and steal passwords, etc.

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Android :: Any Alternate To TextView?

Jul 1, 2010

I m new to android application development. I made a project on getting feeds of sites. I displayed the title and description of feeds in textview which is not looking very presentable. Is there any alternate to it? I just need my application to look a bit presentable.

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Android :: Gameboid - Load BIOS Failed

Jul 15, 2010

I downloaded the gameboid for my droid. I also downloaded some roms for it that a friend who has the gameboid suggested. I also downloaded the bios required and out them in the same folder i made for them
when i open my gameboid it directs me to that folder , but when i click either the bios or the roms it says, ". The BIOS must be specified in the settings" I didn't see this in any othedr forumn
I have the samsung moment from Sprint.

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Android :: Gameboid Can't Detect Bois / Solution For This?

Aug 9, 2010

My phone won't detect the bios file on my SDcard. I downloaded the bois, the files named gba_bios.bin, and it's in a folder on the card called "roms". Neither Gameboid or file manager can find the file. But when i hook my phone up to my PC, it's right there where I copied it. anyone have this problem?

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Android :: Alternate Music Players

Jan 23, 2010

Got a Droid Eris, love Sense, don't really like the music player. Too laggy for me, I tried Mixzing, and also is too slow. Anyone else have any other players that are speedy?

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Android :: Emailing Out Apk For Alternate Markets

Sep 7, 2010

I keep getting emails from people and companies wanting to release my Android app on various alternative markets, and often they want me to send them (or upload on their website) my apk. What are the risks involved with this, how much can someone reverse engineer my app from the apk? How many other developers release their app on places that aren't the android market? Is it a fairly common practice?

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Android :: Alternate Streaming App For Droid?

Mar 16, 2010

I was just wandering if anyone knows of an alternative streaming app? I want to try a different one to see how it performs,currently every stream i open (my mobile tv service) uses HTC's streaming media player, if there is an alternative could i set it to the default player so it uses the new app for my streams?

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Android : Alternate Emulator Keyboards

Feb 10, 2010

I'm trying to diagnose an issue with the hardware keyboard for the Motorola CLIQ (among other phones with a 3-row hardware keyboard), but seeing as my device has a 4-row keyboard, it's impossible to reproduce the problem users are having. Are there any alternate keyboard layouts for the emulator out there, or will I have to roll my own? I've looked at the layout file for the skins, and it seems like a lot of work, so I wanted to make sure I'm not doing a lot of work I don't need to do first.

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Android :: Alternate Implementations Of Controls And Containers

Sep 12, 2010

I've seen specialized Android UI libraries like for charting, but none for alternate implementations of controls and containers.

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Android :: Homescreen Widget Alternate Between Textviews?

Jul 1, 2010

I'm trying to create a homescreen Android widget and have it alternate between two different textviews I would send to it. Is this possible?

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Android :: No Alternate Video Recording Apps?

Sep 29, 2010

Is it really true, that there isn't any 3rd party video recording apps available for the Android platform?iPhone has got several really cool ones (Vintage Video Maker etc.)!

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Android :: Alternate Line Service - (ALS - Support

Sep 8, 2009

The ALS allows a sim to have two phone numbers registered to it and gives the ability to the user to choose from which line (1/2) s/he wants to make a phonecall or send an sms/mms. Also allows for any of the two lines to receive calls without having to turn the one off first.

Most old school mobile phones support this feature. Does android support ALS natively and if not do we have any idea if this is a planned feature? Also would it be possible for this to be coded as an application?

ALS on wikipedia:

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Android : Need Alternate Music Player For Phone

Oct 9, 2010

what is a good alternate music player for my droidx?

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Android :: How To Communicate Between Two Emulators?

Nov 24, 2010

my machine is running window 7.i want to communicate bw two android emulators running on same machine.Emulator 1 is listening on some ip when emulator two tries to create Socket socket = new Socket ("",8080);it gives exception, unable to connect to any know how to solve this problem??

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Android :: PS3 Controller For Emulators

Sep 17, 2010

Haven't been able to find an answer to this. But can my DUALSHOCK 3 be used to play games on my Captivate. Games emulated via apps like NESOID and PSX.

