Android :: API Or JARs For Display Charts?

Jul 21, 2010

I want display pie chart in android. Is there is any chart API or JARs available.

Android :: API or JARs for display Charts?

Android :: Draw Graphs (Bar Charts / Pie Charts)

Jan 12, 2010

I want to draw a graph/chart to represent some data.I tried to do it.Buti have no idea and i didnt find solution in googling also. Please if anybody have worked with drawing Bar charts/Pie charts.

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Android :: Way To Use Api On Phone Without Dragging 2mb Of Jars?

Sep 19, 2010

Long story short: I'm trying to post comments and create issues onto Google Code via an Android App called Abugadro.

I followed a very similar piece of code here:

When trying to post a comment onto the API, I've gotten various errors like 403 and 501 depending on the headers I use. Anyway, Code talks, so here's my piece:

HttpPost postRequest = new HttpPost(""+projName+"/issues/"+issueId+"/comments/full");

postRequest.setHeader("Authorization", "GoogleLogin auth=" + auth);
postRequest.addHeader("User-Agent", "abugadro-v"+getResources().getString(R.string.version));
postRequest.addHeader("GData-Version", "1.0");
//postRequest.addHeader("If-Match", "*");//Not entirely sure if I should use this or not HttpEntity se = new StringEntity(xml,"UTF-8"); //Contains the comment info postRequest.setEntity(se);

The IssueTrackerAPI is very vague on what sort of headers I should be using to post correctly.

P.S. I know there's a gdata-java-client but there's no sane way to use that api on android without dragging ~2mb of jars.

I really appreciate your help, this issue has been driving me insane beyond comprehension.

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Android :: Possible To Have DroidManifest From Jars And Import Into Executable Droid Project?

Apr 1, 2010

Is it possible to have an AndroidManifest.xml and or resource files in a Jar file and import that into a executable Android project?

My goal is to provide styles, resources, and services from a jar library that can be accessed from a main android project for my common tools.

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Android :: Specify Lib Folder For JARs When Using Droid-generated Ant Build File?

Apr 9, 2010

I'm using an ant build file that has been generated by android. Our Android application requires a JAR file that lives inside the lib folder of our project, so I need to adjust the classpath that ant is using when it builds stuff.

When I run:

ant -lib lib debug

the project builds just fine, but this should really be inside the build file itself. The build file that android generates references the android_rules.xml so a lot of this stuff is automated. I guess my question, what the best practice here when working with the Android build rules ?

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Android :: Unit Testing Project Gets A NoClassDefFoundError For 3rd Party Jars

Oct 27, 2010

I'm trying to run unit tests on my Android app and I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError when referencing 3rd party jars.

The classes in those jars are only referenced by the app itself, not the unit tests. The jars are on the apps classpath and have been exported in the eclipse settings to allow tyhem to be found by dependant apps - which, of course, the test app is.

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Android :: Convert To Dalvik Format Failed When I Try To Add External Jars / Fix This?

Aug 22, 2010

I am using Zend Studio 7.2 as my main IDE. I develop android apps. I wanted to work with html parsers, however adding external jars I get always the same problem Converting to dalvik format failed and eclipse needs a lot of time to build workspace.

any ideas?

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Android :: How To Draw Charts?

Feb 16, 2010

I want to draw charts like pie charts to display stats in my Android app. As Android doesn't support Swing and AWT, i wonder how can i draw charts in Android? Please note that i don't want to use a third party tool.

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Android :: App Game Sales Charts

Mar 22, 2010

I tried E-mailing the staff of Phandroid about this, and didn't get a response about posting it on the site. However, I thought that it may be of interest to Android fans/developers looking for some viable statistics. The sales data are estimates, and we'd like feedback from developers on accuracy via our methodology.If you do have an app on the Android market place, we'd love to see how your stats compare to what we have in our data base - from what we've seen, most of our stats are within +/- 10% of actuals, but we're always looking for feedback!

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Android :: Making Statistical Charts?

Jun 14, 2010

I want to make some statistical charts in my android app and I dont know how to do them or what technology or library I can use. I have seen aiCharts but it is not free software (it's a payment solution) so I cannot use it. My goal is making free apps and I have no money for this.

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Passing Parameters - Launch Jars

Feb 28, 2012

I am working on a project that require porting a program from Linux to Android; I have been successful to make work the required equinox3.6(modified) on Android and to make call the osgi by the application itself, BUT through the adb shell, running a script that launches the files in the .jar. At this point I should create an activity.apk that includes everything and makes it work the same way.

