Sprint HTC Hero :: Latest Rom Releases

Dec 28, 2009

Let's make a Sticky about Most recently released Roms.As they are released, if people would list them here and a link to their location, that would be excellent!

Sprint HTC Hero :: Latest rom releases

Sprint HTC Hero :: Latest 2.1 ROM Leak - With How-to Video

May 15, 2010

Latest HTC Hero 2.1 ROM leak [with how-to video] | DroidDog Android Blog

check it out. I am running 2.1 without rooting and took about 5 minutes.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Able To Update Phone To Latest OTA After Rooting?

Jan 4, 2010

I have rooted my phone just to delete some of the sprint crap apps. Now my question is since I did not flash a custom ROM on to my device will I be able to update the phone when Sprint releases the OTA Update or will I have to use the RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_1.56.651.2_signed_release.exe to put my phone back to factory stock. (Also can I just do a hard reset to accomplish the same thing).

The Apps I removed:
Sprint Nascar
Amazon Mp3

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Battery Life On Latest Leak

May 18, 2010

I have to tell you, I am getting hella better battery life out of the leaked update versus 1.5 on the Hero. I am sitting at 1.5 days since last charged, and am at 50% battery. On the old firmware, I am possibly close to dead at this point. I wonder if the native support in 2.1 for the Sprint network is making that large a difference, or if wiping the phone somehow purged an energy guzzler from my machine. Whatever it is, I wondered if anyone else who updated is noticing a similar gain in battery longevity.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Anyone Else Still Showing Rev 0 / Fixed In Latest Update?

May 23, 2010

When you know damn good and well you're in a Rev A area?

Supposedly this was just a "glitch" with some of the Heros, but surely it was fixed in the latest update?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Long Restart After Upgrading To The Latest Damage Rom

May 25, 2010

I have been running Damages Rom for a while. I like the Rom and have been upgrading as the releases have come out. I worked a lot of hours and skipped a coiple before the last one. I flashed the update with a wipe, took 30min. first boot like it was supposed to. Takes 15 every time since. I've not found any mention of this in the forums. Is it just my phone or are there others?

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HTC : What Will Happen When GSM Hero 2.1 Releases With Regards To Rooted Phones?

May 20, 2010

Will people smarter than me be able to create an exact replica of the HTC rom that suitable for flashing onto phones that boot the recovery image, so it retains the recovery image? (and thus keeping open the possibility of moving a any future homebrew 2.2 images etc). ill people smarter than me be able to extract the radio firmware for updating?Whilst i'm reasonably happy with the current hacked firmwares, they are all quite buggy in places, and would love to pickup something that is IDENTICAL to stock, aside from giving me root and the ability to change again in the future...

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HTC Hero :: Latest HTC Sense And Android 2.1

Feb 16, 2010

Latest HTC Sense and Android 2.1 Coming to all HTC Hero Devices. Quote:

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HTC Hero :: Latest Firmware Update

Jan 13, 2010

Can anyone give me a link to the area where the latest download for the latest firmware is please?I've seen various sites,but I'm not certain which is the latest.

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HTC Hero :: Use New Tmobile Rom Or Latest Rom On Rooted?

Oct 8, 2009

my g2/hero is currently rooted i did this as i couldnt wait for tmobile to release the latest rom update as ive been trying to fix my signal issues, 2 bar is the norm 3 bars is rare and 4 bars well that would be a miracle as in the 2 months of ownership ive only had 4 bars once. but my question is even though my hero is rooted is it ok to use either the new tmobile rom or the latest htc rom on a rooted hero as at the moment im using the macado rom (excuse the spelling) i thought this might of help my signal but it has remained the same. so i thought id give the htc or tmoble rom a try but i dnt want to unroot my hero as i like being able to have my apps on the sd card.

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HTC Hero :: Latest - No Sync Icon With Vista

Sep 20, 2009

ive downloaded latest htc cync but it doesnt connect. it recognises usb storage device but no sync icon and i cant click on 'sync now' either.

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HTC Hero :: Getting Latest Firmware Updates For Vodafone

Jan 9, 2010

I recently got a brown Hero from Carphone Warehouse on Vodafone (30, 300 mins, unl.txt & data, 24 months) and I'm over the moon with it. I'm so glad I didn't do what all the sheep in my office have done and get an iphone.

I had read that the Hero is pretty laggy but a firmware update would sort it out. It does lag sometimes, yeah but no big deal. I thought I'd still get the firmware update though, so I've been checking out the best way to do it. Here's the problem: On the HTC download page the generic ROM upgrade is v.2.73.405.5, but I'm already running 2.73.405.66, so I didn't install it. The 3UK users though get to download 2.73.771.73, but with my serial I can't get it.