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Android :: Why Not Standard Emulators?

Jan 13, 2010

I'm new to Android, but have published iphone and bberry apps.I see that I have to create an emulator using the SDK, before I can write and test an app. Why are there no default emulators? Why not at least a Nexus one, or HTC hero emulator shipped with the product? Sure its supposed to be flexible, but why not make it easy to create hello world and play around with a virtual Android phone? Both blackberry and iphone come with default simulators when you download the sdk.

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Two Android Emulators In Eclipse?

Apr 5, 2012

Is there any way to run two android emulators in eclipse with both the emulators of different versions? like one of 2.3 other of 4??

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Android :: RAC Traffic Application - Managed To Use Alternate Route

Oct 18, 2010

I'd just like to sing the praises of the RAC Traffic app. It's bloody useful, especially for those who have a commute along the British motorways. Last week, I set off towards the M40 in Warwickshire and hit a bit of traffic. Unusual for 7:35am along that route. The traffic started building up and I started to panic in-case I was late for work. So, I got the Wildfire out, loaded the RAC Traffic app and had a look. 90 minute delays on the M40 Southbound. As I was going North, I stayed in the traffic jam. Needless to say, where the roundabout was that split the North and South traffic there was absolutely no traffic going my way.

Extremely useful as I stopped panicking and just listened to Last FM (via Bluetooth). It happened again this weekend, too! We were going on a trip (around 45 minute drive) and we hit traffic. Got the phone out, looked at the traffic, and managed to use an alternate route through the residential areas using my SatNav. I'd strongly recommend this application to anyone who has to do a bit of driving/has a lengthy commute.

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Games :: Gameboid M&L SS

Sep 1, 2010

I've been playing Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga for a few minutes and I got to the part in Bowser's ship where you learn to fight as a team. After I break the barrel and get attacked by a Goomba, the game freezes at the battle transition. I've tried skipping this battle, but so far, every battle makes the game freeze at the battle transition. Playing the PAL version, by the way.

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Games :: Gameboid

Mar 20, 2010

I downloaded like 5 BIOS files and pu them in a separate folder. I still can't specify it help

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Android :: Snesoid And Srm Saves - Not Using Savestates To Load - Save Games - Gameboid Uses .sav

Nov 29, 2009

Snesoid seems to solely rely on save state files and not on actual battery saves used on the original cartridges (.sav) files. These are also smaller in file size and using these instead of savestates makes it feel more like playing an SNES (not being able to use savestates) but relying on the games own way of saving your progress. These .srm battery saves are easy to find so it's much easier to load up my Super Mario Kart with special courses unlocked

Gameboid for GBA games uses the actual battery pack saves, .sav files...

So why isn't snesoid able to do this or am I doing something wrong? I use the Motorola Droid.

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Android :: Change Framework Assets With Alternate Home Screen

Sep 9, 2009

Could an alternate home screen app replace the assets such as s "menu_item_background_pressed.9.png" or "list_selector_background_focus.9.png", both found in frameworks/base/ core/res/res/drawable in the open source project? I have altered those by changing out the assets and recompiling.

But can I make it so the installation of the home screen will open up framework-res.apk, replace the asset, then re-package framework- res.apk? I realize this would then have broad ramifications, but just wondering if it could be done. thanks.

Also wondering if a alt home screen app, can replace icons of core apps, such as Contacts, etc.

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Android :: How Well Do Emulators Work On Hero?

Feb 13, 2010

All of the reviews seem to be about the Nexus.

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Android :: Emulators - Games Are All Lagging

Oct 16, 2010

I'm gonna be honest here... When I found out that i could have GBA and SNES emulators on my android, I made up my mind. I tryed it out a bit on my friend's Motorola Flipout and was working just perfectly. However, on my own Flipout, the games are all "laggy". Not to mention the music which plays one note every 1 second or so... bummer. I know it's not the ROM, for i have tested with the same one my friend used... so I'm guessing it's a setting in either the phone or the emulator. Any adeas? ps: I'm using the free versions of the gameboid and snesoid

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