More in details, until now I have uploaded some archives.jar (containing the classes.dex) in the emulator: two jars for the program itself, a jar for equinox, other jars for support.Then there is the that launches the main.class of my program passing it some parameters necessary to the program and to equinox to start; the main.class launches the equinox framework and then the program can load bundles and do its job.To make it clear here is the starting script:

/system/bin/dalvikvm -Xbootclasspath:/system/framework/core.jar -Xverify:none -Dosgi.debug=file:.options -Dosgi.framework=file: org.eclipse.osgi_3.6.0.v20100517.jar -Dosgi.install.area=file:/bundles/ dalvik_Core_Library-0.9.profile -Dosgi.parentClassloader=ext -Dnetserv.container.ctrlport=7001 -Dnetserv.container.serveripv4= -Dnetserv.container.user=jae -classpath org.eclipse.osgi_3.6.0.v20100517.jar:netservlaunch .jar NetServ.launch.Main -console -clean

I have been trying to create an activity that behaves similar to my script, but without any success.I added all my archives.jar to my project the way of "Add External jars" and tryed to launch the main.class as it was another activity, using Intent, and passed the parameters using putExtra(), but on the other side, in the jar of the program, I cannot retrieve and use the needed parameters, because it is not an apk..

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Android :: GalacticApps Presents - Top Music Charts

Aug 4, 2009

The application for music lovers!

Find the charts:
- Top 50 singles
- Top 50 albums
- Top 50 music videos
Top 50 in 18 countries: USA,UK,DE,FR,ES,NL,IT?
For each piece of music, find all related videos, and see the music videos directly on your phone! You can see screenshots on GalacticApps

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Android :: How To Create Touch Interactive Charts For Phone?

Apr 27, 2010

I need charts for my application where the user use gesture to redraw the charts in android. Could you suggest any charting API,tool or software which supports.

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Android :: Sony Ericsson OpenAPI Program Launches With TrackID Charts API And New WebSDK

Mar 22, 2010

The OpenAPI program enables developers to access Sony Ericsson's APIs and content from the company and content partners and build rich features and capabilities into their own applications.

Commencing with the TrackID Charts API, the program will extend to cover more innovations and content including the recently announced Creations service.

We have created a developer portal for the OpenAPI program at The portal provides a rich set of services for developers, including documentation, case studies, and reports on how SEMC APIs are being used in developers' applications.

To use our OpenAPIs, including the TrackID Charts API, simply:

1. Go to and register

2. Get the API documentation you need right there on the portal

3. Follow the procedure to get up and running

More information is available at

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HTC Incredible :: Navionics Mobile Out - Nautical Charts

May 28, 2010

Navionics Applications for Android

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How To Create Multiple Charts In Single View

Nov 22, 2011

i am creating an app for which i need to display multiple charts in single view.I am using achartengine library to create charts but i don't know how to merge and display 4 charts in single view.

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Android :: Create Pie Charts And Other Graphs In App Without Using Web Based Google Graphs API?

Jul 4, 2010

Just wondering, is there a way to create pie charts and other types of graphs in your application without using web based google graphs API?

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Android :: Display Title Bar Display Dynamically After Setting Content View?

May 4, 2010

Is it possible to disable title bar display dynamically after setting the content view by setting the NoTitlebar theme?

All the posts I have read told that any title bar changes we can make only before setContentView() call.

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Android :: Display Message Which Can Display Telephone Number As A Hyperlink

Sep 20, 2010

I am facing one problem in message view. Bacically what I need to do is in message view I want to mark any telephone number or web address in different color. Can anyone please tell me where exactly the text is been written in Message View? On clicking this items it should launch appropriate event. If anyone touches a telephone number it should launch the dialer or if it is a valid email address then it should launch the Compose message event and so on.

Another question is whether to display message is Android uses the WebView?

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Android :: Display The Rotating Progress Before Display The Data

Oct 30, 2010

I am dispalying some data by using sqlite .when i click on one button data come from database. It takes some time. At that time the screen is black .At that time I want to display the rotating spinner before the data dispaly.