How much difference do the firmare updates make? How can I get the latest one? I'm feeling a bit gutted that only 3 and Orange are getting properly supported by the folks at HTC. Why not support the other networks in this way?

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HTC Hero :: Whats Latest Version Can Upgrade?

Feb 14, 2010

I am new to HTC Hero, and want to ask few questions from the experts sitting here...firstly my mobile has a tag of T mobile, but i am using it with another sim in a country where HTC hero was not released...so meaning my phone is unlocked or something??if i upgrade the firmware will it get locked?My current firmware is 1.5, whats the latest version i can upgrade too??in case it gets locked...can i unlock it in someway??Also that what is ROM in android??my current build is do i need to upgrade it as well??

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HTC Hero :: Latest ROM And Firmware Versions For Phone / Need Updates

Jan 22, 2010

What are the latest ROm and Firmware versions for HTC ?

I have : Firmware : 1.5 (2.0 is out right :S?)
And build : 2.73.405.5

Are there any updates ?

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HTC Hero :: Battery Life Terrible Since Flashing Latest Modaco Rom

Jan 25, 2010

As the title really - for example full charge last night about 1am, currently sitting at 58%.would last a few days before flashing I'm not running anything differently - everything that's switched on was switched on before if you know what I mean! Is there anything I can do? Apart from going back to the previous (very slow in comparison) ROM.I have taskpanel installed to auto kill pretty much everything apart from the UI and messages.

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Android :: Future OS Releases

Nov 17, 2009

With being a wireless industry professional for 15 years now, I have come across many different types of devices, OS's, just about it all.I wanted to love Windows mobile couldnt take the constant crashing.I wanted to love the Palm 650 well, I wont even go into that.I gave Symbian (Nokia E61) about a minute with good intentions before I was bored.I loved my BlackBerry for years feel like they are old school now.I would never use AT&T again, so the iPhone is out love my iPod Touch though.Having just gotten my first Android device, I can honestly say that while I am very impressed with the OS and its capabilities, I long to understand some of the things left out of ANY of these operating systems.

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HTC EVO 4G :: When Releases Froyo Update?

Jun 17, 2010

I'm a newbie to the android world and had a question about when HTC releases the Froyo update.I rooted my Evo and installed a ROM and am grateful for all the tutorials available on this and other sites.So, I was wondering, when a version of Froyo is released for the EVO with everything working (camera, etc), will it be able to be installed as ROM or will we have to install everything from scratch and root again.I undersand that HTC will not release a ROM, but I was wondering if once they do release it, can one person put on a phone, root it, optimize it, and then distribute it as a ROM or do we all have to start from scratch again?

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Android :: Upcoming Widget Releases

Oct 24, 2008

Has anyone heard any ideas about upcoming widget releases or how they would be downloaded?offered through the market?sent through updates?I'd like to see a google reader widget, or maybe i wouldn't....i'm not sure, but i know i'd like to see something, i just need someone to tell me.

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Android :: Way To See Diff On File Between Two Different Releases?

Mar 9, 2010

It would be really nice if there is some easy way to see what have changed in a certain class (or other file) between two releases (1.6 & 2.1 for example). Does anyone know how to do this?A way to do it online would be great but downloading the code and checking offline would be ok as well.

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Android : Google Releases App Inventor

Jul 12, 2010

App Inventor for Android is an application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It allows anyone familiar with computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system (OS). It uses a graphical interface, very similar to Scratch and the StarLogo TNG user interface, that allows users to drag-and-drop visual objects to create an application that can run on the Android system, which runs on many mobile devices.

The application was made available through request on July 12, 2010, and released publicly on December 15, 2010. Google terminated App Inventor on December 31, 2011. The MIT Center for Mobile Learning is now supporting it under the name "MIT App Inventor".

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Android :: Upcoming Dual Core Releases?

Oct 26, 2010

Anyone hearing any news on upcoming dual core releases. I'm eligible for upgrade on 12-1-10 but if something new is coming out I'd wait a few months. I'm with sprint and would like to stay with them, hoping they will have one of the new dual core releases.

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Android :: Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1

Jun 23, 2010

The article says it's been released but who knows when we'll be able to get our hands on it.
Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 for Android | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

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Motorola Droid :: HTC Releases Its Own Widgets On Market?

Dec 17, 2009

HTC debuts widgets for Sense-equipped Android phones -- Engadget.Engadget-"HTC was already in the Android software game by virtue of the fact that it drops a fully-customized UI and widget suite on some of its models, but this is new: they've migrated over to the Market. Now, what'd be insanely awesome here is if you could, say, buy Sense for $9.99 and install it on any Android device, but yeah, not so much -- what we've actually got here is a four-pack of free widgets that are compatible with the Hero and Droid Eris. Dice, Today in History, Tip Calculator, and Battery are each downloadable individually; none are particularly exciting or different than what's already available in the Market, but they've all got that famous HTC high style and the exclusivity of knowing that Motorola, Acer, Samsung, and Huawei riffraff can't use them. All four are available now."