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HTC Magic :: Text Display - Change To Display The Order In Which They Were Sent And Received

Jun 26, 2010

Hello there I have a problem regarding the new HTC Magic I purchased : in my text display where I read the conversations between me and my contacts... it has all of the messages I sent in 1 group together, and all of the messages my contacts have sent together. How do I change this to display the order in which they were sent and received? For example right now it is

ME : blahblahblah
ME : blahblahblah
ME : blahblahblah

You : blahblahblah
You : blahblahblah
You : blahblahblah

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Android :: VideoView Does Not Display On Entire Display Of Android Devices

Sep 29, 2010

I have an issue with displaying videos on android devices.When any video is displayed it does not take the entire screen size of device even though i have given android:layout_width="fill_parent".There will being some blank space on either sides.for eg.if i have a video of 480 by 320 it will work on 480 by 320 device fine but on a device like say Nexus one it wont take the entire display of device ,there will be some blanl spaces on two sides. Is this a default feature of android devices or is there a solution to resolve this ?Why does not the "fill_parent" attribute work?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: DISPLAY AREA Black Border Line Around Display Area

Nov 23, 2010

The display area of my SGS has been reduced there is now a black line (approximatively 1 millimeter thick) around the display now anything that should be displayed has been centered (a kind of)i have noticed that after press-holding the HOME BUTTON (to get to the task manager).even when the phone that black border is still there and it look like the screen has been pushed down the display is not now at the same level as the top-cover (or screen cover).I have used the factory reset but nothing has changed.My phone look horrible now.

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HTC EVO 4G :: EVo Display Vs Hero Display?

Jun 26, 2010

Just got my EVo yesterday and so far I love it, battery life isn't bad..about 11 hours today and 44% left...moderate use. Hopefully it stays that way.I will admit tho, the screen is nice a HUGE but it isn't near as sharp and pretty as my little hero, anyone else think it has a slight blurry look to it? Maybe I have a messed up display or something.why in the world did they remove the lockscreen wallpaper? I liked that, and now it's just a blank little screen with a slider on it...can we at least customize it more?

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Android :: Display On Map

Aug 18, 2009

i have two latitude and longitude. I want to display it on map in street view on phone. can some one tell me how can i do it ?

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Android :: How To Display XML?

Jan 15, 2010

Is it possible to display an xml file with all the tags in Webview or the Browser without first parsing the xml file?

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Android :: Display Pdf Within App ?

Mar 16, 2010

I realized that android is not able to display pdfs (in a webview or whatever) out-of-the-box.

So my question, are there any (os) jars or classes to display a pdf document within an app?

Has anybody experience with using some of the standard java pdf viewer libraries on Android?
The libraries don't need to be free, only usable with android phones.

I heard that itext got ported over to android. Has one of you did something with it yet?

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Android :: Using E-Ink Display?

Aug 6, 2009

I'm interested in using Android for a E-Ink based platform. I know it has been demonstrated once by MOTO, but I'm interested in using it for a commercial grade product and not 'just' a technology demo. I have got a question on the ability to change the platform to cope with specific display effect caused by E-Ink. I'm asking this question from the role of system architect and have no prior experience with Android.

E-ink has several characteristics which are very different than the common LCD displays:

time to update display (50-700ms)
it costs power to change the display (none to maintain)
display life time is determined by number of display updates!
tradeoffs can be made between quality, performance and display lifetime
grayscale versions available

The great thing: it costs no power to retain display information and they can be read in bright sunlight with no backlight. Also the display can be literally as thin as paper...

This means that the platform software needs to have a degree of control over the number of display updates and the type of display updates to get the best performance. Otherwise, an application which is unaware of the display characteristics could quickly drain the battery, or worse, shorten display life time to months instead of years. Conceptually I'd be interested in replacing a display driver, but I'm not sure if this part is open. I know it is hard to get info on the Qualcomm chipsets....

My question: can this be done? Can the Android platform be modified to support a drastically different display effect? Any pointers to an android roadmap?

The reason I find Android interesting for this application is because there is a significant overlap in functionality (from cell phone to browser).

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Android :: How To Display An ArrayList?

Sep 9, 2009

I'm new to android developing and I've done a function which return an arraylist type ArrayList<ArrayList>. I would like to display this arraylist for see if my function work.

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Android :: Best Display For Loaded UI

Apr 13, 2010

I have a huge UI, in which I have about 300 to 500 rows of data (Horizontal Linear Layout), with each row containing 3 to 4 views. If I load all the UI at once, it takes a long time. How best I can display this UI?

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