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Android :: Strategy For Branching In Subversion With Mobile Releases

Oct 5, 2010

I'm developing a series of applications for mobile devices, we'll call them Orange, Cherry, and Pear. Now, because of my familiarity with Blackberry, I chose to begin implementing the first of these three applications, Orange, on the Blackberry platform. I found a way to integrate a number of Blackberry platforms (since they use relatively the same API among different BB operating systems, with some exceptions) into the same codebase. Currently, my codebase looks something like this:I thought that perhaps another thing I could do would be to create separate projects, for instance orange-blackberry and orange-android. This might clutter my svn repository, however, since we keep all of our projects in the same repository. So, inevitably, I will have orange-blackberry, orange-android, cherry-android, cherry-blackberry, pear-android, pear-blackberry, along with a series of project folders for any other application I create. So, I'm looking for some feedback about what might be the best way to manage all of this chaos. Also, if you could throw in some ideas about the logistics of transferring from my current implementation to the newer one, (i.e. what svn commands I should use to maintain history.

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Motorola Droid X : What Is Your Opinion On Best Available AOSP ROM As Of Current Releases

Oct 25, 2010

What is your opinion on the best available AOSP ROM as of the current releases?

Best combo of speed, OC ability, bugs.... etc.

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Motorola Droid :: When VZW Releases Software Update How Will That Work / Will It Be OTA?

Jan 5, 2010

I don't have my Droid yet but I have two questions:

1) When VZW releases the software update (I'm hearing 1/22?), how will that work? Will it be OTA? Will you need to back up your phone before you update? Will you lose any info/data? (I'm planning on picking up my Droid this week, so what I'm getting at is this: Would it make my life easier if I just wait until 1/22 and buy it with the update already installed?)

2) Now that we can expect Android 2.1 in the coming months, how does a full OS upgrade on the Droid work? OTA? Will you need to back up your phone before you update? Will you lose any info/data?

(FWIW, I'm coming from Blackberry-land and when you upgrade your OS on a BB, you need to backup everything on your phone because when you install the new OS, you essentially start from scratch. I've never actually done it firsthand because it seems like a royal pain in the rearend.)

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Android 2.2 On (sprint) Htc Hero With Google / Texts Are Only Sending In Roaming

Sep 16, 2010

after installing 2.2 on my hero, everything was working fine, until now. im having problems with my text messages, they wont send under sprints network, if i put it in roaming then they send right away, but roaming has awefully slow (1x) network speeds, but if i put it back to the 3g network speeds of sprint then everytime i try to send a text it just swirls in circles (the little thing next to the message) and wont send. is this sprints network being down? or does this have to do with the 2.2 update?i dont think its sprint because my mom and sister arent having any problems with there phones from the same plan. but i tryed restarting many times, taking out and leaving out the battery, putting it in airplane mode and turning that back off to reset connection, iv tryed everything and cant get it to work, so idk what to do, and i dont understand why if it was a software problem with the 2.2 installation, why would they send in roaming but not on sprints network?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Hero On Sprint 2.1 & OTA Doesn't Ring On Incoming Phone Calls

Jul 5, 2010

I have read a couple of threads that touched on this ring issue, but was unable to find any that had a solution or work around.Since the 2.1 update and the OTA update, many times when an incoming call comes, the phone doesn't ring. If I happen to be in front of the phone, I can see the screen change showing an incoming call.If I am listening to Pandora Radio, when the phone rings, Pandora stops, but the phone never rings.If I am not near or looking at the phone this results in missing the call.If I shut off the phone and re-boot it appears to ring fine, but at some point later in the day or week it will quit ringing.I normally never turn off the phone. Should I start to re-boot every day?

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Android :: How To Navigate Phone SDK Documentation Online For Multiple Releases?

Apr 18, 2009

Going forward will Android maintain the sites for multiple SDKs that might be in use. For example at this very moment there may development teams that are working on 1.0, 1.1 and possibly 1.5. If the main site carries documentation only for 1.1 (current release) will Android make an effort to make the documentation available online for both 1.1 and 1.5 simultaneously when 1.5 is released? Or the online docs only reflect the current release?

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Android :: Switch Image Of An ImageButton When User Releases Button?

Feb 7, 2010

I'm trying to make it so that as long as a user is touching the button, it shows one image, and when the user releases the button, it goes back to a default image.

I'm trying to use a selector to make this happen:


I've tried a few things with the selector, but it always produces the same behavior: the button starts out with the default image, then I press it and it changes to the "record_on" image and it never goes back to the default image when I let go.

Is there a way to get this kind of behavior with an ImageButton, or should I be using something different?

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